Chapter 12

Teddy knew that Apophis would attack where Harry was at. Harry still had a prophecy attached to him and he needed to rid the world of Voldemort so that the prophecy would be completed. The Kane siblings, along with all the gods of every pantheon, their followers, solders, demigods, and dead, had all gathered at Hogwarts. The number was beyond belief.

"Dear god," Remus said.

"We have more allies then Tom has followers," Severus said.

"We'll paint the field red with blood," Ares stated.

"Yes, we know that's what you want to do," Chiron said. "Where's Carter at?"

"He's talking with Zeus," Minerva said, "I can't believe that the gods of every pantheon is real."

"Trust me, it doesn't make things easier," Teddy said.

"I've allowed the dead Order members to come back," Hades said.

"And they will be of valuable assistance," Morrigan told him.

"That I agree with," Teddy said.

A loud horn was heard from Heimdall's horn and everyone screamed as hundreds of thousands of Tom's supporters, monsters, creatures, came forth. Carter was seen leading the way and soon everyone was fighting. Petunia cut Bellatrix's head off and then sliced her down the middle, Sekhmet in full control of her. The living Order members started to cut down Death Eaters, though three of the more nasty ones that Teddy didn't remember who they were, got two.

The Valkyries grabbed them and took them away.

Gods were battling monsters, fellow magicians that had sided with Tom, and giants. Severus, Pomona, Flitwick, and Minerva all sent the defenses of the school against the Death Eaters. If any student doubted that Severus was on their side it was put to rest.

"SEVERUS, WATCH OUT," Hermione screamed just as a giant was about to step on him.

A sword came through the giant's leg and it bellowed in pain.

"Don't touch my friend, you monster," said the voice of Lily Potter.

The Greek gods were having an easy time cutting down Tom's giant allies and the Norse gods, Odin in lead, was cutting down the werewolf supporters. Teddy and Rosemary were doing a good job showing how skilled they were. The hours passed and one by one large groups of Tom's supporters fell and then there was only Tom. The snake was right behind him.

"You think that you can defeat me. You can't defeat Chaos," it said.

"But we can keep you away," Carter said, "For now."

Teddy watched as they performed the ritual, Tom's screaming. And then they had Harry do the last part, which he had been trained in being able to do. Apophis was thrown out of Tom's body and Tom's body turned to dust. It was finally over.

"Damn, it ended too soon," Ares said.

Morrigan, and the others, rolled their eyes.

The next morning everyone was gone, gone back to their own lands, with their own people. Carter, Sadie, and the others stayed behind so that they could rest. Carter got the best because he was pharaoh.

"Now don't argue," Leo said, "You need a working leg."

"I'm damn fine."

"He's just afraid to join the Moody club."

Severus glared at him.

So everyone was gone except for Teddy and Rosemary. The grounds were being rebuilt, Umbridge went to Azkaban for the blood quill, and Dumbledore was back doing his job. The only thing that was different was that there were over three hundred less students, all of them being killed during the battle.

"Looks like our time here is over," Teddy told her sister.

She smiled at him.

"It was fun," she said.

Teddy smiled back.

That night both went to bed and only woke up when someone shook them awake. For Teddy he opened his eyes to find his adult mother standing over him.

"Breakfast is almost ready," she told him.

"Thanks," he said and he got up.

"By the way, good work," she said and Teddy knew that things were going to be alright.



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