Optimus stood shocked in the garage. Nearly 45 years, that nearly half a Cybertroinan year!

Optimus' hologram fizzled, glitching. "Where's Agent Fowler?"

Jack sighed. "Pentagon. It would take us about a day to get there, and maybe they could let us in if you showed them."

June shook her head. "No, it's to risky. We'll have to contact him first."

"Do you have any means of communication?"

The man stood, thinking. "I bet Raf could, and he's only an hour away."

"I'll stay here with Cody in case you need anything." June said, referring to the brunette. She ran inside. Jack followed, lending a hand out to Optimus. "C'mon, I want you to meet my family."

The Prime nodded and entered the house. The woman named Cody was in the kitchen, making something with the human food known as 'dough'. She wiped her hands on an apron, sugar and flour leaving her hands. She took down her bun, her waist-length hair flowing out. Her silver and gold ring was placed on the table, a tan line on her finger from it. Her bright blue eyes matched her long sleeve shirt and her long denim jeans were a little too big, covering her bare feet.

A preteen girl raced around the house, chasing her brother. Her dark brown hair was braided, flopping around as she ran. Her eyes' were her fathers' dark blue, her shoulders broad like his. Her red t-shirt had an odd symbol, unlike anything Optimus had seen. Her shorts were a little too short for her father's preference, but she wore them anyway. Her high cheekbones' were highlighted by freckles of every shape and size.

Her brother, a bit older than her, had black hair and his mothers' eyes. He had a blue jacket on, zipped up the most it could be. His pants were ragged and torn, his shoes not much better. He seemed rather muscular for a human his age; or atleast to Optimus. He seemed to also be taller than Jack was at his age.

Speaking of which, Jack cleared his throat. The two kids stopped and Cody came into the living room.

"Guys, remember when I told you of my old friends that were in the military?" He said, placing hands on his children's shoulders.

They nodded. He gestured behind him to the man in blue and red: Optimus Prime. "Well, this is their leader; Optimus Prime."

"Optimus, this is my wife, Cody, my daughter Leslie, and my son, Peter."

The Cybertronian smiled slightly. "It is a pleasure to meet you all."

Leslie smiled shyly and Peter grinned. Cody smiled, shaking hands with him. Jack turned to him, whispering in his ear, "I'll tell them. The garage expands, so you can go and stretch."

He nodded, exiting the home. His hologram disappeared, and he transformed. Jack was right; the garage stretched upwards and the mech walked in a circle. Jack came out a few minuets later, a backpack thrown over his shoulder. He tilted his head to the door and the Prime nodded. He transformed, his alt. mode turned around and ready to roll. Jack sat in the driver's seat while Optimus' hologram appeared next to him. the metal door opened and Optimus pulled out of the driveway, the four family members waving at Jack. He waved back, then focusing at the road.

"So.. Do you have an idea of where they are?"

"Most likely captured, but we do not know for sure." The mech replied, slowing at a stop-light.

"Okay. What's the last thing you remember?"

"The Decepticon forces were closing in on the base. We evacuated you, Miko, and Raf. Then the outpost came down, I along with it."

He released on his brakes as the light turned green. He slightly rotated his lateral flexor, making the vehicle creak.

Jack nodded. "That's pretty much what happened."

They sat in silence until Optimus heard sobs from the grown man.

"I-it was so hard, Optimus-s. You g-guys were our friends, our family. T-then.."

He trailed off, wiping his face with his sleeves. The Prime's spark tightened.

"We will find them, Jack. But first, which way to Raf's house?"

The man pointed to one lane on the side of the road. Mr. Darby pulled a map out of his backpack. It made a holographic image of the building and the area surrounding it. He then pulled out another device, and it seemed like a comm. system to the mech.

"Raf, I nee your help. This is urgent. I mean, Autobot urgent. Report as soon as you can." Jack spoke into it, then setting it on his lap.

"What are we going to do when we reach Raf?"

Optimus thought. "We will then reach Miko, then Agent Fowler. From there we locate the Nemesis and take back the others."

"Alright-y then. So it's a plan."

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Smokescreen coughed up energon as he held he chassis. Megatron grabbed him by the neck and threw him a good distance away. He groaned as he landed, tired and wounded. The warlord grabbed him by the crest of his helm, nearly breaking it.

"This could all end if you just tell me where is Optimus Prime!"


Megatron jabbed his sword at the side of the younger mech. Smokescreen let out a howl, pulling at the chains he was bonded by. The gladiator turned and exited the room, two vehicons entering. They knocked him out dragging him out. He awoke in the middle of the ride, his sight blurry and his helm, as always, stinging. His dim optics looked around, trying to find their position. They were heading away from the weapons vault, and he wasn't bonded by cuffs. He struggled, shifting around and kicking the two drones.

He ran. He didn't know where, but he ran. Maybe he could escape. Maybe he could be free.

For the first time in a long time he smiled.

But he didn't see or heard Knockout chasing him with his saw. He Cut him at the edge of his neck cables, making him tumble over. The medic grabbed the knocked out (PUN) mech and dragged him to the cell. One he closed the door the lights shut off, leaving the team in darkness.

"Smokescreen, come h-here." Ratchet said.

The rookie groaned. "L-love to, b-but-" He gasped, taking I a breath. "I don't think I can."

Arcee growled. " What'd he do?"

"N-nothin' out of the o-ordinary. But ...I escaped."

Bulkhead spun his head around. "What?!"

He smiled in the darkness, his optics lighting up his faceplate. "Doctor Doom caught me, but that's okay. W-we were heading from the weapons vault."

Bee sighed. "That's a clue. Hey, guys? Do you think Optimus is still..?"

"Yes," Arcee deadpanned. "He is. He has to be."

"But, one could only hope." Ratchet said.

"He's a Prime; He'll be fine.. right?" Bulkhead asked cautiously.

"Right... right.."