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"Here is where you'll be staying. You'll be with the Seong family for now." says Hayoon, an insurgent young woman showing me around the camp. She gestures her hand toward the tiny house. The background noise of kids kicking a ball can be heard.

"Thank you so-"

"Anyway, if you have any concerns, please do not reach out to me," she sternly says, immediately walking away from me with disdainful eyes. Her long, silk, jet black hair gracefully follow suit behind her.

It's barely been a day, but I'm already disliked. I sigh. At least she was direct in her opinion of me. The nobles back in the palace smiled brightly, but their eyes and words held much more contempt.

I knock on the door twice. A few moments later, the door bursts open to reveal empty space, until I look down and see a young boy.

"Are you the new miss who will be living with us?" he asks with hopeful green eyes. Surprised by his eagerness, I nod and he throws his arms in the air. "Wow! It's been a while since new people came here. What's your name? What tribe are you from? How old are you? Do you like fishing? Have you-" the boy is interrupted by a woman covering his mouth. She has brown hair tied in a neat bun and wears an apron dusted with flour.

"Goodness, Eunseom. You can't ramble like this to a guest. What have I taught you, my son?" the woman says. She turns to face me with an apologetic smile. "I'm so sorry. I hear you are the guest who will be staying with us? Please come in, come in."

I take a quick glance around the house. So, this is what a regular house looks like. The kitchen and dining room were in the same location. There are a lot of shelves stuffed around the house. Here and there, you can spot a drawing or a toy belonging to the kid. It's crowded, but comfy and warm.

"Hello. My name is Yoana. It is nice to meet you both. Thank you for taking me in. I'll do my best here as well."

"It's nice to meet you , Yoana. Please call me Ara. It is just the two of us, so I am glad that Eunseom can have some company too."

After conversing with Ms. Ara and Eunseom for a little longer, I go to my room and sit on the mat bed with my back against the wall. Thoughts run through my mind.

How long am I going to stay here? I certainly cannot keep wearing this hood forever though. The risk is too high to be exposed, and the consequences too large. I'll need to find a solution soon.

The wind blows gently behind me through the window. I decide to go outside and walk around. The refugee site is large, but it is away from the capital, deep in the woods. I walk aimlessly for a while until I see a stream and leading to the stream was a hut with a man lying on the ground. Panicked, I rush over and bend down. He's breathing, but he doesn't look good. His blond shaggy hair was messy with leaves and he's covered in sweat. "Mister, are you okay? Can you hear me?" I asked.

The man opens his eyes slightly. His breathes are short and he's sweating. Quietly he says "I'm sorry. Can you help me get home? I just need some rest."

Carefully, I put his arm over my shoulder as support and guide him to his bed while coming across with many bottles of herbs and paper scribbled with its properties. He grabs a small dark bottle nearby and gulps it down with a sigh of relief.

"Thank you very much, miss. If were not for you, I would've been in a pickle," he smiles. Though after facing me, the smile falls. "You.." he whispers, "What are you doing here, Princess?"

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I still read manga, but I also now read manhwa and watch kdramas. Here's a list of my recommendations if bored over the holidays:

Toliet-bound Hanakokun (manga), I Raised the Beast Well (manhwa), The Viridescent Crown (manhwa), The Archmage's Daughter (manhwa), Koroshi Ai (manga), Obey Me (otome game app).

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