Hey everyone, you may have noticed that this isn't an update, yea that may be pretty disappointing but, it doesn't come close to the unfortunate news that comes next.

I'm moving on officially from this story and its entire Universe, I spent the majority of Quarantine thinking of ways to continue the saga but, it seems like far more of a chore than it should. That being said, the fact that its reached 400,000 reads and nearly 300,000 words is beyond what I could have imagined, so thank you all that followed the story to this point, I'm pleased to know it brought you some time of sollice or enjoyment.

All good things must come to an end, and while I could take the story into Season 3, I'd much rather work on other fics that havent had the same time or effort put into them. If you like my content give my page a follow but, as for the Justice Era… the sun has set on its time.

It's been real, everyone, four years and a lot of good stories to tell, thanks everyone and stay healthy and safe in 2021!