His face is listless, unresponsive, cold. I glare into his stone-hard eyes. "I'm doing what we were all thinking."

"Shut the hell up or you'll lose more blood-"

"Get the fuck away-!"

"SHUT UP!" He slaps me across the cheek, and the impact stings like hell. Warm liquid trickles further down my chin. "Shut up. And let me take you out of here," he huffs. "No protests."

"Like hell!"

I send my foot flying, connecting with his jaw to let out a resounding crack, and it sends him flying to the other side of the room. Breathing heavily, I whip out my gun and with a shaky arm, I point it to the side of my head.

"What do you think you're doing," he growls lowly. He had recovered in a split second and started to stalk slowly towards me. "Put it down."

"I want you…to save Gon," I say, losing air.

"Put, it down."

I take a huge breath in. The gun's head rests near my cerebral. I'm not fearful at this moment. I'm not afraid to take my own life. This is what's right.

He continues to walk forward and I stare listlessly.

"Stop where you are…or I pull the trigger."

He immediately stops and his eyes flash intensely. He bites his teeth into a snarl, and he clenches his fists until the veins show. "Anon!" He barks. The ceiling shifts slightly and pieces of rubble and dust come fluttering down around him. Shafts of light shoot down in random spots, and I'm reminded of an eerie scene. With weak effort, I smile, and it makes him even more enraged. "I swear, if you pull that trigger, I will KILL YOU!"

I feel myself slumping further and further down the wall, with the gun still in place. But my arm is giving way, moving it closer to my ear, and before I'd know it, it'd be by my neck. I have to hurry.

"You know…what the fortune said. 'The extremity who goes by no title must return for there to be "_" .' I know… what it says." He stops quivering and stares at me in shock. He didn't think I would know, and for a moment, I felt guilt. Why does he look at me in betrayal? But satisfaction fills me. He's stopped.

"Go save him." I give him the faintest smile, thinking of what he deserves, and what I deserve. I begin to close my eyes. He rushes forward, an arm outstretched towards my head.


The trigger is pulled.