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Sometimes... things intertwine in ways we can't forsee...

A friendship from 10 years ago...

A dark secret that would tear it apart...

A chain of cases from the past... all connected by one piece of evidence...

And a client both me and my boss knew was innocent.

I guess, even from the beginning, it never was a straightforward case.

If it had been... I don't think Wright would've have gotten involved himself.

After all... that person was involved in this case from the very beginning.


December 17, 12:29 PM

LA Police Department

Criminal Affairs

"Hey pal, give me all you got! It may seem like an open-and-shut case, but I doubt Mr. Edgeworth would take up a case like this is if was that simple! We need all the evidence we can get!"

The bellowing voice of a certain scruffy detective echoed down the halls of the police department as the large man barked orders to one of the forensic scientists nearby. As he walked on by, the detectives shiny new badge caught the florescent light above and flickered proudly on the man's coat.

"Senior Detective Dick Gumshoe" it read.

For those familiar with the bumbling man, it seemed that such a position, let alone any job that had to be performed competently, would be beyond his ability to carry out. Yet any detective down at the precinct would have (mostly) nothing but good words to say about Gumshoe. He was diligent, perceptive (most of the time, anyway), and his near-constant high spirits rubbed off on his coworkers and subordinates. It was enough to keep everyone around the station in good spirits.

Especially now, one had to commend the detective's loyalty and determination regarding his long-term associate and friend, Miles Edgeworth. On days like today when the Chief Prosecutor himself was getting involved in a case, Gumshoe would crack down hard and make sure everyone was doing all they could to give his friend the evidence he needed.

Today was one of those hectic days at the station, filled with busy people running around everywhere, fetching evidence and going over reports. Those not assigned to any particular task were diligently filing papers and finishing reports at desks adorned with tinsel and miniature evergreens in spirit of the upcoming holidays.

Gumshoe saw the forensic scientist he had sent out turn the corner and the scruffy man turned and outstretched his arm to grab the evidence the man had retrieved for him.

It was at this moment that an unmistakable sound echoed through the halls of the police station and startled everyone into silence.

The sound had come from behind the forensic scientist, so in reaction, the bespectacled man jumped and whirled around with wide eyes.

He had been the first to point it out.

"W-was that a gunshot!?"

As if his voice was the trigger, everyone including Gumshoe sprang into motion and began bolting towards the origin of the shot.

Gumshoe found himself standing in a sea of scientists and police officers gathered around the door to one of the evidence rooms, unable to all pile in to witness what had happened. Gumshoe began pushing through the crowd, apologizing and telling people to move at the same time, and eventually stumbled far enough into the evidence room to get a good shot at the scene.

"It's… a murder!?"

Upon seeing the scene, Gumshoe turned around and took charge of the situation.

"Everyone, back up! I want a photograph of this room taken immediately! Until then, no body touch the crime scene. I want someone to call the paramedics right away, got it, pal!?"

A resounding "Yes sir!" erupted from the crowd around him and Gumshoe pulled out his cellphone. As he pushed his way back through the dispersing crowd, he heard the phone ring twice before someone picked up.

"Gumshoe, you do realize that my court case is tomorrow, not today, correct? You don't need to keep updating me on-"

"It's not that, Mr. Edgeworth sir!" Gumshoe cut off, looking back behind himself with a worried expression on his face, "There's been a murder at the station!"

"At the station!? Who'd be so bold? Surely with all the witnesses around there has to be a suspect ready, correct?"

"Ah, that's the thing sir… see… the suspect…is, um…"

"Go ahead, Gumshoe, spit it out. You should know by now that I'm not so easily phased by things like this."

Gumshoe hesitated a bit longer before taking a deep breath and replying.

"The suspect… um… the suspect is Ema Skye, sir!"

December 17, 12:41 PM

Prosecutor's Building

Chief Prosecutor's Office

"Yes, well… I have a pretty decent grasp of the situation now, thank you. I'll go assign a prosecutor to the case immediately. Keep up the good work, Gumshoe."

The electronic beep of a cell phone could be heard as a man standing at the large window in his office hung up and let out a long sigh. The now-bespectacled Chief Prosecutor cast his gaze over the little portion of Los Angeles visible through his office window as he brought a steaming tea cup up to his lips.

"Ema Skye, a dead body, and a couple dozen police officers as witness… It seems straightforward enough…"

Miles Edgeworth took a sip of hot tea and let it sit in his mouth for a few moments before he swallowed and looked down at his phone.

Is this what drove Wright to defend all those years? This feeling of absolute confidence that the accused party is innocent?

The maroon-suited prosecutor shook his head and gave a weak smile.

"I shouldn't let my biases interfere with the facts. As long as she is innocent, she will not be declared guilty… so long as she has a good defense attorney, that is."

Edgeworth once again turned to his phone pressed a button. Immediately the name "Phoenix Wright" popped up on the screen and Edgeworth brought his number up on the dial pad. Wright himself had yet to retake the bar exam, but Edgeworth had kept in touch and knew all about "Phoenix's prodigy". The young defense attorney Apollo Justice that had somehow wound up at the Wright Anything Agency.

Edgeworth knew that he need only mention Ema's name to his old friend and the man would offer Apollo up to defend her before he even asked the antenna-headed man himself.

Just as Edgeworth was about to press the call button on his cell phone, someone knocked on his office doors.

Edgeworth turned around and frowned briefly before setting down his cup of tea and calling out.

"You may come in."

The door to Edgeworth's office swung open and a man stepped in. Something about the man seemed familiar, almost eerily so, but Edgeworth was positive he hadn't seen him around much.

Come to think of it… I heard some people speaking of a rookie prosecutor who arrived recently… could this be-

"Mr. Edgeworth, sir!" the man replied. His voice was strong and deep, but there was still a hint of young energy in it. No doubt this was the rookie Edgeworth had heard about.

"You're… the new prosecutor, correct… Mr…?"

"Gamma," the man filled in, "I'm Prosecutor Gamma, sir."

Edgeworth narrowed his eyes and brought his fingers up to his glasses to adjust them. "Gamma" was quite an unusual name.

Then again, with friends named Phoenix and Gumshoe, I really don't have much room to comment…

"Anyway, I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds… but… I heard about what happened at the precinct. If it's not any trouble…. I would like to take the case, sir."

Edgeworth's eyes narrowed and he frowned visibly. Edgeworth himself had just gotten the news, and this prosecutor was already thinking about taking the case? Right now, everything about this prosecutor, from his strange name to his brash request, made Edgeworth uneasy.

Edgeworth gave the prosecutor a once-over and frowned. He didn't really think anything about the rookie was strikingly familiar, but no matter how many times he looked over the young man, he couldn't for the life of him figure out what it was.

I feel like I'm missing something glaringly obvious…

Realizing the man was still awaiting an answer, Edgeworth let out a sigh and adjusted his glasses again.

"I'm sorry, I can't accept your request. While it's not unconventional for prosecutors to request cases, this case in particular has recently been brought to my attention as well. I need some time to decide who I'm going to give this case to. I… I hope you weren't hoping to get it because it seemed like an easy win."

The man turned away towards the door and frowned.

"Yes, I'm sorry. I understand. I'll leave the decision in your hands, Chief. Ah, but you should know something about me. Going after an easy win? I don't want anything like that. Winning and losing… those words mean nothing to me, when it comes to the courtroom."

Edgeworth's brow raised and he glanced at the back of the rookie prosecutor that had come into his office to make such a bold request. The man was already halfway out the door, but his words had intrigued Edgeworth.

"Wait… Gamma, was it? If winning isn't what you desire, then why did you become a prosecutor in the first place?"

The prosecutor turned around and gave Edgeworth a small smile.

"Do you even need to ask? The one thing I desire… is uncovering the truth, sir."

At that, the mysterious man exited Edgeworth's office without another word. As Edgeworth watched the door closed, the source of the strange sense of familiarity dawned on him.

"That… that mask!"

The rookie prosecutor could absolutely not be that man, but such an unusual mask was unmistakable. There was no doubt in Edgeworth's mind that the mask he had been wearing was the same.

The prosecutor turned back down to his cell phone and gave a soft smile.

"The case hasn't even started yet and it's already interesting. Wright… I'm definitely going to need your help on this one."

To Be Continued...

AN: For those of you thinking this story looks familiar, you're not wrong. This is actually the second time I've rewritten this story. I went back and read the old rewrited, and it was just downright cringe-worthy to read. Bad writing, worse dialogue, and a glaring contradiction in a genre that's supposed to clear up any confusion by the end of the story. Since I plan on writing some form of sequel in the future, I wanted to write something better to springboard off of and reintroduce the mysterious "Gamma" in a better light.