Children are often told not to stray too far from a path, lest the road untraveled be dangerous, unforgiving even. It was on those fields beside the paths where adventures took place, where bonds formed, where the real shit happened.

Children often do not listen to their parents when they are told to stay on the most traveled, the safe, and the places where everywhere was mapped out in front of you, where you could see miles ahead.

In the underbrush beside these paths, however, was where one could only see their hands in front of their face.

Again, once someone strayed from the path, that was when the real adventures of life, supernatural or not, began.

On a dusty path, a boy about ten years of age chewed on a piece of straw, the piece of hay being swapped from side to side every few minutes. The boy had blonde hair that was seemingly kiss by the sun god and blue eyes that would make even Poseidon jealous. He had a bored expression on his face as he walked, his upper lip twitching in slight annoyance as he traversed the path.

He wore a simple blue, long-sleeve shirt, white pants and black boots that ended just above his ankles, a brown, plain bag thrown over his shoulder as well.

"Fuckin' merchants selling too damn high," He muttered to himself as he walked, kicking the dirt on that particular road. "Not my damn fault you're always having bad business," he said, cursing the bastards in the town he lived near to.

His name was Naruto Uzumaki, an orphan from origins unknown, even to himself. He was crude, rude, foul-tempered as well as foul-mouthed, but he was a sucker for a damsel in distress.

The town he lived near never liked his presence, probably from all the pranks he pulled. He did enjoy the good chuckle but one of the only residents of that town that seemed to like him was the local librarian, an older lady in her sixties. She was always nice to him. She had actually taught him how to read, write, and taught him most all he knew, as well as being a gentleman to ladies, well, those that deserved it.

While algebra books and history books were great, Naruto always did enjoy a good fantasy novel, one with a great hero, who always got the girl, or rather girls in some cases, and was a total badass.

That was why he aspired to be the greatest adventurer in the land of Orario, to be just like those guys in the fairy tales, and maybe even get a harem, but it wasn't very gentlemanly to think of getting a harem and he knew that if he even mentioned that to the librarian, he would be screwed, but then he thought of all the women he could have.

Moments later someone could see blood on Naruto's sleeve as he wiped blood from his nose on it. Bah, he was too young for that stuff right now.

Naruto looked up and sighed to himself as he walked. He had the same routine most every day. Wake up, eat, then study, train in agility and reflexes, study, eat, and then sleep. Couldn't he just have a bit more excitement in his life?

Seconds after thought that, he closed his eyes tightly and wrapped his arms around himself very dramatically.

After a few moments he peered open his left eye only to see a rabbit in front of him, a plain, simple, white-furred rabbit.

Naruto sighed heavily, why couldn't things that happened in novels when the hero mentions something going bad, things usually go bad? He sighed once more before looking up and running a hand through his hair.

That was before he squinted his eyes, focusing on a small black speck that seemed to be at least a hundred feet directly above him.

"What the hell is that?" Naruto mumbled to himself as he continued to squint…only for the speck to close….that was after allowing a white speck to fall from it, gaining speed as it began to spark, flaming as it descended to the earth below.

Naruto's eyes widened as he looked down to see the bunny still looking curiously at him. Jumping backward, Naruto shielded his eyes with his forearms as the object impacted the ground, creating a crater and sending dirt and shards of rocks everywhere.

Naruto closed his eyes briefly as dust encircled him, completely cutting off his field of vision to a mere two feet in front of him. As the dust cleared, he slowly moved forward, trying to find out what that had caused the ruckus.

As the dust dissipated, Naruto found himself looking at a medium-sized crater…with a pair of rabbit paws completely severed from the previous rabbit.

Naruto stared at them and blinked owlishly before picking one up, noticing that the part previously connected to the rabbit was cauterized and that there was no blood to speak of.

He didn't know how to feel, pissed that whatever the hell that was stole a perfectly good rabbit, or happy that he had found actual good-luck rabbits paws and was safely out of the way of the, the, thing.

Naruto sighed to himself briefly as he stuffed both rabbit's feet in his pockets before he looked over the edge of the shallow hole.

That was before he saw it.

His gazed ventured onto a woman who was decently tall, standing at about five foot ten if he could guess, without the horn's added height. She was, well, beautiful in his opinion. She had fair skin, lightly touched by the sun. She had long, white hair, two white markings on her forehead, one above each eye and a thick, black line in the center of her forehead as well. She had short eyebrows, and Naruto knew that was a sign of nobility from the books he read. She had a dark shade of lipstick on if Naruto knew anything, and was again, unearthly beautiful to him.

She wore a white kimono with black trimming along the collar and hem of it, the sleeves sporting the black trimming as well. Along the center of the kimono she had six tomoe and on the sleeves, she had tomoe all along the trimming.

The woman grunted as she tried to stand push herself up, her eyes opening to reveal a set of lavender-colored, pupil-less orbs that the young boy was entranced by. Seconds later she collapsed.

She passed out, Naruto thought as he quickly descended the crater in order to check the vitals of the woman. He pressed two fingers to her neck in order to find her pulse. He found it and held his two foremost fingers there for a few moments.

"Her pulse is there but it's weak. She's exhausted, and by the elasticity of her skin, dehydrated as well," Naruto quickly deduced, a strange, serious visage covering his face as he hefted the woman over his shoulder delicately as to not hurt her any more than the fall did. His small frame was barely enough to hold her, her feet almost touching the ground as well her hands.

Somewhat struggling as he put one foot in front of the other to get himself out of the crater, Naruto used one hand to pull himself up, the strange woman still unconscious as he gently put her on the ground circling the crater.

She only shifted slightly in discomfort as he got out of the crater himself, lightly panting as he grabbed the woman once more by an arm, idly noticing her scary looking, and few-inch long nails before he threw himself under her, picking her up once more as he looked behind him, in the crater to see if he, or her, had left anything behind.

The only thing he saw was a bloody smear and thought it was the woman's blood, only for him to see the white fur of the rabbit.

His bottom lip poked out slightly as he turned around, walking briskly as he looked up at the woman out of the corner of his eye. "I don't know who you are, but you already cost me a damn meal…" he said to himself as ventured to his home in the forest.

Naruto then chuckled as he remembered something he had read in an adventurer's manual once.

Whoever said adventures didn't come from staying on the path?


Sighing to himself, Naruto poked the fire in the fireplace in his home, the smoke being created traveling up the chimney to the sky above.

His blue eyes traveled over to the woman who was lying on his bed, the covers on her and her eyes closed blissfully, breathing deeply as she slept. It was ten o'clock and six hours had passed since she had literally dropped in on his life.

He had laid a moist towel on her forehead as she seemed sick and warm to the touch but shivered all the same. Naruto had been sick before but she just seemed weak and mostly unresponsive.

Naruto walked over to a bucket of water he had collected from a fresh-water spring near his home and poured water from it into a cup. The water was always fresh as it was from an underground reservoir so he had no worries of it being contaminated.

After getting the cup of water, he walked over to the unconscious woman and got his knees beside the bed and lifted her head to the cup, her lips protruding over the edge ever so slightly signifying that it would go in.

Naruto tilted the cup very, very slowly as to not choke the woman and subconsciously she accepted the fluids graciously as her throat reacted reflexively to swallow.

After a few moments, Naruto let the woman's head back down to rest on the pillow as he pulled the cup away and sat it on the nightstand next to a book.

Naruto sighed as he pulled a chair from his table over and sat it next to the bed before sitting in it and propping his feet up on the bed as well.

His home was relatively small as it was only two rooms, but it had a queen sized bed, a chimney with a fireplace and all necessary cooking utensils, pots, pans, knives, forks, and spoons. It had a table near the window of which had a cooking station near it. Near the bed was a large bookshelf with was filled with books, some adventuring books, others math books but books all the same. He had found the place when he had come from a nearby town. The place was abandoned but furnished so he took advantage.

Closing his eyes, Naruto soon drifted gently to sleep, though one thought crossed his mind.

Maybe this'll bring the change I've been wanting…


Naruto's eyes slowly opened as he dropped his feet down from the bed to the floor. Groggily, he raised both arms above his head and stretched before groaning in pleasure. It seemed to have been about ten in the morning outside and the light peered through the windows.

Sighing with content as his bones popped and muscles stretched, Naruto turned his neck from side to side, popping the vertebrae. He yawned, his eyes fully opening to allow light to enter them only for him to come face to face with the woman, of which was sitting up straight, looking curiously around the room before her gaze fell on him.

If Naruto was a lesser man, he would've jumped because he did not expect her to be awake.

And he was a lesser man.

Naruto yelped in surprise and fell out of his chair as she looked at him, her wandering gaze burning holes through his head.

"W-When did you get up?" Naruto asked as he regained his bearings slightly before crossing his legs on the floor.

The woman was about to speak before she noticed she was heavily parched. She motioned for something to drink and Naruto's eyes widened slightly before he quickly ran to get another cup full of water as the one beside the bed must've either been gone or had become stale.

Naruto retrieved the cup, filled it with water and handed it to the woman. She accepted it graciously, nodding to him in the process of which he just smiled back.

She downed the surprisingly fresh water quickly, coughing slightly as she had drank it a bit too quickly.

Naruto was about to help before she rose a hand signifying she needed none. "I've been awake for three hours," she said simply making his eyes widen.

"W-What have you been doing?" he asked hesitantly.

"Watching you sleep, waiting for you to wake up," she responded evenly making his eyes squint.

"Alright, that's really creepy," he said with a shake of the head. "Anyways, what's your name, ma'am?" he asked her with a smile.

She paused for a moment before taking another gulp of water. "Kaguya Ōtsutsuki," Kaguya said as she sat the cup down on the nightstand near the dead lamp.

"Oh, your name is weird, too, huh?" Naruto said to her making her head tilt curiously. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet ya, Kaguya-chan," he said with a smile and hand extended.

"Why is my name weird, Uzumaki-kun?" Kaguya asked Naruto of which simply smiled sheepily as she shook his hand.

"Well, your name isn't weird to me, Kaguya-chan, it's very beautiful in fact," he said to her making her smile slightly. "But to others it's odd, in fact, I think it's them whose names are weird," he told her, his left hand covering his mouth as if telling her a secret.

For the first time in a while, Kaguya laughed for the first time. It wasn't boisterous as that would be fitting of someone of lesser status than herself, but it was a melodic laugh, one that warmed Naruto's heart when he heard the heavenly sound.

"Quite possibly, Uzumaki-kun," she told him with a small chuckle escaping her lips afterward. "Though, Uzumaki-kun, were you the one that pulled me out of that crater?" she asked the boy of which nodded hastily.

"Yeah, you just plopped right out of the sky like it wasn't anyone's business," Naruto told her making her smile lightly again. "But yeah, I helped you out. You were weak and dehydrated so I took you back here and nursed ya back to health, no problem, though. I always did like a damsel in distress," Naruto told her while scratching the back of his head, a small blush on his whiskered cheeks.

"Thank you, Uzumaki-kun. It's not often that I'm considered a damsel in distress," Kaguya told him, laughing lightly once more at this child as she crossed her legs, showing off her bare feet and long, creamy legs.

"Everyone needs saving once in while, ne?" he chuckled as he walked over to a cabinet before scowling to himself at his lack of choices of food. It usually consisted of fruit and vegetables. He liked both but never had company.

From the occasional goblin or warrior rabbit he killed, he usually fenced the magic stones they dropped for just under their normal price to adventures. He had a good sum of money, just over 10,000 valis. He hadn't had a good time at any of the local restaurants in town in a while so perhaps he would splurge since he had company.

"Kaguya-chan, do you want to go to town with me to get some breakfast?" Naruto asked the woman of which was looking out the window, seemingly lost in thought.

A pained expression crossed her face as she recalled why she was here. Hagoromo and Hamura had sent her here after defeating her in battle. She had no idea where she was, but, deep inside herself, she did not care.

Kaguya was through with that world, she was through trying to become the ruler of it, to bring peace to a race of people that did not want peace. Her sons, or rather will manifestations as that was truly what they were as no simple man from that dimension would ever obtain the grace and privilege of touching her body, were spreading chakra to everyone, and she did not want to give those mindless beasts of murder, rape, and savagery to have another tool to kill.

Her pleas went unanswered as she had told Hamura and Hagoromo not to, but they did not listen, the latter believing he could change humans for the better. Kaguya knew how most were. They were greedy, arrogant, and foolish among other things.

Those traits were burned into their DNA, their code, and deep down, none would change. If she was going to be living in this world, she knew that the people here would be like that as well so she would expect no different.

"Ne, ne, Kaguya-chan?" the rabbit goddess heard making her head turn to Naruto of which was directly in front of her now.

She blinked owlishly. "Yes, Uzumaki-kun?" she asked with a slight tilt of the head.

"Huh, you've been spaced out for like five minutes. I literally had time to brush my teeth and change clothes to come back and see you still staring out the windows. Internal monologue I'm guessing?" Naruto asked with a blank stare while receiving a questioning one back. "Aaaaanyways, stepping over that comment, Kaguya-chan, do you wanna come with to town to get some breakfast? I'm buying," he told her with a grin and thumbs up.

Naruto had actually changed clothes, opting to wear a red short-sleeve shirt and cream-colored pants that ended at mid calf with black sandals on.

Kaguya blinked again before she smiled at the boy. He was quite possibly the nicest human she had met, nursing her back to health, providing her with his hospitality, saving her from laying in a whole for an entire day, and now treating her to breakfast. And if she was to be honest with herself, didn't want to leave the boy. She wanted to take care of him, not raise him, but merely be beside him in his endeavors. She did not long for world domination; she simply wanted peace, but peace with her own self.

"I would love that, Uzumaki-kun, and thank you," Kaguya smiled at him, making him blush and scratch his cheek in embarrassment.


Walking through the streets of the nearby town with his new friend beside him, Naruto had a happy smile on his face. He had gotten a new friend out of yesterday and she seemed to have been a mage if the thing she did earlier.

He had merely told her if there was anything she could do with her horns and after she asked him if they were ugly (A very displeasing smile of death following that), in which he vehemently responded with, 'No, Kaguya-chan's horns make her look exotic and adds to her beauty,' disarmed her completely, making a faint blush appear on her cheeks even. Afterwards she allowed the horns to recede into her skull.

Afterwards, after noticing that she was going to be walking with Naruto and not flying like she usually did, she shortened her hair to the point where she could tie it in a ponytail that reached her mid back and produced a more form fitting version of her kimono.

She had called it will materialization but Naruto just chalked it up to being a weird mage thing. Things he didn't understand that could be considered magical, he considered weird mage stuff.

Naruto had always preferred swords to magic. There was nothing like good ol' slicing into flesh to get your blood pumping.

Kaguya, however, was mulling over to give her children a good spanking if she even got back to their world.

They had taken half of her over all power to fuel a technique that would make a moon to seal away the Gedo Statue, or the husk of the ten tails. Her power was quite different to theirs. Her energy was infinite in nature and would replenish, but if they were to take it from her core, then the power would be gone forever, never to be replaced unless she returned to the source and reclaimed it herself. Think of it as, each time she used a technique, a piece of fruit was taken from a tree and eventually the fruit would grow back. But if you took the entire tree, roots and all with no seeds left behind, nothing would grow back. She had retained all of her techniques, but they lacked that certain…destroy you, your mother, and your great grandfather who had dissipated into the cosmic wind fifty years ago type of power.

So essentially, she was as strong as one of her sons. That was why together they had defeated her.

But, she had left that life behind. And she was sure that no one in this chakra-less world could match her.

Though back to the matter at hand, Kaguya walked beside Naruto and attracted many stares in the process. Many thought she was royalty from the intricate kimono and hairstyle. Many also were wondering why she was with the delinquent of the town.

None dared approach the supposed royalty, but it was true, she was royalty but from another world.

Naruto looked out of the corner of his eye at Kaguya and smiled again. She was really nice and maybe later she would tell him where she came from? Or maybe she was one of the gods or goddesses with the familias.

He shrugged. Surely she would have told him if she were a goddess.

Arriving at his and her destination, Naruto let loose a boisterous call. "OI, jiji! I've brought a friend for breakfast!" he called out to the owner of the restaurant.

The place wasn't fancy but it had several stools connecting to a bar and some booths along the windows. The place had been opened since before Naruto was born and the owner, among few others in the community, was fair to him as well a caring. He was the one who taught Naruto how to cook.

Naruto looked around and saw that no one was in there save for him and Kaguya but he knew the place had just opened for the day so it was understandable.

"I told you not to call me grandpa, brat!" Kaguya heard from the back of the store just as she saw an older man, possibly in his fifties with salt and pepper hair, some wrinkles on his face, and a moderately large nose along with brown eyes. He was tall, a little over six feet, wore a white apron, black pants, plain shoes, and a t-shirt.

"C'mon, Merek-jij, you know you're my favorite old guy, that's why I call you jiji," Naruto grinned at Merek of who just sighed in resignation before noticing the woman beside him. His eye brows wiggled as he checked her out.

Naruto saw this before he climbed on the bar and sat in front of Kaguya, his arms crossed with a pseudo-glaring expression on his face.

Merek glared right back at the boy just as Kaguya peeked out her head from behind Naruto, a soft giggle escaping her lips as Naruto defended her valiantly from the wandering eyes of the old man.

"Sigh, Naruto-kun, sit down, that's where people eat," Merek told the youth of which after a few moments complied.

Merek flipped out a notepad and got one menu as he already knew what Naruto wanted. Three waffles, an omelet, and bacon, the last being perhaps Naruto's only known food weakness.

Kaguya looked at the menu and tried to figure out the odd food items. What was a pankcake? What were hashbrowns? She gulped slightly. She hadn't been that nervous since the day she ate the Shinju's fruit.

"Ah, er," she paused before looking at Naruto, "I'll have what Uzumaki-kun is having," she told the man of which nodded.

"Two Naruto special's coming right up," he told them as he disappeared to the kitchen.

Kaguya put down the menu and briefly wondered what a Naruto special was before succumbing to the curiosity. "What is the Naruto special, Uzumaki-kun?" she asked the boy of which was sitting beside her now.

Naruto merely looked at her and grinned. "Ya got three waffles, an omelet with ham in it, various non-spicy peppers, and some mouth watering bacon," he told the woman of which nodded slowly. She supposed she would figure out what these things were for

A few minutes passed as the two made small talk, Naruto boasting of his 'adventures' he had had in the last couple of years.

"See, I was surrounded by four goblins so I decided to take a big fuckin' log, and threw it at one before I picked up another one and hit the other three across the damn face. You shoulda been there Kaguya-chan, it was hilarious," Naruto said as he scratched the back of his head with a grin.

Kaguya smiled at him, overlooking his foul mouth. He wasn't raise quite properly so she would cut him some slack in that department. "Uzumaki-kun," she interrupted the boy while gaining a questioning look in turn, "Have you always been that strong?" Kaguya asked him with a curious gaze. She had only heard of people with that kind of strength using chakra.

Naruto nodded to her and grinned. "Yup, I've always been that strong. When I was little, I'd have these temper tantrums and start throwing shit and my bones would usually break, sometimes if the strain was high enough on my bones and muscles, my skull would develop hairline fractures. But, I'd always heal fast and be out of the hospital by the next week. And then the process would start all over again. And now I'm really damn strong and it takes a shit-ton and a half to actually break my bones. Maybe I'm a mutant or something," Naruto explained and then shrugged lightly.

Kaguya tilted her head slightly before the veins beside her eyes bulged making Naruto raise an eyebrow. Must've been a weird mage thing. She looked at him and her eyes widened slightly before the veins became unnoticeable on her temples. "It seems that your brain doesn't have a certain block on your strength aspect of your adrenal functions, allowing you to use 100% of your total available strength all the time. And it seems that instead of becoming brittle-boned like most after having their bones broken so many times, your bones and muscles reinforce themselves each time afterward. That is…quite unique, Uzumaki-kun," Kaguya said with slight wonder.

Naruto patted his arms with a slight smile. "See, mutant," he told her and himself. "So what was that you just did, Kaguya-hime?" he asked her with a raised eyebrow, notcing the eyes.

Kaguya rose an eyebrow at the name while a light hue developed on her cheeks. "Kaguya-hime? Who's to say I'm a princess, Uzumaki-kun?" she asked with amusement.

"Well, ya look like one, ya talk like one, you're as beautiful as one, so even if you aren't, I don't see why you couldn't be," Naruto said nonchalantly while Kaguya's eyes widened.

No one had ever talked to her like that out of genuine speaking. Many had attempted to flatter her in an attempt to get into her good graces, but if she could tell anything, it was that Naruto was a genuine person, never to hold anything back or falsify what would say.

She also smiled genuinely at him, blushing very lightly before raising a hand to rub the back of his head making him blush and grin. "Well then, Naruto-kun, if I'm a princess, then you'll be my knight in shining armor then, ne?" she asked him, the light hue on her cheeks dissipating moments later.

He smiled largely at her and puffed out his chest. "Of course, Hime-chan!" he told her, his smile never wavering.

Recalling his previous question, Kaguya answered. "That is what is called a dojutsu, a technique that only I and one another have," she said mysteriously, not even bothering to think of Hamura as her son. Naruto nodded as she continued. "It gives me near 360 degree vision and allows me to see energy in beings as well as a larger range in vision as well," she explained to him making him nod in understanding.

"So," Naruto began making her delicately raise an eyebrow, "your eyes are beautiful and deadly?" he asked her, realizing the potential of the technique himself. "Nice combo, Kaguya-chan," he told her with a smile making her smile and laugh lightly as well.

Moments later their food arrived. The omelet and bacon were on the same plate while the waffles were on a different plate, a slab of butter on top of them before he brought out a bottle of syrup. "I'll be in the back if you need anything, Naruto-kun," Merek told the youth as he disappeared back into the kitchen.

Naruto looked at the platter of food and sighed dreamily before he began to dig in. Kaguya looked at the plate before she grabbed a fork and severed a piece of the omelet from the egg and ate the piece, he mouth chewing it for a few moments before he eyes widened.

"This is…this is…"


"That was amazing, Naruto-kun. I've never had anything quite like omelets before," she said, wiping her mouth free of any lingering food that had stayed around on her cheeks with a napkin.

"Yup, jiji makes all his own ingredients. Even the ham and bacon are from pigs he's owned," Naruto elaborated while Kaguya nodded in understanding.

Merek was grinning. He had claimed another customer from his superior cooking. Take that, chain restaurants!

Naruto paid for the meals, it being about 1500 Valis for both his and Kaguya's food. Merek waved the two goodbye as they exited the food joint, Naruto waving back just as his eyes met the outside sun making him hiss playfully.

Kaguya smiled and was about to say something before Naruto's visage grew strangely serious. He walked past her, her head turning to see three men in armor with swords attached to their hips or backs.

The leader of the group stepped forward and glared at the child in front of him. "Time's up, Uzumaki. You have until tomorrow to leave or else you and this village will pay," the man said gruffly. He had brown eyes and a shaved head with a short beard.

Naruto glared at the man before he looked around. People were closing their doors and closing shop at the sight of these men.

The youth sighed briefly before settling on another glare. "I don't understand why I have to fuckin' leave. Your men provoked me first," Naruto told the man while crossing his arms.

Another of the adventures snorted. "Doesn't matter. I don't give a shit if they provoked you or not. You attack a Rakia Familia member, you attack us all. We've given you a year cause you're a kid but your time is up. You've got until tomorrow, so scram," he said as the three of them turned around to exit the village.

Kaguya glared at the three men and was about to put a bone spear into each of their heads before Naruto put a hand out in front of her and shook his head. "I don't want these nice people around here to be hurt 'cause of me. I'll be leaving tomorrow like they said," Naruto told the woman, a sad tone evident in his voice.

Kaguya frowned deeply. Naruto was too caring, but she had come to adore that about the boy. He was unique and didn't even know it. He was kind, caring, and even to a stranger such as her. He had even paid for a meal and hadn't even known her for twenty four hours. Naruto was such a good example of a human being, the best if she had anything to say about it.

Naruto began to walk back to his home while maintaining a pace a few feet in front of Kaguya, not letting her see the tears streaming down his face. He didn't want to leave jiji and baa-chan, but he knew that if he truly cared for them, then he would leave.

The day passed and Kaguya could tell that Naruto was putting up a strong front, but if it was solely for her, she didn't know. The two of them went fishing together, something she hadn't done in ages, and they had also caught a couple of fish which they ate for dinner and had simply talked to each other about various subjects.

Naruto had learned that Kaguya enjoyed long walks in, well, just about any place, to simply bask in the silence of a would-be mundane activity and replace it with joy. If you could do that, then you would feel contentment in spades.

Naruto had told her that he enjoyed to read stories of heroes and wished to become a strong adventurer, the strongest even.

"Naruto-kun," Kaguya paused him with a raised hand, stopping him from speaking further. "You wish to become adventures like those thugs, or might as well be dogs? Is that what you wish to become? Someone who bullies a child?" she asked him seriously. If he would answer incorrectly, her entire opinion of him would be altered drastically.

Naruto's eyes widened before they took on that serious gaze. "No, nothing like them. I want to be the hero that saves the princess, who looks in the face of death and spits on it before he keeps swinging his sword. I want to be the guy who'll fight for what's right even when no one else will. I want to be the hero, the adventurer who beats the dungeon and gets to retire at old age with a lot of scars on his body. Dying ain't in my forte, unless it's suffocation by bacon and in that case, I'll leave everything to you, Kaguya-chan," he chuckled to himself and she giggled as well. "But in, short, no, I guess I don't wanna be an adventurer, not like them anyways. I want to be a hero, plain and simple. And every hero needs his princess, ne, Kaguya-chan?" Naruto wiggled his eyebrows at her making her erupt in a fit of laughter and giggles.

"Hai, Naruto-kun, I'll be your princess and only yours," Kaguya giggled again at the boy playfully.

Naruto jumped up in happiness. "Yatta!" he shouted while Kaguya merely smiled.

While he is the model human being, he is still, well, human, I suppose, she thought before smiling at him again.

It was about nine at night and Naruto had packed what he could, amassing a grand total of three bags to take with him as nothing else could go. The two of them were currently sitting on Naruto's bed, Naruto sitting with his legs crossed while Kaguya was lying down on her side while facing Naruto. She had resumed her normal form in which Naruto was content with. He liked her horns.

"Seeing as how you haven't really talked about this land, Naruto-kun, could tell me about it? Since we're going to be adventuring together after all," Kaguya asked the blonde of which rose an eyebrow.

"Are you a god, Kaguya-chan?" he asked her making her eyes widen slightly. "I thought you knew about Orario and stuff," Naruto added making her shake her head.

"How do you know?" she asked him curiously, prodding about his thinking that she was a god.

Naruto scratched the back of his head absently while chuckling nervously. "Well , last night, about three or so, I woke up and you were literally glowing with power, like damn," he whistled at that, "I hadn't felt any aura more oppressive than yours. It was like suffocating in a river, but then noticing you're already a mile down with no escape. But a couple minutes later you let up," he told her nonchalantly but she became slightly ridden with guilt in which he didn't notice.

Normally, she wouldn't mind it, but Naruto didn't deserve to feel like that at all.

Kaguya shook her head slightly, ridding herself of the guilt for the time being. "I suppose I am a god, Naruto-kun, but not from around here," she told him making his eyes widen before he nodded. If she wanted to tell him more, she would have, but he decided to explain Orario to her.

"Well, about a thousand or so years ago, gods came from heaven because they wanted to experience the hardships like us mortals. Total bullshit if you ask me, but they're here alright. Anyways, there's more than just Orario, as Orario is a city, and province. There's lands all around where more gods reside, but enough about that. Gods make families called Familias where they bestow their blessing.

In Orario, there's a place called Babel, a place over the dungeon so the monsters can't escape. Babel's also home to the Guild where adventures register to be, well, adventures, and trade in magic gems and stuff for cash. Babel is also a big fuckin' tower that's the closest to heaven a god can get to at the top.

There's also multiple races, the most prominent being humans, elves, dwarves, and gods. There's a few subspecies, but you can learn about that later. There are also monsters that are produced by the Dungeon. There's a few monsters here and there on the surface but they're weaker than the ones in the dungeon usually," Naruto finished with a sigh before humming to himself, trying to think of anything he had missed.

Kaguya, while she had heard and processed what Naruto had said, was stuck on there being gods here in this plane. She shook herself free of the thoughts as she had noticed Naruto had lain down on the bed, his head resting on the pillow, a tired expression lurking its way onto his face.

"I think I'm gonna turn in for the night, Kaguya-chan. We've got a good day's walk ahead of us," he told her sleepily in which she just smiled before she scooted closer to him and began to rub his hair. While she did not think of him as her son, she grew nostalgic, remembering how she used to this with Hagoromo when he couldn't sleep.

"Hai, Naruto-kun. I'm sure my knight will escort me safely to where we're going," Kaguya told him making Naruto smile before closing his eyes.

"Goodnight, Kaguya-hime," Naruto told her with a smile making her smile as well.

"Goodnight, Naruto-kun," she told him sweetly as he soon fell fast asleep.

The Usagi No Megami (Rabbit Goddess) sighed fondly of this boy before a murderous intent filled the home, though Naruto only shifted slightly. She rubbed Naruto's hair still making him unconsciously scoot closer to her and grab onto her robe.

Kaguya would let no harm befall this boy from any so called gods or goddesses of the land. Like she used to be, they could have evil intents lurking in the background.

The intent lifted moments later and if anyone were to look outside, they would see a large ring of dead grass around the cottage.

Kaguya adjusted herself to where she was face to face with the fast asleep Naruto. She smiled. "Goodnight, Naruto-kun," Kaguya said sleepily as she closed her eyes, falling asleep next to her self-appointed charge.

She grew close to the boy in such a short time. It wasn't love, but more akin to appreciation. She appreciated that he treated her as a person, unafraid of her, though it wasn't fair as he did not know of her deeds. But he would never know, as he didn't need to know.

Being the supposed villain, it was truly befitting of her to never tell her charge of her misdeeds.

So, ya know, Deal With It.



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