Greg Heffley hated his life.

He hated his grades, "You'll never get into a college with those grades" his dad yelled at him nearly every weekend.

He hated his athletic ability, "This doesn't look like the girl's soccer team to you does it! Get off your ass and run!" his coach yelled at him on the day of tryouts.

He hated how he was on the lowest rungs of the social ladder in his high school, "Greg Heffley, that loser, are you out of your mind! You'd be better off going with your sister, Jessica!" one of the cheerleaders had said to her friends. He was so low on the social totem pole, that they said it five meters away from him, not even caring.

If there was one thing he was glad about in his life it was Harry Potter.

Every day after he got home from school, he would do two things: jump into bed and hoped he would die in his sleep. Inevitably, when it didn't occur he would awaken, and spend the rest of the time reading Harry Potter fanfiction.

He had given up on his grades, and decided to focus his time instead on absorbing as much as the fandom's theories and speculations as possible.

Greg was tired of it all though, the teasing, the bullying, the abuse from Manny, today he was going to end it all.

He gathered up all his belongings, and set them on fire in his backyard.

Then he grabbed his Harry Potter posters, his printed 'official' Hogwarts letter, his signed poster of Daniel Radcliffe, that he had spent 18 hours in the rain to get, and finally the box of his mom's medication.

He placed them all in the bathroom and went downstairs.

His family was sitting around the table eating what could've been fried rat brains for all he cared.

Greg was about to open his mouth, to go on a long rant denouncing his family, but his dad beat him to the chase.

"Gregory Heffley, what is the meaning of this! Straight F's, do you have a brain tumor?!"

Greg Heffley burst into tears.

"Stop those dirty tears, it's time for you to grow up and stop acting like a 3-year old bitch!"

"Language, dear" his mom cautioned.

"I don't care what you think of me, I'm beautiful and that's all that matters. I may not be a social butterfly like you guys, but I'm unique, my own special snowflake" Greg yelled back.

"What have they been teaching in these schools" Greg's mom muttered to himself.

"SHUT UP!" Greg yelled

"How dare you question what they teach us in schools, you don't even care about me do you? Always pampering Manny, the little shit that he is!"

His mother covered her mouth in horror, "Gregory that language is not.."

"Oh yeah!" yelled Greg cutting her off" OH YEAH!"

"Can't handle the truth can you" he sneered

"Here's another question, why the fuck do you try to poison me with the dog shit you serve us every meal"

Greg knew he had far overstepped his bounds, but he didn't care anymore, he was tired of being his family's pack mule.

His dad's face turned purple with rage and he could see a vein throbbing.

Greg turned to face his father, "Oh you too Dad, you wanna hear the ugly truth"

"Why the fuck are you so embrassed to go to your company's parties, you always make me go in your place, I wonder why that is huh?"

The fist smashed into his nose so hard the cartilage broke and the force slammed his head back so hard it the wall.

Greg was dazed and stars danced around his head.

"The nerve... The nerve..." his father growled, trembling with barely concealed rage.

Greg spat at his father's feet

"Hah you fools that you control me, make me your tool" Greg laughed, "haha that rhymed...

He was interrupted by a fist flying into his left cheek with so much force that it dislocated his jaw.

Greg spit out blood, and was about to spit out a witty retort, when his father's hand slamming into his throat, and began crushing his windpipe.

Greg's dad's eyes were red with rage, and he looked murderous.

Spittle flew from his mouth when he spoke,"I've had enough of this bullshit! ENOUGH! What the fuck are you good for you piece of shit! Exactly what the flying fuck are you good for!"

"Good for keeping your fucking temper in check, mate" Greg said mimicking an Aussie accent.

Greg's dad's head looked like it was going to explode. He suddenly began beating Greg with insane fervor. "Worthless piece of garbage! Rubbish! You piece of dog shit! Horrible grades, horrible at sports, no friends, horrible breath..."

"AHHHH!" he screamed, Greg had just bitten his hand so hard, blood flew freely. "You rabid dog! I'll put you down myself!"

Greg sprinted up the stairs and locked the bathroom door behind him.

Greg's dad bounded up the stairs and swung his fists at the doors, denting them.

Inside Greg took out his brother Rodrick's lighter and set all his Harry Potter memoribilia on fire, he leaned over and breathed the fumes in deeply.

They made him woozy and he almost passed out, but he managed to hold on.

After they all had finished burning, Greg crushed all his mother's tablets into fine powder and mixed it with the ash. Then he took the combined mixture and snorted it up his nose.

At the same time, Greg's dad had gotten a nearby fire extinguisher to help him knock the door down. With inhuman rage, he relentlessly pounded at the doors until finally they broke. Then he rushed in and slammed the fire extinguisher onto Greg's head, just as he finished snorting the ash-medicine mixture.

Greg's world exploded into multiple flashing colors, twisting and swirling about.