Greg Heffley floated through darkness for how long he did not know.

Finally his eyes opened and he was all alone in the dark room.

"Dark room" Greg wondered, and peering outside he noted that the moon was high in the sky.

It was a full moon, so the night of the werewolf was here.

Already, Greg could here them howling from outside of his window.

Greg tried to get up, but found himself unable to. Some force was holding him back, preventing him from rising up.

Some sort of body-immobility curse, perhaps the Incarcerous or Body-Bind.

As Greg struggled to remove his restraints, he began trying to cast his magic, but found himself unable to do so.

"Come on ... " he told himself, "Focus!"

He began grunting and straining. Groaning and shaking he began crying out, "Finite Incantatem!"

Fat lot of good that did him, he was still as stuck as ever.

"AHH!" he roared and with colossal effort began straining against his restraints.

"Huh .. uh .. uh ... ahhh !" he screamed and heaved against the bed.

He immediately felt a backlash and began to feel something digging into his skin and strangling him.

Greg let out a loud shriek, and then said, "What in the name of Merlin are these bloody restraints!" (Greg had begun talking in British in order to more fit in with Harry Potter)

"There must be some sort of defensive ward or runes built into this spell or even the bed, preventing me from escape ... " Greg spoke.

As Greg began pondering the situation, he realized that perhaps there was something else going on in this situation.

Greg dismissed this insight as meaningless and began struggling and pushing more against his restraints, screaming as he did so.

"Merlin's bloody ball sack!" Greg screamed, "What in the name of Morgana is this bloody spell!"

As Greg began struggling more and more he began to feel the force pushing against him.

Something seemed odd about this situation though.

As he kept pushing against the force, he began to realize it was pushing him back and only pressing him down in specific places.

He kept pushing back and then began feeling the force pressing down into his arms and across his chest as well his legs.

It was almost as though... "Almost as though what ... " Greg wondered.

"Oh bollocks!" Greg cried out, "This is ... This is almost as though there are bloody wires holding me down ... " Greg said

Then Greg began uproariously chuckling.

"Maybe there are wires!" Greg roared, once again straining against what he know knew to be wires.

Greg felt them dig into his skin, and saw the imprints they left in his skin.

Then he cried out, "Aha I knew it!"

"Some foul mediwitch must have cast an Invisibility and Unbreakability Charm on them!" Greg cried out.

"Hominem Revelio!" Greg screamed, and that spell did nothing, except to highlight a figure approaching from beyond the hospital, beyond the statue of Lord Mathias Mungo.

"Bloody bollocks! " Greg cried, "Someone is coming"

Greg began struggling even harder.

"Illusorium Restorio ! " Greg cried and suddenly the wires became visible

As the wires became visible Greg screamed again, and then this time tried to figure out how to break them.

Greg began trying to drag his arms out of the restraints but it was nearly impossible.

The only thing he managed to do, was scratch himself and make his arms turn red.

Greg screamed and cursed everyone he could think of, "Merlin damn you! Magic curse you! Hecate burn you!" he screamed

Suddenly the figure had passed the statue of Lord Mathias Mungo and became clearly visible to Greg.

It was a tall, well-developed and immensely broad and strong and powerful beast like werewolf.

"Praise Merlin ... " Greg whimpered and he almost pissed himself.

Greg began crying and softly sobbing.

"Please .. Merlin .. Hecate .. save me" he cried.

The werewolf then raised its yellow eyed gaze towards Greg and grinned, revealing rows after rows of sharp dagger like shark teeth.

The werewolf opened its mouth and then licked its lips.

Then the werewolf opened its mouth and let out a loud booming roar.

The sound reverberated and shook Greg to his core.

Then the werewolf took a sprinter's pose and began to dash.

Each step was like thunder, a loud booming sound that shook the entire landscape.

Finally, the werewolf having built up an immense amount of speed, took a large bounding leap, pushing off its incredibly strong forelegs, leaving a large impact crater from it's take-off point and soaring through the air gracefully.

With a malicious look of hunger upon its face, the werewolf crashed through the window, the shards and broken ward slightly damaging it, leaving small rivulets of blood upon it's golden brown fur.

The shattered ward began triggering a loud alarm rune, which reverberated through Saint Mungo's.

The Aurors and authorities, had been alerted, the only matter was would they come in time.

The werewolf slowly began pacing towards Greg's bed, like a monster out of a nightmare, the dark light shining behind it, only made it seem more ominous and hideous.

It's drool and saliva dripped out of it's mouth and onto the floor, and it unsheathed it's long yellow sharp claws, and began grinding them against each other causing sparks to fly.

It stood over Greg, and it's drool dripped into Greg's face causing him to piss himself.

Then the creature let out a loud roar, almost deafening Greg and nearly leading him to faint.

Greg began shaking, and the creature smiled eerily.

Then the creature drew its arms back and Greg screamed.

It slashed its arms, slicing the wires across Greg's chest to shreds, and leaving deep gouges in Greg's chest.

Then the creature sunk its sharp teeth into Greg's shoulder, causing him to scream, and blood to well up and fill its mouth.

The creature started licking its lips, and began dragging Greg out of the bed by his shoulder, almost causing it to dislocate.

Holding Greg by the shoulder in its jaws the creature made it's way to the window and prepared to leap up.

"REDUCTO!" a voice screamed and the werewolf's chest erupted, releasing Greg.

"Bollocks!" Greg groaned, still dizzy and woozy from the blood loss.

"Let's get you out of here ... " said the Auror who had saved Greg.

Then Greg fainted.