This is going to be really goofy and a little different from my usual writing style. This fic was developed from a post I made on my tumblr with ideas for the story (can't post a link here, but it's on the AO3 version - spoilers if you follow the link)

It's an ordinary day at the end of practice, with everyone finishing cleanup and collecting their bags, when Miyuki pokes Eijun on the shoulder and casually says "Good job today."

He immediately perks up. "You liked my pitching? Which kind of pitch was good? Do you want to catch more?"

Miyuki laughs. "Not now, moron. You really are a simple guy, aren't you?"

"I'm going to be simply the best, if that's what you mean!" Miyuki rolls his eyes and makes some sarcastic remark, but Eijun spots his lips turning up and thinks that he'd like to see that smile all the time.

The southpaw gets a light touch on the shoulder as Miyuki walks past him with a brief "Later, Sawamura," and Eijun's heart skips at the contact. Unthinking, he follows Miyuki with his eyes and suddenly his hands are sweating a little more than they were at the end of practice. Miyuki's swagger is just a bit hypnotic and Eijun is still mentally replaying the second year's "good job today" and flushing. Coming from Miyuki, those words mean something different. It's not just that he's the first-string catcher; he's the one that Eijun feels most connected to. The one he wants to be close with, the one he likes the most.

Eijun registers that thought and freezes.

No. HE DOES NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON MIYUKI KAZUYA. Miyuki's just a jerk and a controlling bastard who looks REALLY PRETTY with those glasses and – NO, no, definitely not, not thinking about that! He's not going to think about that that smug grin, the casual touching, that tilt to the catcher's head just before he's about to say something snarky. That breathtaking cleverness isn't appealing either. And Eijun is ABSOLUTELY not going to think about the euphoria he feels when Miyuki catches his pitches.


Eijun is definitely falling for Miyuki. Oh, damn. OF ALL THE PEOPLE TO FALL FOR, WHY HIM?

The southpaw takes a deep breath, then three more. He shoulders his bag and finally jogs off the field and back towards his room, trying not to panic. Miyuki must never know about this, or he'll tease Eijun about it FOR-E-VER. He can already hear that tone of voice, that "Oh but you li~ke me, don't you?" and associated sniggering. Man, he's already blushing out of embarrassment and Miyuki's not even here.

He won't allow this crush (!) to get any worse – who knows what effect it will have on Eijun, or what effect it will have on their battery? Shit, the last thing Eijun wants to do is screw up his pitching because his heart is focused on the catcher's smile instead of the game. Miyuki's SCARILY perceptive on the field and he'll notice right away if Eijun's pitches only suffer when he's partnered with Miyuki.

Well, Eijun will just have to put a stop to this infatuation, then. Eijun nods to himself as he unlocks his door, feeling strongly that this is the right idea. It shouldn't be hard, right? He can just avoid the traditional love events that he reads about in manga. Bath time mishaps, the group date scenario, birthday events, he knows them all. This is something he's prepared for – Eijun knows EXACTLY which situations to avoid. His taste in fiction is about to come in handy.

Sawamura Eijun will NOT become a shoujo heroine.