Not sure if I should have a warning for lots of fluff, but here you go.

The next two days are a nightmare. Miyuki takes every single opportunity to tease Eijun about his discovery, to Eijun's chagrin and the entertainment of the rest of the team. At the end of practice on Day 2 of Torment-by-the-Evil-Catcher, Miyuki is pulling aside each pitcher to talk about tomorrow's match, as per Boss's orders. Earlier, Eijun had been trying to think of excuses to flee, but one look from Boss and Eijun knows he's not going anywhere for anything short of an emergency.

Aw, shoot, now it's his turn. Miyuki must see the southpaw's trepidation because he grins, though he keeps his nasty personality to a minimum until Boss leaves, making them the last ones there. Eijun does a good job paying attention for most of it, but he starts to zone out near the end.

The two of them are alone now, right? Having their first kiss in the dugout as the sun sets wouldn't be so bad. It's like manga scenarios in the clubroom, when the other members have left for the day or gone on errands. The two main characters feel the tension in the room, sneakily peering at each other only to look away when their eyes meet. They try to make small talk but eventually they end up silent, staring at each other longingly and forgetting to look away. It's hard to tell which one of them leans forward first, and then…

"– so don't lose focus tomorrow and remember the areas that you've been working on," Miyuki finishes. Then, with a sly smile, he adds: "Think you can handle that?"

"Of course I can handle it!" Eijun blusters. "I'm the one who's going to be the ace!"

"I wouldn't want you to get distracted for any reason."

Eijun knows he's being baited, but can't stop himself: "YOU'RE the biggest distraction out there! Otherwise I'd be fine!"

"Ah, because you're embarrassed?"

"Because you're trying to drive me crazy!" Miyuki just laughs and pulls Eijun in, both hands cupping the southpaw's face. The pitcher opens his mouth to demand an explanation when suddenly there are lips on his.

It's a short kiss, but it's warm and soft and Eijun's whole body feels fuzzy. Miyuki doesn't try anything fancy, just presses their lips together for a few seconds before pulling away, leaving Eijun dazed. This isn't a hallucination, right? This is real?

When Eijun recovers enough to breathe again, he gasps. "Why did you do that?! You can't mess with people like that, kissing them when you don't even like them!"

Miyuki snickers, leaning his forehead against Eijun's. "Idiot. Who says I don't like you?"

It takes ten long seconds for that to make its way through Eijun's brain, but when he processes the implications, his mouth drops open. "What? Does that mean, do you really…?" Miyuki gives him a look that's says he's an utter moron, and Eijun flushes. "But you – why didn't you say something?! If you liked me back, then why go through all that trouble of mocking and not telling me?!"

Miyuki chuckles wickedly, eyes dancing. "Oh, Sawamura, did you think I was going to make this easy for you?" He finally draws back from the southpaw's personal space with a self-satisfied grin that's beginning to piss Eijun off. "Besides, you haven't actually said that you like me yet. All I've been hearing is how much you definitely don't like me at all."

"You – you!" Eijun's blushing furiously and it takes a few moments before he can manage to make words come out. This is nothing like the confession he imagined. "Of COURSE you have to be a jerk about this too! Ugh! I should have expected that! And why do I have to say it first?"

"I'm your senpai."

"Well I – I'm going to come up with better date ideas than you, so YOU say it first!" His reading preferences will be an advantage once again.

Miyuki's sharp smile in response to that is downright evil. "First, that doesn't make any sense, and second, I've got two tickets to the Yomiuri Giants game that's scheduled on our next night off."

"What?! Since when are you so prepared for this? Is that why you waited two days?" Shoot, he might have to sit down and actually brainstorm some kickass plans because, after Eijun's declaration, Miyuki's definitely going to point it out if the dates Eijun arranges aren't as cool as his.

"So, do you want to go see a professional game, maybe check out our future competition?"

Eijun thinks of the fictional dates he's read about at sporting events, where two people share concession stand food and thrill at the accidental brushes of skin as they both reach in for the same thing. The couples only get one straw for the drink and their faces redden as they think about indirect kisses. They get distracted from the game by holding hands for the first time, and later one gets overexcited when the players score and unthinkingly hugs the other in their enthusiasm.

Eijun suddenly realizes that he doesn't NEED to worry about avoiding romantic situations with Miyuki anymore, and he feels his face flush. "Er, I'd, um, really like that. A lot."

"There's my eloquent pitcher," Miyuki drawls, and although Eijun starts shouting at him for ruining the moment, the pitcher follows him out to the field and stomps out to the mound with a ball while the second year settles into the catcher's box.

Thank you so much for reading to the end! I hope you liked reading Genre Savvy as much as I enjoyed writing it :D