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''Do you not have an umbrella? Would you like to share mine?''

I looked up to see hazel eyes staring back at mine and it takes me a moment to realize that I can't see anything but his eyes. I hastily jump back in shock landing oh so gracefully on my behind inside a puddle of muddy water staining my uniform.

''Hey! What do you even think you're doing!? Do you know how much I have to act only to get away with my uniform like! ... This.''

My eyes meet again with Endous as I could now identify who seems to sport a quite sad and maybe hurt expression when looking back down to me. My face grows hotter as I try to get up to frustrated that I actually got angry at him, he is just too stupid to even mind. Just when I'm about to get back up a hand intrudes my field of vision.

''Let me help you up at least. You'll get a cold and I don't want our new member to get sick.''

Flashing me one of his probably signature bright smiles that make me sick to the point of wanting to throw up I stand up without his hand. I adjust my clothes and bag, stare at him before ripping the blue umbrella out of his arms and walking towards the school gate. In the middle of the way I come to a hold and look back over my shoulder to see him in the same dazed state he had when I left him.

''I'm not too fond of sharing stuff. Oh, and don't tell anyone about this Endou-kun''

So, call me bad but meh, I'll just return it tomorrow, make it seem like he did something nice so he can get celebrated and hope he'll forget about me acting out. It isn't the first time I lost my temper like that so I know a little sweet talk should do the deed.

I have to worry about my clothes now though. My parents will want to figure out what happened and knowing them they will be shocked I didn't come back home perfectly fine on my first day, so I did the first thing I could think of; use the reserve uniform I hid inside the bushes of the front yard and change into something presentable in the small garden house. Yap, that's a plan.

Finally having changed and rearranging my hair I actually looked quite nice and like I did this morning so I went back to the front door and unlocked it, slightly surprised to not smell the delicious flavor of my dad's cooking but the slightly burnt stench of my mom. I'll just go to bed without food today because, don't get me wrong, the food still tastes edible, it's just that whatever my mom cooks, it always seems to end up poisonous because she can't remember my allergies.

''Honey! You're back quite late, what took you so long?''

''Some of my new classmates invited me for dinner since we ended school earlier, so I'm not really hungry now. If you leave something in the fridge though I'll make sure to eat it later when I'm learning''

''Okay honey, but don't go to bed too late!''

''I won't!''

I was already halfway in my room when I was slightly surprised to find my sister in my room. Not really though to be honest since I knew she'd want some heart to heart talk because we moved.

''What's wrong sis?''

''I swear this is killing me! My middle school is like, the lamest place on earth, I mean, which school doesn't have a designing club? But no~, everything's just about soccer, soccer and more soccer. How am I supposed to survive that hell?''

''If there isn't any club then make your own. Just get some friends that like fashion just as much as you and open one.''

''Ugh, waaaay too much work''

''But you'll be president of the designing club. Reigning queen of fashion. Wasn't that what you wanted at you're old school?''

''Queen of fashion… Has a nice ring to it! Thanks Hana-nee, you always know what to do when I'm down! Love you!''

And then she vanished like a tornado, like always. God, she's so easy to read, I'm surprised she didn't have a boyfriend yet. But oh well, there's nothing much to do, so why not help her out?

Rummaging through my new room a bit I found my emergency supplies of candy and chips to survive the night that I brought with me from our old house. With two bars of my favorite chocolate and a pack of salt and pepper chips I made myself comfortable on the bed to await the call my friend would give me. I didn't care if she's actually going to call or if she's just standing me up but that girl needs the attention and will get seriously annoying if I don't answer on the first ring. Speaking of the devil…

''Hana! Omg, you're still alive! Tell me all about that small piece of land you live on so I can pity you.''

How freaking annoying can this be?

''It's a town and it's called Inazuma. It's not as bad as I thought it is so you don't have to go around spreading nonsense on your own''

''Excuse you! How do you think you're talking to me just because you were a bit popular at our school!?''

'''Cause I can, now stop calling or I'll send the police to your house and get you in jail''

That's how you get rid of very annoying old friends.