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Senna and Momo faced off against Tobiume, with Tobiume making her dissatisfaction with Momo clear. Senna would catch Tobiume off guard and almost defeat her, only for Haineko to intervene. Ichigo would then arrive, before Rangiku and Toshiro also joined the fray, followed by the mastermind behind the plot himself, Muramasa. Zangetsu would pretend to rebel in order to investigate the situation. Shinji would follow the Zanpakutou and observe Zangetsu's interactions with the Zanpakutou, with Zangetsu himself successfully amusing himself at the expense of Suzumebachi. In the wake of the attack of the Zanpakutou, others were plotting to use the Zanpakutou to take over Soul Society. Elsewhere in Las Noches, Ulquiorra would approach Nel for advice on Fracción with Nel deciding for them to speak with Starrk regarding the matter of companionship and loneliness.

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'Hollow, Inner Hollow or Zanpakutou talking'

"Hollow, Inner Hollow or Zanpakutou thinking"



Chapter 18 – Integration

As Ichigo arrived at the location he could sense Rukia was, Ichigo failed to locate Byakuya's spiritual pressure. The area which Ichigo quickly deduced to be the Squad Six Barracks was very plain looking. Perhaps the most unique aspect was the small pond off to the side, but it didn't seem anything like Byakuya, then again, giving nothing away was exactly like Byakuya.

'Rukia, where are you?' Called Ichigo loudly.

Rukia suddenly appeared on the grounds in front of Ichigo.

'I can't find brother Byakuya anywhere.' Said Rukia.

'Well we could have told you that.' Said Renji, as he arrived with the others.

'What's next boss?' Asked Senna, causing Ichigo to laugh.

'Boss? This isn't a Yakuza gang.' Said Ichigo in amusement, before processing what Renji had said.

'What do you mean you could have told us Byakuya isn't here? Where is he?' Asked Ichigo.

'He vanished during the initial attack. He might have gone to hunt them down by himself.' Said Renji.

'So basically you don't know where he is either. How did this all happen anyway? I get Zanpakutou spirits getting grumpy, but coming out and attacking like this seems weird right? This isn't normal, is it?' Asked Ichigo.

'Not to this extent, no. While Zanpakutou can manifest outside of the mind of their wielders, they rarely have this much autonomy, needing to stay at least mildly in range of the Shinigami who wields them.' Explained Toshiro.

'So what changed all of a sudden? They get told to rebel and suddenly the rules don't matter anymore?' Asked Ichigo.

'We are not sure yet at this stage.' Admitted Toshiro.

'Do you know of anyone else whose Zanpakutou didn't go rogue, aside from me and Senna of course?' Asked Ichigo.

'Well, we have yet to see Captain Commander's Zanpakutou, so it is safe to say it is still with him for now, otherwise, every seated and unseated officer, including Captains and Lieutenants have had their Zanpakutou rebel. The few we know to have been unaffected are Lieutenants Kurotsuchi and Ise who do not possess Zanpakutou, as well as Lieutenant Kusajishi and Captain Zaraki.' Said Toshiro.

'Hmm, I would have thought of all people Kenpachi's would have been the first to rebel, they basically ignore each other.' Commented Ichigo, getting a strange look from the others.

'How do you know what Captain Zaraki and his Zanpakutou talk about?' Asked Renji.

'That's just it, I know they don't talk since I fought with him. His Zanpakutou might as well be any sword around, since he ignores it completely during a fight. My Zanpakutou and I could tell they were basically at odds the whole fight.' Said Ichigo.

'Does that mean you can tell what Shinigami discuss with their Zanpakutou?' Asked Momo.

'I mean only if we are fighting at the time. I don't know what they talk about all the time.' Said Ichigo.

'Ichigo, that is very unusual. The link between a Shinigami and their Zanpakutou is a direct line, the fact that you can know anything that happens between them is highly unusual.' Said Toshiro.

'Well, that aside, shouldn't you all have a meeting or something and get everyone together?' Said Ichigo, only for a small black butterfly to float past Toshiro's eyes.

'In fact that is exactly what is about to happen, the others have gathered and are ready to discuss what to do now. While not technically one of us, it might be useful for you to come along as well, Ichigo.' Said Toshiro, getting a nod from the teen.

'Sure, I don't mind. I'd like to know what is going on before heading back either way. Don't want a bunch of Shinigami coming to Karakura Town being chased by their Zanpakutou like Rukia was.' Said Ichigo.

'I wasn't chased! I was coming to warn you and let Urahara know.' Huffed Rukia.

'Oh yeah, his Zanpakutou hasn't rebelled either, but I know we could hear that Muramasa guy even back home.' Said Ichigo.

'I see, well then, let us go and see what the others have learnt.' Said Toshiro, before the group headed off to the Fourth Division where the meeting was to occur.

It was a rather short journey, but along the way, the severity of the destruction was revealed. There were numerous bodies of Shinigami as well as significant structural damage to the Seireitei. Ichigo surmised that as Toshiro had said, even the unseated Shinigami must have had their Zanpakutou spirits released too, with some falling victim to their own Zanpakutou. Finally reaching the healing centre of Soul Society, Ichigo noticed many of the captains were already gathered and seemed to be waiting on them.

'Ichigo? I didn't expect to see you back here so soon.' Commented Juushirou, before noticing the unfamiliar arrival.

'And you've brought a friend as well it seems.' Said Juushirou.

'This is Senna, she actually doesn't remember what division she is in, do you think you could help find out.' Said Ichigo.

'Oh of course, it isn't uncommon for Shinigami to have a hard time remembering their divisions early on.' Said Juushirou.

'Looks like you've been busy though.' Commented Shunsui, noting Ichigo appeared to have been in battle.

'Oh, I was just helping some of you guys out. Zangetsu just went to do some recon on the others, so this is from fighting a bunch of other Zanpakutou.' Explained Ichigo.

'I see, so we can add you to the list of people whose Zanpakutou didn't rebel then. What about you, Senna, was it?' Asked Shunsui.

'No sir and yes sir in that order. Mirokumaru and I are on the same page.' Said Senna, causing the captain to hum.

'Well that's good to hear, the more still on our side the better.' Said Shunsui.

'Has anyone heard any news of the Captain Commander?' Asked Sajin Komamura, a large man with the head of an anthropomorphic dog.

'Unfortunately not. We did run in to Muramasa again when he confronted Ichigo, but it has largely just been our own Zanpakutou roaming around.' Explained Toshiro.

'In the meantime, we should gather inside. The Fourth Division will see about healing those of you who have been in battle.' Said Captain Unohana.

The collection of Shinigami acquiesced to the order and entered inside. The inside was quite busy, but seemed to be running orderly, nonetheless. After looking around for a minute, Ichigo noticed a few people were missing.

'Hey, where is Kenpachi anyway?' Asked Ichigo.

'Captain Zaraki was regrettably on a hollow hunt at the outskirts of Rukongai. Unfortunately, with his sense of direction, it may take some time for him to arrive.' Explained Unohana.

'Has anyone signalled him?' Asked Ichigo.

'Signalled? What do you mean?' Asked Unohana.

'This.' Said Ichigo, before causing his spiritual pressure to come untethered and envelop the whole building, bringing all activity to a standstill.

Moments later, Unohana firmly grasped Ichigo's forearm.

'I think that is enough. I would also ask that you do not release yourself in this place of healing. I do not need our patients becoming distressed.' Said Unohana, causing Ichigo to cut off the output.

'Sorry, I didn't think it was that much, it was just double what I did last time I was here when Kenpachi was chasing me.' Admitted Ichigo, causing those who overheard him to adopt expressions of shock.

'Well, even if you do not believe it was much, do keep in mind much and little are all relative terms.' Said Unohana, still holding on to Ichigo's forearm.

'Got it… you can let go now.' Said Ichigo after a moment, noting Unohana was still gripping him.

'Of course.' Said Unohana, releasing the teen's arm.

'In any case, I believe that will be enough to bring Kenpachi here. He might have no sense of direction, but he won't miss a spike of energy like that.' Said Shunsui.

'Yes, yes, lots of energy, now, if you brutes are done flexing your swords, I have some important information to impart pertaining to our current situation.' Said an elaborately dressed man in a Captain's Haori.

'Whoa, who are you?' Asked Senna.

'Such disrespect, I am Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Captain of the Twelfth Division, who are you?' Asked the man.

'I'm Senna!' Exclaimed the excitable girl.

'Unfamiliar name, no doubt one of the rank and file, buzz off.' Said Mayuri dismissively, causing Senna to pout.

'Now, thanks to the numerous samples we've retrieved, it seems that defeating a Zanpakutou spirit causes them to revert to sword form while also suffering damage in the form of a break. Healing seems to be slow though, so don't get overzealous with any pesky spirits that aren't yours. Otherwise, the process of regaining them is simple, beat your own Zanpakutou in battle. The fact that no one has managed to do so yet is proof of the inferior standards of today's Shinigami, case in point, this flea.' Said Mayuri, gesturing offhandedly to Senna.

'I'll have you know Mirokumaru is right here with me. Just because your Zanpakutou got sick of looking at you.' Said Senna.

'Hmm? Is that so? I guess you must be an exception then.' Said Mayuri curiously.

'I've still got mine too, so does Urahara.' Added Ichigo, causing Mayuri to sour.

'Of course that detestable joker's Zanpakutou wouldn't rebel.' Commented Mayuri.

'What about Lady Yoruichi?' Asked Soi Fon.

'Hmm, she wasn't around when we spoke to Urahara, but I guess it'd be fine since there weren't any Zanpakutou around in Karakura Town. Oh, that does remind me, there were these white souls with pink hair around though, have you heard of those before?' Asked Ichigo.

'White souls in the world of the living? How peculiar? I will need to gather specimens to confirm.' Said Mayuri.

'Could we focus on the rogue Zanpakutou first? No offense, but non-lethal souls are probably second priority.' Said Shunsui.

'Well, without the Captain Commander to provide order and commands, it will be difficult to decide on what priorities to follow. I believe that it would not be a bad idea to dispatch those who can journey to the living world to investigate this matter, while the remainder of us deal with the Zanpakutou.' Said Unohana, getting a nod from Shunsui.

'That seems reasonable. I would volunteer those unaffected should go. I personally believe Lieutenant Ise could coordinate things on the other side.' Said Shunsui.

'I will send Nemu too, she won't be needed here and can gather samples.' Added Mayuri.

'I guess Senna and I can keep an eye on things as well. I need to make sure to get back to school anyway, I missed a lot of time already.' Said Ichigo.

'School? The Zanpakutou are going wild, and you are worried about school?' Asked Renji in disbelief, only for Rukia to stamp on his foot.

'Now Lieutenant Abarai, surely you don't suggest that we are unable to do our jobs without assistance from Mr Kurosaki?' Questioned Unohana, causing Renji to gulp.

'Uh no, of course not.' Said Renji quickly.

Moments later, a door was slammed open.

'Ichigo? I thought I sensed you were here.' Said Kenpachi, entering with Yachiru on his shoulder.

'Yeah, I was signalling.' Agreed Ichigo.

'Captain Zaraki and Lieutenant Kusajishi, would the two of you mind accompanying Lieutenants Ise and Kurotsuchi back to the living world to manage an issue over there?' Asked Shunsui.

'All the fighting is over here though.' Said Kenpachi with a narrowed gaze.

'Well, there is always the potential for Aizen to make a move in Karakura Town and you would be the only ones there to stop him.' Said Shunsui, causing Kenpachi to grin.

'Now that's more like it.' Said Zaraki.

'Yay, we can set up a new base for the Shinigami Woman's Association in Kara Town!' Exclaimed Yachiru.

'Aww, now I wanna go too.' Whined Rangiku.

'Then get your Zanpakutou under control first. What do you think would happen to you in the human world by yourself?' Said Toshiro.

'I'm sure I'd manage.' Said Rangiku dismissively.

'Very well then, the task force consisting of Nanao Ise, Nemu Kurotsuchi, Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru Kusajishi will accompany Ichigo and Senna back to Karakura town while the rest of us get the Zanpakutou under control.' Declared Shunsui.

'Do you guys have a phone or something? I can give you a heads up if Zangetsu tells me this Muramasa guy is on the move or something.' Suggested Ichigo.

'I will have a direct line to Nemu at all times, just pass your information on to her, better than passing us a spiel of trivial information which gets muddled with every subsequent transmission.' Said Mayuri.

'Are you sure you will be able to maintain contact with your Zanpakutou from between the human world and here?' Asked Toshiro.

'Yeah, he can speak to me whenever he wants. I guess whether or not he passes on useful info is up to him.' Said Ichigo.

'Well I think that settles it then, we will prepare a Senkaimon to send you back.' Said Shunsui.

'Got it.' Said Ichigo.

-line break-

'Hmm, looks like nothing is happening now.' Commented Shinji, noting the Zanpakutou had yet to move for a while now.

'Shinji, what are you doing here?' Asked Lisa, walking over to the former captain.

'I came to see how your search had gone of course. That and Ichigo's Zanpakutou is downright hilarious.' Said Shinji.

'Ichigo's Zanpakutou? How have you been talking to Ichigo's Zanpakutou?' Asked Lisa.

'Have you been hiding under a rock for the past day?' Asked Shinji.

'More or less, I was doing a covert search.' Said Lisa.

'Oh yeah, you were. Basically, the Zanpakutou have decided to rebel because this guy called Muramasa told them to.' Said Shinji.

'That seems kind of odd.' Commented Lisa.

'Eh, not really I guess, all of us had to put down a literal rebellion of our own Zanpakutou when they got Hollowfied. It actually makes me wonder if that is why none of us have had any issues.' Said Shinji.

'Well, I guess when you chain someone down, lock them away and throw away the key, words aren't going to help.' Agreed Lisa.

'So any luck?' Asked Shinji after a moment.

'None.' Said Lisa flatly.

'Damn, oh well, first mag you get when we head home is on me. I'm surprised no one noticed you sticking around for so long.' Said Shinji.

'Of course someone noticed, but he wouldn't say anything of it.' Said Lisa, causing Shinji to laugh.

'Well, it is time for us to head back then I think. This doesn't really have anything to do with us as things stand and someone needs to be ready to deal with Aizen and his minions.' Said Shinji.

'Should we wait for Ichigo, or head back first?' Asked Lisa.

'Might as well head back now, Ichigo can handle things.' Said Shinji, to which Lisa nodded.

-line break-

'So boss, what's the plan?' Asked Senna, once she and Ichigo had found an empty room to debrief in.

'I'm not sure to be honest. I mean, I know I'm going back to school and Zangetsu will pass anything on to me… don't think there is anything else I need to do right now. What about you? What are you thinking?' Asked Ichigo.

'Hmm, I don't know. I could go to school too, but I'd rather go exploring… I guess if you're in school though, I wouldn't have anyone to explore with. That's a tough one.' Hummed Senna thoughtfully.

'Well, if nothing else, school will give us a structure to the day. Plus, I get the feeling those Shinigami coming back with us will probably get involved somehow like Rukia did. We'll probably need to see what Kisuke thinks we can get away with.' Said Ichigo.

'Okay! We can go exploring after school then.' Said Senna.

Ichigo heard a knock at the door and raised an eyebrow.

'Come in?' Replied Ichigo, causing the door to open.

In stepped a woman who Ichigo noted probably would have passed for a librarian in the human world. She was a slim, youthful woman, with black hair kept back, aside from one lock of hair to the right side of her face and wore oval shaped glasses. In addition to this, she was carrying a large book, cementing the librarian association in Ichigo's mind.

'Allow me to introduce myself, I am Eighth Division Lieutenant Nanao Ise. I am in charge of coordination between yourself and the Shinigami during our time in the land of the living.' Said Nanao, introducing herself.

'Yo, I'm Senna and this is Ichigo.' Said Senna, with Ichigo giving a small wave.

'We were just discussing what everyone would do when we get back. Do you have any ideas what you want to do in the meantime?' Asked Ichigo.

'I would plan to locate some of these souls you have mentioned. Once I have a proper visualisation of what we are dealing with, I will be able to search our own archives as to their identity.' Said Nanao.

'Okay, but I meant more like what are you going to do day-to-day? Are you going to be searching for them all night and day?' Asked Ichigo.

'Do not worry, the Shinigami who return with you will make arrangements to integrate into your daily routine.' Said Nanao.

'Figures… although I doubt Yachiru and Kenpachi can blend into my class like Rukia did.' Commented Ichigo.

'Indeed, they will have more suitable roles.' Agreed Nanao, who if she had been a less serious individual, would have found the idea of Kenpachi attending a calculus class quite comical.

'Where is this other person that's coming with us, the clown guy's lieutenant?' Asked Senna.

'I am right here.' Said Nemu Kurotsuchi, appearing to the side of Nanao.

'Whoa, you're like a ninja, I didn't even see you come in.' Commented Senna excitedly.

'I see. I shall try to be less discreet in future.' Said Nemu.

'So are all of you going to be sticking together or spreading out?' Asked Ichigo.

'I think as a whole we will all remain in close vicinity to you.' Said Nanao.

'I shall be gathering samples from the humans.' Said Nemu.

'What samples?' Asked Ichigo.

'Any samples they provide willingly or unknowingly. I will remain discreet in these instances.' Said Nemu, causing Ichigo to look at her suspiciously.

'You're not planning to hurt anyone to get these samples, are you?' Asked Ichigo.

'No.' Said Nemu simply.

'Okay. What about Kenpachi, I can't imagine him sitting around for a long time?' Asked Ichigo.

'We have already secured Captain Zaraki a suitable position under the advice of Miss Kuchiki.' Said Nanao.

'Which is?' Asked Ichigo.

-line break-

'All right you brats, today we play wrench dodge.' Said Kenpachi, clad in a pair of jogging pants and an open jumpsuit jacket.

'Wrench dodge?' Questioned Keigo.

'Yeah, you all line up and try and dodge the wrenches you throw at each other.' Said Kenpachi, with a grin.

'Uh, don't you normally use balls for this activity?' Commented Tatsuki.

'Balls? I thought that'd be harder since a wrench is smaller… I like you girlie, okay then, ball dodge it is!' Said Kenpachi, before going back to the utility closet and rummaging through it.

'Is this guy serious?' Asked Keigo.

'Perhaps things are different where he trained.' Said Mizuiro, causing Ichigo to mentally laugh.

'Okay, here are your balls.' Said Kenpachi, coming out with a set of medicine balls ranging between one and five kilograms.

'I don't think those are the right balls.' Said Uryuu.

'You mean those tiny air balls? I kept blowing them up by accident, so they'd be too soft for a game like this. Also, as an added bonus, if you go too long without getting someone, Yachiru and I will start throwing balls at both teams. Split up and get into teams.' Said Kenpachi.

'Isn't that normally the teacher's job?' Asked Orihime.

'Is it? Okay then, you four can be one team and the rest of you can be the other team.' Said Kenpachi, picking out Ichigo, Orihime, Chad and Senna.

'Cool, we're on the same team, that means we are totally going to win.' Said Senna.

'Somehow this split doesn't seem fair.' Said Ichigo.

'What do you mean, I gave each of you three opponents each.' Said Kenpachi.

'I also think it is fair since if each of us is a quarter of the team, that seems balanced.' Commented Orihime.

'Balanced for who?' Asked Ichigo, only to dodge a ball thrown at his head.

'Enough talking, get throwing!' Declared Kenpachi, spurring the others into action.

The battle got underway with that, and the numbers dropped down quickly on the other side. It became clear very quickly that the best chance the other team had was to funnel the balls to Tatsuki and Uryuu, as they were the only ones who had a chance to hit the others, after Shinji was taken out by Senna during a monologue of his lost love. Who exactly the love was remained a mystery.

Orihime and Chad were taken out first, even though no one had been aiming at Orihime, with the girl trying to catch a ball aimed at Senna, only for the ball to slip through her fingers, with Chad being struck by the agile duo of Uryuu and Tatsuki, leaving the teams at two opponents each.

'Come on boss, who should I go for?' Asked Senna, holding two balls.

On the other side, Uryuu held one ball while Tatsuki held two as well.

'Well, I've still got a bone to pick with Uryuu, so you can take Tatsuki.' Said Ichigo.

'Here we go.' Said Senna, throwing the first ball at Tatsuki.

'So we meet in combat again, Kurosaki.' Commented Uryuu.

'Combat? This is dodgeball.' Said Ichigo.

'Yes, but as the expert marksman I shall win.' Said Uryuu, only for a ball to strike his shoulder.

'Haha, distracted!' Cheered Senna, only to dodge a ball from Tatsuki.

'Close but not quite.' Said Senna happily.

'You might as well throw in the towel at this point Tatsuki, it's two against one.' Said Ichigo, only for a ball to hit him in the back.

'Too much talking.' Said Kenpachi.

'Oh come on!' Said Ichigo, only for Senna to cheer as she had used the distraction to take out Tatsuki.

'I won, woohoo!' Cheered Senna, animatedly dancing around and pumping her fists in the air.

'All right, all of you babies head to the nurse's office then go to class.' Said Kenpachi.

'But its lunchtime after gym.' Protested Keigo.

'Fine, lunch first, then go to class!' Said Kenpachi, getting a salute from the shaken boy.

'Isn't it a foul to throw the ball at someone's head anyway?' Grumbled Ichigo.

'How should I know; I didn't make the rules?' Replied Kenpachi with a shrug.

'Do you need me to heal you, Ichigo?' Asked Orihime.

'Nah, I'll just go get a cold towel from the nurse. Kenpachi didn't hold back on that throw by much.' Grumbled Ichigo, waving off his friends offer.

'Ok, I'll walk you there.' Offered Orihime, before Senna also offered to walk him, given he was the "Boss".

'Relax will you, I'll be fine, I'll just be a few minutes and meet you for lunch. Senna, don't start picking on Uryuu too much until I get there.' Said Ichigo, causing the girl to salute.

With his friends finally relenting, Ichigo made his way to the nurse's office. Entering the room, Ichigo noted no one was around and went over to the sink and grabbed a disposable towel, which he quickly soaked under cold water, before pressing it to his head.

'Are you all right?' Asked a voice from behind Ichigo, causing him to jump slightly.

'What? That's you being more discreet, you nearly gave me a heart attack.' Said Ichigo, noting the woman who had spoken was Nemu.

Nemu appeared to be wearing a modified version of the standard Fourth Division attire of a pink robe and cap, only her robe stopped where her normal uniform did and was just as form fitting.

'Why are you the school nurse?' Asked Ichigo.

'It is the best role to gather samples.' Said Nemu curtly.

'So you are just taking whatever comes in here.' Said Ichigo.

Nemu shook her head and took a step towards Ichigo, her eyes rapidly swivelling as they surveyed him, before taking the towel from him and wrapping it into a dome shape, before pressing it gently back onto Ichigo's head.

'There are a specific set of samples I am keen to gather. They include yourself, your friends with abilities and those who are spiritually aware, but do not have abilities, in addition to the regular humans. We have not had many live samples in the Shinigami Research and Development Institute and Master Mayuri's extraction methods tend to be more obvious.' Explained Nemu.

'Oh… so does that mean you like research too? Like Urahara.' Asked Ichigo.

'That would be an appropriate correlation to make, Kisuke Urahara is the one who founded the institute and personally recruited Master Mayuri Kurotsuchi to his initial role of founding Vice-President.' Explained Nemu.

'Figures he'd be the one to start something like that, if not him, I guess it'd be Aizen.' Muttered Ichigo.

'Did you not consider the possibility that Master Mayuri could have founded the institute?' Asked Nemu.

'I mean, to create a whole institute would take a lot of clout and a lot of charisma, as well as smarts. I don't think your captain has a lot of charisma, no offence.' Said Ichigo.

'You would be right in saying the perception is so.' Agreed Nemu, satisfied with the answer.

'Hey, my head is feeling fine now, I'm going to go to lunch. Thanks.' Said Ichigo, to which Nemu nodded withdrawing the towel from Ichigo's head.

Nemu waited until Ichigo had left, before opening the towel, revealing she had taken some hair from Ichigo's head, seizing the opportunity of his head becoming numb.

-line break-

'So what now boss, school's out?' Asked Senna, as the final bell of the day rung.

'I was thinking we'd go back to my place first… actually, where are you even staying at the moment?' Asked Ichigo.

'What do you mean, I'm staying here?' Replied Senna in confusion.

'I mean where do you sleep and eat?' Clarified Ichigo.

'Oh… I haven't done either of those since we first met until today. Come to think of it, lunch was my first meal in a while… I'm starving.' Said Senna appraisingly.

'And sleep?' Asked Ichigo.

'I haven't yet.' Said Senna excitedly.

'Okay, I think we definitely should go home first, at the very least, to feed you a proper meal.' Said Ichigo.

'So is this like you inviting me to the family dinner? Should I be nervous? What should I know?' Asked Senna.

'Nervous? I don't get why you'd be nervous, I guess my dad might be a bit weird depending on his mood, but he seems to have mellowed out since mum came back.' Said Ichigo.

'Oh, where'd she come back from? An island resort holiday?' Asked Senna.

'No, from my mind and I guess before that from the inside of a Hollow.' Said Ichigo.

'Whoa, that is some heavy stuff man, your mum got eaten by a Hollow and is back now? How?' Asked Senna.

'It is all a bit of a mystery really, I just really wished for it to happen.' Said Ichigo.

'In that case, I wish to have a lot of cool adventures and meet lots of cool people.' Said Senna, causing Ichigo to laugh.

'We had help with the wish too.' Said Ichigo.

'Of course, that's why you've got to help me.' Said Senna.

'I think for now let's just help you get some food and sleep; the adventures can come later.' Said Ichigo.

'Yes boss!' Said Senna happily.