"Man, Hotch is worried about you"

Morgan said this purely to see his old friends reaction. What he got was definatly surpriseing. "Screw Hotch Derek. I don't work for him anymore, Im surprised you haven't left yet." Spencer Reid, had just said that. What could he have found or done or been through to turn him into such a...monster?

"Man, what happened to you? First you quit the BAU then you dissapear for a few months... what did you find that is so much better than the family you have?" Reid actually looked solemn at his statment which was another surprise.

"You guys are still my family, I just had to leave. Listen, I didn't choose to do any of this and before you say anything about helping me out of it, you cant. Not without...open mind" he shook his head and turned to walk away. Morgan stood there knowing he should go after him but couldn't because if his profiler mind is correct,

1)Reid is stuck in a bad situation

2) He wants out

3) Reid needs him and the rest of the team's help

4) Something was in his words when he talked about Hotch. Not anger or anything like that but saddness and hesitation. It was slight but luckily he caught it

Derek Morgan thanked the lord that his best friend hadn't left of his own accord. That was the other reason; he didn't want to do anything he has. Of coarse Reid knows he would probably catch all this info so why did he say "keep an open mind"?

Does it mean that some or all of what he's got could be wrong? His only other theory is:

1)Reid was told to say all that

2)He may or may not of left because he wanted to

3)He's into something, so of coarse him getting in it himself is a possability

People began staring so he left the little shop he was texted to go to.

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