this story is a pretty simple one, if people like it then i will continue it, if not then i understand and expect that. this premise is cliche and i plan to milk that. basically the oc gets sucked into the shiki universe a few weeks before the tragedies start to happen, and he does what he can to prevent or change them. every last one of you have had this fantasy, and i didn't see any similar stories. i always put my best effort into this stuff but i know this type of story is not for everyone, but hey, give it a chance, if you like it then great!

"YOU MIGHT BELONG HERE, BUT I DON'T! I DESERVE BETTER THAN THI-GAH" with that he closed the laptop…. A brief sigh penetrated the room. And the lights grew dim.

"why do I keep torturing myself with this…ever since I started watching this show… I feel for these characters like they were real to me….especially her…I've watched that scene so many times I can't count it…I wish I could help her….i wish I could do SOMETHING, anything! So many nights….so many nights I''ve spent pleading with fate, devising some scenario in my head, I could jump in and stop that from happening…..maybe I would get cool powers and fight off those people…wishful thinking….i can only sit here and wallow in my misery…why does this bother me so much….it's just a damned story, but its tearing me to pieces…maybe I can try to sleep it off again…"

He lay there. Unable to calm his racing mind, he thought and thought, though each passing second made him feel even worse than the last. He usually spent a lot of time contemplating that scene. Especially lately. He knew it was just a story. He knew nothing in it was real…yet he still felt hollow inside. He so desperately pleaded to be able to change something…to change that horrible yet beautiful world for the better. But he knew this to be impossible. That sort of thing only ever happened in stories.

Even if he had to leave the rest of that place as it was, to change only one thing….he wanted to save that girl from her horrible fate. That was what he so desperately wished. For some reason she piqued his interest, her dreams, her style…even her appearance all appealed to him. And he could also understand the situation she was in…she wasn't even the main character of that story, in fact, she wasn't in it much at all. Such a wish might seem alien to people…..especially since the character was not one of the main leads…that would make more sense….but lately nothing made sense to him.

"plink plink" "huh?" he picked up his phone... after keying in the password, the screen grew incredibly bright, that was how he liked it. He made sure every electronic he owned was as bright as he could make it. Considering how dark his room was kept, even the light from the aquarium failed to brighten it up. Its filter hummed, and the fish inside cast shadows on the wall. The phone screen itself was small, so it didn't add much ambient light on its own. But he could see it clearly. He scrolled down the screen.

"Another email?...oh…just another comment response….boring" he read over the message, and started to type in a retort.

"what a pretty night…I wish I could enjoy it more…no rest for the weary I guess….." he stared out of his bedroom window…. The black abyss of a sky seemed to stare back at him. The moon glowed eerily. It cut through the night harshly, that one beacon in a black abyss. He lived in a populated area, so the light pollution outshined the stars, making the sky look pitch black…and giving the moon its creepy glow. Something about this night was just a bit off however, the moon shined much more brightly, and the sky looked more saturated.

"god….i'm tired. I need to eat more…" he slowly peeled his eyes away from the view and staggered out of the bed he was laying in. holding on to any leverage or object he could he made his way around the room, turning off lights, and adjusting the fan. It was the dead of summer. And in his climate, summers were brutal. It didn't seem to bother him much, he only had the fan to get rid of the humidity. Heat, so long as it was dry, was a blessing to him, and he soaked it up like a lizard. By the time he had finished his routine, his fatigue had nearly consumed him. Unable to stand he crashed on his bed headfirst. he fell asleep in that position, his legs were still dangling over the ledge….in those last few minutes of lucidity he whispered to himself.

"I want to save that world…" with that his eyes shut, and the room enveloped in black.

"….would you be able to change it?..." someone else's voice echoed in the darkness, a deep one.

"…what?...change what?" he replied, groggily.

"would you be able to change the world you so desperately want to help?" the mysterious voice retorted.

"…that world?'s not like I'd ever get a chance to…'s just a story…."

"Suppose you were given a chance? Would you take it?"

"in a heartbeat…..i'd live there if I could….but I can't keep thinking those thoughts…if I had a chance..i would sure take it….but it won't happen"

"won't it?" the voice echoed

he tried to open his eyes, but could not yet make anything out. All he saw was a dark blue sky, and something shining in the distance. There were several points of light in it as well. Suddenly he began to notice a funny sensation. There was a tickle in the lower portion of his stomach, as if he were on the down slope of a rollercoaster. He didn't know what happened to him but in an instant his awareness returned. Just as he realized what was happening, when the night sky came into focus, he blacked out again.

"ugh…can't breath. *huff*" he gasped and choked for air as he woke once more, but it felt as if his chest had been shot with a cannon ball. He tried to open his eyes, but the entire room…what was left of it….was spinning. Every object left an afterimage, and he was seeing double. His senses slowly returned to him a second time, though he did not welcome it. As his head became clearer, and as he snapped back into focus, he noticed an unbearable pain in his back.

"my god! What on earth were you doing." A man with white hair and glasses came running to his position.

"wha-why does everything hurt so much…damn…it feels like I got fucked by a car….ughh" he lay in a pile of rubble and wood, the room he had fallen into was utterly destroyed. The only things that remained intact were the stained glass windows, and the walls then clung to. The pews and seats, along with every other loose object in it had been flung to the far corners of the room. There was also a large hole in the ceiling….several, one for each floor he crashed through. He panned around the room slowly, barely able to hold back tears from the incredible pain, and he noticed the man sitting next to him….and then he noticed something more…..the man looked familiar.

"Hello? What were you doing?! Let me help you! my name is Seshin." Seshin rushed over to him, he gave him a look over and began to ask questions.

"How far did you fall?!"

"I fell? So that was what was happening to me…..i don't know, I just woke up like this" he could barely speak, the wind was still knocked out of him, so he could merely wheeze every word. It almost burned when he tried to breath.

"Are you in much pain?" Seshin looked incredibly worried, he started to move some of the debris away from him.

"Are you joking? Just take one look at me." he said with fiery retort.

"Well, I guess it's not enough to affect your attitude" Seshin responded with equal indignance.

"Look dude, I'm kind of dying over here, sorry if I forgot to be polite" he meant that genuinely, though the words seemed to lie.

"You really are a smart aleck…" Seshin looked at him with a big scowl.

"That was actually a real apology…at least it was supposed to be….i seem to have a bad habit of saying the wrong things….sorry…for real" he looked to Seshin, something about him seemed eerily familiar, due to the immense pain however…a clear thought was hard to come by, so he couldn't quite reason it out yet.

"ah, I see…that certainly makes more sense now." Seshin smiled and laughed quietly as he continued moving away the rubble, he stopped for a second to wipe the dirt from the teen's forehead.

"what did you say your name was again…I can't quite put my finger on it…you seem really familiar" he began to regain his breath, though the pain from what seemed to be the huge fall would not cease. He regularly had to hold back tears, it was one of the most intense feelings he had ever had.

"my name is Seshin…yours?" Seshin continued to check the teen's body for cuts and bruises,

"It…it's omni ….what am I doing here by the way?'

"I was about to ask you the same question…..also that's an unusual name….is it foreign?" Seshin grew curious at this point, he wanted to find out everything he could about the mysterious young man that fell into his way.

"Depends on where you're from….speaking of which…where am i?" he rubbed his head.

"You don't know? Did you hit your head on the fall?" Seshin's eyes grew wide with wonder.

"No…I don't have amnesia, I promise you my memories are fully and completely whole….agh!" he tried moving, but an immeasurable pain shot through his entire body, a few tears streamed down his cheeks.

"I never asked if you had amnesia…"

"You implied it…ugh bleeegh" he tried moving again, this time the pain was so severe he threw up all over the floor.

"For god's sake! Stop moving, you're going to hurt yourself even more than you already have. Just tell me what you were doing before you crashed in here." Seshin was surprised at the young man's resolve to keep going, even if it wasn't for his own benefit.

"i…I was going to sleep in my bed….the next thing I know, I'm falling out of the sky!, then I woke up again, only this time under a pile of rubble and in incredible pain..."

"Do you really expect me to believe such a story…you were probably just trying to climb to the top of the temple steeple, I bet you slipped and fell, you should admit your mistake. I know life in sotoba is boring, but that's no reason to do dangerous things…"

"Do you really think a fall from that height would create this much force? Besides, I shouldn't even be alive right now. Just look at the crater I …" he stopped mid-sentence, suddenly all of the tumblers fell into place, the last horse finally crossed the finish line…. His eyes grew wide with shock…for a brief moment he couldn't even summon the words he wanted to say…..finally he grew strong enough to speak again…. He turned his head slowly towards Seshin, mouth agape.

"You said your name was Seshin…and….the place we are in…….called…Sotoba…"

"well where else would we be, that's kind of a funny statement…are you sure you didn't hit your head on the fall down?" Seshin tried to help up the young man, but he only had a blank expression on his face, even the immense pain he was feeling had all but left his sense, he only felt numb. The young man looked around again. This time he was able to make sense of his surroundings.

"i…sotoba…I'm in sotoba…..sotoba…..sotoba…so….to….ba…..heh….heheheh….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHA! *bleeegh*" he started to laugh hysterically, only occasionally stopping to throw up due to the still very real and incredible pain he was in. after a few minutes of his hysteria his body gave out, blackness once again enveloped his senses, but before he finally gave in once more to his injuries he managed to mutter something to Seshin.

"….help me….save….this world" after that he grew silent, only muffled breathing could be heard from him, he lay motionless in the same position he fell in. Seshin was still utterly flabbergasted, he didn't know what to do with this person…he could try calling the police, but he thought that wouldn't do any good, after all the teen certainly didn't seem to mean any harm, and who knows how injured he was. Seshin finally decided it best to just take him to the clinic. Dr. Ozaki would probably be better equipped to handle this sort of situation. And once he had recovered, Seshin could ask him the rest of what he wanted to know, especially the meaning of that cryptic whisper.

"This….this is quite a story Seshin." Ozaki sat on the back of his swivel chair, reaching in his pocket; he fished out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. He slid one out and lit it in one fluid motion. Seshin flinched when puff of smoke went up his nose.

"You don't say….this sort of thing only happens in stories right? Even in those stories…not in a place like sotoba….this…who is this kid? The only bit of information I got from him was that his name was omni, and that he started to laugh like an idiot when he realized he was in sotoba….i don't think I should tell him about that last little bit of informatione he gave me." Seshin looked over to the youth in the medical bed. He was sleeping peacefully, occasionally a brief snore escaped his lips, and at one point his nose sniffled, but other than that, he simply lay there.

"well….i got the shrapnel out of his back….but with the sedative I gave him, he's gonna be out for a while….i'll let you know when he wakes up….and I didn't find any I.D. on him either. Just this plastic slab with a glass screen…and this wired thing, since I don't know who he is, and you insist on not calling the police….i consider him and his possessions your responsibility." Ozaki took a long hit from his cigarette, he slowly puffed out the smoke.

"You said you took shrapnel out of his back?! How badly was he injured?!" Seshin walked over and put a hand on his sleeping shoulder.

"Not badly at all, there were only a few fragments, they weren't even stuck in very deeply, one piece was touching a nerve though…the pain must have been excruciating even if the injury was minor. He should make a full recovery within a couple of days, so long as he doesn't pop the stitches. Frankly…it's a miracle he wasn't crippled, if that piece would have been a centimeter deeper, it would have sliced through that nerve, he would have lost muscle function in that leg." Ozaki was serious but Seshin still noticed a slight grin creep across his face.

"Well…I better go….let me know when he wakes…" Seshin got up and started walking away, but before he got far, Ozaki put a hand on his shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going? There's still the matter of his medical bills." Seshin's blood froze, that little thought slipped his mind when he carried him to the clinic. Slowly and meekly he turned his head to face the doctor.

"I'm only kidding Seshin….lighten up. No one ever gets sick around here, so there isn't much to do. And this story entertained me thoroughly, consider that payment enough. Just tell me more about it after you two chat, I am interested to see how this little tale ends." Seshin sighed with relief. He quietly thanked Ozaki and left the room.

"What am I gonna do with him? Poor guy is hopeless… your IV is low…better change the bag." Ozaki quietly talked to the mysterious new patient, even knowing he couldn't hear him, but he liked it that way, it certainly kept him entertained.

The next afternoon

His eyes slowly opened. This time the waking wasn't quite such an ordeal. In fact he even felt euphoric. That was courtesy of the large supply of pain medication pumping through his veins, though he didn't notice the IV line at first. He moved his arms and he felt the white cloth blanket along pillow he was laying on. He closed his eyes quickly because the room was very bright, a window behind his bed was opened and the sunlight blazed through in full force.

"huh…pillow…blanket….i guess it was just a dream…damn…and here I thought something different….wait…my blanket is brown….and….my walls… are a different color….where the hell am i?" he could barely speak. Hey lay in the bed motionless for a moment, he hadn't gotten the feel for his body yet, especially after all of the pain medicine was pumping through him, so he couldn't move even if he wanted to. But slowly his feeling came back, and he managed to scratch his head.

"So, glad to see you're awake." Ozaki moved his chair and drove it to the patient's bedside. He stood and walked over to the clipboard sitting at the foot of the bed.

"Would you believe me if I told you that this is the third time in a row I've had to come back to my senses?...that voice sounds familiar too…" he opened his eyes again, he made sure to give them time to adjust to the light, but still found himself squinting. He was lucid enough to try to make jokes at the very least.

"haha! That sounds like me in my younger days. I used to party a lot if you can believe it. Why don't you tell me how your feeling?" Ozaki lit a cigarette and smiled at the mysterious patient sitting up in the bed.

"Honestly? I feel pretty high…'s fantastic….thats….doctor Ozaki?! So I really am here…" he turned to look at the doctor with skeptical eyes. Suddenly he remembered the whole turn of events….how the doctor caused the massive slaughter. ….he caused her to suffer. He caused that for all of them….he wanted revenge. He looked around the room for something, anything he could get his hands on. That was when he noticed the rack of surgeon's tools sitting next to the clinic bedpost. Ozaki turned around to read the clipboard.

"Yeah, morphine will do that to you…chart seems pretty interesting, mind telling me how you came about getting your injuries?" Ozaki's back was still turned.

"Oh…you know….bastard! Everyone suffers because of you! You turn a whole village into a rabid hoard of psychopaths, sure the shiki had their faults, but you took it too far, if it's the last thing I do, I swear I will make you pay! You and Sunako!" He gritted his teeth in rage, he could barely hold back from spitting, the anger boiled over, and in a hot blooded moment…he grabbed the scalpel.

for the record i couldn't think of any good names, so i just made the oc named omni(not forever), if you think the story showes promise then let me know. if you don't like it, then i totally understand. let me know if you guys want more...and of course i will be keeping up with my other story in a timely fashion, this was just so i could write something different on occasion