"Who are you?" Barked Jeoffrey, his fury at her insolence only growing as a slow smile spread across her ethereal face.

"The Queen of the North, little king." She answered smoothly, standing as still and silent as one of statues lining the walls. Jeoffrey snorted.

"The queen of the north?" He echoed mockingly, "We killed the bitch and her rebelling husband months ago. Guards! Take this imposter away!" As quickly as the smile had come, it fled, the alleged Queen frowning menacingly.

"I believe you are mistaken," She said lowly as the gold cloaks advanced on her, "My rule has never been contested or threatened, nor will it ever be." When she was completely surrounded, Jeoffrey smirked triumphantly,

"On second thought," He said smugly, confident in his own power, "String her up on the walls, let's see how long she lasts in-"

"Oh no," She laughed, the frown morphing into a coy smile, "That won't be happening at all. I've only come for negotiations, you see." Continued the eerily beautiful woman, "Take down the Wall, and I'll let you keep your little city."

Shocked gasps and whispers erupted throughout the nobles at the woman's lack of respect towards the king of the largest empire their world knew. The boy's face twisted into an angry scowl, his rage almost palpable.

"You and what army you worthless whore?" He shouted, leaving his seat on the Iron Throne as his temper grew out of control, "I'll not be disrespected by a lowborn mongrel with delusions of grandeur! Guards!" With an impatient sigh, the woman swung her hand in an arc and a great circle of jagged, icy spikes erupted from the ground, impaling the men who had surrounded her. While everyone in the room gaped in horror at the devilry before them, she pointed at each fallen guard and watched with delight as their skin shriveled and blackened and their eyes began to glow blue.

"Why, your army of course." She said condescendingly as the resurrected guards smashed through the icicles holding them up and advanced on their former king. "Now, about those negotiations…"