Dear Friends of AnimeGurl202

This morning AnimeGurl202 has passed away. I am her sister and she told me to take care of telling everyone. Which includes social media. She passed away while she was sleeping. The reason for this is she got into a car accident and her injuries became fatal. I will not go into detail but, she knew that there was little hope for her to recover. She gave me access to this account. She also, gave me a letter for all the people on here. I would personally like to thank all of these people who helped her through her depression.

Here is her final message. ( She cared a lot for you all)

Dear readers,

Hello guys. Today I am sitting in the hospital on my death bed. I got access to my computer and searched up all of the people I hopefully helped. While I'm here I can't help but think of you guys and how sad that I won't be able to be of help to you guys anymore. The only family left is you guys and my sister. I would personally like to thank




The Carnivorous Muffin




Tigress Ghost



I have a lot more people to thank as well but, I don't have enough time to write it down. These are the people that have helped intentionally or unintentionally helped me through the dark times. And I hope you all will remember me when I pass away, I love you all and keep writing.

From, AnimeGurl202 or Vanessa.