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Italics- inner thoughts ( will only be present really in the Azkaban chapters


Chapter 1

Harry sat on the cold floor of the dank cell in the midst of a coughing fit. He did not know exactly how long he had been in prison. However, he knew he had lost several days along the way when he had passed out from the dementors. Yet, according to the marks he made on the stone wall by the board he slept on he had been in Azkaban for 569 days and it was sometime in July. Harry remembered the fateful day when he realized that those he thought were friends and family forsook him.

FLASHBACK- The summer after Sirius' and Remus's death

"Harry James Potter you have been found guilty of the deaths of Vernon Dursley, muggle, Petunia Dursley, muggle, and Dudley Dursley, muggle. You will be sentenced to 15 years in Azkaban for each death. At the end of the forty-fifth year you will be given the Dementors kiss," said Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic.

"WHAT?! I have not been given a trial. You cannot just announce my guilt. Use Veritaserum," shouted Harry.

"Mr. Ronald Weasley and Miss Granger have informed us that you are impervious to the Imperious curse when cast by masters in the field. Hence the serum will have no affect on you," said Fudge.

"The Weasleys and Miss Granger have given pertinent information to the court in private testimony. This information has weighed heavily in the court mind. Simply being Harry Potter no longer means you are above the law," said the Undersecretary Umbridge with a smirk which made her toadish features worse.

"How can I be judged with information from a secret court? I have no lawyer present. This is not right. I did not kill anyone. It was Death Eaters," shouted Harry.

"Mr. Potter, you have been judged by the High Court of the Wizengamot. The fifty lords and ladies of the high court have found you guilty with 40 finding you guilty and 10 chose to abstain. Due to these circumstances and your heinous crimes you will be stripped of your name and wealth. Although Gringotts will not release the Potter family heirlooms, due to your crimes by the order of Wizengamot all else which is in the Potter vault and does not fall under the umbrella of heirlooms will be seized by the Ministry of Magic. May Merlin have mercy on your soul," said Madam Bones.

Harry remembered that day like it was yesterday. However, he no longer shed tears. He no longer had tears to shed. It was hard living in the highest security cell in Azkaban. He was seen as a threat to wizardkind and seen as a severe exposure risk due to the fact that muggles were killed. Hence he was put in a cell where there was little light, no human contact, and he was not fed often. He was only fed enough to stave off death. His meals consisted of a slice of stale brown bread and a bowl of water. Dehydration was a daily struggle. He couldn't cry; he literally had not tears to shed. Besides he had shed them all already. Harry thought life was bad when Sirius and Remus died during the Department of Mysteries fiasco. Yet he thought he would always have his friends, Ron, Hermione, and the rest of the Gryffindors, and the other Weasleys. Fat chance. When he needed them most they condemned him a murderer and a dark and evil wizard. Harry knew what happened that night. Death Eaters had caused the deaths the Dursleys. Although there was no love lost he would not wish the fates of the Dursleys on any. They were literally slowly cooked with spells and then methodically blasted apart. The Death Eaters had him in a body binnd during the macarbe scene. How anyone thought he was possible of doing something like that was beyond him.

My own family did not want me. I was worse than a house-elf. Yet I wouldn't kill them. Dumbledore wanted me downtrodden and helpless. So I could be a perfect weapon. Then he just left me. They all did. Even after that prophecy Dumbledore still didn't help instead he killed any chance I had in court. They used me. They all did. Either I was weapon or their ticket to fame. I was nothing to them. I was just something that could be thrown away. I will never forgive them. I will never trust like that again.

Harry slowly dragged his body back to his wooden board and laid back down. After so many months he no longer felt uncomfortable. He was going to be in the cell for the next 40-something years he had no choice. Harry's thoughts went back to his trial. So many truths came out on that day. He realized that Dumbledore had known about the abuse he suffered at the hands of the Dursley's. The idiot had actually testified that it was the abuse the probably drove him mad. No one wondered why he was there in the first place or how Dumbledore knew he was abused. They simply took the Chief Warlock's words at face value and never dug any deeper. Then Ron and Hermione with their "he's a parseltongue hence he's a dark wizard" nonsense and how they were scared around him but due to Dumbledore's insistence continued to befriend him in the hopes he would not turn dark. Harry's eyes watered a bit at the memories. He lost it all that day Hedwig (was killed in front of him), his parents legacy, and his very name. He was now known as Prisoner 291345. Sadly that was the one slightly positive note in the whole trial. He hated his name and the fame in bought. Now it no longer was his.

Harry closed his eyes and then began to recite potions and their ingredients aloud. He had to speak to himself. The silence was deafening and the pure silence was driving him mad faster. The dementors did their damage but he needed a bit of normalcy in his life. He had mastered Occulmency some months ago. It was necessary. Voldemort was on his way to driving Harry loopy with torturous visions. Due to the organization which now existed in his mind he could recall lectures from classes and things he had read. He recited these facts out loud just so he could hear another human voice even if it was his own.

"The ingredients for Amortentia are six frozen Ashwinder eggs ground with an ivory pestle, one leaf from a mint plant picked during the first quarter of the moon cycle, the root of the bule rose removed during twilight, five drops of a female black horned newts blood, and ten drops of unicorn blood willingly given. Stir counterclockwise twenty times then let simmer for five minutes then stir clockwise thirty times then counterclockwise fifty times, then...," Harry began rattling of potion making movements.

Harry didn't know yet but his life was going to change. Help would come from people he didn't even know and his life would change in ways he couldn't dream and he didn't have to ask.

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