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It was tradition among the Wizarding elite for their sons and daughters particularly those of secondary lines when not in school to be sent to stay with relatives to learn the ways of court and for possible connections and influential marriages and the Romanovs were no expectation.

Rorek form the time he was school age, has been all over the world to influential cousins, aunts, uncles and so on and beside proper protocol and the code of behavior betting a young wizard of his station he was taught the arts of love, seduction and passion. He was taught to make a man or woman love him adore him and want to marry him.

It did help that he was born with generous amounts of Veela/siren/succubus blood within him greatly enhancing his natural beauty greatly as well as other talents as well.

"Rorek, you look lovely"

Rorek turned from his vanity to see Cousin Katherine walk in the rook followed close by Odette and his personal companion a lovely young witch named Mirta Von Trapp. Mirta was a somewhat pretty young woman who was almost seventeen. She was the daughter of a lower-class wizarding family her family was not exactly a happy one. Her mother was a talented Muggle-born while her father was a pure-blood his family disowned him when he married Mirta's mother and times were hard because of her status as a muggle-born Mrs. Von Trapp couldn't get much work despite her skills and the money Mr. Van Trapp brought was hardly enough.

It was though luck and skill that they earned positions in one of the houses Rorek was staying in at the time. Her parents couldn't afford to send her to school or even get her a proper wand but they still taught her best as they could.

Out of pity and a little bit of loneliness Rorek requested she be his maid the position earned quite a bit more than her parents not mention she would accompany him wherever he went at least for that summer at least.

He found her quite witty and charming in her own way and though she didn't have a proper education she was quite talented before long he made the decision to make her his maid permanently that meant she would have to leave her family but she would have a chance to go to a premier school and the wages were nothing to laugh at.

Mirta knew she was a very lucky girl not only was she getting five times as much as her parents she was getting the best education a witch could buy she even accompanies him to important functions where she got to wear the most beautiful gowns and dresses.

She would be forever grateful to Rorek for this and vowed to be in his service till her death. She bow to her master as she got his outfit ready for afternoon tea with lady Longbottom and Lord Potter-Black.

"Are excited for tea this afternoon?" asked Katherine "I head Harry Potter is very handsome"

"He is, we have been on several outings so far though Lady Longbottom only recently told him of the Marriage contract"

"And how did he take it?" asked Katherine

"Honestly, he was a little hot but of course I explained I was only told myself we agree to talk more about it later since we have no choice."

"That is true" Katherine agreed then she said most cautiously "You have been careful right? On how you speak?"

Rorek knew what she was implying having Veela blood meant always, and under any circumstances, physically, personally and socially perfect, graceful and flawless, without anything that would make him look unattractive or distract from other presence. He is perfectly aware how to increase his appeal by apparel, action or choice of words, but even these are simply details to enhance their natural appeal. Years of practice gave him have an overwhelmingly hypnotic presence which bends the minds of whoever gazes upon him to his whim.

His succubus blood also enhanced his beauty but it also granted him the power to enter the dreams of another witch or wizard in order to seduce or mesmerize as well as the gift of empathy which enables him to sense the emotions and feelings of all living creatures (from people, to animals, to plants) and can broadcast his own feelings to influence other people's emotions. He can fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others he can read and mirror the feelings of others without reading apparent symptoms. His siren blood however gave him the gift of Charmspeak

Charmspeak also known as Hypnotic Voice Charmspeak is a type of hypnotism or persuasion in which it allows the speaker to convince someone else to do or get whatever they want. The strength of the command depends on the tone and the emotion of the charmspeaker's voice, as well as their skill with it. Eventually, charmspeak wears off and the person has no recollection of why they did what they were commanded to do his voice is so bewitching that he can hypnotize others via their voice with ease. He is capable of emitting an astonishingly beautiful and enchanting singing voice that is capable of summoning/luring anyone who hears it.

Charmspeak because of its nature has the same reputation as Parselmouths some of the darkest witches and wizards use charmspeak such as Circe who lured the famous Odysseus to her bed where she beget her son Telegonus who later murdered his father and stepfamily.

Few knew he was a charmspeaker Katherine was one because of the fact she too was one though her powers were weaker than his on the account that while most would discourage the use of this power his mother encouraged it while Katherine's didn't and like all a wizard's powers the more use and honing is done the stronger the magic becomes.

Rorek understood the ramifications while not illegal in any sense everyone would question everything wondering whether or not he charmed them.

"I am no fool we may be forced into marriage but I don't want him to question everything he does besides I have enough problems with Lady Longbottom at the moment" he said

Lady Longbottom was a bother she treated him (discreetly) like he was a gold digger out to get her husband's money while the rest of the family waited to form a better impression on him she seems to already made up her mind on him forgetting the fact that he had no choice either once so ever or the fact that because he was in jail Rorek could have no proper suitors a fact that he blames on her.

"That woman drives me mad I swear I could charmspeak her into drowning herself."


"It's true, you would think I was in the family way and forcing him to marry me then the fact that our parents made a match."

Katherine understood she had to deal with Garnett after all but still Lady Longbottom wasn't the younger unimportant sibling what she had to say was important she couldn't stop the marriage but she could still make life difficult for him.

"I know it will be hard but once you have Potter under control then you can deal with that woman."

The youth nodded

"Still I must have mother do something or I will"

It wasn't an idle threat though young was rather good at magic even the dark stuff

It was then a house elf appeared

"Mister Hawthorne sir and Madam"

"Who?" Said Katherine

"He's a PI I use from time to time I figured he could give me some dirt on Harry's enemies that old fool won't take this laying down and I won't be caught off guard."

"And it would look good to the others if we gave them the upper hand" said Mirta

"Precisely" said Rorek

Jack Hawthorne was your typical PI retried a middle aged retired Auror a bit of a pot belly dark hair rather handsome looking married he worked for the English Ministry before he became disillusioned under the rule of Fudge.

Rorek had him on the payroll for years he was worth every penny it was thanks to him many of his own emines had been destroyed or swayed to his side. Jack was one of the best even Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody was sad to him go. He was also Rorek's personal tutor

He was a very skilled wizard and tutored Rorek in the best defensive and offensive magic he had extraordinary skill in many disciplines of magic. He was an expert in at Charms, Transfiguration, Defensive Magic, Herbology, and Potions and he usually refrained from using Dark magic, inflicting fatal injuries on his opponents and killing them if it could be avoided throughout his time as an Auror, he had vast knowledge and mastery of Dark magic he was a self-professed no hold barred fighter who did not believe in putting restrictions on dueling, using curses, charms, transfiguration, potions, and even resorting to Muggle dueling if that was what it took to overcome an adversary. It was in part thanks to him Rorek was as skilled as he was in particular he was proficient in Charms

"Well don't we look pretty as a picture?"

"Shut it what do you have for me?"

"Well you're in a for a ride for one the old fart is trying to have Harry declared mentally incompetent"

The entire room gasped

"Ze can't do zhat can zhey?"

"I wouldn't be surprised"

"And that's not all you guys wanna hear something really fucked up read this."

He toss them a couple scrolls

"What are these?" asked Mirta

"They are the Autopsy results of one Remus Lupin I had a hunch something wasn't right I talk to a few old friends in the Order there a number of confect eyewitness statements on how they were killed most say Bellatrix killed Sirius and Antonin Dolohov killed Remus but look at the Autopsy for Remus for obvious reasons they couldn't do one on Sirius"

Rorek took the scroll and read

The official Autopsy report for Remus John Lupin under close inspection found high level of Aconite also known as monkshood or wolfs bane common in use of the Wolf bane potion however the levels in subject was five times then what is considered safe or normal with this much inside Mr. Lupin subject less than a month to live before poison took hold.

"Wow do you know what this means?"

"Yeah Remus and possibly Sirius was murdered but not by Bellatrix or Antonin wait why am we are only hearing about this now?"

"Because there wasn't an autopsy when he first died he was just buried in a pauper's grave." Said Hawthorne "I had to get his mother's permission and call in a few favors in truth I didn't think it was gonna pay out considering the source of all this."

"Who?" said Katherine

"Mundungus Fletcher sketchy as they come but few are closer to Albus Dumbledore then him he told me that Albus force him to help Molly poison Sirius while Snape poisoned Remus"

"Wait, back up Molly killed Sirius?"

"Lovely woman eh? Top Potioneer when she went to Hogwarts they even say she brew a love potion for a wealthy wizard but Arthur got it instead."

Rorek started to pace back and forth

I seriously underestimated Dumbledore and that lot they are no better than Death Eaters I wonder if Ronnie knows what Mummy has been up to gods Harry will be on the War Path now if he was angry now he will be livid beyond all reason I knew that family would do anything for money but wow.

"What do you have plan now?" asked Mirta

"Simple when Harry and the others get here we show them what we have learned"

"Is that wise? Something like may though him off the deep end" said Mirta

Rorek knew that was a risk but Harry was strong and personally if it on the other foot he would want to know beside this only proves everything that was ever thought of that man.

What a bloody fucking mess wait till mother hears this I wonder if she regrets this now.

Rorek knew this had the potential to backfire in ways he couldn't expect for one this wasn't some second rate employee of the ministry or even a school headmaster this was highly famous and well respected even aboard.

And Rorek had to admit he had a soft spot for Harry he wasn't sure if he had any feelings for the guy he surly didn't love him but he did care after all, all the man has been though all due to a Machiavellian figure who pretend to be like Merlin if Rorek's ancestor could see what he was being compared to he would never would have one of the Greatest wizards.

But Harry has suffered indeed his whole family on both sides (he may like Lady Longbottom but he couldn't deny The Potters, Longbottom and Tremaynes families had tragedy upon tragedy but indeed the Longbottom suffered a little longer due to Alice and Frank-)

Rorek thought's screeched to a halt Alice and Frank Longbottom was something that had been on his father's mind for years since he knew Alice somewhat personally he took it hard when she was attacked he even once commented that it was strange that two experienced Aurors like them was taken by surprise.

"Hey Hawthorne what do you know of the Aurors Alice and Frank Longbottom about their Attack?"

Hawthorne looked surprised but he answered

"Not much the attack committed by Death Eaters Bartemius Crouch Jr and Bellatrix, Rabastan and Rodolphus Lestrange shortly before the downfall of Lord Voldemort during the First Wizarding War in 1981. It was widely considered to be the most horrendous crime committed in the modern wizarding world by most wizards and witches."

"Yes, yes but were they and how did Death Eaters find them?"

"Well Alastor mentioned that Albus had a special job for them but he never found out what it was when he asked Dumbledore after the trial he said it was something to do with Voldemort but as at the time he was gone it seemed moot to bring it up but none of the order knew what that mission was or how they found the Longbottoms."

"Why do you ask?" Mirta asked

Rorek hummed

"It might be nothing but Hawthorne I want you to look into it when you have a chance but I think there might more than meets the eye."

"You don't think Dumbdlore set them up do you? I mean for what purpose?" Katherine asked

"With his mind who knows, Hades my mind might just be paranoid at the moment."

"'Onstely at this point I wouldn't be surprised zee 'an ounds bad" said Odette

"And I have a feeling things are about to go from bad to worse." Rorek muttered

It was then the House-elf twinky appeared

"Lord Potter-Black, the Longbottoms and the Lovegoods have arrived sir and Madam."

Well time to face the music and get this over with well at least this will be in my favor maybe not too much with the Lady Longbottom but I will take what I can get for now.

Half-hour ago Longbottom château

Harry stood in front of the mirror and looked at his reflection it has been a week since he was told of his marriage to Rorek Romanov and honesty he had mixed feeling about it naturally he was more than a little pissed off can his life be more unfair his parents die and he is a hero then he's placed with those god awful muggles who hate and mistreated him he had friends who betrayed and stabbed him the back now he has to marry a wizard he didn't even know.

Well that wasn't a 100% true Harry only recently remembered the young wizard from his Hogwarts days both fifth years at the time it was during this time Harry begun to distance himself from the others.

Ron and Hermione just chalked it up to depression over everything between Fudge and the Ministry on top of that Dumbledore was ignoring him even then Harry suspected something he confided in Sirius and Remus they of course reassured him it was fine and once the world saw the Dark Lord was back.

But it wouldn't be they were dead less than a month later and he had one last conversation with Rorek

But to be honest after meeting at the Olympus Club he couldn't deny he felt something for the other male there were times when he would look at Rorek and he would smile a smile that made Harry' entire body heat up and instilled in him an intense longing to keep that smile fixed on him, to the extent where he would do anything she asked - even if the expense was his own life. Love or lust there was something there.

Merlin, could his life get any worse it was times like this wished he had his parents or even Remus and Sirius he never had a girlfriend let alone a boyfriend he was never that good at the social scene his only friends being the Weasley's and Hermione at the time he thought he was in love with Cho but that was a disaster then at Hermione's prompting he thought about Ginny but only to realized he loved her only as a sister (Before the betrayal of course) and that she was too vain shallow and conceited it didn't take it long to see she loved his wealth not him to be honest he would be surprised if he did find someone to love him for him and not just his wealth or titled.

He looked at the clock shit he better finished getting ready they were to have tea at Rorek;s cousin's home a way to know some of the family as well as go over some details.

Meanwhile as Dowager Lady Longbottom was waiting for her grandson and nephew her thoughts turn to the situation at hand each thought driving her cazry.

I still can't believe Lilly and James didn't tell me about this or the fact my brother Fleamont or Euphemia didn't tell me about James's engagement to another woman was I that out of the loop?

Augusta knew the answer to that around that time tragedy begun to happen first her husband after battling illness for years finally died she was wracked with grief over that, Grant was her heart and soul when he died part of her did too. Then a few months after James's wedding to Lilly her beloved brother and his wife passed away of course there was the happy period when Harry and Neville was born and Dumbledore announced he found a way to stop the Dark Lord.


Just a mere thought of that man's named made her blood boil how could she be such a fool she trusted him she went agsasit everything the Wizard World stood for Honor, Tradition and Family she broke all three at once and she will never forgive herself for it. Poor Harry spent the next ten years without any knowledge of his wizarding heritage and was treated poorly by his so called aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley and that man believed Harry would benefit from being with blood relatives in order to preserve the protection his mother gave him with her death.

Wait the wards of course they failed they weren't blood relatives and now she felt like a fool Harry suffered for nothing and that bastard Wischard what he did to Lilly if he had done the honorable thing maybe none of this would have happen.


She snapped out of her thoughts to see her grandson dress in muggle clothing.

"Yes dear I am sorry I was deep in thought"

Neville walked closer


"All this, James Lilly oh Hera if I had done what I was supposed to do, gods mother and father must spinning in thier graves now and Harry had suffered so much because me – NO don't" she as Neville begun to say it wasn't her fault

"It is, one day when you're in my shoes and you live a little longer you will understand I should have done more you know when I first heard the muggles had harmed Harry I went to a friend who knew something about protection wards she said as long as I was a blood relative of Harry's they wouldn't be effected of course I talked to Dumbledore but he gave me some dog and pony show of how these wards were special and didn't follow normal patterns." Said Lady Longbottom

"But Gran everyone trusted him we had no reason not to"

"Ha your father never did nor your mother come think of it Grant and your great uncle and aunt didn't either only I and James did"

"Not cousin Lilly?" asked Neville

"Come to think of it she was unconformable around him you know something Lilly confided in me that after they learned the Dark Lord was after them she wanted to go abroad with Harry of course at that time he was only a an English problem Dumbledore wanted them here for their protection he said."

"Wouldn't that have been safer? He wouldn't have been able to get them if-if oh Merlin"


"Gran I had a thought what this is what he wanted you said he had a plan right what if this was it? After all Lord Voldemort had to mark Harry as his equal didn't he?" asked Neville

Lady Longbottom sat and processed this

"By the stars Nev I think you're right I can't believe would he really could he really"

The younger of the two sighed

"Gran, after all that he has done is it really that surprising in fact I am not sure there is even a prophecy what is it was all bullshit I mean why not tell Harry sooner I get like first year and everything but still once the dark lord came back why let harry fly blind"

"I not sure I understand Nev" said Augusta

"I am saying what if he planned on using Harry to kill Voldemort and take credit himself once all said and done, I mean it would be easy everyone is panicking, afraid. I don't what its' like the first time but I am sure no one would question it if somehow Dumbledore spun it to make himself look like the victor."

"The why not take credit the first then after all no one else knew about it but a select few if it was all part of some plan."

Neville gave a thoughtful nod.

"Ah but gran it wasn't remember unless he planned for the Potters to switch select keepers at the last minute but beside that he knew Voldemort wouldn't be gone forever he even said so loads of times he knew something that we didn't still don't."

Augusta sat in silence as she processed all this

Could it be true have I missed that much the first time bless Nev and all his thoughtfulness but still could that man be planning to kill both Harry and the Dark Lord and make himself the new savoir?

"Neville you really been thinking about this haven't you?"

"Well Luna, Rorek and I have, actually I have to admit Rorek can come up with some decent theories and Luna well she can let loose."

"What do you make of Rorek most of what I could find out was he was a decent talented young wizard no scandals or any hint wrongdoing I mean no one can be that clean!"

"It's hard to say back at Hogwarts he gave Granger a run for her money even though he was a Gryffindor he mostly stayed to himself, everyone thought he was stuck up but he would be round Harry a few times when Granger and Weasel wasn't around"

"What! Around Harry I didn't know that why didn't he say he acted like he never met the young man before?"

"I am not sure he remembers this was around the time The Press and Fudge was crucifying him but I remember he had been distancing himself off from Ron and Hermione for weeks and talking to Rorek a little I once heard him say to Harry about how he couldn't believe how blind he was to Albus and the rest and Harry went on to say that Ron and Hermione would never betray him they were like the siblings he never had."

Again Augusta felt heaviness in her heart

"Actually after Harry went to prison and things at Hogwarts started to go bad he was one of the few who did anything in fact the main reason we have Harry now is because of him." Said Neville

"How so?"

"Once he learned of Ron Ginny and Hermione's plan to get Harry's things he found me and Luna we were able to get the items before them and on Rorek's suggestion let me and Luna get Hex and jinxed to bits-"

"Wait that was his plan? Let you get hurt" said Augusta

"I know, I know but in hindsight it was brilliant he knew Albus wouldn't do anything even when Flitwick and Sprout wanted to expel them boy were they hopping mad they even threatened to resign but Luna and I convinced them otherwise but for the most part Rorek as least for now is reliable I mean I can't say if he would be a friend even if he wasn't to marry my cousin but I would rather him an ally then a foe" finished Neville

Lady Augusta sat in silence she wasn't sure if she could like or trust the young man there was just something off she wasn't sure it if was bad off or what exactly but she couldn't shake it.

Neville too held her hand

"Gran, I understand I am uneasy about this too if I could take Harry place I would even if it meant losing Luna but Harry lost so much, I would satisfice everything just make him happy."

I won't let that happen Nev I will have Words with Lord Romanov and if he or his family dare harm my family there will be Hades to pay this I swear.

It was then the Lovegoods were announced to have arrive.

"Ah Neville we better go I will have words with Rorek and his family about all this"

"Please don't make a scene Gran" Neville pleaded

"A scene, young man I am a lady Ladies don't make scenes they just get their point across strongly" smirked Augusta as she strolled out the room

The poor young sighed

"This will not end well."

Poor Neville if only he the new few hours were going to be among the worst of his life.

Line break

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