Five minutes. Momo paused his pacing around the living room to look at the clock again. He sighed. He shouldn't have started getting ready so early, then he'd at least have something to busy himself with. This was ridiculous. There was no reason to be this nervous and worked up. He found himself in the kitchen again. Everything in the fridge was exactly where it was last time. He wasn't sure where everything might have gone but it was best to just check. His heart started racing. It felt like he'd just played an especially hard match; and he wasn't sure if he'd won or lost. The twisting nervousness in his stomach joined his pounding heart. The doorbell rang.

Momo couldn't get his hand to open the door. He didn't even remember walking over to it. He didn't want to seem too eager. Maybe he should wait a few more seconds so he didn't seem so anxious. He opened the door.

"Yo," he hoped he sounded calmer than he felt.

"Hey." …

Momo realized he was still standing in the doorway, grinning like an idiot. He stepped aside. "Come in."

Kaidoh stepped in and glanced around a little. Without a word he put down his bag and started to remove his shoes. Momo was having a hard time controlling his breathing. He thought. He forgot what normal breathing was supposed to sound like. He hoped he was doing it normally.

He couldn't seem to control his nervousness. He'd spent the night at Kaidoh's house plenty of times, this wouldn't be that different. The only difference was that this was Momo's house. And no one else was home. For the entire weekend. He swallowed.

He suddenly realized Kaidoh was staring at him. Momo felt stupid. All that time he spent pacing around the house, checking and rechecking every detail, he should have been using his time to think of what he wanted to say. Or checking his hair. Was his hair ok? He forgot to check. Did he brush his teeth this morning? Time seemed like a blur.

Kaidoh picked up his bag and started for the stairs. Momo followed Kaidoh to his room and stopped short; he'd almost walked right into Kaidoh's back. Kaidoh turned and looked at him critically.

"You cleaned."

"Oh…yeah. That." Every time Kaidoh had been in his room it was a disaster. Except his bed. He tried to keep that clean because he knew Kaidoh liked things to be clean. Momo's eyes drifted past Kaidoh and landed on the bed. He couldn't stop the blush rising on his face. As soon as his eyes slid back to Kaidoh he found himself pulled into a passionate kiss.

Momo felt himself start to relax. This, this he knew how to do. The lips moving with his were warm, soft, and familiar. The tongue snaking its way into his mouth sent shivers down his spine. He let his hands wrap around his lover and pull him closer. Kaidoh seemed to have other ideas though. Hands were suddenly on Momo's collar, pulling him forward, forcing him to take a graceless step toward Kaidoh. Momo wasn't sure what was happening, his mind was too clouded with thoughts of Kaidoh, and the feeling of the unbroken kiss. On the second step he realized with a jolt that he was being pulled toward the bed. He took hold of Kaidoh's waist and took charge in guiding him backwards. When the back of his legs touched the bed the kiss was broken. Before Momo could protest too much, hands were back on his collar, pulling him down and on top of Kaidoh. His mouth reclaimed his spot.

Kaidoh's hands found their way under Momo's shirt, tracing the lines of his muscles. It tickled and tingled but it felt good so he only gave a slight nibble on Kaidoh's lip. That earned him Kaidoh's finger nails lightly tracing down his back. Momo couldn't suppress a shiver. How did he always do this to him? His arms were starting to feel weak. Not from lack of strength, of course. It was just that being with Kaidoh had this way of turning some parts of him into jelly. Other parts though…It was like Kaidoh was reading his mind because at that moment his hips rose up to meet Momo's.

Momo sprang away.

Kaidoh hissed.

This wasn't how this was supposed to happen. It was just moving too quickly. Momo still hadn't gotten up the nerve to ask…

"What was that?" Kaidoh growled at him from the other end of the bed. His hair was in disarray and Momo felt even more stupid for not noticing that he'd shown up without his bandana on.

"N-nothing!" He hadn't meant to sound so defensive.

Kaidoh hissed again and sat up, glaring. Momo couldn't help himself, he laughed. Kaidoh was just too cute when he got all red faced, especially with his clothes all rumpled, and his lips flush from kissing. His lips were still a little wet too. Kaidoh didn't look too happy with him and that just made the laughing worse. It was reaching the point of hysteria now and he couldn't stop himself. Kaidoh found the collar of his shirt again. The grip was anything but romantic now.

"Shut up."

The slight shake in Kaidoh's voice made him stop. He looked deadly serious.

"You're acting weird. What's wrong?"

Momo didn't know how to respond. He wished he'd never had this stupid idea in the first place. Sure, he'd probably still be nervous at spending the entire weekend with Kaidoh, without dodging siblings and parents. But ever since the idea planted itself in his head he just couldn't shake it and this was probably his only chance to ask…

"Momoshiro. Are you breaking up with me?" Kaidoh's gaze was grave.

"What?! No! Why would you think that?!" Seriously, where did that stupid Mamushi get that from? Well, he had pulled away from him. And laughed hysterically. And been avoiding eye contact. And he hadn't been very talkative. Maybe he could see why Kaidoh had thought that. But he wouldn't have invited him over for the weekend, or kissed him if he was planning on dumping him. The thought of not being with Kaidoh made him feel sick to his stomach.

Kaidoh hissed.

The grip on his shirt tightened. Momo realized with shock that Kaidoh's hand was trembling a little. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be struggling to breathe normally. As much as it was nice to know Momo wasn't the only one who forgot how to breathe every now and then he didn't like this. How had everything gone so terribly wrong?

He covered Kaidoh's hand with his own, hoping he was being reassuring. His other hand reached to caress his lover's face. He didn't expect Kaidoh to flinch away from his touch. Ouch.

"Kaoru," Kaidoh's eyes sprang open. There was a faint trace of wetness in his eyes. Momo made a note to give him shit about that. Not now, later, when this was a funny memory. It would probably still get him punched but it would be worth it, to remind him that Momo knew how much he secretly cared. "I'm not breaking up with you."

Kaidoh's hand relaxed a bit on his shirt. Momo still owed him an explanation though.

"It's uh," he tried to start. "I just…um…this is going to sound really stupid…" he tried not to laugh again. "I sort of have a favor to ask," Kaidoh was looking suspicious. This shouldn't be so hard, it wasn't that weird. "Favor isn't the right word; it's more like an idea. Um…something I wanted to try. And I don't really know how to ask." There that wasn't so hard.

"What is it?"

Oh right, he forgot to actually ask for what he wanted.

"Well, you see," if the heat on his face was any indication he was sure his face was glowing red. "Um…I…you know how I like…food." Kaidoh let go of his shirt and was looking at him like he had grown a second head. "Can I eat something off of you? Well, maybe more like lick…"

"Like what?" Kaidoh still looked on guard but at least he hadn't left.

"Just dessert."