Momo sat on the stool. It was nice and warm from Kaidoh sitting there. That was a nice perk. Momo was enjoying the warmth and anticipating from Kaidoh rubbing him down when a bunch of water came crashing over his head.

"What are you doing?" He spluttered, trying to rub the water out of his eyes.

"Getting the disgusting wax out of your hair. Do you ever wash it?"

"Of course I do!" What a jerk, of course Momo washed his hair. He couldn't remember the exact date he last did, but it was almost certainly this week. Why did it matter anyway, he spiked it every day.

Kaidoh hissed and attacked his head with more water. Momo decided to give this to him. After all, he sort of owed Kaidoh a few right now, what with the breakup scare, the sticky mess he left on him, and then the nearly choking him with cum incident. He let him work the wax out of his hair until it was lying limp against his head.

"Feel better now?" Momo glanced over his shoulder.

Kaidoh ran his hands through Momo's clean hair. "Yeah." He did it again, staring at the motion. "I've never seen it without the wax."

"Well, don't get used to it."

Kaidoh hissed and pulled a little on the hair in his fingers. "You owe me, Takeshi. Leave it down." He caressed some strands between his fingers.


With things settled, Kaidoh went about washing him. Momo enjoyed the feeling of his hands on him, strong and sure, meticulously cleaning him. Momo tried not to lean too far into his touch, in case he fell off the stool. When Kaidoh got to his chest Momo shifted uncomfortably. How could his body be ready to go again so soon?

"Um, maybe I should finish. Three times so close together is probably too many."

"Don't think you could handle it?" Kaidoh challenged, his hand trailing lower.

"Of course I can," he said automatically. Damn, Kaidoh should have known better than to challenge him, but then again if he issued a challenge, then he must want to go again; he knew Momo couldn't turn down a challenge.

"Good," Kaidoh kissed him and gripped his erection. Momo sighed. They must be going for some record or something. His warm soapy hand sent shivers through his body. Kaidoh's stroking was even and measured. He occasionally added a little twist of his wrist that always made Momo moan. They were all familiar and comforting gestures, they'd done them so many times. Kaidoh knew exactly what would get him off quickest and it didn't take long until Momo was finishing. He reached for Kaidoh's cock to repay the favor but Kaidoh grabbed his wrist.

"The bath is getting cold," he said softly.

Momo was temporarily speechless.

"Don't think you could handle it?" He threw Kaidoh's challenge back at him, teasingly.

"I have more control than you. Besides, if we keep this back and forth we'll be here forever."

"Fine," Momo didn't want to admit that Kaidoh had better control than him. Better stamina too, bastard. Momo glared as Kaidoh rinsed off his hand and went back to washing him. His gentle touch gradually unwound the tight feeling in Momo's chest. Sometimes their old rivalry sparked up again at the most inappropriate times. This weekend was about enjoying time alone, not out-jerking the other off. Momo relaxed again.

"Come on," Kaidoh was suddenly pulling him up. Had he been dozing off? Maybe three orgasms was his limit.

The water was still hot as he stepped in. He held his hand out to Kaidoh and was surprised when he took it; he was so sure he'd insist he didn't need help. Then there they were, facing each other in the middle of the bathtub, holding hands. Momo grinned and squeezed his hand before letting go to ease himself down. Kaidoh followed his lead and lowered himself facing Momo, and that's when they discovered that this hadn't been the best idea.

"Er, maybe if you move your leg a little over…"

"No, not there."

Finding the right spot to put their long legs wasn't the relaxing bathing experience either of them wanted. Just when they had found the perfect spot one of them shifted and it was uncomfortable again. Momo had a better idea. He stood up and turned his back to Kaidoh.

"Here," he said as he lowered himself down between Kaidoh's legs. He scooted so his back was against Kaidoh's chest. He let out a sigh. "That's better." He leaned his head against Kaidoh's shoulder. Kaidoh made a noise of agreement. This felt right, their naked bodies together. He dropped one of his hands under the water, resting it on Kaidoh's leg. He caressed it, basking in the quiet presence behind him. His eyes closed. Surprisingly the silence didn't bother him, he didn't feel the urge to fill it with words; instead he took in the sound of their breathing and found it relaxing and peaceful. He tried to match the rise and fall of Kaidoh breathing behind him; it was easy and comfortable.

Kaidoh was the first to speak.


"Hm?" Momo didn't open his eyes. Kaidoh didn't respond. Momo was just starting to think that maybe Kaidoh didn't hear him when Kaidoh shifted and wrapped his arms around him. Before he could ask what he was going to say he felt Kaidoh's breath against him. He laid a chaste kiss behind Momo's ear. When he pulled away his skin tingled. He could feel Kaidoh take in a breath, lick his lips, take another. Momo's face felt hot.

Momo's stomach broke the silence with a loud growl.

Kaidoh hissed.

"What? It's not my fault, I don't tell my stomach what to do…I'm hungry."

"You're always hungry."

"No I'm not."

"Whatever, let's just go eat."

"But we just got in," Momo didn't want to leave their first bath so soon.

"No we didn't, you fell asleep."

"I did? That's dangerous, I could have drowned."

"Moron, do you think I'd let you drown?" Kaidoh hissed.

"Fine, let's get out."

Kaidoh didn't move.



"I can't get up if you're holding me."

Kaidoh let go.

They dried themselves in silence. Momo had considered drying Kaidoh but that would probably lead to more sexy things and less food.

"What should we have?" Momo broke the silence.

"I don't care as long as you eat it on a plate."