I wrote this story for when the laws for same sex marriage were passed and love won.

Wally and Dick, Robin and Kid Flash. Birdflash—it's what they'd always be. Together. Through the tough times, bad days, and the occasional impending apocalypse, Wally could always come home to Dick and seek shelter in his arms. Dick could always call Wally and Wally would always appear in a second—literally to help his partner out or offer a good laugh and vice versa.

Wally and Dick, walking through the isles in the grocery store hand in hand. They would sometimes receive stares, but more often then not, they were treated to kindhearted smiles. From old ladies, mothers, fathers and children. Because for all the good they did for the world as Nightwing and the retired Kid Flash, they deserved some good back.

And in turn for receiving smiles, they gave them back with even more warmth. Because love won. The law was passed. So on June 26th, 2015 Wally and Dick rejoiced.

For now they could be Mr. and Mr. Dick and Wally, Wally and Dick. Speedster and Bat.

Embrace the rainbow.