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~MAY 3rd, 2013 - 2:44 P.M.~

I stared at the ginger in front of me. Her jacket and skirt were white and pristine as ever. Her hair was beautiful and well kept. And her make-up was flawless. She would've been pretty if she didn't have that 'I'm-better-than-you-in-every-way' air around her. It kinda makes me not like her.

Or it could be she just proposed a suicide mission of a job for me.

"I think I just misheard you. What do you want me to do?" I asked, trying to clarify what I just heard.

She shifted in her feet, looking quite uncomfortable. "Look, Miss Ender."

"Just Kellee." I said, my annoyance getting the best of me.

She didn't listen however. "Miss Ender, I know it sounds crazy, but I believe you'll be best for the job. I've read all your files. You are highly qualified. And-" I stopped her there.

"Ms. Dearing." My tone warned her to shut up and listen. "You called me and asked if I could look after an asset. You said the job was safe and all that bullshit. Looking after a fucking Tyrannosaurus Rex doesn't sound safe at all!" I said harshly.

She cast her eyes down. "I know, I know. But it's only just an egg. Once the asset hatches, it'll more than likely look at you as it's caretaker. Especially if you're there once it hatches, which should be in maybe about a week."

Even in heels, she's shorter than me. She's about 5'6 with them on and I'm 5'9 naturally. So, I had to glare down into her green eyes with my dark brown ones. "What makes you think I know how to care for her, let alone train her?"

She straightened herself, going back to professional mode. "I've read your files. You've trained quite a few dangerous animal species. I've even seen footage. You seem to control them with ease. You should be able to handle this asset." She looked me in the eyes defiantly.

"First off, she may be a dinosaur but she's still an animal. So stop calling her an asset. Secondly, I don't control them. It's mutual respect. A relationship if you will. And thirdly, you're argument is invalid. None of the animals were over 40 feet tall with millions of years of instinct to kill." I turned away from her and walked into my kitchen, but of course she followed me.

"Look. I know it'll be hard for you, it's a little different from what you're used to." I snorted at that. A little different? "But you'll always be safe. We have ACU prepared to shoot heavy doses of anesthetic. Plus this job comes with many, and I mean many benefits. Such as no need to pay for housing or electricity or water. No bills basically! We will transport everything you want there for free. There is a high pay grade, especially for you. Access to the whole park and 2 week paid vacation per year. There are many more that are listed your contract."

Damn this woman!

I was so losing this conversation. My resolve was crumbling down and I was giving in. This fucking sucked. Apart of me, like 10%, thought it was insane. The other 90%, thought it as an awesome challenge. One that I actually wanted to do.

But my rational side kept kicking in. And I couldn't give her an answer with her breathing down my neck. "I need time to think. Please, just go and I'll call you with my answer later." I didn't ask, I demanded.

"Ok. I look forward to hearing your answer." And with that, Ms. Dearing left me to ponder her words.


I didn't even last 24 hours before I called the manipulative bitch, telling her I'd take the job. No matter how many times I attempted to deny it, I wanted the job. I had stayed up until four in the morning, just contemplating what to do.

And by five, I called her.

She was very happy with my answer and told me we'd need to leave tomorrow at about seven in the morning. Which gave me roughly twenty-four hours to pack all my shit. Of course I'd pack essentials only, everything else I'd just have to give away.

I cleaned my apartment out. Throwing away anything that wasn't needed. I really packed my clothes and shoes, make-up and toiletries, bedding and kitchen supplies, then of course, my books and electronics (with the exception of my television). By 8 o'clock that evening, I was packed and ready.

At least I hope I'm ready.


When we left airport, we left in some fancy jet that got us there in half the time it would any other airway travel. We ended up landing in San Jose, Costa Rica then taking a helicopter to Isla Nublar. It was a small quite a large island, covered in green foliage with spots where buildings were set.

"Welcome to Isla Nublar." Claire said into the headset. "It now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. This new park is owned Simon Masrani, the man who owns Patel Cooperations."

"Interesting." I said blandly, then asked, "Does Mr. Masrani know I'm coming in today?"

I immediately regretted asking such a stupid question. "Of course he does. In fact, he actually hand picked you. After doing a bit of research, he believes you were the next best choice." Claire said.

"Next best? I thought I was the only one. Did he have someon- dear god!" I gripped my arm rest as we hit a bit of turbulence while descending.

My little freak out session didn't faze Claire, however. She went and started to explain, "Yes, you were are only choice seeing as the original person already works at the park. Owen Grady, he cares for the Velociraptors." She paused for a second before saying, "It's actually funny, because it's highly probable that you two will be working together in the future."

We then lapsed back into silence, neither of us having anything to say. I honestly didn't mind it. I'd rather save my breath than say something stupid.

After about 15 minutes, we finally landed on a giant helipad. I stepped off the helicopter and followed Claire to a jeep with a giant, blue 'JURASSIC WORLD' logo painted on the doors and hood. One man in a suit sat in the driver seat, and another man in a suit waited by the doors. "Hello Ms. Dearing. Miss Ender. Let me take your bags."

He took Claire's bags and gently set them in the back then took my bags and basically threw them in the back. "Thanks." I bit out, just a little bit annoyed.

Ms. Dearing turned to me. "Now, Miss Ender, welcome to Jurassic World." I wonder how many people she's said that to. "We are going to take you to your house-" she was interrupted by her phone. She whipped that bad boy out answered with a professional, "Dearing."

I honestly didn't pay attention to the conversation. My surroundings were more captivating. Bugs swarmed the humid afternoon air and a slight breeze swayed the leaves on the trees. I could hear different animals and creatures calling out. This place was actually beautiful.

I snapped out of my thoughts when Claire turned to me with an apologetic expression (that was clearly faked). "Sorry, we're going to have to go to the lab to see how the egg is coming along. Apparently there was a spike in it's activity and it hit the shell. We need you to be there when it hatches. That way it can-" I had to cut her off.

"Imprint on me and vice versa. Yeah, I know. It'll most likely respond better to the first person or sees or smells. You already told me that yesterday."

She gave me a tight smile. "Yes. Exactly." She then turned on her heel and got into the passenger side. I guess I had to settle for the back...


We finally arrived at the genetics lab. And when I walked in, I felt the chills. Not because it felt like it was -40° in there, no. I did not like the feeling of the place. It was almost sinister. And the people in it even more so.

Example A: Henry Wu. Head of the lab and genius scientist behind it all. He literally gave me a serial killer vibe. He had this smile, like he could murder you while smiling that smile. He made me want to live with Claire rather than be around him.

Yeah. He was that bad.

But I faked a smile and went through the introduction.

Wu grabbed my hand and shook it."Hello Ms. Ender. I'm more than happy to know you'll be working with us and the Tyrannosaurus Rex." Scratch that, he gives me a rapist vibe.

"Likewise." I said as I extracted my hand from his.

After all that was over, thankfully, we walked to the incubator that held the Tyrannosaurus Rex egg. And it was surprisingly small. I though it would be the size of a mini fridge.

Nope. It was about the size of a football. If not smaller. I actually wanted to hold because it was so cute but had a feeling that wouldn't go so well with the people around me.

I love how one moment I thought this was a suicide mission. Then the next, I'm wanting to see the baby already. Jesus, I'm an idiot.

"It's vitals are doing incredible. Heart rate is normal and no deformities have occurred. Earlier, it must have been an impulse because it still hasn't hatched. But it should be ready in the next couple of days." Wu said with his creepy smile. "It should be about forty feet tall when fully grown and be quite impressive."

"Mmhmm." I hummed while nodding my head. "Are you going to call me when she does start to hatch?" I asked.

Claire nodded. "Yes. We'll most likely come and retrieve you from wherever you are."

"Oh. How reassuring." I said sarcastically.

She nodded again, not picking up on my sarcasm. "Yes. Nothing to worry about." She then turned to me. "Well, now it's time to show you to your housing." Who uses the word housing? Just say house!

"Goodbye Mr. Wu." I said.

"Goodbye, Miss Ender." With that creepy smile again! Ugh! He needs to stop those.

Claire then proceeded to drag me out of the lab and back into the jeep. We then drove for another 15 minutes before coming to a small bungalow that sat next to the lake and in front of a huge cluster of trees.

As I exited the jeep, I noticed the area around me seemed to be deserted. I turned to Claire. "Do I have neighbors?"

She shook her head. "No. Sorry. The closest person is about a mile away. But don't worry, you're only 10 minutes away from your asset's paddock."

"Dinosaur." I mumbled under my breath.

Claire didn't hear me. "But here's your new home. It has electricity, wireless internet connection, indoor plumbing, working water, one large bedroom with walk in closet and queen sized bed, one bathroom, one decent sized kitchen with working appliances, and a huge den with a couch and television." She then proceeded to hand me a set of keys.

"What are these all to?" I asked.

"This one is to your house. This is a spare to the house. I suggest you hide that. This one is to your asset's paddock door, this one is your mailbox key and this one is to the recreational room." She said this all in one breath. Don't ask me how. I have no clue.

"Ok then." There was an awkward moment of silence, neither of us thinking of anything to say.

Or at least, I didn't have anything to say. Claire did though. "You're transportation is being delivered soon. Most likely in the next hour or so."

"Really?" I asked happily. She nodded her head. "Sweet!"

"Yes. I'll most likely have your guide bring it to you."

That stopped my little party short. "Guide? As in tour guide?"

"In a sense, yes. But they'll just show you places you need to know about." Claire said.

"Oh." I had a slight scowl. "I guess that's good. That way I won't get lost on the roads."

"Yes. Word of advice, do stay on the roads. We've had people get lost trying to create shortcuts. There are streets, albeit they are dirt and a bit rocky, but still streets." I nodded my head. She then nervously wiped her hands on her skirt, then said, "Well, I better get going. I probably have a ton of paperwork to do. And I bet you want to inspect your new house."

I nodded my head again, faking a smile. "Oh yeah! You bet I do." I said. The two men already dumped my stuff on the porch. "I also got some unpacking to do."

"Yes you do. Well, um, goodbye. Contact me if you need anything. And if I don't answer call control and leave a message."

I nodded my head. "Ok." She then turned around and got into the jeep. After it backed out of the clearing, it sped off, leaving dust.

I waited until I couldn't see it anymore before entering my bungalow. As I entered the little house, I noticed Claire's words rang true. The there was quite a bit of space on the inside. It was nice, I guess.

Sighing, I kicked my bags into the house. I started unpacking my things. First my kitchen equipment. Next my bathroom supplies. I got halfway done with the bedroom when I heard a series of knocks come from the front door.

I answered the door, expecting to see Claire. But who I saw definitely wasn't Claire.



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