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As I walked out the door, I head the crowd yelling and screaming with joy as the goat screamed in fear. I blew an air kiss at the feasting dinosaur. "Love ya Rexy. See you later." Thankfully my microphone was turned off. I smiled and continued walking.

If only I knew this would be my last time seeing my baby girl.

~JUNE 12th, 2015 - 3:58 P.M.~

After the whole fiasco with Claire and her nephews, I decided to go visit my scrumptious boyfriend. He, of course, was at the Raptor paddock in his sexy vest and jeans.

Why is he so good looking? This isn't fair to my ovaries!

"So she made you show off for her little nephews?" Owen asked me as we walked along the paddock.

"Yup." I said with a nod of my head.

He scoffed. "I bet she's trying to make up for forgetting their ages."

I couldn't help but chuckle. "Probably." A smirk etched my face. "I'm telling you Owen, she is getting desperate these days."

"This is true." He said with a tilt of his head. "I mean, she did ask you of all people to deal with her nephews."

His hiss met my ears after I punched his shoulder. "Dick! I am actually good with kids."

"Lies." He sang out.

I narrowed my eyes. "What am I lying about?"

He stopped and looked me in the eyes. "No offense babes, you suck with kids. A kid came up to you and asked for you to help take a picture of him with his T- Rex shaped corn dog and you said, and I quote, 'Heck no! That's just weird kid'. He even cried."

My lower lip jutted out as I began to pout. "But it was weird. Who takes pictures with food? You don't picture it, you eat it."

"And that's why I love you." He kissed my forehead. "You are so strange."

"How am I weird for wanting to eat food instead of taking a picture with it?!" I yelled out. He just chuckled and began to walk towards the paddock stairs.

Seriously though. How am I weird for wanting to pig out on my food rather than capture it in pictures that will later haunt me? Pictures that will later remind me that I could of eaten it sooner. Quicker. Enjoyed it more!

Ok, now that I'm thinking this, the more I see Owen's perspective.

Shaking my head, I ran up the stairs to catch up with my boyfriend who was taking frozen rats - blegh - out of a freezer. I'm guessing I was about to witness a raptor training again.

"What's on the menu today?" I questioned, "Cow? Antelope? Bull?"

Owen shot me a grin. "Pig." He slammed his hand on a button that released said animal into the death trap. It was quiet for a few moments before we started to hear a pig squeal. Soon following the sound was the many feet of the raptors.

The little pink creature burst out of the brush and into the clearing, making a beeline for the little doggy-like-door. It was followed my four huge reptiles not two seconds later.

But before the clawed beasts could snatch the poor pig, Owen clicked his clicker - which I think is comical to use to this day. The raptors immediately stopped and looked up at their alpha, letting the little pig run into to his house of metal.

"Ok. Eyes on me." He clicked again. "Blue!" Again with the clicker. "Blue! Watch it." Oh, more clicker. "Charlie, hey! Don't give that shit. Delta. Lock it up." What? What is that supposed to mean?

Well, either way, he got them to settle down somewhat. "Good!" He clicked the the clicker some more. I'm half tempted to throw that thing. Maybe it would teach the girls how to fetch!

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Owen yelled, "And we're moving." He began to walk around the corner of the catwalk and onto another strip of it. He stopped, hands held high as he grasped the girls' attention. Well, somewhat anyway.

Blue snapped at Delta who snapped back, which effectively made Charlie hiss at them. But they immediately stopped their "bickering" and stared at Owen as he began to talk some more. "That's good. That's damn good." His sentence was followed by more clicks.

"Very good. See? Charlie, that's what you get." He threw her some rat, then to Echo followed by Delta. Lastly, he picked up Blue's treat. "Blue." Said raptor's head snapped up. "This one is for you."

After he threw it, she caught it with ease and quickly swallowed the treat. "Hold!" Owen yelled, making them all freeze in anticipation. "Eyes up." All of their heads snapped up together as they watched Owen's hand raise higher. "Go." He dropped his hand and they all took off like race cars.

Barry and I pranced over to him, well, I pranced. Barry just walked like a normal human being. But my prancing got me there faster, so ha! "Nice one babe." I said I kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks. I've been working a long time to them to this stage. Glad you could be here to witness it." He gripped my chin and brought me in for a kiss.

After we parted I couldn't help but give him an impish grin. "You know, it's super hot when you get all alpha like that." I bit my lip, seeing his eyes darken and his smirk increase.

"Maybe I'll just have to go all alpha on you." He growled and brought me in for a more animalistic kiss.

"Mmm. Promises, promises babe. I'll hold you to that." I winked at him and stepped back a bit as Barry came over, smiling like a mad man.

"You've finally done it man!" He gave Owen one of those weird handshakes that men always do. Never understood them myself. But before anything could be said, a voice rang out that annoyed us all more than Claire ever did.

Victor Hoskins.

"Owen!" The fat, pepper bearded man came up to us chuckling. "I began to think I hired the wrong guys but damn! You got them eating out of your palm." Victor just got way to close to me for my liking.

Owen's mood immediately turned bitter as he said, "You came on a good day. It's not usually happy ending." He pushed me behind him as he grasped Victor's hand.

Victor chuckled. "Is that why you're not sending in your reports?"

"We've been busy." Barry snapped out.

"Not to busy to cash your paycheck." Victor did a half-playful lunge at Barry who stood up straight, accepting it as a challenge. I put my hand on his arm, trying to tug him back a bit, but that's when Victor noticed me. "Kellee. How are you doing, my lovely flower?"

"I'm fine, Victor. And I'm not your flower." I bit out.

He made a mock pout. "Aww. Don't be like that. And how many times must I say it. Call me Vic, sweetheart."

Owen, now getting pissed, forced a polite, "What do you need, buddy?"

Victor smirked at Owen, clearly liking irritating my boyfriend. "A field test."

Owen dropped all niceties, rolled his eyes while turning around, and walked away. Victor trailed after her him like a fat, ugly pug. I take that back. Pugs are cute. Victor, well, he's just ugly.

"God, I can't stand that man." I mumbled to my French companion. "He's so disgusting, vile, creepy! Ugh!"

Barry made a deep sound of agreement. "Agreed. He is irritating. I'd gladly feed him to a carnivore."

I nodded along with his statement whilst turning my head to look at Owen. And boy did he looked annoyed. "Owen looks like he is about to kill someone."

Barry smiled. "I'll go help him hide the body." I gave an unladylike snort as he walked off to meet up with Owen and Mr. Egotistical Asshole.

I just leaned my elbows on the railing of the catwalk, peering down at Blue who sat by the brush. She kept pacing around. Almost as if she was waiting for something. And the more I watched her, the more I realized something was off with this whole situation.

First off, she's pacing, that's never a good sign. Secondly, she's alone. She's the beta, so where is her followers. And thirdly, there was squealing coming from the brush again.

Oh shit.

"The pig is loose! Pig loose!" My head snapped to the guy, who couldn't be more than nineteen, run right next to me, lowering a net to catch the pink creature.

But that didn't go according to plan. When do things ever go according to plan?

The kid got a hold of the pig, but at the same time, so did Blue. As she pulled the pig along, the kid followed in the same direction. And that direction is over the railing.

By the way, earlier, I said he was right next to me. I wasn't kidding. He was right next to me. The idiot, in a panicked state, grabbed my arm. And me, having no balance or coordination whatsoever, got dragged with him.

Lucky for me, my foot got caught on the edge of the catwalk, leaving me suspended. Unlucky for the kid, he let go of my hand and fell into the paddock. With all the raptors, who all are coincidentally standing in the same area.

Except one was missing. When I counted them, I only saw Blue, Delta and Echo. So where the hell is Char-

"Holy fuck!" I screamed as I saw a large mouth of teeth snap in front of my face, effectively making my panic worsen. "Oh shit. Oh shit!"

"Kellee!" I heard Owen yell from somewhere below, but I was too distracted by the pearly whiters the narrowly missed from my biting my face off.

Charlie kept lunging at me, narrowly missing every time but getting uncomfortably closer with each attempt. "Pull me up! Someone! Please!" I yelled as I actually had to dodge Charlie from snapping my face off.

I'd never felt more distressed and useless in my life. Was this how I was going to die? Being dangled in front of a velociraptor like a worm on a hook. That is a terrible way to die. It's humiliating!

I screamed loudly as Charlie was about a centimeter from eating my nose. She was going to kill me! Oh my God, I am going to die! Oh please forgive me for any and all crimes that I may or may not have been charged with. They were just accusations! No proof was found!

Charlie bent her legs down, prepared to jump and take my head off. I shut my eyes tight, prepared to feel excruciating pain. But fore some reason, I didn't. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stop whatever is stopping Charlie from going all Red Queen on my ass, but I was curious as to what halted her actions. When I opened my eyes, I saw something that nearly made me scream louder than Charlie attempting murder.

Owen was in the damned paddock.

He was whispering to them, hands raised. I had just saw Charlie shift towards him when I felt two pairs of hands grab my legs and yank me up. I was pulled over the railing and safely onto the catwalk. Thank you Jesus!

Two of the workers dragged me onto the catwalk, laying me on my stomach that was super close to losing it's contents. But I could care less if I threw up. My eyes we locked onto Owen who was slowly inching his way to a clo- WHY THE HELL IS THE GATE CLOSING?!

I was about to yell at them to keep the gate open when Owen ran for the gate. It was about three feet from shutting when he rolled under it, nearly chopping his head off. The gate shut and in the nick of time. The girls all slammed into gate, screeching in fury.

But Owen was safe.

Sighing, I laid my head down on shaky arms, trying to keep my panic attack down. I was honestly close to bawling my eyes and probably just as close as to throwing up. Dear God, I've been way too close to death lately.

I need a fucking vacation.

"Kellee!" Owen's panicked voice met my ears. I didn't even have a second to lift up my head when he yanked me up and into his arms, smothering me into his chest. "For the love of all God, stop scaring me like that."

I let out a strangled laugh, or maybe it was a cry. I can't tell right now. "Because I really tried to throw myself over the railing."

He held me a bit tighter before loosening his grip slightly, allowing me to pull back and make eye contact with him. His eyes widened when he looked at my face. What? Did I look that bad?

"You're bleeding." I frowned, my hand raising to touch my temple. I winced when I felt how tender my skin was and when I pulled my hand back, my fingers were covered in blood. Well, shit.

"Great." I mumbled. "Another damn scar I needed."

Owen pulled me close to him again. "It's ok. It's ok. You're gonna be ok."

I wish I was.


"And there you go Miss Ender. All patched up." The paramedic said with a smile. He just finished stitching up my forehead and this fucker is smiling at me. Really?! "With the amount of times I've had to do this, you should really have my phone number memorized." He gave me a wink.

And he gets worse.

Thankfully, my hunk of boyfriend is with me. "She doesn't need to memorize it with me around." He gave him a harsh glare that made the guy shrink away. Thank God. "Have a nice day."

Owen grabbed my hand gently and pulled me away the creep of a paramedic. I swear, the people who work here are unprofessional beyond belief. That does include me and Owen.

"I hate people." I muttered tiredly.

Owen snorted. "You've told me that before babes."

We walked to my motorcycle, Owen taking the driving job. I honestly had no energy to argue with him driving my baby. My head hurt and I wanted to sleep. A nice warm bed, comfy sheets, fluffy pillow.

Oh that sounds nice.


That did sound nice. Like, perfect. But no. Of course it didn't get to happen. Owen wanted to work on his motorcycle but wanted to keep an eye on me. I wanted to sleep. So we compromised.

I laid outside in the warm air on the hammock attached to two posts. He sat on a bucket in the dirt, working on his motorcycle in a dirty white t-shirt that fit him perfectly. Yum.

Screw him being so sexy. I can't sleep when he looks so sexy.

"Owen." I let out in a whiney voice. He immediately stopped what he was doing and looked up at me, worry clouding his face. "Stop looking so sexy. It's hard for me to sleep when you look so damn sexy."

The worried look melted off his face and was replaced by a cocky look. "Oh am I distracting you?" He got up a and walked up the steps of the bungalow. "What's distracting you?" He turned and walked towards me. "Is it my muscles?" He leaned over me, his hands framing me. "Or my inexplicable good looks?" His face leaned into mine, lips brushing mine. "Or is it . .me?" His words were more pronounced, lips brushing mine with every word. I couldn't hold myself back any longer.

I clung to him, lips moulding with his. Passion built, hands touched everywhere, things were getting nice and hot. And then it was ruined. By whom?

Claire Dearing.

This bitch. "Mr. Grady? Miss Ender? Is that you?"

Owen pulled away from me, a slight frown settled on his face. "How can we help you, Ms. Dearing?"

She had the decency to look a bit uncomfortable. But her next sentence made me question if her discomfort was from us or what she was about to say.

"I need your help."


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