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Beca sighed as she placed the last box into the back of the Uhaul. She huffed a loose strand of hair out of her face and stared at the stacks of brown boxes and wrapped furniture. She never imagined she would be moving away just as her Junior year was starting. The horrible reality of it all was still surreal.

Beca's father was a Chemistry teacher who was offered a better teaching position at Barden High School. It was a great paying job at a great school. The problem? It wasn't Beca's high school. In fact, it was a high school many miles away from the home she practically grew up in. She hadn't lived in the area her entire life, but when she and her father moved into the house when she was nine years old, this neighborhood became all that she knew. It was this place that got her started in her current passion.

Over the years, Beca had made quite a name for herself as the "High School Track Star." She trained hard and won most of the races she competed in. It was great being the big fish in the her small pond.

Beca picked up the knack for it when she was ten years old and got into heated argument with her father. She couldn't stand being in the house with him and for some reason had the sudden urge to just run.

So she did.

Her heart pounded in her chest and her heated cheeks cooled as the wind gently blew on her face. She ignored the tears rolling down her cheeks and let her legs take her where ever they wanted. She eventually ended up at a nearby park and spent a few hours curled up on a bench. She felt sadness but also relief. The time alone turned out to be refreshing and helpful. It was just her and her thoughts.

Beca was so tired of feeling hurt by the people that were closest to her. It happened many times before and never seemed to stop. She came to the conclusion that she no longer wanted to feel pain or sadness. Especially from people she had attached herself to. She decided it would be best to just keep people at arms length from then on.

After the park, Beca decided to run back home. She didn't know why, but she felt a sense of freedom when she ran. And from that day on, every time she felt overwhelmed about something, she ran.

Beca felt a strong hand wrap around her shoulder,

"Alright kiddo. Is that everything?"

She didn't make eye contact with her father and kept staring at the boxes, "Yeah," she replied flatly, "That's it."

Her father took note of her grim response and shook her shoulder in comfort,

"Hey, this is gonna be great. Before you know it, you'll be just as popular there as you are here." His attempt to cheer her up failed miserably. It wasn't about being popular. This place meant a lot to Beca and formed her into the person she was today.

Her father sealed the truck and got into the driver's seat. Beca followed soon after and slumped into the passenger seat next to him. He started the truck and smiled, putting his hand on her knee before driving off,

"Everything will work out just fine. I promise."

Beca didn't move but glared at him through the corner of her eye,

"Don't make promises you can't keep." She crossed her arms and looked back out the window. Her father's smile reluctantly fell. He decided to give up for now, but didn't entirely lose hope for his daughter. He drove the truck out of the driveway and Beca wistfully watched as her home grew smaller and smaller behind her; ultimately disappearing completely. Beca knew the drive would take a while, so she put her headphones on and doze off to the music.

"Beca." Her father gently shook her shoulder, "Wake up, honey. We're here."

Beca blinked her eyes open and sat up, removing her headphones,


"We're here," her father repeated.

"Oh–" Beca looked out the window and her father got out of the truck. She shut her iPod off and stepped out, onto the driveway. The house was nicer than their previous one.

While their last home was a one story with a small porch and no backyard, this one had two-stories, a decent sized porch and a cute backyard with an orange and lemon tree. As they started to unload the boxes, Beca found that her room was also bigger than her last. The discovery intrigued the brunette for a moment, but her contentment didn't last when she reminded herself that this was not her home and she was not happy about the move in the first place.

The track star eventually tied her hair up into a pony tail and removed her plaid shirt in an attempt to cool herself off. The constant walks from the truck to the house, mixed with the carrying of the heavy boxes, was a pretty good workout. Although her endurance was decent, her small arms weren't of much help. She struggled up the porch steps and tripped on the last one. Just as she was about to fall forward, a pair unfamiliar hands appeared from behind her and grabbed onto the box, helping her catch her balance.

"Woah! Be careful!"

A startled Beca quickly turned to see who helped her and was greeted by a boy that looked to be about her age,

"You alright?" he asked.

Beca was glad he had kept her from falling, but it's not like he saved her life or anything, so she acknowledged him like she did anyone else; indifferently.

"Yeah. Thanks," she said, not hesitating to continue into the house. Much to her annoyance, the boy didn't take the hint and followed her in.

"My name's Jesse. I live in the yellow house next door." Beca could hear the smile on his face as he spoke behind her, "What's your name?"

She placed the box on the floor of their living room and turned around, walking back out the door as she replied,


Jesse was still unfazed by her blunt attitude and continued to follow her around like a loyal puppy,

"Beca? That's a cool name." He watched as the smaller girl pulled another box off the truck, "Need some help?" He reached forward but Beca quickly avoided him and moved to the side,

"No, I'm fine. I got it." Beca didn't like receiving help from anyone. She always stubbornly insisted on doing things by herself, even when she clearly needed the help. Jesse just smiled and brought his hands up, backing off.

"Okay," he grinned. They walked back into the house, "So where'd you move from? Are you gonna go to Barden? What grade are you in?"

Beca's tolerance level dwindled with each question. She dropped the box she was carrying, not caring where it landed, and quickly turned to face him,

"Look– it's Jesse right?" The boy nodded, still having a goofy grin on his face, "I don't mean to be rude or anything but–"

"Beca, who are you talking to?"

Beca and Jesse both responded to her father suddenly entering the room. He heard his daughter speaking from the other room and wondered who else was in the house. Before Beca could reply, Jesse enthusiastically introduced himself,

"Hi! I'm Jesse." He stuck his hand out and shook the man's hand, "I live next door." Beca rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. This was a waste of her time.

Mr. Mitchell ignored his daughter's rude gestures and greeted the boy,

"Oh, okay. It's nice to meet you, Jesse. I'm Beca's father, Benjamin Mitchell."

Jesse raised his eyebrows,

"Your first names' Benjamin?" His already apparent, and in Beca's opinion really unnecessary, smile grew wider, "No way! My best friend's name is Benji!"

Mr. Mitchell chuckled, "Well, would you look at that." He was amused by Jesse and he seemed like a good kid. Mr. Mitchell couldn't help but delight in the idea that Jesse's high energy and positive attitude would maybe rub off on Beca if they get a chance to hang out more.

"I don't mean to interrupt your guys' bromance or anything, but we've got boxes and furniture to bring in and I wanna have my bed set up before it gets too late so I don't have to sleep on the floor." Beca's voice was firm and persistent. She didn't mean to be impolite, it just came out that way.

Mr. Mitchell made a face to his daughter,

"Beca, don't be rude." He turned his attention back to Jesse, "I'm sorry Jesse, but we do need to get a lot of work done around here. Perhaps you could come by another time. I'm sure Beca would like that." He looked over Jesse's shoulder towards his daughter, "Won't you, Beca?" he asked, with a hidden warning tone that only Beca would recognize.

Beca widened her eyes and rapidly shook her head. She stopped when Jesse turned around to face her,

"Yeah, sure!" he smiled. Beca gave a quick and totally fake smile in return. Like hell did she want this Jesse kid around again.

Mr. Mitchell patted the boy on his back,

"Come on, we'll walk you out." He guided him outside and gave Beca one last warning look before they fully exited through the front door.

"Well, good luck with everything you guys." Jesse looked to Beca, "It was nice meeting you," he grinned, "Maybe I'll see you around at school."

Beca gave a tight smile,

"Sounds great."

Jesse waved them 'goodbye' and strolled back over to his house.

"Finally," Beca scoffed.

"Hey, be nice. He seemed like a nice kid."

"Yeah, a little too nice if you ask me." She walked off the porch and continued to bring in the last boxes that remained in the truck.

As the late evening approached, Beca and her fathered managed to get most of the important furniture into the house. He locked the Uhaul back up for the night, intending on bringing in the rest of their belongings the following day. Both he and Beca needed to get good sleep since they were both starting school bright and early the next morning. It wasn't ideal for either of them, but it was what it was, and they couldn't change it.

Just as Beca had hoped, she managed to build up her bed before it got too late and set it up so she could just collapse onto of it after taking a nice hot shower. She felt dirty and sweaty from all the moving and wanted to get herself cleaned and in bed as soon as possible.

Although her bathroom was really nice, it still felt strange and new to her. This wasn't the bathroom she was use to. But just like everything else, she had to learn to adapt to it. Beca did enjoy her knew shower, however. It was a square, clear glass shower stall, with stone tile walls and flooring. She was also pleased to find that the shower head was removable. That would definitely make washing her hair much easier, amongst other perks she could think of. She stepped inside and enjoyed the clean water washing away the manual labor she endured.

Beca knew she was going to be starting school the following day, so she packed her pajamas and a clean outfit in a separate bag for easy access. After the shower, she changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed. She was on her phone when she heard her father knock on her door,

"Beca?" he called.

"Come in."

He opened the door and leaned on the door frame,

"Everything good?"

Beca didn't remove her eyes from her phone screen and lazily nodded,


"Are you ready for tomorrow?" He knew going to a new school was never easy. Especially doing so during Junior year. He really wanted the best for Beca and hoped she would grow to love this new school.

Beca shifted her eyes to him, "Yeah, dad." She looked back at the screen, "I'll be fine." She spoke the confident words, but even Beca knew she was still nervous. Who wouldn't be?

Her father gave a soft, closed smile and quietly sighed,

"Well, I just wanted to say goodnight and wish you luck for tomorrow."

Beca heard the sincerity in his voice and finally put her phone down to look at him,

"Thanks, dad." She gave him a quick, side smile, "Goodnight."

Her father softly nodded and left her room, closing the door behind him.

Beca got up and turned her bedroom light off, using her phone as a flashlight to guide her back to her bed. Once she got under the covers, she set the alarm on her phone and plugged it into the socket next to her bed to charge it over night.

She laid in the darkness and stared up at ceiling in deep thought. She didn't know what to expect for tomorrow and was both scared and anxious to find out. She immediately assumed the worst because, well, that's just who she was. She couldn't help it. But she also couldn't help wanting to believe the tiny bit of hope she had that maybe, just maybe, good things would come out of this school.

She quieted her thoughts and turned over on her side, gradually drifting off to sleep.

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