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So, without further delay, here is the epilogue!

"Beca! Let's go! You don't wanna keep a lady waiting!"

Beca could hear her father calling for her from the living room, and she groaned as she rushed to finish her eyeliner. It wasn't like she was trying to be late. That was the last thing she wanted to do. But Beca also had to make sure that she looked perfect. After all, when a girl like Chloe Beale asks you to be her prom date, the least you could do is look your absolute best.

"I'm coming!"

Beca straightened her tie and ran her fingers through her loose curls one last time as she looked herself over in the mirror. She was proud at how well she managed to do her makeup. With the help of some tutorial videos on YouTube– and a few failed attempts– Beca managed to learn how to do a decent, light aqua smokey eye.

The color matched her tie, which also matched Chloe's dress. But Beca couldn't waste anymore time daydreaming about how amazing Chloe was going to look in that dress.

What she needed to do was get the hell over to her house and pick her up!

Beca grabbed her ticket and duffle bag and ran out of her room. Her father was already waiting for her by the front door and smiled when he made eye contact with her.

"Beca..." He looked her up and down, adoringly. "You look beautiful."

Beca smiled sheepishly as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Thanks, Dad. Think Chloe will like it?"

Mr. Mitchell nodded. "Definitely."

"Okay, good. I'm ready then." Beca exhaled a breath and headed for the door.

"You sure about that?"

Beca heard her father from behind her but didn't turn around. "Yeah." She said, confidently. "I've got this."

Mr. Mitchell grinned. "Where's the corsage?"

Beca froze. "Shit!" She quickly spun around and ran into the kitchen. She couldn't believe she had almost forgotten it. Beca opened the refrigerator and took out the clear box that contained the blue and white corsage, smiling at it briefly before running back to the front door.

"Okay! I got it!" She panted.

Mr. Mitchell laughed. "Okay, now you're ready."

They exited the house together and made their way to Mr. Mitchell's car. Beca pulled on the passenger side door, but found that it was still locked. She pulled again.

"Uh, Dad?" Her father just looked at her. "You gonna open the door, or...?"

Mr. Mitchell smiled and shook his head. "No," he said, "I think you can take it from here." Without hesitation he tossed Beca the keys and was glad she was able to catch them with her free hand. Beca now understood what he was getting at.

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Are you serious?"

Her father shrugged. "Why not? You have your license. Might as well make use of it."

A wide, elated smile spread across Beca's face. "Dude!" She couldn't believe he was actually letting her drive his car! "Thank you!"

Mr. Mitchell couldn't help but laugh amusedly at his daughter. "You're welcome."

Beca came back around to the driver's side and hugged her father soundly. She got in the vehicle, gently placed the corsage box on the seat next to her, and contested wether not she should buckle it in so it wouldn't fall off. After a short debate with herself, Beca ultimately gave in and used the seatbelt to hold it in place. She tossed the duffel bag to the back seat and ignited the car, selecting a special playlist to start that she had made for Chloe.

With one last smile and wave to her father, Beca backed out of their driveway and made her way to her girlfriend's house.

"See you tomorrow!" Mr. Mitchell waved, smiling as he turned to go back into his home.

"Come on, Mitchell! You can do this. You can do this..." Beca quietly muttered to herself as she nervously stood in front of the Beale's front door. This was a special night. This was Chloe's special night. And Beca was determined to make it memorable.

With a few more self-encouraging comments, Beca shook off her nerves and rang the doorbell.

"I got it!"

"No, I got it!"

Beca could hear Chloe's brothers fighting on the other side of the door and she laughed. A couple more muffled grunts and groans and the door finally flew open.

"Beca!" Greeted, Chace, quickly being nudged out of the way by Chad.

"We've been expecting you." He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms intimidatingly. Chace joined him shortly after. Chad extended his arm inside. "Please have a seat." His voice was firm but still had the evident hint of playfulness. Beca quirked an eyebrow, knowing exactly what they were doing, but choosing to go along with it anyway.

"Okay," Beca chuckled, and finished with a quietly murmured, "…weirdos." She calmly stepped inside, and Chace and Chad guided the well dressed brunette to the living room, where they sat her down on the couch and took a seat across from her.

Chace started the questioning first. "So exactly what are your intentions with our little sister?"

Beca blinked curiously at the redheaded boy but was cut off by Chad before she could answer.

"Are you planning to make an honest woman out of our Chloe?"

It was cute– sort of– but also too funny for Beca to keep a straight face and she let out a snicker. "Are you guys serious right now?"

Chace widened his eyes. "Of course we're serious!"

"We've never been more serious." Added, Chad.

The comical commotion must have caught the attention of Mr. Beale, because before the twin boys could question Beca any further, the older, brunette Beale suddenly walked into the room. A playful smirk was toying at his lips.

"Boys..." He said sternly. "What did I say about interrogating Beca?"

They looked at each other. Partly confused and partly intimated, unsure if they were about to get in trouble. But then the corner of Mr. Beale's mouth curved, ever so slightly, and the boys grinned.

"That's my job." Mr. Beale finished, and Beca gulped.

"What?" She asked, nervously.

The older man smiled. "Have a seat, Beca."

It was funny when Chloe's brothers were the ones grilling Beca with questions about their sister, but now that their father stepped, and appeared to actually be pretty serious, it only made Beca that much more nervous.

Without a word, Beca slowly lowered herself onto the couch and quietly placed the corsage in her lap. Mr. Beale stood there for a moment with cocked eyebrow, Chace and Chad mere inches behind him with their arms crossed and smirks curved on their faces. Beca felt like she was about to be gang banged.

"So..." Mr. Beale started, his voice steely. "What are your intentions with my daughter?"

Beca wanted to think he was still joking, like Chace and Chad had been, but with his intimidating stare and stern voice, Beca wasn't too sure.

"U-Uhh..." Beca muttered. "Intentions?"

"Yes. Intentions." And man, if Mr. Beale was joking, he was not giving up on his act anytime soon. "Do you take your relationship with my daughter seriously? Or is she just 'some girl' to you?"

The question caught Beca off guard. She thought she had a great relationship with Chloe's dad and that he knew her better than that. Beca didn't understand why he was asking her such a crude question.

Beca blinked. "Um, sir?"

Before Mr. Beale could say anything else, Chace popped up from behind his shoulder.

"Do you plan on marrying our sister?"

Beca's eyes widened. "What?"

Then Chad popped up behind the other shoulder.

"Do you want to have kids with her?"

The questions were too much for Beca to handle and she felt like she was going to throw up. Thankfully a hero came to her rescue and before the Beale men could interrogate Beca any further, Mrs. Beale stepped into the room.

"Boys! Leave Beca alone!" Beca turned to look at her, and the older woman had to hold back a laugh as she looked at the terrified look on her face."You're scaring her."

The men shifted theirs eyes towards Claire, then glared back at Beca before all three broke out in laughter. Chace and Chad high-fived each other.

"You should have seen your face!" Chad laughed, pointing at Beca and causing an embarrassed blush to appear on her cheeks.

Chace wiped a tear from his eye. "Priceless."

It was a relief to know that they had, in fact, been joking all along, and Beca started to release short, awkward chuckles, despite the heavy questions that were still rattling around in her brain.

Mrs. Beale stood there shaking her head disapprovingly, though a small amused smile was still apparent on her lips. She looked at Beca and extended a friendly hand.

"You okay, sweetie? I'm sorry they got to you before I did."

Beca breathed a crooked grin and stood up, straightening her blazer out before approaching the older woman.

"Heh, it's fine. I knew they were joking." The dwindling fear in her eyes and her still redden cheeks gave away the obvious lie, but Mrs. Beale smiled anyway, and allowed Beca to convince herself of that.

"Oh, is that so?" Beca nodded. "Well then that's good." She looked down at the clear box in Beca's hand and gasped. "Is that the corsage?"

The track star grinned. "Yeah, it is." She held it up at a different angle so Mrs. Beale could see it better.

"It's gorgeous! Chloe's going to love it." Her comment relaxed Beca a bit. She had no idea how many stressful hours Beca had put into picking "the perfect corsage." And despite the careful choosing, Beca was still worried that Chloe wouldn't like it.

Mrs. Beale wrapped an arm around Beca's shoulders. "Come on. Chloe should be down any minute."

Beca eased into Claire's embrace and allowed the woman to guide her to the foyer. Her thoughts couldn't stop fluttering around in her brain, however. Even though Chace and Chad had been joking, there was one thing they had asked Beca that hadn't really crossed her mind before.

Did she want to marry Chloe?

Obviously it wouldn't be anytime soon. But overall, Beca had never really put much thought into what was going to happen to them after Chloe graduated. Beca was still a Junior, a year of high school still left in her timeline. They hadn't even had any discussions about maintaining a long distance relationship, or wether or not they were going to still be in a relationship at all.

And Beca certainly hadn't thought that far into the future where she and Chloe could possibly get married.

So the question continued to repeat itself: Did she plan on marrying Chloe Beale at some point in their lives? Was it something she really wanted to do?

Beca blinked back to reality when Claire suddenly hollered up the stairs.

"Chloe! Sweetie, Beca's here!"

"Almost done!"

They could hear Chloe's answer echo in the upper hallway and Beca chuckled. Chloe sounded so cute. But then again, she always sounded cute to Beca.

Claire turned back to face Beca and smiled. "She's so excited for tonight. I know you two are going to have a blast."

Beca smiled too, though she struggled to swallow a thick knot that had formed in the back of her throat. "That's the plan." Her grip tightened on the corsage box to keep it from falling when an unexpected, heavy hand suddenly patted down on her left shoulder.

"Sorry for the scare earlier." Chad said. "It was his idea." He gestured towards the living room where Chace was standing by their father. Beca made eye contact with him, but the redhead shook his head.

"Not me." He nudged the older man next to him.

Beca furrowed her brow and dropped her jaw, surprised.

Mr. Beale shrugged. "Sorry." He said, and brought his hands up defensively. "Guilty as charged."

Beca couldn't help but laugh at the innocent joke and shook her head. She had grown fairly close to the Beale family as time had gone on, and it was nice being reminded of how they had accepted her as one of their own.

Beca remembered the day they had come out to Chloe's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Beale hadn't been surprised at all. They knew their daughter was interested in both boys and girls– a discovery revealed to them by Chloe when she was in middle school– and according to Mrs. Beale, the way Chloe "wouldn't shut up" about Beca, only confirmed their theory that there had been something more going on between them.

Chace and Chad had been just as accepting. Though it made Beca laugh when she remembered that Chace had also won a bet against Chad that day, earning himself a nice twenty dollar bill from his brother.

The memory made Beca smile, but then she froze when she heard a sweet voice suddenly speak from behind her.

"I'm ready."

The track star felt a chill run up her spine at the familiar sound and she slowly turned around to face her girlfriend with an eager smile. Beca didn't expect her breath to hitch in her throat the way it did when her eyes finally fell on the gorgeous redhead standing graciously on the stairs, and yet, it did.

Chloe smiled widely, and there was a twinkle in her eye that seemed to be sparkling even brighter than usual. She looked like a delicate angel with her hair tied up in a loose bun, perfect curls coming down to accent her beautiful face. Beca's eyes continued to fall and looked over the stunning gown she was wearing.

The light aqua color accented Chloe's glowing eyes, and the dress only had one strap. It left Chloe's right shoulder completely exposed and there was an open slit running up her left side. And although the slit was fairly covered by loose ruffles, Beca could still make out Chloe's bare leg, and the small amount of revealing skin was enough to make Beca's insides hum.

She must have been standing there gawking like a silent idiot for a minute too long, because Mrs. Beale suddenly cleared her throat, and the sound was loud enough to snap Beca out of the mystical trance she had been put under by her favorite redheaded enchantress.

Beca blinked and shook her head. "Wow..." She finally said, unable to keep her eyes from dancing around Chloe's body. "You look amazing."

Chloe giggled. "Thank you." And her cheeks burned a shade darker as she gradually came down the rest of the stairs. She approached Beca and gently tucked an out-of-place portion of her tie back into her blazer. Beca thought her knees were going to give out. "You don't look too bad yourself."

And granted, yes, Chloe was naturally the most beautiful girl Beca had ever laid her eyes on. But damn. With the added accents– the formal hair, expert makeup and dazzling dress– Chloe looked like someone who had come from a dream. Or maybe even heaven itself.

Now it was Beca's turn to blush. "Thank you." She had never been someone's date to a prom before and her palms started to sweat when her mind blanked on what she was supposed do next. Thankfully an unexpected squeal from Mrs. Beale caused a delay long enough for Beca to come back to her senses.

"You guys are so cute! Don't put the corsage on yet. I want to take pictures." Beca released a nervous breath she hadn't realized she had been holding and Chloe straightened.

"Oh, right!" She said, and smiled as she placed a hand on Beca's shoulder. "Let me go grab your boutonniere. It's in the fridge." She winked and lifted her dress as she spun around to head into the kitchen.

Mrs. Beale snickered when Beca just stood there, waiting for Chloe's return. She leaned over and whispered. "You can't tie the box around her wrist, hun."

Beca glanced at her. "What?" And then down at the clear box she was still holding in her hands. "Oh, yeah." She swallowed. Come on, Mitchell! Get your shit together! "Right." Beca walked over to a small table that had a plant and a few pictures on it and put the corsage box down. She didn't want to ruin the piece, so Beca made sure to be extra careful with it when she took it out.

By the time she finished and turned around, Chloe had already come back; boutonniere in one hand and a pin in the other.

"Got it." She grinned.

Beca smiled back. "Same."

They came closer and Chloe extended her right hand, cordially. Beca chuckled and expanded the band before gently pushing it into place.

The designs of the corsage and boutonniere also matched their outfits perfectly. Instead of the typical rose, Beca and Chloe decided they wanted to be different and chose white lilies that had some of the same aqua color lightly dyed on them. Considering they were going to be the most "different" couple at the event anyway– completely shattering the typical boy/girl prom pairing– Beca and Chloe figured, hey, why not tweak the flower tradition as well?

There were matching colored ribbons curled into the flowers, as well as white leaves, white fabric netting with silver squares, and a few tiny silver crystals. They were beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Chloe's smile when Beca finished putting it on.

Claire snapped a quick photo of the exchange.

"Thank you." Chloe said, and took hold of the boutonniere. "My turn." Beca smiled and moved her hair out the way so Chloe could pin the flower to her blazer. Beca could smell Chloe's perfume at this proximity. She recognized it instantly as her favorite scent from the famous Bath and Body Works compilation; Secret Wonderland. It made Beca smile, knowing well that Chloe had a pretty large collection of scents and lotions, but ultimately chose to wear the one she knew Beca liked best.

When Chloe finished, she patted the flower and took a step back. "Perfect."

Beca smiled but was startled when Chloe's mother squealed again. "Aww! Okay, okay." Claire brought her phone up again and gestured for them to get closer. "Time for photos."

The girls laughed and Beca took her place behind Chloe. Thankfully Beca had chosen to wear heels as well as Chloe. It left them both at an almost equal height. Beca slid her arms around Chloe's waist and held her close, inhaling the sweet perfume again, but also getting a whiff of the fruity shampoo she used. Beca sighed quietly. Chloe was intoxicating.

Chloe placed her arms over Beca's and they both smiled as they posed for the picture. Chloe's mother took two in the same position, then offered for them to pick a different pose. Chloe didn't hesitate and turned in Beca's arms to put a hand on her face and plant a tender kiss on her cheek.

Mrs. Beale smiled and took the picture, ignoring the way her twin sons rolled their eyes and made fake gagging gestures in the other room. After a few more shots, the girls were satisfied and decided it was time to go.

Mr. Beale opened the door for the girls and Beca took the opportunity to be charming.

She smirked at Chloe and lifted her elbow. "Ma' lady."

Chloe grinned and gladly interlocked their arms. "Thank you." They walked out the door but stopped to turn and face the Beale family one last time. Chloe waved with her free hand. "Bye you guys! Love you!"

Mrs. Beale waved back. "Bye, girls!" And blew a kiss to Chloe. "Have a great night!"

Beca shifted her eyes from Mrs. Beale and focused them on her husband, who was standing just behind her. With a serious face, Mr. Beale lifted a hand and extended his pointer and middle fingers towards his eyes, slowly turning them back around to face Beca. The track star couldn't help but laugh.

"I promise I'll take good care of her!" The last thing the girls saw was Mrs. Beale playfully swatting him in the arm and finally closing the front door.

Beca and Chloe walked a few more feet, but before they made it to the driveway, Chloe stopped to greet Beca with a proper kiss. She hooked a hand around the back of Beca's neck and pulled her closer, humming when their lips met and not caring if her lipstick got messed up.

Beca's eyes were hooded when they separated and she let Chloe keep a grip on her blazer as she spoke.

"Didn't want to say this in front of my parents, but," Chloe said, lightly tugging on the jacket, "you look so freakin' hot in this."

Beca laughed and gave her another quick kiss. "And you," she said, lifting her arm up and surprising Chloe with an unexpected twirl, "look absolutely gorgeous."

Chloe giggled and snuggled into Beca's embrace, kissing her again. "Thanks, babe."

They rested their foreheads on one another's for a moment before Beca separated them with a grin.

"So, you ready?"

Chloe smiled back. "Got my bag in the truck." It then dawned on Chloe that Beca hadn't been carrying her duffle bag this entire time. "Wait, where's your bag?"

Beca smirked. "In the car."

Chloe furrowed her brow, confused. "The car? How'd you get your bag in my car?"

"I didn't say it was in your car." With a confident grin, Beca removed the car keys from her pocket and unlocked the black Honda accord that was parked across the street.

Chloe looked over at it and gasped. "Your dad gave you his car?!"

Beca chuckled. "Well, I wouldn't say gave, but more like, loaned me his car." She popped open the truck. "Just for the weekend."

Chloe gushed. "Well then!" She opened her purse and pulled out her car keys. "Let me go grab my bag." After removing her cheer bag and re-locking her car, Beca escorted Chloe to her father's car and opened the door for her. "Such a gentleman."

Beca grinned. "You know it, babe." She helped her girlfriend into the car and tossed her bag into the trunk before going around to the driver's seat and starting the car.

Beca shifted the car into reverse. "Alright, princess." She said, and smiled as she took Chloe's hand. "Let's get you to prom."

This year's prom was being held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. It was a pretty fancy hotel, by Beca's standards, and the Barden High School ASB had done a fine job at decorating the ballroom space that had been rented for the occasion.

When they pulled up to the location, Beca handed the car keys to the valet that had been hired specifically for the event.

"Oh, wait! Pop the trunk." Chloe said, and Beca looked at her confused.

"For what?"

"We need our bags." Chloe clarified, as if it were obvious as to why she requested it in the first place. But her answer did nothing to settled Beca's confusion.

"Uh, we're not going to Stacie's house until later, Chlo. Why do we need our bags?"

Without answering, Chloe rolled her eyes and moved to the front seat of the car where she could open the trunk with the lever what was hidden under the seat. Beca watched in bewilderment as the cheerleader then proceeded to take out their bags without a care.

"What are you doing?" Beca asked.

Chloe grinned mischievously and handed Beca the bags. "Oh, did you think we were sleeping over at Stacie's tonight?"

Beca took the bags but furrowed her brow. "Uh, yeah? I thought that was the plan?"

Chloe smirked and stepped closer towards Beca, leaning in to whisper. "I thought of something better."

The breath against her ear gave Beca the chills. Not to mention Chloe's tone of voice making her knees grow weak again. She couldn't believe that Chloe had done what she was insinuating she had done.

Chloe stepped back, still wearing the teasing smirk on her lips and winked. "Come on." She said, grabbing ahold of Beca's hand. "We have to check in."

Beca was still in a bit of a shock as Chloe pulled her along to the front desk. A woman with long, dark brown hair and a name tag that read "Miranda," greeted them with a smile.

"Good evening, ladies. How can I help you?"

Beca let Chloe take the lead. Obviously.

"Reservation for Chloe Beale, please."

"Okay." Miranda said. "One moment." Beca watch curiously as the lady typed in a few things into the computer. "Can I have a credit card to put on record, please?"

"Oh, right!" Miranda smiled at Chloe's obvious excitement. Beca assumed she knew exactly why they were at the hotel in the first place. If the grand prom event wasn't a big enough hint, their formal outfits were definitely a dead give away. Chloe handed her card to the woman. "Here ya go."

"Thank you." The brunette swiped the card, then handed it back to Chloe. She typed a few more things into the computer and turned to grab the room keys from the other side of the front desk. She smiled as she held the cards out to the both of them. "Here you go. You're all set."

Chloe took her key right away. "Thank you!" But Beca hesitated for a moment. Was this really happening?

Beca eventually took her key and thanked the woman for her help, following Chloe to the elevators and feeling her heart pounding harder with every step she took. Was it out of nerves? No. Not this time. This time, Beca was just excited.

When they got to their room, Chloe inserted her card and opened the door. They were greeted by warm colors and classy furniture. There was a queen sized bed with white sheets sitting between two dark brown nightstands on the right hand side; next to a tan, right facing chaise chair. A dark brown table set was to the left, as well as a dark brown dresser drawer with a big flat screen tv on top. There was also a mini fridge to the left of that.

It was a gorgeous room, there was no doubt about that. Though, not as gorgeous as Chloe, Beca thought.

"Dude…" Beca muttered, taking in the surroundings and awing at it's beauty. "How the hell did you score a room like this?"

Chloe was looking around too and shrugged. "I paid for it."

Beca's eyes went wide. "What?!" She stepped closer to her girlfriend. "Chlo, these rooms are like two hundred dollars a night. What do mean you paid for it?"

Chloe laughed at Beca's hysterics. "Actually this one is two twenty five, but–" She grinned. "Don't worry about it."

Beca wasn't buying it and dropped their bags to the floor, crossing her arms, suspiciously. She narrowed her eyes. "Where'd you get the money?"

Chloe wasn't letting up. "I've been saving my allowance money."

Beca's face fell with even more doubt. "Yeah right. Your parents only give you thirty bucks a week and we both know you spend it within two days on food and–" She waved her hands around. "Girlie shit."

Damn. Beca was good. When Chloe didn't answer, Beca quirked a brow.

Chloe finally gave in. "Ughh, fine!" And then she too crossed her arms with a pout. "You're no fun." Beca rolled her eyes and Chloe sighed. "…I asked my brothers for it."

Beca's face lit up. "Ha! I knew it!" And then her eyes went wide again. "Wait, what did you have to do to get it?"

"Yeah, about that." Chloe chuckled. "I promised to do all of their chores during summer vacation."

"Ooh…" Beca hissed. "That sucks."

Chloe just shrugged again. "Yeah," and moved closer to Beca so she could wrap her arms around her waist, "but it's so worth it."

Beca smiled and captured Chloe's lips in a searing kiss. When Chloe's tongue starting asking for entrance, Beca moaned and granted her request without any hesitation. She wasn't sure how long they stood there, lost in their heated make out session, but eventually Beca pulled away, knowing well that if they stayed like that any longer, they might not make it to the actual prom.

"Okay, okay…" Beca breathed, her cheeks flushed and Chloe's lipstick smeared around her lips. "We better touch up and get a move on if we want to make it on time."

Chloe wiped at the bottom edge of her lip and giggled. "Sounds good."

After removing, then reapplying some of their makeup, Beca and Chloe walked with their arms linked and their heads up high, both proud to show each other off as they made their way down to the ballroom.

A line of high school students had formed at the main doors and Beca was able to make out one of the couples that was standing only a few feet away from them.

"Hey, Benji!"

The tall, curly haired boy turned and smiled when he saw Beca. "Oh, hey, Beca!" He waved, along with his date, who had also responded to Beca's call.

"Hi, Beca!" Emily grinned and dropped her jaw as her eyes looked over both Beca and Chloe. "Oh my stars! You guys look amazing!"

Chloe chuckled. "Aww, thank you, Em." She gestured towards the freshman's dress. "And look at you! You look amazing in that dress!"

"Purple is a great color on you." Beca nodded, and Emily smiled.

"Thank you, guys!" One of the teacher chaperones, who was checking students in, called for the next couple in line and Emily tugged on Benji's arm. "That's us, Benj."

Benji turned to smile and nod at the teacher. "Okay, we're coming." Then he looked at Beca and Chloe one more time. "See you guys in there?"

Beca nodded. "You know it."

Once it was their turn, Beca and Chloe handed the teacher's their tickets and signed themselves in. They then moved down to the last table, which held the infamous prom ballots and were handed pre-printed cards with two small pencils.

Beca was the first one done, scribbling her choice quickly and shoving the paper into a blue box that was covered with stars. Chloe finished a few moments later, but handled her paper more gently, and carefully folded it in half with a smile before dropping into the box as well.

Beca rolled her eyes. "You would."

Chloe was still smiling and she shrugged. "You love it."

Beca laughed and took hold of Chloe's hand, leading them into the ballroom but slowing down to take in the atmosphere.

This year's prom had the somewhat cheesy, but classic "A Night in Paris" theme. There were beautiful twinkling lights hanging on the walls and dangling from the ceiling. Glowing Eiffel towers were spread around the entire room and a large "Arc de Triomphe" was positioned by the entrance where the prom pictures were being taken.

Students were scattered about; some by the food displays, others chatting with friends at the decorative tables. The dance floor was gradually increasing with teenagers, and overall, everyone looked like they were having a great time.

After admiring the busy surroundings, Chloe's eyes landed back on the Arc and she tightened her grip around Beca's arm.

"Come on, Becs!" She smiled. "Let's get our picture taken."

Beca chuckled and allowed the redhead to pull her towards the line of students who were also waiting for their turn. As they exchanged casual conversation, Beca cringed at a call that suddenly rang in her ears.


Beca turned in place and greeted her best friend with smile. "Hey, Jesse."

The brunette boy took in Beca's outfit before looking back down at his own. "No way!" He said. "We are totally twinning right now!"

Chloe laughed and Beca rolled her eyes, though a small curl couldn't resist but expose itself at the corner of her lips.

"No offense, Jess–" Chloe started, casually sliding her arm around Beca's waist. "But I'm pretty sure Beca wears it better."

Beca's face animated as her eyes widened and her mouth opened to make a small 'O'.

Jesse shook his head with a laugh. "Can't disagree with you there." He stuck with the girls a little while longer, helping to pass the time as they gradually moved closer to the photographer. When there was only two couples left in front of them, Jesse bid the girls adieu, and merged back into the crowd in search of some other friends.

It was fun getting to pose for another picture. This time Chloe chose to turn around and face Beca, holding her close as they smiled widely at the camera man in front of them. They earned a few chide glances from certain peers who still weren't as welcoming with same sex couples as most of the school was, but Beca and Chloe had grown used to it, and as they continued to happily pose so closely together, they honestly couldn't have cared less.

After the photos– and a particular growl from Beca's stomach– the girls migrated to the food tables and indulged themselves in the selection of finger foods. They collected a few items onto their small plates and began their search for a place to sit.

Chloe's eyes darted around for a few moments before landing on a group of familiar faces, and she smiled when one of them made eye contact with her.

"Look," Chloe said, "there's Aubrey and the girls! We can sit with them." Beca couldn't respond with words– considering she had a small triangle shaped sandwich stuffed in her mouth that was protruding through her cheeks to the point where she looked like a chipmunk– but she nodded and followed closely behind her girlfriend.

Aubrey was quick to stand up and squeal as she greeted her best friend with a tight hug. "Oh my God, Chlo!" She raked her eyes over Chloe's dress and awed. "You look amazing!"

Chloe gushed. "Thanks, Aubrey. But look at you!" The redhead couldn't resist returning the compliment as she took in her best friend's elegant gown. The long red dress fit her hour glass figure perfectly, and the red on her lips equally stood out against her blue eyes and curled blonde hair.

"Doesn't she look gorgeous?" Aubrey blushed when Stacie suddenly appeared next to her and she tried not to flinch when her hand glided down her exposed back.

Chloe, oblivious to the feverish contact, simply nodded. "Definitely."

Beca, however, was standing at a different angle and noticed Stacie's hand making it's slow journey down Aubrey's back. Beca narrowed her eyes curiously at the gesture, but wasn't sure what to make of it. She decided her focus was better set on the delicious sandwich she was still chewing in her mouth.

Beca and Chloe sat down in the remaining seats and chatted with the girls for a while. The handful of conversations were all engaging, though when the excitement of graduation became the newest topic, Beca couldn't help but feel left out.

She knew she still had a year of high school left, but Chloe was already a senior. In just a few weeks Chloe would be graduating and on her way to Barden University. It was new and exciting and Beca couldn't have been more happy for her. But at the same time, Beca also couldn't help but feel sad.

She didn't want to be so far away from Chloe. And sure, it wasn't a dramatic long distance relationship, but still. Beca couldn't resist the fear that maybe, just maybe, Chloe might find someone else to love in college.

Someone better.

The negative thoughts where pushed away when Chloe placed her hand on top of Beca's. "Babe… Are you okay?"

Beca blinked her vision back to normal and shook her head. "Yeah, of course." She placed a thumb over Chloe's fingers and smiled. "I'm fine." Chloe's brilliant smile in return reminded Beca of what, or rather, who she was there for, she didn't want to worry about their future any longer. This was Chloe's night and Beca wanted to make sure she was grounded and completely there for her.

The music that was playing in the atmosphere changed and Beca smirked when she recognized it to be "I'm the One" by DJ Kahled. She quickly stood up and used her grip on Chloe's hand to pull her up with her.

She tugged the redhead close. "Wanna dance?"

Chloe grinned at Beca's tenacity. It was such a turn on.


Beca held onto Chloe's hand as she guided them through the crowd and onto the dance floor. The prom may have been Paris themed, but Beca was glad that the music was still very much American.

The lights were glowing and flashing about as the music vibrated through their bodies. It didn't take long for the girls to find their rhythm, and since this particular song had a calmer tempo, Beca and Chloe chose to just have fun and face each other as they swayed to the beat.

Chloe would giggle and grin like a girl with a crush every time Beca chose to spin her around. She was having her dream night with her dream date and she couldn't have been happier. Beca was everything Chloe never knew she always wanted, and wether Beca was aware of it or not, Chloe didn't plan on ever letting her go.

As the song played it's final verse, Beca slid her hands around Chloe's hips and brought her closer to her to look in her eyes as she sang the final words.

"Don't you know girl, don't you know girl? I am the one for you…"

But Beca wasn't just singing. She was conveying her real feelings to Chloe. She wanted to make sure the cheerleader knew that these weren't just lyrics to a song. These words were a confession that she was trying to express.

"Don't you know girl, don't you know girl? I am the one for you…"

The way Chloe's eyes desperately flicked between hers confirmed to Beca that she understood the message she was trying to communicate. The track star leaned forward and gave Chloe a quick, but satisfying, kiss and grinned when they separated. "Yeah, I'm the one."

Chloe smiled and slipped her hand behind Beca's neck to pull her in for another kiss, pressing their foreheads together when they separated.

"Yes you are."

They remained in the romantic moment for just a few seconds more, until the music shifted to a new song. Beca and Chloe went back to dancing for fun and were later joined by Stacie, Aubrey and a few more of their friends.

Beca and Chloe mostly danced with each other, despite the addition of the other girls. At some point, Beca noticed– and found it interesting– that Stacie and Aubrey were also gravitating more towards each other than they were with their other friends.

When the song "Swalla" came on, Stacie didn't hesitate, nor was shy, to press her backside up against Aubrey's front and grind on her. Beca saw this and looked around with widened eyes.

Was no one else really noticing a difference between these two?

Her mind was pleasantly distracted, though, when Chloe's backside suddenly appeared in front of her as well, just as Stacie's had with Aubrey, and when Chloe's hips moved and rolled against Beca's pelvis, Beca decided there was nothing else she wanted to think about.

After dancing in ways that probably should have been deemed inappropriate for a High School venue, the student's flow was suddenly disturbed when the sound of a screeching mic came blaring through the speakers.

"Is this thing on?" Their principal, Mr. Smith, was standing on the stage patting the microphone with one hand and holding a white envelope in the other. When the students took notice of what he was doing, they all– mostly the girls– started to migrate closer to the stage.

Chloe giggled when Beca grew protective and wrapped her arms around her, keeping her close as the rest of the students pushed pass them like a bunch of animals.

"Okay, can you guys hear me?" Mr. Smith asked and the young crowd cheered a response. "Fantastic. Alright…" He cleared his throat. "Good evening, boys and girls! I hope you all have been having a good night. Before we continue, I would like to announce our Prom King and Queen for this year!"

The crowd roared, louder than they had the first time, and Beca flinched at the sound.

"I voted for Stacie," came from Beca's left. "Who'd you vote for?"

Beca didn't remove her eyes from the stage. "I voted for us."

Chloe furrowed her brow. "What?" And she moved Beca's arm so she could face her. "We weren't on the ballot."

A mischievous smirk suddenly appeared on Beca's lips. "I know. I scratched out their names and wrote ours down instead."

Chloe couldn't believe– well, actually she could– that Beca would do something so silly. She playfully smacked her arm with a chuckle and shook her head, disapprovingly.

"You're horrible."

Beca shrugged. "You love it."

Chloe smiled and placed a quick kiss on her cheek. "Yes I do."

"Alright, alright." Mr. Smith gestured downward with his hands. "Settle down, kids." He took out his reading glasses and put them on before opening the envelope. "Okay! Your Prom King this year is…" He squinted his eyes to read the name and the suspense was excruciating. "Mr. Luke Williams!"

The crowd rang out in an approving applause and though Beca initially rolled her eyes, slowly applauded as well, a small smile evident on her lips.

"Of course he won."

Chloe could hear Beca muttering next to her and lifted her wrist to show Beca the bracelet she was wearing.

"But you'll always have this victory over him." Beca grinned at the memory of how Chloe had gotten that bracelet.

After winning the fifty dollars– and the girlfriend of her dreams– Beca decided to spend the money on a sliver tennis-like bracelet, with cerulean Swarovski crystals that Beca claimed "matched Chloe's eyes perfectly."

Chloe wore that bracelet everyday since then.

Beca stared at the piece of jewelry and smiled. "I'm glad you like it so much."

"Like it?" Chloe said. "I love it, Becs! It's beautiful."

Beca stared at her. "Just like you." She could see a light blush appearing on Chloe's cheeks, but the redhead simply narrowed her eyes playfully.


Beca chuckled and turned her attention back to the stage where Luke had finally taken his plastic crown.

Mr. Smith tapped on the microphone again. "Okay, and now! The moment you've all been waiting for…"

Beca glanced over at Chloe and grinned when she noticed the redhead was crossing her fingers tightly.

"Your Prom Queen this year is… Miss Stacie Conrad!"

Beca jolted when Chloe initially screamed, but then started to jump up and down in excitement with her.

A bright, overhead light searched the crowd and spotted a celebrating Stacie next to Aubrey, who gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Beca quirked a brow at Stacie's bashful reaction, but the gesture was so quick that no one else seemed to think anything of it.

"Yes! Congrats, Stacie!" Chloe shouted, her excitement for her best friend's victory clearly evident.

Beca's eyes were still suspiciously narrowed on the taller girl as she made her way to the stage. "Okay, is it just me, or is there something going on between Stacie and Aubrey?"

Chloe looked at her, befuddled. "What? No way! What makes you say that?"

Beca watched Stacie accept her crown and flowers with a brilliant smile and shook her head. "I don't know. I'm just getting that vibe."

Chloe looked at her friend on the stage, then looked back at Aubrey, who was grinning proudly. Chloe considered the possibility for the slightest second, but ultimately shook her head. "Nah."

After Luke and Stacie accepted their new titles, Mr. Smith announced that it was time for their "royal dance" and cued the DJ to play "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper.

"How cheesy." Beca mumbled. But if she were to dance to a "cheesy" song with anyone, she was more than happy for it to be Chloe Beale. Beca extended her hand and Chloe smiled as she placed hers on top. "Shall we?"

She held onto Chloe gently as they slowly swayed to the classic song. Chloe placed her head comfortably on Beca's shoulder, and Beca took the opportunity to once again enjoy the sweet, fruity smell of Chloe's shampoo.

Beca had never felt this close to someone before in her entire life. She was never prepared to ever meet someone like Chloe, but Godwas she grateful that she did. And Beca knew they were young, and that they still had their whole lives ahead of them, but if Chloe was going to be apart of that journey, then Beca was sure her life would always have a light burning bright within it.

"If you're lost you can look-and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you-I'll be waiting
Time after time"

The lyrics were registering in Beca's brain and she felt herself being overwhelmed with those anxious emotions again that had been building up in her for quite sometime. She wasn't sure if it was really the best time to talk about such things, but if she didn't say something about it now, then Beca wasn't sure she would ever be able to.

Beca kept her eyes down and cleared her throat. "Hey, Chlo?" Chloe hummed a response but didn't move her head. "Do you think… um–" Come on, Mitchell. Just say it! "Do you think we'll be together… forever?" Fuck, that sounded stupid.

Chloe tensed against Beca's body and the track star was beginning to regret ever opening her mouth.

Chloe lifted her head to look into Beca's eyes, and her soft smile was already easing the brunette's anxiety. "Well, I mean… That is the plan, isn't it?" There was a flash of worry that appeared in her eyes, and it took Beca a second to realize how Chloe could have misinterpreted why she was asking such a question.

Beca squeezed her hands that were still around Chloe's waist, reassuringly. "Oh my God, yeah, it is. Believe me," she breathed, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Chlo." She shook her head, frustratingly. "I'm sorry that came out the wrong way. I didn't mean to scare you, it's just–" Her words continued to fly out of her mouth like a snowball effect, and before Beca knew it she was nervously rambling again.

It had been a while since she had done this in front of Chloe.

"What if you meet someone in college?" Beca asked, trying her best not to cry. "What if you meet someone who's smarter than me, or prettier than me, or isn't as awkward as me?" Chloe opened her mouth to say something, but Beca didn't notice and kept going. "What if the long-distance thing doesn't work out and you choose to just date someone at your college?" Her brow furrowed with fear, her eyes gradually glistening. "I mean you're gorgeous, Chloe! Who wouldn't want to date you? Who wouldn't want t–"

The unexpected press of Chloe's soft lips finally put an end to Beca's spiraling, and she whimpered as Chloe's tongue easily slipped inside. She kissed Beca slowly, but thoroughly, and she could feel a wet tear that escaped Beca's left eye touch her cheek.

When they separated, Chloe was wearing an expression that was unreadable, and Beca wasn't sure what she was going to say next.

But then a smile appeared and Beca relaxed when Chloe asked, "You want to spend the rest of your life with me?"

And it was so Chloe to witness an entire outburst like that and only take away the one good thing about it. It was one of the many things Beca loved about Chloe. She was truly an amazing person.

Beca searched for Chloe's hands and laced their fingers together. More tears were forcing their way to her eyes, but she held them back long enough to nod her head. "Yeah." She breathed a short laugh. "Yeah, I really do."

"If you're lost you can look-and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you-I'll be waiting
Time after time"

They kissed again, but the kiss felt different than the previous ones they had shared that night. It was like they were sealing a promise. A promise to love each other no matter what obstacles came their way. To always find their way back to each other, no matter which path life had in store for them.

"I love you, Beca Mitchell." Chloe grinned, wiping a tear from Beca's cheek.

The track star smiled back and kissed the hand that was still pressed against her face. "I love you, Chloe Beale."

The song ended and the music switched back to a more upbeat tune. Chloe, though loving the intimate moment she and Beca were sharing, wanted to get back to having fun. She took a step back and let her hands drag down Beca's arms until they were linked with her hands again.

Chloe took a deep breath. "Okay." And smiled. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and when I get back, we're going to dance our asses off." She emphasized the sentence by lifting her hands up over her head and shook her hips in a Shakira like fashion. It made Beca laugh.

"Want me to go with you?"

"No it's okay." Chloe said. "Go mingle with your friends. I won't take long."

Beca nodded. "Alright." And sent Chloe off with a quick peck of her lips.

When the redhead was out of her sight, Beca blew out a huff of air and scanned her surroundings in search of some familiar faces. She grinned when she spotted Benji, Jesse and Emily chatting on one of the white sofas that was located by the food. She nudged her way through the dancing crowd and headed straight for her them.

Meanwhile, Chloe had made her way to the nearest restroom, but sighed when it seemed that every other girl in the school decided to go to the bathroom at the same exact time. The line was fairly long, and it took Chloe about five minutes of waiting to finally give up and try to find a different bathroom instead.

She walked to the lobby and asked the front desk if there were any other restrooms on the first floor. The man directed her to one that was located on the other side of the lobby and Chloe was relived to find that there wasn't a long line waiting for her at this one.

She opened the door without any preparation for what she was about to see and froze when she recognized the couple that was feverishly making out on the sink counter.

"Oh my God!" Chloe gasped.

"Chloe!" Aubrey yelped, her eyes wide and her cheeks burning a shade darker than they already were as her legs quickly uncrossed themselves from Stacie's midriff.

Stacie immediately stood up straight, red lipstick sloppily smeared all over her mouth. "Oh, shit…" But then she couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

Aubrey glared at her. "Stacie! This isn't funny!"

And now it was Chloe's turn to laugh. "This is hilarious!"

Aubrey still didn't find any humor in the moment and hopped off of the counter, fixing her dress and hair as she approached her best friend.

"Chloe, I'm so sorry we didn't tell you!" She looked over at Stacie sheepishly. "It's still fairly new, and we wanted to make sure it wasn't 'just some phase' between us." Her use of air quotes was so Aubrey, and it only made Chloe laugh more because she knew Aubrey only really used them whenever she was nervous.

Chloe also couldn't believe that Beca had been right.

She shook her head. "Aubrey, it's fine! You don't have to apologize to me." She looked over the blonde's shoulder and grinned at the wink Stacie threw at her. "I couldn't be happier for you guys!"

"Really?" Aubrey asked, worrying her bottom lip.

Chloe nodded, reassuringly. "Definitely."

Stacie then joined her friends by the entrance and slipped an arm around Aubrey's waistline. "Yeah, after you and Beca got together, I figured why not try and finally make a move on the girl I've had a crush on since freshman year."

Aubrey looked at her, adoringly. "Freshman year?"

Stacie smiled. "Yup. From the moment you sat in front of me in Biology class."

Aubrey grinned at the memory. "And you asked me if I had an extra pencil." Aubrey shook her head. "You didn't even need that pencil, did you?"

Stacie shrugged, humorously. "I guess you'll never know."

The girls chuckled and the pressure in Chloe's bladder reminded her of why she had gone to the bathroom in the first place.

"Well I apologize for 'clitorfering'…" She said, slyly; mostly towards Stacie since she was the one who had originally introduced her to the phrase– a female version of "cock-blocking"– "but I really need to pee." Chloe walked over to one of the stalls and didn't care if her friends heard her empty her tank out.

But Aubrey and Stacie didn't care either. Aubrey was more focused on the way Stacie was playfully nibbling on her ear. They straightened up again when Chloe exited the stall and the redhead chuckled.

"You guys don't have to stop just cause I'm here." She moved to the sink and started to wash her hands. "You should see half the stuff Beca and I get up to." Her smirk was sinful and though Aubrey made a fake gagging gesture, Stacie smirked back and nodded in approval.

"Oh I bet. A track star with athletic endurance and a cheerleader with incredible flexibility?" She snorted. "I'm almost jealous. You guys must have amazing sex."

Aubrey gasped and swatted Stacie's shoulder. "Excuse me?!"

Stacie laughed and squeezed the offended blonde into a tight side hug. "But not as amazing as ours!" She corrected.

Aubrey narrowed her eyes. "Nice save."

Chloe laughed at her friends and now that her bladder was empty, the thought of what she could be doing with Beca shot a different kind of pressure down between her legs. She wanted to get Beca upstairs and out of her formal outfit as soon as she possibly could. So without wasting anymore time, Chloe said her goodbyes.

"Well, I'm gonna get going." She opened the bathroom door and took one step out. "Don't want to keep a lady waiting."

Stacie understood exactly what Chloe meant and grinned as she waved goodbye. "Have fun, you two."

Aubrey looked at Chloe with soft eyes. "Thanks for being so understanding. We'll talk more about it tomorrow."

Chloe smiled. "Sounds good to me." And then she winked. "Have a goodnight."

With that, Stacie and Aubrey were left all alone in the restroom again, and Stacie didn't hesitate to start sliding her hand down over Aubrey's front.

"Now… where were we?"

But Aubrey stilled her. "Wait." And turned in place so she could look at her. "Maybe we should find somewhere a little more… private."

Stacie thought for a moment and smiled when an idea struck in her mind. "I think I saw a conference room in the hallway." She started moving her hand again and grinned at the small gasp Aubrey released when it found it's way under her dress. "Pretty sure it has a lock."

Aubrey groaned and grabbed her hand. "Let's go."

Chloe made it back to the prom and bit her bottom lip as she searched for her tiny girlfriend. It took a few minutes of some wandering, but Chloe smiled in relief when she finally spotted the track star chatting with her friends on the couch.

Chloe approached them with a friendly grin. "Hey, guys." The group all returned the nice greeting and Beca stood up.

"Hey, babe."

Chloe took hold of her hand and slightly tugged as she asked her friends, "Mind if I steal her away for the rest of the night?"

Beca looked at her, confused. "The rest of the night?"

Chloe leaned in closer to her ear. "Just go with it." She whispered.

Jesse shook his head. "Nope! By all means."

"Thanks, guys." Chloe smiled. "Have a goodnight!" She and Beca waved them goodbye, before Chloe then turned and pulled Beca along with her. When it was clear that they were headed for the exit, Beca furrowed her brow in confusion.

"What happened to dancing our asses off?"

Chloe didn't answer her until they reached the elevator. She pressed the 'up' button, then pulled Beca in for a rough kiss.

"…Oh." Beca grinned, goofily.

"Sorry." Chloe said, her eyes focused on Beca's lips. "But I need you." The elevator door opened and Beca laughed when Chloe gripped her blazer and pushed her inside. "Like, now."

By the time they made it to the room, Beca's tie was already loosened and Chloe's dress was tugged down enough to reveal some of her strapless bra. They giggled as they stumbled to the room, and before Beca could get the key out, Chloe pinned her to the door and began an assault on her neck, not caring if anyone saw them.

It was an internal struggle for Beca to break away from Chloe's affections, but if they wanted to make it to the bed, Beca was going to have to press pause long enough to at least open the door.

"Wait, wait…" Beca breathed, her chest rising and falling against an equally panting Chloe. "I need to get the door open."

Chloe hummed. "Okay…" She whined, stopping her lips so Beca could turn and face the door. Chloe kept her hands wandering, however, and she impishly slid them under Beca's shirt, gliding them up until her palms were filled with soft warmth.

Beca fumbled with the card. "You're not making this any easier."

Chloe grinned, shamelessly giving Beca a light squeeze. "My bad."

Beca's eyes fluttered shut as she dipped her head back and groaned. Her knees were growing weaker by the second, and it took every bit of the strength she had left in her to slide the key into the scanner and finally get the door open.

Beca lost her balance for a moment and almost fell flat on her face. Thankfully Chloe still had an unholy grip on her chest and kept her upright. They clumsily moved inside and Chloe managed to push the door closed with her foot.

As she tried to use the same foot to remove one of her heels, Chloe accidentally tripped forward and bumped into Beca, causing the brunette to tumble backward and bump her head on the wall.

"Ow!" Beca laughed, reaching a hand back to massage the impact.

Chloe gasped and brought her hands up to her mouth. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, baby." She placed a hand over Beca's, but luckily the collision hadn't been too hard.

"It's okay." Beca said. "I've hit my head harder."

Chloe made a disapproving face at what they both knew Beca was talking about. When she had hit her head at Stacie's party, it had been the scariest moment of Chloe's life.

"Not funny." She replied. "You know that memory still scares me."

Beca wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's waist. "I know, I know." She murmured, and kissed her softly. "I'm sorry."

Chloe held her gaze but continued to caress the back of her head. "You sure you're okay?" And it was so like Chloe to always consider Beca first. The track star will never understand how she ever got so lucky.

Beca smiled. "Yes, Chlo. I'm fine. I promise." The hand in her hair suddenly felt a little tighter, and by the look of Chloe's darkening eyes, Beca knew that the fire had reignited inside her.

"Good." Chloe yanked Beca forward and crashed their lips together again, moving her away from the wall and blindly guiding them towards the bed. Luckily there weren't anymore obstacles along the way, and Beca managed to slip her heels off with ease before the backs of her legs hit the edge of the bed.

Chloe toppled them down onto the soft mattress, and she giggled as she gave a slight roll of her hips. "God, you look so hot tonight." She said, giving Beca's swollen lips a quick lick. It made the track star shiver.

Beca knew Chloe loved to exchange sexy banter in the bedroom. And although it took Beca a few attempts to finally get comfortable with it, by now, Beca had become a pro.

"Not as hot as you're gonna look–" Beca quickly spun them around, using her thighs to pin Chloe to the mattress and lowering herself down to finish whispering, "when I'm finished with you."

Chloe moaned. She loved when Beca took charge. She could feel her arousal growing by the second.

"Ooh…" Chloe purred, scratching a hand down Beca's scalp. "Show me what you've got then, lover." She grabbed Beca's tie and used it to tug the brunette forward. They fell back onto the soft covers and Chloe groaned when Beca licked her way into her mouth.

Beca wasn't asking for permission, though. No. Beca was claiming what she already knew was hers, and Chloe felt her insides going haywire as her tongue massaged confidentially against her own.

Beca kept their mouths together but lifted her upper body enough to remove her blazer. Her tie came next, but since it was already practically off, it didn't take much effort for Beca to slip it off and toss it to the side.

Chloe didn't want Beca to do all of the work, however, and brought her hands up to start unbuttoning her shirt.

Beca leaned back a bit and chuckled. "Someone's impatient."

"Sorry." Chloe panted, finishing the last button and gracelessly shoving the white material off of her shoulders. "I just need to touch you." She snaked her hands over Beca's exposed skin and the track star could feel goosebumps rising wherever her fingers grazed.

Chloe kept her hands moving, down her arms and over her abdomen, looping them around to get to the clasp of Beca's black bra.

She expertly unhooked the undergarment, but Beca quickly brought a hand up to hold it in place.

"Hey–" Chloe pouted, but Beca still didn't let go.

"I haven't even taken a single thing off of you yet."

Chloe's pout only grew in size, until her eyes flicked down to her wrist and a smile suddenly curved on her face.

"Here." Chloe said, holding the corsage out for Beca to remove.

Beca looked at her, unamused. "Very funny." But Chloe didn't move and instead batted her eyelashes as she patiently waited for the brunette to give in.

And of course, with eyes like Chloe Beale's, how could she not?

Beca rolled her eyes with a huff and used her free hand to remove the flower bracelet. "Fine." When she moved to place it on the nearby nightstand, Chloe took advantage of the distraction and playfully yanked Beca's bra out of her hands.

"Whoops." Chloe smirked, Beca glaring back at her in shock.

"Why you little–" A fit of giggles suddenly sprang out when Beca attacked Chloe in her most ticklish spots.

"Ah!" Chloe squeaked, writhing around and struggling to escape Beca's evil clutches. The laughter eventually turned into moans, when Beca's hands stopped at Chloe's breasts and started to rhythmically knead at the soft flesh.

"I think this would feel a lot better for you," Beca said, squeezing a tad harder, "if you finally let me take this dress off."

Chloe hummed. "Yeah…" She agreed, rolling over on the bed to reveal the back zipper. "I think you're right."

Beca happily took hold of the zipper, but wanted to tease Chloe. She casually pulled it down at an agonizing pace.

"Um–" Chloe muttered, twisting her head back to look at Beca. "Need some help back there?"

"Shh…" Beca grinned, flipping her hair to one side as she lowered herself down to trail light kisses down the redhead's back. Chloe released a breath and relaxed her body as she closed her eyes and indulged in the light, wet heat that was being left on her skin.

When Beca finally reached the end, she lowered the dress just enough to keep Chloe's back exposed. She ran her hands up the cheerleader's cream colored skin and when she reached her shoulders, pressed a little harder and moved her thumbs in a circular motion.

"Oh my God…" Chloe moaned. "I have the best girlfriend in the world."

Beca quietly laughed to herself and continued her actions as she brought her mouth down to Chloe's ear. "I just want you to be happy." Chloe smiled and Beca kissed her neck. "But yes." She continued, sitting back up. "You do have the best girlfriend in the world."

Chloe chuckled, then remained silent as Beca continued to rub and massage the small knots out of her neck and shoulders.

And although the stroking was meant to be calming and relaxing, the arousal Chloe already had burning in her deepest core only flourished with intensity. She appreciated Beca's desire to take things slow and make the night as romantic as possible, but if Chloe didn't get any kind of relief soon, she was sure she was going to spontaneously combust.

When Beca caressed a tender spot on Chloe's neck, the redhead bit her bottom lip and whimpered, her hips giving a slight roll into the mattress in search of some kind of friction. The gesture did not go unnoticed by Beca– considering she was sitting in the dip between Chloe's lower back and her rear end– so she decided to assist in her girlfriend's attempts.

Beca kneaded her thumbs even harder and complimented the motion with a firm roll of her hips. Chloe moaned in appreciation, and Beca took her gratification as a sign to do it again.

So she did.

With every stroke of her hands, Beca ground her pelvis harder, and harder into Chloe's backside. The silk like dress against Beca's cotton trousers was doing wonders to her sexual senses, and she picked up the pace, reveling in the pleasure she was equally receiving.

Beca could hear Chloe's satisfied sounds coming faster and more irregularly. She knew if she kept up her momentum, Chloe would finish in a matter of minutes. But as much as Beca wanted to get her girlfriend off, she also wanted to make sure that she did it properly.

Beca forced herself to stop grinding and reluctantly climbed off of the bed. Chloe immediately felt the loss and tried to sit herself up.

"Beca? Why'd you–" A hand at the center of Chloe's back stopped her in place and she shuddered when another hand joined it. They moved under the edges of her dress to steadily take the blue garment off, and Chloe slowly lifted herself, following the path of the falling dress, until she was sitting up on the bed on her knees. The dress fell around her thighs, and felt Beca's front soundly press against her back.

Chloe crooned quietly as Beca found a spot below Chloe's ear to kiss and nibble on. As she paid tender attention to the redhead's neck, Beca's left hand found it's way to the back of her bra. She swiftly unclasped it and nudged it off so it could join hers and fall to the ground.

Beca kissed down her neck, over her shoulder, then back again; her hand taking a lazy journey down her front until it reached the waistband of Chloe's white, lacy underwear.

Chloe took in a sharp breath when Beca slid her hand over the soft material and used three strong fingers to press into the moist heat, then drag them back up with purpose.

"Oh, God…" Chloe moaned, lifting a hand to reach back and tangle into Beca's brown hair. Beca grinned and brought her right hand up to caress Chloe's unattended breast, her left repeating it's previous action, before coming back up and slipping under the thin barrier.

The strained sound that came from the back of Chloe's throat only spurred Beca on.

"You wet for me, baby?" Beca asked, and Chloe could only nod vigorously in response.

Beca was beyond thankful to have finally found a sexual confidence within herself. Now she could love Chloe the way she deserved to be loved, and Beca didn't have to worry about wether or not she was doing a good job.

Because, let's face it. Chloe had taught her well.

Beca playfully explored her girlfriend's slickness. It wasn't enough to push her towards a tittering climax, but it was just tender enough to keep her desperately squirming for more. Beca held on to the wriggling cheerleader as Chloe started to steadily rock herself against Beca's hand.

"Stop teasing." Chloe whimpered.

Beca snickered. "Now where would the fun be in that?"

Chloe groaned in frustration as Beca briefly dipped a bold finger into her and firmly raked her tongue up the redhead's neck just to drive her that much more insane.

"You're cruel." Chloe could hardly get the words out, finding herself feeling lightheaded and drunk with the magic Beca was creating between her legs.

Beca smirked at the complaint and suddenly removed her hand from Chloe's underwear. "You sure about that?"

"Beca!" Chloe whined and the brunette laughed as she then used her grip to tug the redhead off the bed, swiftly pulling the white undergarment off, then turning her around and collapsing them both back onto the bed again.

"Okay." Beca said, and the self-assured grin she was expressing made Chloe's stomach do flips. "I'm done teasing you now." She leant down and placed a doting kiss on her lips and Chloe smiled.

"Good!" They kissed again but Chloe quickly broke it when she felt something against her legs that still needed to be removed from the situation. "Hang on." She said, lowering her hands to unbutton Beca's black pants. "These need to go."

With a chuckle, Beca shoved the trousers down her legs and kicked them off when they reached her ankles. She didn't hesitate to also remove the black boy shorts she had been wearing underneath, and when she finished, she promptly rejoined Chloe on the cool sheets.

"Better?" Beca asked, comfortably laying herself down, over Chloe's warm body.

The redhead started to move her hands up towards her hair. "Almost." It took her a few moments, but eventually Chloe managed to take out all of the bobby pins she had on that were holding her bun up in it's pretty position. Her red locks came cascading down her shoulders in perfect curls, and Beca swore she lost her breath for the slightest second. "Now it's better."

Beca smiled and kissed Chloe with a force that made the cheerleader giggle. Their tongues danced and twirled to their own passionate accord and as Beca pressed her thigh into Chloe's core, she could tell immediately that the redhead was more than ready for her.

Beca sucked Chloe's bottom lip into her mouth, eliciting another appreciative moan from her girlfriend, and nibbled on it before letting go and kissing a path down the front of her body. Beca's hands slid upward until they were grasping at soft flesh again and her mouth continued to lower until she reached Chloe's belly button and playfully swirled her tongue over the ticklish area.

Beca promised that she was done with her teasing, though, so she didn't linger there for too long, and descended further down to where she knew Chloe wanted her the most.

Chloe squeezed her eyes shut with anticipation, lightly jerking her body when ever Beca placed a soft kiss everywhere except the one particular place that was aching to be touched again. But before Chloe could speak out about her impatience again, Beca was licking her way up the groove where Chloe's thigh met her womanhood, and without anymore delay, finally wrapped her mouth around the sensitive bundle of nerves that were begging for attention.

Chloe cried out in ecstasy, her back arching off of the bed, and her veins flooding with enticing pleasure. Beca used her tongue to stroke and massage her, adding a bit of vibration when she looked up at Chloe's expression and groaned at the sight.

Chloe was beyond attractive in any given situation. But the way she looked while Beca was pleasuring her– cheeks flushed, mouth opened, and brow furrowed in pure bliss– it was definitely one of Beca's favorites.

Chloe looked down. She wanted to see Beca loving her in the most intimate of ways, and when the track star glanced up, Chloe bit down hard on her lower lip and ran her fingers through her brown hair.

Beca smiled against her and brought her right hand down to lace her fingers with Chloe's free hand. She picked up her pace, switching from licking and teasing to nuzzling and sucking, and Chloe's screams only increased in volume.

"Oh my God, baby!" Chloe moaned. "You're so good at that."

Beca was proud of herself and loved the reassurance from Chloe. She desperately wanted to bring Chloe to her peak. This was her night after all, and Beca wanted to show her just how much she loved and appreciated her.

Beca hooked her arms under Chloe's thighs, anchoring them in place as best as she could and pressed her tongue even harder into her.

The redhead was starting to feel overwhelmed. Like all of her senses were on overload. Her stomach was tight, her chest was heaving and she could her heart beating hard in her ears. She couldn't convey any actual words, her cries and moans coming out like broken sounds. And when Beca sucked with particular vigor, zealously shaking her head as she did so, Chloe swore she could see stars.

Chloe forcibly arched up and off of the bed, her mouth falling open in a silent cry as she gripped onto the sheets until her knuckles were white. Her body jerked at a random cadence and she couldn't help but hold Beca firmly in place with her thighs, her body still riding out the trembling waves of her climax.

Beca waited until her girlfriend's breathing calmed and her legs relaxed to give her one last long lick.

Chloe was still catching her breath and she jerked at the contact, her senses still extra sensitive, and she groaned. "Get. Up. Here." She lifted her head to look down at Beca. "Now."

Beca laughed. "Yes ma'am." And climbed up Chloe's recovering body, a presumptuously grin plastered on her face. "You okay?"

Chloe barked a laugh. "Am I okay!?" She shook her head in disbelief and felt a new energy spark within her. Without warning, Chloe hastily spun them around and pushed Beca onto her back. "I am more than okay." She kissed Beca passionately, grinding her hips into Beca's thigh and smiled at the slick moisture she found there.

Chloe brought a hand up to her mouth, starring hard in Beca's eyes as she slipped two fingers inside, coating them with her saliva, then lowering them down to glide over Beca's folds. The brunette felt her body vibrate with pleasure, and she moaned.

Chloe smirked. "My turn."

They continued to roll around in the sheets, taking turns pleasing one another until the clock read: 1:05 am.

Beca and Chloe laid their panting, their bodies still tangled under the sheets, and their skin glistening with a layer of sweat.

Beca was idly running her fingers through the top of Chloe's hair, and the redhead was equally relaxed, drawing random shapes on the track star's bare stomach.

Beca was the one to eventually break the comfortable silence they had been sharing, and grinned when she quietly said, "I love you."

Chloe turned her head to smile up at her. "I love you, too." She tilted her chin to kiss Beca lazily, then went back to her invisible finger painting on Beca's skin.

Another silence fell between them, but Chloe could feel Beca's body vibrate a moment later when she chuckled about something.

Chloe remained in her same position, but grinned. "What?" She asked.

"What happened to you earlier?"

The question confused Chloe, and she shifted around to prop herself up on her elbow. "What do you mean?"

"I don't know." Beca said. "You left to the bathroom wanting to stay and dance a little more at the prom, but when you came back, you were practically jumping my bones." Chloe's mouth dropped and her eyes widened. Beca misread the situation, however, and tried to quickly clarify. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I didn't mind it. I was just curious as to why?" Chloe burst out into laughter and Beca furrowed her brow. "What?"

Chloe shook her head. "I can't believe I forgot to tell you!"

Beca was still confused. "Forgot to tell me what?"

Chloe paused for moment. "You're not going to believe this, but–" She bit her bottom lip with amusement. "I walked in on Stacie and Aubrey."

Beca's eyes widened."What do you mean you "walked in" on Stacie and Aubrey?"

Chloe's smile widened and she nodded. "Exactly what you think it means! They're totally together!"

Beca's mouth fell open and she slowly looked away before throwing a fist into the air and shouting, "I knew it!"

Chloe laughed at her girlfriend's antic. "Yup. You were right, babe." And that same fist came flying down and pounded on the mattress.

"Damn, I'm good!"

Chloe giggled and pulled the frivolous brunette down into some more kisses and passionate love making. They continued the wistful exchange for the rest of the night, taking advantage of their time together and relishing every moment they shared.

After another hour and a half of their spirited activities, Chloe had fallen asleep first and curled herself into Beca's side. The track star never minded the cuddling, in fact, she actually really enjoyed it.

Beca peacefully laid there, her left hand caressing the arm of her sleeping girlfriend, and her mind went back to thinking about what the future could possibly hold for them. But it occurred to Beca, in that moment, that as long as Chloe was with her, her future would always be something worth waiting for. She didn't have to have all of the answers right now. She now had faith that everything was going be okay, and that the things that seemed like hurdles now, would ultimately work themselves out in the end.

And a question reappeared in her mind.

Did she want to marry Chloe Beale?

Beca glanced at the sleeping redhead next to her and smiled.

Yes. Yes she did.


Beca quietly chuckled to herself when a vision of her and Chloe sharing a house together with their future kids started to play in her mind like a movie.

She could see them celebrating birthdays and holidays together, baking cookies and cakes for the right occasions. She could see her and Chloe kissing 'boo-boos' away and fighting the monsters that lived in their children's closets.

Beca could even see them putting their little ones to sleep by reading them their favorite bedtime stories.

And Beca then smiled again. She was sure she knew what one of those stories was already going to be.

She was sure that, when the time came, their kids would love to hear about what happened when a track star met a cheerleader.

The End

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