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Timeframe: This story is going to take place fifteen years before the start of the Harry Potter storyline. In the Harry Potter part of the crossover it will only have been 14-15 years since Female Harry disappeared from their world making it the year 2006 when she gets dragged back for what would be her sixth year at Hogwarts and making her 16 (or at least that's the age the wizards would be expecting her age to be when they 'find' her lol) if she had grown up there, instead of being 2004 in her fourth year and being 14 instead. I'm also moving the Triwizard Tournament into the sixth year time slot so she won't miss it. While in the One Piece part of the crossover, it's been over 26 years since she arrived in the One Piece world making her between the age 26-27 when she gets dragged back. I'm also making it so that Harry and everyone he would have known in Hogwarts in her first year are all born in the 1990's instead of the 1980's.

Author's Notes: Okay, so to clarify things, Female Harry gets sent to the One Piece world the night Voldemort attacks her family grows up to become Monkey D. Cheshire, the currently unknown and never seen before in either the manga or anime series, future wife of Monkey D. Dragon and the mother of Monkey D. Luffy. I came up with this story because the idea wouldn't leave me alone, when I realized we've met almost everyone in Luffy's immediate family except his mom who's still a mystery. So I made this crossover with a female Harry Potter being Luffy's mom, and I'm giving her a version of the Ryu-Ryu (Dragon-Dragon) Mythical-Zoan type Devil fruit, almost like the man made one Momosuke got, but this is a natural one that turns her into a different type of dragon than what Momosuke had gotten, and she is just as dangerous a pirate as everyone else in Luffy's family. lol Come on if they can have a Phoenix Mythical-Zoan type devil fruit user like Marco of the Whitebeard pirates, then there can be dragon type as well I say.

Special Announcement: For those of you who haven't voted yet on my Poll that I have up on my profile page, I've closed it with the winning results for what type of dragon Cheshire's Mythical-Zoan devil fruit form is going to be, it is going to be a Night Fury dragon type Zoan which wins with 63 votes. The added on poll vote for what kind of elemental breath her dragon form has, was tied for 21 votes each for both Lightning and Ice when I closed the poll, so after much thought, I've decided to have her dragon form to have both elements instead of sticking with just one, though in the beginning she won't immediately have both elements at her disposal. The second one will show up later on in life.

TheBlackSeaReaper's & Sakura Lisel (me)'s Harry Potter-One Piece crossover Challenge #103 idea - Female Harry Potter gets sent to the One Piece world at a YOUNG age, and grows up there and later falls in love with and marries Monkey D. Dragon and has Luffy with him, when something pulls her back to her home world.

-Luffy is 3-4 years old when female Harry disappears, but remembers her when she comes back, and inherited her green eyes instead of that color that replaces his black eyes when he's upset. (x)
-rebellious, stubborn, independent, powerful Slytherin Female Harry if she's forced to go to Hogwarts. (x)
-Can be a civilian, OR a rebel like Dragon, OR a ex-marine, OR a ex-pirate. (x)
-gets a new name when she arrives in One Piece world and refuses to take back her old name especially since her last name is legally Monkey now through marriage. (x)
-birth name can't be Harry or any feminine version of the name. (x)
-(optional) depending on what school year it is when she is brought back to the Harry Potter world, she gets deaged to what she would have been if she had grown up there. (x)
-(optional) has a Logia or Mythical-Zoan devil fruit power (x)
-(optional) has a good sibling who is either the real savior of the magical world or was given the title by mistake
-(optional) one or both of the Potter parents are still alive and still looking for her and are good.
-(optional) comes back in time to help her now grown up son Luffy save Ace and Whitebeard. (x)
-(optional) whatever new friends she makes in the HP world decide to leave with her back to the OP world. (x)
-hair can be either black or red (x)
-annoying and manipulative good, semi-good, evil Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, Ginny bashing (x)

Word Count: 11,677

Summary: (HP!OP xover) Monkey D. Cheshire has been living a semi-quiet life with her husband, Dragon, and their four year old son, Luffy, when something from her unknown past drags her away from everything she knows, and brought into a brand new world where the people there claim she's their long lost savior, Primrose Potter. -(Independent!Powerful!Grey!FEMALE Harry) -(slight Manipulative Dumbledore bashing, extreme Ron, Molly, Ginny Weasley bashing)-

'Hi' - thinking
"§§Hi§§" – Parseltongue
"Hi" – Speaking while in Zoan form

A Bridge of Dragons
Prologue: Little Lost Girl
By: Sakura Lisel

October 31, 1991 – Godric's Hollow, England

Late that Halloween night found Lily Angelique Potter nee Evans sitting in a rocking chair upstairs in her daughters nursery as she hummed a lullaby to her fifteen month old daughter, as she dozed off nestled safely in her mother's arms, as she let herself relax into the soft cushions of the rocking chair as she continued rocking and singing to her daughter. Earlier that day, the families longtime friend, Sirius Black had popped into the hang out with them for the day, bringing along some sugar free chewable magical gummy candy that was safe for babies Primroses age to have since they dissolve almost instantly after a few minutes in their mouths, before he headed on out to go hang out with Remus for the rest of the night.

The daughters name was Primrose Rinoa Potter, or Prim as she was affectionately called by her family and friends, only child of James and Lily Potter, born on July 31, 1990 in St. Mungo's hospital around 11:39pm. She had her mother's emerald green eyes, and dark red hair, though there was some natural black streaks in the toddlers hair that she had inherited from her father's side of the genepool, and on her left arm was a red birthmark in the shape of a dragonfly just below her elbow. When anybody asked about the odd shape of the birthmark, Lily had said that it was a natural thing in her family from her father's side of her family, and that the birthmark had always shown up down the generations in the Evans family, and even showed proof to some skeptics who said that they had never seen her own birthmark which was located on the back of her neck, hidden behind her hair as proof to her claim, by turning her back on them and pulling her hair up or to the side so that they could see it on her neck.

Little Primrose was well loved and cared for by those around her, and even at fifteen months she was already showing signs of being a prankster like her father and godfather Sirius Black. She was just barely walking, and was already causing mischief around the household as she drove the adults crazy with her antics, as she let loose with small bursts of accidental magic whenever she was upset or hungry.

One time when Peter Pettigrew's had been over, he had been in his rat form, running around with Sirius, while Primrose was playing with some blocks of toys in a corner, and the two animagus had come barreling through by accident, sending everything flying. The result of the accident had ended up with Primrose screaming her head off in frustration and anger at what the two Marauders had done, as the two men suddenly found themselves hanging upside down pinned to a nearby wall of the room, as their clothes and bodies started switching back and forth in different colored patterns.

It had taken Lily and James half an hour to calm down Primrose, and another two hours to unpin Sirius and Peter from the walls, though their color changing bodies stayed that way for another week, despite a lot of begging and pleading and apologizing on their parts towards Primrose who wouldn't let either one near her in that time.

When Primrose was eleven months old, Sirius had brought over his five year old niece, Nymphadora Tonks, over to hang out because her parents were busy that day with work and had asked him to watch her for them until they came home and he had accepted. Despite the age difference, young Nymphadora and Primrose had instantly hit it off, and become inseparable as Nymphadora practically spent all her time with the toddler, and entertained her by using her metamorphmagus powers to change her appearance into funny things and made the toddler laugh.

It was on also that day that the extended family discovered that little Primrose was a metamorphmagus like her 'cousin', when Nymphadora came running to where the adults were talking and hanging out, as she made them follow her back to where Primrose was and started changing her appearance before Primrose, changing her hair and eye color and other things, and the group of adults watched in shock as the toddler started mimicking what Nymphadora was doing, as her own appearance started changing as well to match whatever Nymphadora turned into.

For the last six months, the Potters had been in hiding in Godric's Hollow under a Fidelius charm, after their old headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, had come to them with news about a prophecy, that said that their daughter might be the one destined to beat the current dark lord known as Lord Voldemort who was terrorizing both the muggle and magical worlds with his followers help.

At first Lily and James were skeptical and refused to believe that their daughter might have the power to destroy Voldemort, but seeing half the things she was already capable of doing, they still had some doubts on the matter, but agreed to go into hiding to try and keep themselves and Primrose safe from Voldemort if he ever found out about the prophecy.

At first they had tried to nominate Sirius Black as their Secret Keeper in charge of the Fidelius charm, but then they decided to use Peter Pettigrew instead, while Sirius would act as a decoy, letting their other friends believe that Sirius was the one in control of the Fidelius Charm since he was well known as their best friend, figuring if Sirius did get captured by Voldemort, he wouldn't be able to tell Voldemort anything, thus keeping Peter, Lily, James and Primrose safe from danger.

There was another family who fit the description in the prophecy, who were also in hiding elsewhere with their fifteen month old son who had also been born on the same day as Primrose but was half an hour older than her. Frank and Alice Longbottom were residing in their ancestral family home under heavy wards with little Neville, who was Lily's godson, while Primrose was Alice's goddaughter. Both families had even promised that if anything happened to them and the kids survived, that they would take the newly orphaned child in and raise them as their own child.

For months the family of three stayed in hiding in the Potter family cottage in Godric's Hollow, as they received daily posts via either owl posts or Sirius Black when he popped over to visit to them, that told them about what was going on with the war, and none of the news they heard so far was ever any good.

After singing and rocking her daughter for a while longer, Lily glanced down at little Primrose to see that her daughter was finally sound asleep, and Lily carefully pushed herself out of the rocking chair and stood on unsteady feet as she slowly walked over to Primrose's crib, trying to wake the little girl as she moved, as she slowly lowered Primrose into her crib and tucked her under her baby blankets. Placing a small kiss on Primrose's forehead, Lily quickly turned away from the crib and made her way out the bedroom door, as she quietly shut the door behind her, as she made her way downstairs to find James lounging lazily on the living room couch, as he blinked sleep filled eyes at her when he heard her approach and gave Lily a small smile.

"Is Prim asleep already? I thought you would have been up there awhile longer with her, Lily," James asked with a teasing tone in his voice as he stood up from the couch and stretched, trying to get the kinks out of his body as a loud yawn escaped from his mouth as he gave his wife a cheeky grin, as he sat back down on the couch once more as he watched coming down the stairs, "I was just thinking about going up to bed when you showed up."

"She just went to sleep a few minutes ago, James." Lily said, as she returned her husband's grin for a moment, as she joined him on the couch after placing a kiss on his lips as she cuddled next to him on the cushions, "We had a busy day today, thanks to Sirius didn't we?"

"I'll say. Prim really enjoyed having her uncle Padfoot around the house today especially when he brought over that sugar free gummy candy," James said, chuckling a bit at the memory of Primrose and Sirius antics that afternoon, as he lazily wrapped his arms around Lily's waist and pulled her closer to him, "I think Sirius created a monster when he brought her that candy."

"Seeing how hyper and excitable she got just from the barely sugar free candy, I'm afraid to think what would happen if she got into the really sugary stuff," Lily said cheerfully, snickering a bit as she remembered how much trouble James and Sirius had gotten into that afternoon, as they chased their now hyper fifteen month old around the living wreaked havoc around the room, with bouts of accidental magic, as she wrapped her own arms around James as she snuggled closer to his warm body, "You and Sirius are lucky you were able to fix everything or else I would have let you boys had it. You do know what this means don't you when it comes to our daughter and candy, James?"

"Yeah, I know. As of today we have Rule #45: No more candy of any kind, whether the bag says it has sugar or not," James said seriously, as a stern look appeared on his face as he and Lily stared at each other, before they both broke into peals of laughter a few seconds later, "for Prim until she's at least nineteen years old or older, or else everything goes to hell."

Giggling a bit at what her husband had said, Lily playfully punched James in the shoulder lightly, as she started to open her mouth to say something to James, but whatever she was about to say was left unsaid as the house was suddenly rocked by a huge explosion that nearly sent the couple flying off the couch, as the houses protection wards started to buckle under the force of the onslaught coming from outside.

"Lily! It's the dark lord! Take Primrose and run!" James Potter yelled angrily as another boom rocked the Potter household, as the wards protecting the home began to weaken under the onslaught of spells hitting it from outside, as he quickly raised his wand towards the closed door and cast a few spells to try and reinforce the door to slow their attacker down longer, as he glanced over at his wife who was standing on the landing for the staircase, "Don't worry about me, I'll hold him off while you get away! Just take her and get out of here!"

"James, I'm not leaving you! It's too dangerous for you to face him by yourself!" Lily exclaimed, as terror filled her, as another boom rocked the household as she pulled out her own wand, as the sound of her daughters terrified cries could be heard coming from upstairs, causing her to falter in her stance for a moment as she glanced towards the stairs for a moment before turning her attention back on her husband with a determined look on her face, "We can try and hold him off together until help gets here. Primrose needs both of us."

"We won't do much good to her, if we both wind up getting killed down here, Lily. Just go and protect her if you can," James snapped back, as he turned pleading eyes on his wife for a moment, just as another blast shook the household as a determined look appeared on his face once more, "Please Lils..."

"Fine, James. Try and stay alive," Lily said as she reluctantly spun on heal and charged up the stairs where the sound of her daughters loud crying reached her ears, just as she heard a loud explosion from downstairs, and she could hear James yelling at somebody, before there was a flash of green light and a thud, and tears immediately sprung to Lily's eyes, as she realized what it might mean, 'James you idiot. Why'd you have to get yourself killed? We could have escaped together...'

Reaching her daughters nursery she quickly raced through the open door and slammed it shut behind her, as she cast her strongest locking charms on the door in hopes of slowing Voldemort down, before she rushed to her daughters crib and picked up Primrose, and tried to apparate out of the house but nothing happened.

Eyes widening, Lily tried again only for the same results to happen, as she mentally cursed to herself, as she reached into her pockets and pulled out a portkey only for nothing to still happen.

'Damn it! He's put up anti-portkey and apparition wards,' Lily cursed silently to herself as she looked around herself in panic in search of anything she could use, as she clutched her crying baby to her body for a second before she turned around and carefully put Primrose back into her crib, as she stared down into Primrose's scared tear filled eyes as she stared back up at her mother as she pulled out her own wand, and starts waving around Primrose and the crib as a golden light surrounded the fifteen month old as Lily starts chanting a protection spell that she had recently learned, as she silently hoped that it would work in the end in keeping Primrose safe and alive, 'I don't want to have to do this, but if it'll keep Prim alive it'll be worth it...'

Lily had just finished the spell just seconds before the door to the nursery was blasted open and revealed the dark lord in person, with his wand still drawn and pointed directly at her.

"Well now, what do we have here? A filthy little mudblood and her equally filthy little halfblood child. Completely helpless and caught in my tender mercy." Lord Voldemort said, sneering evilly as he entered the room, as he looked around the room disdainfully for a moment before focusing his blood red eyes on the mother and daughter once more, as Primrose sat up in her crib and turned to watch was going on with wide eyes from behind her mother while clutching her baby blanket in her hands, "Move away from the brat and drop your wand, mudblood. All I want is her. If you are good and do as I say right now, I might just allow you to live past tonight if you do as you are told like a good little mudblood."

"I'll never get out of the way, you monster! Leave my baby girl alone! She's just a helpless baby and has done nothing," Lily snapped angrily in defiance, as she shielded Primrose with her own body as best a she could, though she was still shaking in fear despite her bravado, as she stared down the dark lord, "to you to deserve you coming after her! Why can't you just leave us alone! You've already taken my husband away from me. I'll be damned before I'll let you take my daughter from me as well!"

"It doesn't matter to me if your brat is a baby or not. You must know that her fate was sealed the moment that prophecy was created, that's basically saying that she could potentially defeat me. Both your daughter and the Longbottom boy will both meet their ends at my hands now," Voldemort said as his smirk widened a bit, as he saw the terror in Lily's eyes as pleasure seemed to fill him at the look of fear on her face, as she faced off with him and enjoyed every second of it, as he continued speaking, "before either one can have the chance to grow up and become a threat to my plans for the wizarding world. Now I'm giving you one last chance, mudblood. Move out of the way and allow me to kill your daughter and you may live to see another day. Or else you can die with your brat alongside your blood traitor husband."

"I'll never move! You'll have to kill me first before I'll willingly leave her!" Lily said defiantly, as her eyes narrowed in anger once more, as she cast a pleading look on the dark lord while gripping the crib railing behind her with one hand, and holding onto her wand with her hand, "please don't do this. She doesn't deserve to die."

"So be it. You've made your decision, Mudblood." Voldemort said, dismissing Lily's pleas, as he pointed his wand directly at her and with a snap quick movement cried out, "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

As the killing curse sped towards her, Lily didn't bother trying to move out of the way at all, instead she stood there in front of the crib using her body to try and shield Primrose from the spell, as she glanced over her shoulder one last time to see Primrose was now staring up at her with wide green eyes.

'I hope this works. It's not fair if Prim's life gets cut short by this monster...' Lily thought silently to herself just as the green light of the killing curse hit her dead on, and then she knew nothing more as her lifeless body fell limply to the floor in front of the crib in a heap.

"Foolish woman, you should have taken my offer when you had the chance. Young Snape will just have to be disappointed that I wasn't able to spare the mudblood as I promised," Voldemort said, smirking a bit as he turned to look at the now crying and screaming fifteen month old girl, who was now standing up in the crib with her hands holding onto the bars, as she watched him approach with wide tear filled green eyes, as he pointed his wand at her, and her cries became louder by the second when she sees his wand as she looks down at her mother's unmoving body, then looked back up at him, "Stupid brat. Stop crying already. It will be over soon and you'll be seeing your parents again. Say hello to your blood traitor father and mudblood mother for me on the other side, brat."


Just as the green light of the killing curse left Lord Voldemort's wand, the runes surrounding Primrose's crib activated, as a golden shield appeared surrounding the toddler and the crib in a protective barrier, that reflected the killing curse straight back at Voldemort at double the power, and struck the wizard before he could react, causing his body to disintegrate from the sheer force of the spell and turn into a pile of ash with his wand lying next to it, while a bloody yet faint lightning bolt scar was left behind of Primrose's forehead.

As the protection runes continue to light up, young Primrose Rinoa Potter started to fade away from sight, until she was completely gone from the room all together.

October 31, 1481 – Foosha Forest, Dawn Island

Late one hot afternoon, six year old Makino Nara was walking through some nearby woods on her way home. Earlier that day, her mother had sent her into the woods to pick some blackberries for a pie her mother was planning to bake for dinner that night, and Makino had eagerly rushed off with two large baskets to fill up with blackberries.

Makino was the second oldest child in her family, with her single widowed mother, Éclair Nara who was raising Makino and her two brothers, Hikaru who was older than her by three years, and Tatsuki who was two years younger than her.

Makino's father had been killed when she was three years old when he went out fishing at sea with some friends, and they had run into a Sea King, and there had been no survivors of the incident, leaving Éclair newly widowed and raising her three children alone.

'I can't wait to get home so mom can start cooking her pies. At least I made it back home with no trouble, I almost thought something interesting would happen while I was out here...' Makino thought happily to herself, as she reached up with one hand to brush at a loose strand of dark green hair from her face, as she looked around warily for any sign that something might jump out and attack her, and was prepared to drop her baskets and start running at the first sign of trouble if she had to, 'Almost anything could happen while I was in the woods. At least none of the wild animals showed up or the bandits or even slave traders.'

As she was walking, she is almost blinded by a bright flash of light that appears on the ground a few away in front of her, causing her to almost drop her basket of blackberries as she shielded her eyes from the bright light as best as she could with the back of her arm.

'What's going on? What's with that strange light?' Makino thought frantically to herself, as fear filled her as she wondered what was going on, as the lightshow finally started to die down, she lowered her arm from her face as she focused her eyes on what was now lying on the ground before her, as a small wrapped up bundle started to take shape on the ground. 'What the heck is that thing on the ground? It almost looks like a...'

As the last of the light finally disappeared, Makino's eyes widen in shock as she started to hear the sound of a baby crying in distress coming from the bundle on the ground, as she quickly dropped her two baskets of blackberries where she stood, and rushed forward, and gently picked up the baby off the ground, cradling it carefully in her arms, as she looked down into the teary eyed emerald eyes of a baby girl with red hair that had black streaks mixed into it, and was dressed in what looked to be pajamas, who stared back up her in confusion. Though what worried Makino more about the baby girl was the sight of her blood covered forehead, though their didn't seem to be any fresh blood coming out of the wound.

As the baby in her arms started crying again, Makino immediately started to rock the baby in her arms trying to quiet it down, while talking to it soothingly, the way she had seen her mother do with her younger siblings as she moved to sit down on a nearby tree stump, and after a couple of minutes as tiny hands clutched onto Makino's shirt like she wasn't about to let go any time soon, as bright green eyes stared up at her for a moment as one of the babies hands reached out to touch a lose strand of Makino's green hair, moments before Makino let out a startled gasp of surprise as the babies black and red hair suddenly turned the same shade of green of Makino's own hair, and the babies green eyes turned a dark shade of brown like Makino's own eyes as well. As she looked at the baby, and examined it for any other signs of injury besides her bleeding forehead, Makino noticed a oddly shaped birthmark just below the babies elbow on the left arm that was in the shape of a dragonfly.

"Nice trick kiddo. I wonder how you did that? Did someone feed you a devil fruit or something that gives you shapeshifting powers?" Makino said quietly to herself as the baby giggled a bit at Makino's reaction as her hair and eyes returned to their normal color a few seconds later as the baby started babbling for a moment as she looked around as if searching for something before turning teary green eyes back on Makino when she couldn't find what she was looking for, as she cradled the baby in her tiny arms as best as she tried to get a better grip on the baby's body, as she looks around in confusion as she tried to look for any sign of the baby's parents appearing, but she didn't see anyone. "I don't get it. Where did you come from?"

Letting out a sigh as she adjusted the baby in her arms, as she reached into her pockets to pull out a recently freshly washed dry handkerchief, and started dabbing at the babies bleeding forehead as she tried to clean off the blood as best as she could, until most of it was gone enough to see an inflamed cut on the babies forehead that was in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Standing up and looking around worriedly for a moment, as she tried to locate any sign of somebody else appearing in a flash of light like the baby had done, in hopes that whoever showed up next was an adult, but nothing happened.

'What am I going to do with you? How did you show up like you did, and what was that bright light?' Makino thought silently to herself as she looked worriedly at the baby once more, for a moment before glancing around for any signs of anybody besides the two of them around, as panic started to fill her as she stared back down at the baby for a moment, 'Somebody's got to be looking for her, but I don't see anyone else around...'

"Hello?! Is anybody out there?!" Makino called out as loudly as she could, as she looks all around hopefully for any signs of someone coming forward, as she stares worriedly down at the baby for a moment, before looking for around once more, "I've got your baby, if you're looking for her!"

When she didn't hear a response to her call, she quickly came to a decision, as Makino gently placed the baby back on the ground, as she turned towards the two blackberry baskets, and after inspecting them, decided picked out one that was big enough and empties out one of the berry baskets onto the ground, before picking the baby back up once more, and carefully lowers her into the empty basket, before picking up both baskets and hurrying back to the village as fast as she could, struggling against the weight of both baskets as she goes, as she glances down worriedly at the baby she was carrying.

'I'll get her to mom, and see what she says,' Makino thought silently to herself, as she ran through the forest back towards Foosha Village, as she tried to be careful not to jostle the baby too much as she runs straight back to the village while also trying to keep a hold of her only remaining basket filled with blackberries at the same time as she struggles under the weight of both baskets, 'Maybe mom can find out who she is and where she comes from. I just hope she's not going to be too mad about the blackberries though...'

October 31, 1481 – Foosha Village, Dawn Island

Awhile later found Makino safely back at home with her cargo, and after explaining to her mom about what had happened in the forest as the reason why she now had a baby with her, she had left the baby in the care of her mother while she packed the blackberries she had kept into jars and stuff in the pantry.

When she was finished she came back out to find that her mother was busy changing the baby's diaper, while Makino's two older brothers watch in awe as they saw the newest addition to their family, as the little baby kicked and squirmed on the table while her diaper was changed.

Just as her mother finished changing the diaper, the baby noticed Makino's return, and started babbling excitedly for a moment as she reached out tiny arms towards Makino, indicating that she wanted the green haired girl to hold her.

"Looks like you made a nice impression on this little one, Makino," Éclair Nara said to her daughter, chuckling a bit at the babies antics, as she gently picked the baby girl up, after putting her in a clean pair of baby nightgown, as she turns to Makino and holds the baby out to her, "Here, why don't go sit down and I'll hand her to you so that you may hold her for awhile? It's obvious who she wants anyways."

At her mothers words Makino quickly nodded her head, as she quickly moves over to a nearby couch while her mother and brothers followed her, and she instantly held out her arms and took the squirming baby into her arms, and settled her onto her lap, as the baby started babbling excitedly at her while reaching up to lightly pat Makino's face and grasp her green hair, as her mother turned and disappeared into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with a baby bottle filled with warm milk which she handed over to Makino who offered it to the baby who immediately latched onto it and started sucking on the liquid.

"Mom what are we going to do with her? Can we keep her?" Makino asked, as she cradled the baby in her arms as she glanced up at her mother worriedly for a moment as the baby fed from the bottle, as her brothers took seats next to her on the couch, "I don't think she has anybody else, since nobody else showed up after she appeared before me in the woods."

"We'll look after her until whenever somebody shows up searching for her. Since you found her, you can help me take care of her until then," Éclair said, as glanced at her daughter and gave Makino a reassuring smile for a moment as she reached out to gently ruffle Makino's green hair, causing the older girl to squeal indignantly at what her mother was doing, "But until then, we should give her a proper name. Since we don't know what she was called before her arrival here, we can't continue calling her 'the baby' now can we?"

"No," Makino and the boys all answered at once.

"What are you going to name her mom?" Makino's older brother, Hikaru, asked as he looked at the newest addition to the family and smiled a bit at the baby.

"How does the name Cheshire Nemesis Nara sound to the lot of you?" Éclair asked, after a few minutes of silence as she thought about possible names for the baby, before coming up with one.

"I like it, we should call her that," Makino's other brother, Tatsuki said cheerfully.

"I like it too. So its official then?" Makino asked as she looked at her family members for confirmation, before smiling when she saw them nod their heads in agreement to her question, as she turned her attention back to the baby in her arms, and places a light kiss on the babies forehead, and earned herself some giggles from the toddler, "Welcome to the family, little Cheshire."

October 31, 1489 – Dawn Island

It has been over eight years since the day Cheshire Nara was found and taken into the Nara family after she was found abandoned in the forest outside of Foosha Village. The family took care of the toddler as they waited for months to see if anyone showed up in the village looking for the tiny little girl, but nobody ever did show up. By the time four months had gone by, the little girl had officially become an honorary member of the family, and Éclair Nara had officially adopted her into the family after going through the proper channels, and after having the local doctors check her over, they guessed that she must have been at least over a year old when she was discovered, officially made her birthday listed as October 31, 1480 on her adoption papers since they didn't have any idea what her real birthday was so they made her birthday be the same day they found her in 1481.

In the last eight years since then, little Cheshire had grown up into a beautiful young girl under the watchful eye of her adopted family. She and Makino were inseparable since the day Makino first found her in the woods, and they did everything together, no matter what it was, even if it got the two of them into trouble half the time.

At first when she started showing signs of strange powers, the Nara family had been worried that whoever had been raising her before had fed her a devil fruit of some kind, but when she showed no signs of the usual weaknesses that other devil fruit users had, like becoming paralyzed while in water, the family had decided that her powers came from something else, but nobody was exactly sure what it was, and decided that it was nothing of importance since her powers weren't hurting anybody, and that they made her extra special and unique in their eyes.

By the time Cheshire was five years old, it was also obvious to everyone all around, that Cheshire was very smart for her age, and had a really good memory when it came to remembering things, a skill which she used when drawing pictures. She was already known around the village for her art skills, since she could perfectly write or draw anything she's seen or heard no matter how long ago she had seen or heard it, and she earned some money from people who wanted their pictures drawn by her.

Éclair Nara ran a bar and restaurant in Foosha Village that was known as Partys Bar, which was considered the best hotspot in the whole village, since Éclair Nara did most of the cooking and ever, and the villagers would come to the bar just to unwind or get something cold to drink to stave off the islands hot weather temperatures.

One time when she was out playing by herself out in the woods when she was six, Cheshire had brought home a 'baby' five foot long snake, who she later named Vespertina, who was wrapped around Cheshire's small body. After the initial shock and panic of her family at seeing her with the snake had worn off, it had taken Cheshire a lot of begging and pleading to get them to let her even keep Vespertina, saying that she didn't have anywhere else to go, because Cheshire had found her among what looked to be the dead bodies of her family out in the woods, and that Vespertina had already promised that she wouldn't hurt anybody in the house if she was allowed to stay there.

Vespertina was of a special breed of snakes found on the island known as Hydralisk, which had been thought to be long extinct until Cheshire had found her alone in the woods huddled among the carcasses of what were her family. Her species seemed to be a rare cross breed between a Diamondback rattlesnake and a Cobra, with her upper body possessing the hood of a Cobra snake, and had a rattle at the end of its tail like a rattlesnake.

The Hydralisk species was rumored to get as big as a large three story house when they got older. They had retractable large fangs that can produce a venom that didn't instantly kill, but instead slowly and painfully petrified its victims before they eventually die within a few hours if an antidote wasn't administered immediately before the process was completed, and only if the snake didn't eat its victims after they bite them.

The Nara family was skeptical when Cheshire told them that Vespertina had 'told her' that she wouldn't hurt anybody, thinking that the six year old had made it up, and tried to get her to give her the snake so they could dispose of it before it could hurt anyone, but Cheshire had steadfastly refused to let them take her snake, and eventually proved that she could speak to Vespertina and understand the snake, as she started hissing at the hybrid and the snake seemed to be answering her.

As further proof to her claims, Hikaru had asked her to really prove that Vespertina could really understand her by getting Vespertina to retrieve their family cat who was inside their house, and after a few hisses and gestures at the snake, Vespertina unwrapped herself from around Cheshire's body, and slithered off into the house in search of what she was asked for. Within seconds they heard a loud commotion coming from inside the house, before Vespertina returned ten minutes later with a yowling cat safely clamped in her mouth with her fangs retracted so that she didn't pierce the cats body with them, and she then deposited the yowling cat into the hands of the brother who had asked for it, before returning to Cheshire's side to stare at the shocked family silently while Cheshire moved to sit down next to Vespertina while petting the snake happily.

After that the family had reluctantly agreed to let the snake stay in their home, though when they tried asking Cheshire how she was able to speak to snakes, she had looked at them in confusion when they described what she had done, before saying that she had thought she had been speaking in English to Vespertina the whole time, so the family decided to ignore the subject for now and put it off as one of her many unique and special abilities they've discovered she had that wasn't devil fruit related over the years.

As she grew older, Cheshire became wild and more adventuress than most girls her age, and was a bit of a tomboy, preferring to dress in shorts or pants and t-shirts, instead of dresses or skirts, much to the irritation of her mother, and she was always getting into mischief and causing trouble around the island with her pranks.

Another thing she was well known for around town for being was being an ace poker player by the time she was seven, when some Mountain bandits came into town one day and entered the families bar. This particular band of bandits, was one of the few in the area that didn't really cause trouble when they came into town and had a truce with the people of Foosha Village, and was led by an orange haired woman named Dadan, and they came into town whenever they needed supplies or medical help.

It was during one of those visits to the bar, that Cheshire had been hanging out, and the bandits had struck up a game of poker in one of the corner booths. Cheshire had been instantly drawn to the group as she came over to watch the bandits play for awhile, before she asked if she could play with them after a couple of rounds of the game had gone by, and she watched as piles of money were exchanged during each round.

At first the bandits had laughed, saying that she was too young to play, but when she said that the game looked like fun and that she wanted to learn how to play as she reached into her pockets and pulled out about ten Beri that she had been saving up from doing chores around the house and put it on the table. The bandits decided to have some fun with her, and let her play with them and she pulled up a seat next to the table, and they started playing after they explained the rules to her, and showed her what kind of cards would be considered winning hands.

Within minutes after she started playing with them, the bandits realized they were in trouble, as every couple of rounds Cheshire kept laying down winning hands, as her pile of winnings kept growing for over an hour until her mother finally took pity on the bandits, and made her stop playing with them, and she thanked the bandits for playing with her before walking off with all of her winnings.

Ever since that day, Cheshire's been hooked on the game, as she joins in whenever she see's a poker game going on, and she winds up winning half the time until she either quits or her opponents get fed up with losing to her and kick her out.

By the time she was seven years old, Cheshire started taking martial arts classes at a dojo that was on the island, which was run by a martial arts master who had moved to Dawn Island two years previously from Karate Island which was located in the South Blue Sea's region, and Cheshire along with a bunch of other kids in the village were already skilled in different fighting styles by the time she nine years old.

Then one day all of that changed forever one hot summer day in June when she and Makino went out into the woods to look for food.

June 15, 1489 – Foosha Forest, Dawn Island

"Cheshire Nemesis Nara! Get down from that tree this instant! Mom will kill you if you fall and break something!" Makino shouted up to her nine year old sister as the younger girl climbed up a extremely tall mango tree, as she glared up at her younger sister, as panic began to fill her as she saw how high Cheshire was climbing in the tree, while the younger girl plucked and tossed down mango fruits for Makino to catch, "We have enough mangos so we can go home now before something shows up."

Makino Nara was now fifteen years old, and today she was out in the local woods picking some fresh mango's with her sister, Cheshire, to take back home for their mom, who was planning to make some special deserts using the mango's they brought back home to be eaten at the house, and to also be served at their bar to customers.

Earlier that day Makino and Cheshire's mother had sent them into the woods to pick some wild mangos from the local grove to bring back to the bar, and Makino had been busy picking mangos from the branches that she could reach from safely on the ground, when she noticed that Cheshire was nowhere to be found and her shoes had been left discarded on the ground. It hadn't taken the older girl to finally spot her sister as the younger girl scaled up the mango tree she had been picking fruits from, and now Cheshire was balanced on one of the higher up tree branches making her way to some mango's that were growing at the end of the branch.

"In a minute, Maki! There are still some good looking mango's up here I want to try and get some more before we head home!" Cheshire shouted back down from her perch in the tree, as she giggled a bit at the worried look she could see on her sisters face, as she balanced on what appeared to be a sturdy tree branch and walked over to some fresh mango's that were growing at the other end of the branch, "I'm perfectly safe and fine, so you don't need to worry so much."

"Don't say that! It's always when you tell me not to worry, is when I really start worrying then," Makino snapped, as she put down her own basket of mango's and kicked off her own shoes before she tried climbing up the tree herself to go after her sister, only to lose her grip on the tree and tumble backwards after barely going up a foot on the tree, "Dang it! How did you get up there so easily anyways?! Come back down here already!"

"You know I'm always good at climbing things, Maki. You just suck at climbing stuff more," Cheshire said cheerfully as another giggle escaped from her mouth as she watched her sister make another attempt at climbing the tree only to tumble backwards, "Stay down there before you hurt yourself! I'll be back down soon, sis!"

Smirking a bit as she heard Makino grumbling to herself at the bottom of the tree, Cheshire continued to make her way towards the patch of mango fruit hanging from the branch she was on, when she spots an odd looking mango fruit hanging near the end of the branch.

The colors of the mangos that usually grew on this tree were a combination of yellow and red on the hard surface of the fruit, but this particular mango caught her attention, because instead of it being red and yellow like the rest of the fruit on the tree, it was a dark navy blue color, with green and silver patterns covering its round surface.

'What kind of mango fruit is that? I've never seen something like it before. No way could it be a devil fruit?!' Cheshire thought silently to himself as she narrowed her eyes on the odd fruit for a moment as she ignores the other mango's and starts making her way further across the branch towards the strange looking mango, tilting her head to one side in thought for a few seconds, 'I always heard that they look like normal fruit, but they change the appearance of the fruit. I can't believe I actually found one if it really is one. If I eat it, I wonder what kind of power I'll get...'

As soon as she was close enough to the edge of the branch, she quickly reached down and plucked the devil fruit off the branch. Standing back up straight, she looked down at her prize with a speculative look on her face, as she looked it over for a moment in silence.

"Cheshire! Come on! What's taking you so long up there?!" Makino called out impatiently from her spot on the bottom of the tree as she looked up at her sister, who she could barely see now, as panic started to fill her, "We have to get home soon, you know, or else mom will get mad at us."

"I'm coming, Maki! You're not going to believe what I found up here!" Cheshire called back, deciding that it was time to come down before Makino had a heart attack, as she started making her way back the way she came, as she used her sleeves to clean up the devil fruit mango a bit before she brought it up to her mouth and took a deep bite out of it, and made a face at the taste coming from it but she forced herself to keep eating it, 'Ew! It tastes nasty! If it tastes this bad, then it has to be a devil fruit. Everybody I ever met who has a devil fruit power always said that the fruits tasted nasty, compared to the uncursed fruits taste like...'

Just as she was half way through the fruit, and close to the tree trunk, her eyes widen when she starts to notice a loud creaking sound that was slowly getting louder by the second, as she noticed that the tree branch she was on seemed to be dipping down, but before she could do anything, the branch suddenly snapped under her weight and she found herself falling the long way back to the ground, and she could here Makino screaming out to her.

'No way! I can't die! Not when I found a devil fruit! Mom's going to be mad at Makino for this,' Cheshire thought frantically to herself, as she clutched the half eaten fruit in her hands as she fell, she quickly stuck the fruit into her mouth and bit down on it as she tried to use her now free hands to try and grab onto the passing branches as she fell to try and stop her fall, but she was falling to fast and missed everything, 'I wonder if I ate enough of the devil fruit to activate whatever power I received from it to try and save myself? I might as well try before I die...'

As she saw the ground coming closer by the second, Cheshire quickly closed her and tried to focus and make something happen, when she suddenly felt a strange tingling sensation spread throughout her body, as she felt her body starting to shift and change into something else, as she also felt something spring from her back. Quickly opening her eyes, she looked down at her hands and from what she could see her hands seemed to have morphed into some kind of clawed feet, and a quick glance behind her back she spots a pair of dark gray wings with a lighter gray shade pattern on them.

Not taking the time to stop and think about what she might have just changed into as she saw that she was closer to the ground than before, Cheshire automatically spread out her new wings and started flapping them as fast as she could, and was happy to see that her descent was slowing down. Looking down she could see Makino's shocked face as the older girl backed off and got out of the way, as Cheshire landed safely on the ground on all fours.

Once she was on the ground, Cheshire shook herself a bit, as she shook off the kinks in her new body, and started examining herself all over as best as she could, as she tries to look herself over, taking in the sight of her new reptilian body for a second, while giving her new wings a few experimental flaps that lifted her off the ground a little bit until she stopped flapping them.

"Cheshire? Is that really you? What happened?" Makino's voice called to her, worry and concern filling the older girls voice as she spoke, causing Cheshire to turn around to look at her sister with a confused look on her reptilian face, as Makino visibly relaxed as she realized that the creature in front of her really was her sister, "How the heck did you turn into that?! Are you some kind of dragon or what?"

"I found a devil fruit up in the tree and ate it. When the tree branch broke I guess I activated the power I got from that fruit to save myself," Cheshire's rumbling voice came out of the dragons muzzle, surprising the two girls when they realized she could still talk, as Cheshire continued speaking after a few seconds, as she starts walking away from her sister and heads towards a nearby pond, with Makino following along right behind her, "I'm glad that I can still talk in this form. Wait. You said that I look like a dragon?! That's so cool! I gotta go see! I wonder what kind of dragon am I?"

As soon as the two girls reached the pond, Cheshire immediately stepped right up to the pond, standing sideways so that her whole body could be seen reflecting back in the ponds clear blue surface like a mirror, and her eyes widen a bit in surprise at what she saw.

Reflected back in the water's clear blue surface was what appeared to be a dark gray dragon that was about the size of a large dog. Her dragon forms scales also had a pattern of pale gray stripes covering most her body, with a matching pale gray underbelly and a pale gray diamond shaped symbol on her forehead covering the darker shade of gray scales on her body. Her green eyes remained the same even in dragon mode, but now it took on a feral cat like appearance as it stared back at her in the pond.

"No way! I'm a Night Fury! That's so cool!" Cheshire's rumbling voice came out filled with excitement as she jumped around a bit as she looked at her reflection, as she sat back on her haunches and stood up on two legs, "I can't believe that I actually found a devil fruit that lets me turn into one!"

"How do you know what type of dragon you are?" Makino asked as she took a seat on the ground away from her sister as she watched Cheshire's antics, as she laughed a bit at how Cheshire was acting now at the sight of her new body, "I've never even heard of Night Fury's before, let alone thought Dragons were actually real until now."

"I read about them in the town library. Some of their history books have a lot of info on dragons along with drawings of what they look like, and Night Fury's are in the books," Cheshire said, as she glanced over at her sister once more, as she finally turned away from the pond and made her way over to Makino and took a seat next to her sister, as she lay down with her head resting on her front paws, "Night Fury's are my favorite dragon out of all of them, and I'm glad that if I had to become a dragon because of a devil fruit, then I'm glad that it was a Night Fury dragon. They are really cool."

"What's so 'cool' about them," Makino asked, sounding skeptical as she tentatively reached out a hand towards Cheshire's back and starts petting the dragon, and earns herself a rumbling purr like sound from the dragon.

"Well for one thing, the books said that Night Fury's are supposedly known as Lightning breathers, instead of fire breathers like other dragons, they are the fastest known dragons ever known when it comes to flying," Cheshire said after a few seconds of enjoying the petting she was receiving, as she experimentally blew out a breath of air and smirked as a huge spark of lighting shot out of her mouth and hit a nearby tree, leaving a scorch mark on it and splintered wood falling to the forest floor, though she reluctantly pulled away after awhile, as a worried look appeared on her features as she sits up on all fours for a moment as she looks herself over for a moment, "I wonder how do I change back to normal though? Mom and the guys are going to freak if I come home looking like this... Not to mention the rest of the village will freak out before we can explain what happened to me."

"Your right about that. What did you do to change to begin with? There has to be a way to turn back to normal, or else there'd be a lot of people with animal devil fruit powers stuck in their animal forms out there," Makino asked, worry filling her voice once more, as she realized the predicament her sister was now in, as a thoughtful look appeared on the older girls face, as she stared at her sister for a moment, "Here's an idea. Why don't you try focusing on changing back to your human form and see what happens? It can't be that hard to change back..."

"Okay, I'll try it," Cheshire said, as she closed her eyes for a moment and started to focus on changing back to her human form, and like before she felt a warm tingling sensation spread through her body as she felt her body begin to shift and change.

When the sensation finally faded away, she slowly opened her eyes and looked down at her body once more, and smiled in relief as she saw that she was once again in her human form. Even her clothes looked intact, and not ripped up from the change.

"Great! I'm back to normal." Cheshire said happily, as she finished inspecting her body after a few seconds, as she turned her gaze upon Makino once more, to see the older girl giving her an approving nod. "What do you think?"

"You look fine and completely back to normal. I'm glad that you managed to become fully human again, I was almost worried that you wouldn't be able to." Makino said, smiling a bit as she walks over to Cheshire and playfully ruffles the other girls red and black hair for a second, as she pulls away from her, as she turned away from Cheshire and starts making her way back the way they came, "Come on lets pick up the baskets of mango's we've already picked and get back home, before mom gets mad, and we can tell her and the boys about what happened."

"Okay," Cheshire said as she quickly ran after her sister, as a slow smile appeared on her face, as she picked up the baskets filled with mango's as she thought happily to herself, 'Things are looking up for me now that I got a devil fruit power. I wonder what the future will hold?'

To be continued...

Author's Notes:
So what do you guys think? This chapter is completed at 19 pages. This is my fourth Harry Potter crossover, involving One Piece with the first one being my story 'Another Chance to Dream'. Please tell me what you think of it in reviews. Do you guys love it? Hate it? What? Though extremely rude flamers won't be tolerated.

What do you think of Cheshire so far? Personality wise, I was trying to make her a little bit like Luffy. Always doing dangerous stuff, like climbing really high up that mango tree and befriended and welcomed a super dangerous snake like Vespertina as her future pet-partner-familiar without fear or without a care in the world, and some other things, that I thought could show that what makes Luffy the way he is, isn't all from Garp and Dragon's side of the family. In my story, the way we see him act in the anime is going to come from his moms side as well.

As for her card playing skills, I'm comparing her with a combination of Nami with her money grubbing ways, and Allen Walker from D-Gray-man for his mad, nearly psychotic card playing skills. When she started playing with the bandits, she had never played before that moment, but she's a natural prodigy when it comes to winning games.

As for the Dragonfly birthmark, I got the idea from a movie with the same name, where the main character in the movies infant daughter had been born with a dragonfly shaped birthmark. I decided that it would be another thing the wizards would be able to recognize her for, since they don't really know about the lightning bolt scar yet since she was sent away to the One Piece world before anybody back home was able to see the lightning bolt scar. All the wizards will know is that she somehow survived the night, but they don't know of any identifying marks on her other than the birthmark.

Please also tell me what all of you think of my version of Luffy's very little known mother, who I'm calling Monkey D. Cheshire? I don't know if I'm failing or not at showing who's side of the family Luffy gets most of his unique quirkiness from. I wanted it to look like that Luffy's personality isn't all from Garp and Dragon's side of the family. lol

Before anyone asks, the answer is yes. The Makino that finds Cheshire is the same one who helped raise and take care of Luffy when Garp dumped him on Foosha island, before the old man eventually took him to the Dadan mountain bandits to be raised alongside of Ace. I thought it would be fun, to have her be a part of Luffy's family as his non-biological aunt on his moms side of the family, to give her a reason for why she was taking care of Luffy, as the reason why Garp trusted his grandson with her when he wasn't on the island.

If anyone is wondering about the year that Cheshire grew up in, I did some searching on the internet to find out exactly what year it is in the One Piece series, and found out the year using Nico Robin's info. On the website I found, it says Robin was officially born on Ohara island in the year February 6, 1494 AOS, so I just made Cheshire's arrival in the One Piece world in the year October 31, 1481 AOS which is now her official birthday since her adopted parents don't know what her original birthday is, and they guessed her age to be around 1, so made the year of her birth 1480 on her adoption papers. lol

Cheshire has been in the One Piece world for twenty-one years before Luffy is born when Robin lost her home island known as Ohara at age eight in 1502, making Cheshire 21 or 22. By the time Luffy is born, Robin would have been between ten or eleven in the year 1505, which adds on the extra years to make Cheshire twenty-four years old when she gives birth to Luffy in the year May 5, 1505 AOS, and twenty-eight when she gets dragged back home to her original universe in the year 1509.

I made the Night Fury picture of Cheshire, using Wyndbain's Night Fury Maker over at the Doll Devine website. This is how I imagine her dragon form to look like, instead of being one solid black color, she's two shades of gray with stripe patterns on her body to make her dragon form more unique compared to Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

If anyone wants to know what kind of snake Vespertina is, she's supposed to be a type of size changing basilisk type snake except her kind are called Hydralisk in the One Piece universe, and she's half Cobra and half Diamondback rattler, who has the upper body (and hood) of a cobra but a rattle on her tail. I got the idea for her after recently watching a horror movie called King Cobra, and I thought it would be the perfect type of snake that could exist in the One Piece world. Though unlike other Basilisks, Vespertina's breed doesn't kill/petrify its victims with their eyes, but get the same result from with their venom.

Hey I have a few requests. I'm looking for a couple of stories that I remember reading before but it's been so long that I can't remember their titles, since the page links will automatically be erased if you post them, or even know if their still on this website. If you know the names, could you please send the titles to either my PM or leave it in a review? Here are the stories I'm looking for.
1. Years ago, Sirius Black took some steps to protect his newly orphaned godson, by casting an ancient and powerful spell that caused the real Harry Potter to be switched with another baby boy named Alexander Harris. The spell switched the two boys looks and DNA and gave Xander all of Harry's magic and cursed scar and vice versa so no one is the wiser. But Sirius dies a decade and a half later without telling anyone about what he did all those years ago and takes his secret with him to the grave. Now, years later after the final battle with Lord Voldemort, 'Harry Potter' is now happily married to Ginny Weasley and expecting their first child, and 'Xander Harris' is together with Dawn Summers, when the spell suddenly breaks thanks to Willow, giving the two men back their original looks and identities and powers.

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