Chapter 2: Hogwarts Express

Everyone had gotten on board the train, quickly settled, put their luggage where it needed to be, and before they knew it, they were off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

After dodging a lot of the older students, and pushing past a few of the new first years, Harry had finally found an empty compartment and looked out the window, wondering what this year will hold for him. He heard someone in the doorway. He looked and saw his best friend, Ron Weasley come in and sit next to him. "Hey, mate!".

"Hey Ron! How's the family?", Harry asked.

"Well, Fred and George tried to send an Earwig into my room to infest its young, but I'm alright! Want a chocolate frog?", he asked, pulling the sweet out of his pocket. "Careful, they jump".

"I'm sure I can handle them. WOAH!". Harry spoke too soon, just as the chocolate frog had jumped out of his hand, causing Harry to fall backwards from shock. He got up, and began to look around the compartment for where the frog might be hiding.

"Harry-", began Ron, but they're bushy haired friend, Hermione Granger had entered the compartment.

"Hello", she said to her two friends. "Hey, Harry?", she said to her friend, who was crawling around on the floor.

Harry looked up at her from underneath the seat. "Huh? Hi, Hermione", he greeted, and went back to looking.

"Hello, Ron", Hermione said, to the now nervous ginger.

"Hi, Hermione", said Ron.

"How was your summer?", she asked him, wondering why he was avoiding eye contact.

Just then, Ron's older twin brothers, Fred and George had found the trio, and decided that this was yet another chance to humiliate their relative. They both slowly entered the compartment, saying in unison, "Awkward reunion, awkward reunion, awkward reunion, awkward reunion!", they laughed. Then walked over to Ron, after pushing Hermione out of their way, and began ruffling his red hair.

"There's our favorite little brother! Or not!", exclaimed Fred.

"Just have fun today, Ron", chimed in George.

Fred took another chance at messing up Ron's clothing. "Don't worry, little bro!", he joked, as George ruffled Ron's hair again. "You'll be fine".

"Hopefully", the twins said in unison. Feeling satisfied with themselves, the two exited the compartment laughing at Ron's embarrassment. Ron started fixing what his brothers had ruined for him, and became angry.

"Arrrghh! I hate those two!", he shouted. "Fred, George! I can still remember, when they turned my fluffy, little, teddy bear, into a giant, bloody, spider! I can still see those, pinchers".

Hermione walked up to him again, causing him to back up. "I missed you, Ron".

Ron stammered, not really sure of what to say. "Uh, um, I, quite acknowledged your missing presence", he said, shaking her hand. "Harry?! Did, did you find the chocolate frog?". Harry just shrugged his shoulders, giving up on his search and went to stand next to his friends.

Hermione suddenly beamed. Harry and Ron knew she always got that smile on her face when she had something to tell them. "Well, I know this year, we'll be working very diligently on our studies. I've done a bit of research and we should have a 7.3 percent improvement from last year. Harry, still got that textbook I sent you?", she asked Harry, nudging his shoulder. Harry started getting nervous like Ron, who was trying to hide behind Harry.

"I uh, think I lost that", he said.

"He did!", piped up Ron, relieved her attention was off of him.

"Um, I've just been busy!", said Harry.

"He's frazzled!", Ron reassured her. Hermione seemed to have moved on from talking about classes, because she was trying to look at Ron.

"Ron, why are you avoiding me?". Harry finally pushed his friend in front of him so Hermione could get to him. "Did you study Ron?", she asked, sweetly.

"Well, you see-", began Ron.

"DID YOU STUDY!?", yelled Hermione, grabbing ahold of Ron's robes, shaking him. That was the one thing about Hermione that made Harry and Ron terrified of her; not living up to her expectations as much as she did, which turned her into a maniac.

"Look! We're here!", said Ron, pointing out the train window, showing a castle bigger than anything they had ever seen before; Hogwarts.

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