written for week 1 of the probending comp. i have a lot more where this came from.

prompts: use of earthbending



sage green

Earthbender: Someone returning to their lover after a misunderstanding

Words: 925

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It was early in the morning on Air Temple Island when Lin Beifong woke up, on the couch, without her lover in her arms, alone. Pushing herself off the couch, she walked to the door that lead outside and was instantly met with a panting polar bear dog, right in her face. "Oh no." As if on cue, the dog licked her face. "I really hate you."

Pushing past Naga, Lin took a seat on the veranda steps to bask in the morning sun that had barely risen, as air acolytes slowly emerged one by one, to start with their daily chores, when Naga nudged her in the side with her muzzle. "You want to play, don't you?" A whimper. "Fine. I was going to train, I suppose this will be an okay substitute." Circling her hands around each other, a ball formed from the earth in front of her. "Game of fetch?" Naga bounced from left to right in anticipation for the ball to be thrown.

Throwing the make shift ball in the air, Lin jumped and then spun, kicking the ball off into the distance, hoping it didn't hit anyone in the head when it landed as Naga ran after it. The game of fetch continued for another ten minutes, until Naga became tired and collapsed on top of Lin, who was too late to realise what was happening to escape. Now, she was buried under four hundred kilos of polar bear dog muscle.

"Aunt Lin?"

"Oh, hey Jinora."

"Are you okay? Do you want some help?"

"No, no. I've got it." Raising her arms, Lin raised the polar bear dog on some pillars, then shimmed out from under it before dropping it. Taking a seat on the veranda again, she reclined on her arms and let out a breath of air.

"Where's aunt Kya?" The young airbender took a seat next to Lin and looked at her curiously.


"And you're not with her because?"

Lin rubbed the back of her neck nervously. Should she really be talking about this with Jinora? Well she is fifteen, and already knows a lot for her age. Deciding it was okay, the Chief of police opened up to her niece. "She threw me out of bed. I spent the night on the couch."

"Ouch. What did you do?"

"That's the thing, I have no idea."

Jinora rubbed her chin with her hand in thought, something that she had picked up from her father. "Well, have you done anything to upset her in the week she has been back?"

"Well," I can't believe I'm telling her this. "I may have been a, uh, little, rough? With her when she came home last week."

"No, she said she liked that." Jinora looked up at her aunt to see that she had her eyebrow raised. "What? Aunt Kya tells me everything about you two. Especially last month when you slipped in the shower when you two were-"

"Woah! That's enough. I can't believe she told you about that."

"Aunt Kya trusts me not to tell anyone. Okay, so it wasn't the… rough lovin'. Were you late for anything?"

"Not that I know of. I haven't been late for anything because we didn't do anything that warranted a time."

"Well, then it would have to be something that you did before she left, that she only just remembered."

Lin remained silent as she looked back on the past few months of her life involving Kya and came up with. "Nothing. I can't remember doing anything wrong."

"Seriously Lin?" Both Lin and Jinora jumped at the sound of Kya speaking behind them. "You can't remember what you did?"

"Kya, I love you very much," Lin was now standing, "But I can't remember anything I did wrong."

"Jinora, would you give us a moment?" Waiting for the airbender to leave, Kya faced Lin and glared at her. "The postcard."

"The postcard?"

"Mhm. The one you sent me from Zaofu."

Lin thought back on her trip to Zaofu… five months ago. "What about it?"

"It was a stupid, plain green postcard with 'I'm fine' written on the back. You could have written, 'hey babe. Zaofu is great. I'm having fun with my family. Wish you were here. Love you and really miss you. Love from Lin' but oh no. You got what looked like a paint sample card, wrote 'I'm fine' something you say constantly when you are here with me, and sent it."

Lin rubbed the back of her head nervously and looked away with a pout. "I was worried if I said something other than 'I'm fine.' you would think it wasn't me. And it wasn't any kind of green it was a lovely sage green. It's their people's colour."

"I still think you should have done more."

"I did do more. The only reason I went to Zaofu is because you wanted me to."

Kya relaxed the arms that were folded across her chest. "That's true."

Lin pulled her into a tentative hug and smiled when she didn't fight back. "See, I slept on the couch for nothing."

"I guess."

"So, Jinora says you like my rough side."

A blush found itself on Kya's face, something that doesn't happen very often and Lin was loving every second of it. "I may have, umm, said something to her about that."

"I still have an hour before work and I'm not wearing any armour at the moment. So?"

Kya grabbed Lin's hand and the two women ran back into the home.