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(word) wild (dialogue) "Just do it!" (emotion) fear (emotion) regret (restriction) No sentences shorter than 10 words (genre) Adventure

"Lin, would you relax? I feel like you're going to break me in half."

"Oh, sorry." The metalbender loosened her hold around the waterbender's waist. "Umm, where are we?"

Kya slowed down the Eel Hound to look around, instead finding trees blocking her view in every direction. "I have no idea. But what does it matter? We are on an island we have never been on before, it's an adventure of a lifetime… well your lifetime. Unlike you, I plan on travelling the whole world. Discovering new foods, cultures and experiences."

Lin let out a huff as she dismounted the large animal and reached her arms out to Kya. "I can have an adventure in the city any time I want."

"Uh-huh." Turning sideways in the saddle, Kya allowed Lin to take hold of her waist and help her down onto solid ground… which wasn't so solid as evident by Lin falling backwards and Kya crashing on top of her. "Ow. So much for earthbenders being unmov-" Kya closed her mouth when she realised she was staring into beautiful emerald eyes. "You have really beautiful eyes."

"I do?" Just as the two women began to lean in, the Eel Hound let out a loud hiss and bolted off, leaving them in its dust.

"Damnit. You didn't tie her up! This is fucking unbelievable."

"Me?! That should have been the first thing you did when you got off!"

Lin let out a growl and pushed Kya off of her. "You're unbelievable."

"I'll take that as a complement. Hey, where are you going?"

"I'm going to find a way out. If I keep going in one direction, I should find myself on the beach and then I can walk around to where everyone else is."

Kya pushed herself off the ground to quickly follow the angry woman. "So, you and Tenzin?"

Lin's shoulders slumped at the mention of Tenzin's name. "Do we have to talk about me and Tenzin? I mean, he cares about me and I care about him but there is no love. Well there is, ugh, this is so hard to explain. I honestly just said yes to get him to stop asking me. I just hope if I act like his girlfriend enough, I might actually fall for him. I love him like I love Su basically."

"You mean your annoying little sister who steals everything from your wardrobe and drives you nuts every second she gets. Yeah, I understand that."

Lin rolled her eyes as she jumped over a large tree root. "Not like that. I would choose Tenzin over Su any day."

"Understandable. Hey, let's go this way instead, it looks more interesting."

"No. We're going thi-" Lin stopped in her tracks when she realised Kya was walking off in another direction, completely ignoring her. "Stop!"

"I don't want to. I think I saw a lake up ahead."

Lin let out a sigh as she reluctantly followed Kya to a small billabong, with its reflection playing against the rock face that surrounded it. "This is really beautiful. I wish I could take a dip."

"Then why don't you? Nothing has stopped you from doing what you want in the past."

The metalbender turned around to see her best friend stripping down to nothing. "What are you doing?"

"Taking a dip. It's hot and I'm covered in sweat." The waterbender ran towards the body of water and dived in elegantly, coming to surface with a satisfied gasp. "Come on! The water is amazing."

Lin's hands went to the hem of her shirt, only to hesitate for a second. "I don't think I can."

"Just do it! If you don't, I will never let you live it down!"

Come on Lin, do it. Beifong's aren't afraid of anything. I know. So strip already. But what if- what if what? You cool down? Have a bit of a swim? Fall for your boyfriend's sister? Who cares? Just get your ass in that cool water. Lin let out a sigh as she quickly took off her clothes and jumped into the water next to Kya with a laugh. "You're right, this water is amazing."

"Mhm, if you come with me when we finish school, you and I can experience this all the time, together."

"Kya, I don't kno-" The metalbender soon found her lips occupied by someone who was not her boyfriend, though she didn't care. She allowed her mouth to be revenged by Kya's wild tongue, letting out a moan of pleasure when she felt hands move to her backside.

Holy shit, what am I doing? This is my brother's girlfriend… even if it is nice. You need to stop this, she will regret this for the rest of her life if she ends up with Tenzin. Spirits, I'm already regretting it. Kya pushed herself away from the woman attached to her lips and quickly got out of the billabong and began to get dressed. "We should get going. The group is probably worried."

Lin shook herself out of her stupor and climbed out of the water.

They walked through the jungle in silence, both not sure how to broach the subject about what happened. One was full of regret, the other full of need and want.

"Lin, I uh, I think we should talk about what happened in the billabong earl-"

"Is that a house over there? Maybe they have a phone we can use to call the museum!"

Kya was left to lag behind, as Lin quickly walked towards the house lying amongst the trees. "This is going to be a long day."