AN: A quick note is that I'm raising the ages of the people going to beacon from seventeen to eighteen and that Ruby Rose is sixteen instead of fifteen.

AN2: While I'm a big fan of both RWBY fanfictions and the show itself I've never written anything for the fandom so it may not be up to the quality of my other works. If you find problems with it please just point them out and advice on how to correct any problems that arise would be appreciated.

A Grimm Huntsman

Chapter 1


Grinning she stepped out of the bathroom with a wide stretch, smirking at the gazes that her choice of pajamas got as she looked around before spotting her sister, focused completely on writing in a small journal. "It's like a big slumber party, huh sis?" she asked happily as she flopped down on the sleeping bag next to her Ruby's.

"I don't think dad would approve of all the boys though." Ruby said without breaking stride in her writing or even looking up.

"I know I do." She said with a playful growl as she eyed the shirtless guys who were flexing and wrestling to get attention before wincing in revulsion as the blonde guy her sister had met earlier walked by in a sky blue footy pajama onesie and winked at her. "What's that you're writing though?" she asked as she looked down at what her little sis was doing.

"A letter to the gang back at Signal," Ruby said with a small smile "I promised to tell them all about Beacon and how things are going.".

"That's so cute!" she teased, drawing out the word 'cute' before being silence by a pillow slamming into her face.

"Shut up!" Ruby growled, "I didn't get to take any of my friends with me to school and it's weird not knowing anyone here.".

"Well…" she said trailing off for a second before perking back up "what about Jaune? He's…nice. See, plus one friend, that's a one hundred percent increase!".

"I'm pretty sure that Weiss counts as a negative friend," Ruby said sardonically "back to zero.".

"There's no such thing as a negative friend," she chided with a smile "you just…made one friend and one enemy!". For a moment she thought she had managed to cheer Ruby up before a second pillow slammed into her face. "Look," she said seriously "it's only been one day. I promise that you have friends all around you…you just haven't met them yet.".

"Like who?" Ruby asked with a small frown as the silver eyed girl sat up.

"Well let's see who you know so far," she said with a smile "we have Jaune the vomit boy wonder, Weiss the angry Heiress, and…".

"Her." Ruby said with a small frown, like she was trying to remember something, while pointing to a girl in a black nightgown with flowing ebony hair and golden eyes along with a bow on top of her head that was reading a book by candle light.

"Oh?" she asked intrigued as Ruby shook her head negatively.

"She showed up after the…explosive encounter I had with Weiss," Ruby explained "she just identified Weiss, insulted her family company, and then walked off.".

"She sounds almost as social as you are." She said with a smirk "Let's go introduce you!".

"Yang…she's reading." Ruby deadpanned.

"So?" she asked in confusion while Ruby sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"When someone is reading a book and as into it as she clearly is then by interrupting them you're only going to piss them off and make them want to hurt you." Ruby explained as if speaking to a child.

"Oh…" she said awkwardly as they looked around for anyone else.

"What about him?" Ruby's voice spoke up as she turned to see where her little sister was pointing and saw a boy sitting in a small nook, back pressed against the wall as moonlight shone in through the window the boy was staring out of, throwing the figure's face into a sharp contrast. He had black hair that went just past his shoulders and pale skin, like he had barely gotten any sunlight for a long time along with clearly tensed muscles, like he expected to have to fight for his life at any possible moment. Instead of pajamas her new classmate was wearing combat boots, black cargo pants, and a skin tight black long sleeve shirt.

"Awww!" she cooed "Is my baby sister finally noticing boys?".

"Yang!" Ruby protested with a full body blush before yelping when she stood up and dragged her silver eyed sibling with her and over towards the boy.

"Hellooooo!" she called out cheerfully as she walked over to the boy, dragging her struggling sister along with her. As she reached her new classmate she saw his head slowly turn towards her as she finally saw the rest of the guy's features. Along with the inky black hair and pale skin she saw regal, if somewhat sunken, features, piercing emerald eyes, a lighting scar, and dark bags beneath the haunting gaze. The guy almost seemed…apathetic towards her as he looked her up and down, giving no reaction at all to her appearance, something she found more than a little irritating, but then the guys gaze turned towards her sister. The second her pale classmate looked at Ruby his eyes widened as he gripped the stone frame of the window hard enough for her to see cracks begin to appear.

"Yang let me go!" Ruby protested, having not noticed the dark haired boy's violent reaction as her own grip on Ruby's arm slackened to the point that the silver eyed girl was able to yank her hand back but then stared at her in wary confusion. "Y-yang?" Ruby asked nervously as she shook herself out of her stupor.

"Go back to the sleeping bags Ruby," she ordered, her eyes narrowing as the guy looked away from them "I'll be there in a minute.".

"O-okay." Ruby said weakly, her little sister clearly nervous at her sudden change in attitude, before rushing off with her semblance.

"Okay mister," she growled, yanking the guy around to face her once her sister was back at their sleeping bags "what's your…problem…" she trailed off as she stared into his emerald orbs. Where before they were apathetic and showed disinterest in everything around them now they reflected only pain, a raw agonizing pain that made her shudder at its intensity. "H-hey," she said weakly "what's wrong?". He didn't answer, instead she saw his body begin to shake as he, she assumed, tried to fight off a reaction before he clenched his fist together and crushed part of the stone window frame to rubble before taking in a shaky breath and exhaling as tears began to form in the corners of his eyes.

"Her eyes." He choked out, shakily reaching into his shirt and pulling out a small locket before clicking it open as she saw a picture of the figure in front of her, clearly a few years younger, seeming genuinely happy as a girl with long blonde hair and silver eyes like Ruby's sat in his lap while another teenage boy, this one slightly pudgy with brown hair, sat next to them as the three laughed and waved at the camera.

"Who is she?" she asked as she sat down, all semblance of rage gone from her as she saw more and more of the apathy of the figure in front of her leave to be replaced by agony, somewhat grateful that the nook was far enough out of the way that others wouldn't come snooping.

"She is…she was my sister," the figure choked out, her eyes widening as she caught the past tense, "and he was my brother. They…they were murdered several months ago…by a man I thought to be my closest friend.".

"No." she breathed in horror as her hands flew to her mouth, not even for a moment believing it to be a lie as she could feel the agonizing torture in the soul of the man in front of her.

"We lived on a small island away from the four kingdoms," he continued, his fingers tracing along the locket's edges and filigree, his eyes staring out into the moonlit sky "and kept to ourselves, never leaving the island unless forced to…I was the first to do so in centuries. A madman had tried to take over our small land, killing off anyone he saw as having 'inferior blood' or ancestry as I tried to fight back along with a few small friends. I took my two oldest friends with me to try and find the…the…abominations he had used to stay alive while my brother and sister worked on protecting others from torture and capture.".

"Abominations?" she asked in confusion but a part of her wished she hadn't said anything, able to feel the boy, no man's disgust with what he had dealt with.

"He had split his soul." Her conversation partner said as bile rose within her stomach at the very thought "into eight pieces although he had meant it to be seven. As long as any of them existed he couldn't be killed and it took a year of searching to find and destroy them all before killing him and a good chunk of his murderous followers. I saw many friends and loved ones perish in that war, most of my country's population died in it as the rebels fought the terrorists. After the madman perished I thought we could have peace…but it wasn't to be. The government, or what remained of it, decided that they didn't want someone like me, someone who had defeated the leader of the terrorist group and was considered 'immortal', running around while not being their own personal attack dog. So they attacked me in the middle of the night to give me a fake trial before executing me. My…my brother and sister tried to protect me…but part of the squad sent to capture me were the two friends I went on the year long journey with. Both of them deciding I had to be 'evil' as I wasn't obeying the government without pause, even though it was being led by a woman whose semblance was designed to cause agonizing suffering to humans as she enjoyed using it on me in the past.".

"W-what happened then?" she asked weakly as she stared at the figure before her, the broken man who she knew had lost everything.

"I was set to be executed," the boy continued "but a man I had thought for the longest time was slime, a man I had detested for years…he came to visit me in my cell. He apologized for what had happened to my brother and sister…to Neville and Luna, and how he wished he hadn't been such a fool when we first me…how he wished we could have been friends. He said he had something in mind to try and make up for the mistakes of his past. I didn't know what he meant at first but I figured it out on the day of my execution when he killed himself and every other person that was left of the island as I was set on the ship and banished. My last sight was watching the village with the last of my island's people burn to the ground as Draco, the man I had thought could only love himself, ended his own life to destroy the cancer that plagued what was once my home. I drifted on that boat for days as they had thought I would be dead quickly lost at sea but I survived until I crashed onto a shoreline and was found by Ozpin. He got me to a hospital and offered me a place at the school so I could do something to earn a living so I said yes.".

"Why tell me all this?" she asked in confusion as the man turned back towards her, his gaze once more piercing her very soul.

"Because I saw how you looked at your sister," he told her seriously "I saw the love, the protectiveness in your eyes when you gaze at her. I know that as an older sibling you would do anything to protect your little sister and I respect that. I told you so you would know that I mean her no harm…I only ask that you tell no one what I told you here. If you have to tell your sister anything, simply tell her that she…that she has the same eyes as my sister.".

"I…I will keep my silence." She promised as she stood up shakily, getting a grateful nod from the man in return before he once more faced the moon, his stance showing he saw the conversation as over. Noting this she slowly walked back over to her sister, her heart filled with pity for the broken man she left behind.


Seeing the beautiful blonde leave he sighed to himself as he stared once more at the locket that showed Luna and Neville together back during the DA. He had altered his story somewhat, changing his home world to an island and him being sent through the veil for being cast adrift on a ship. Ron and Hermione had betrayed him though and Draco did burn the Ministry to the ground with Fiendfyre just before he was sent through…but not before Delores Umbridge could get in her final strike against him. She had carved a curse into his very bones so that whenever he slept he was forced to endure every horrible thing that ever happened to him, over and over again, feeling all the physical and mental pain endlessly until he awoke. He was forced to relive his ten years as a slave before getting his Hogwarts letter, going through the traps to get to the stone, Aragog's nest, the basilisk, the dementors, and every other soul destroying horror he had faced again and again until he trained himself to go without sleep for as long as possible.

When he had landed in this new world, the Veil not taking him for a simple reason, he had indeed met Professor Ozpin, the man using his semblance to look over his thoughts to figure out who he was and learning the truth of his past. Ozpin had sworn to keep it a secret and done a great deal to try and gain his trust over the past several months, the greatest feat of which was using the semblance, Ozpin called it mind walking, to allow him to enter the professor's mind to look at the man's innermost thoughts and memories as he saw that he man truly didn't mean him harm.

Shaking his head he stared again at the moon, the beautiful and pale moon that reminded him of his beloved little sister Luna as he thought about the reason the veil didn't kill him…a reason that, if it was known, would make every being in remnant bay for his blood. Ever since he had been a year old, since Halloween of nineteen eighty one when he reflected the soul stealing killing curse…he hadn't fully survived. Though his heart still beat and he still 'lived'…he did so without a soul, the curse having taken it away. He was, for all intents and purposes…a human Grimm.