A Grimm Huntsman

Chapter 30


Stepping out of the elevator, Harry looked around Ozpin's office, seeing the headmaster already there along with Professor Goodwitch and Winter. Sitting in front of the man's desk he could see the Stonewall unit already sitting and waiting. "Ah, good to see you've arrived." Ozpin nodded to Harry and his team, gesturing to the six remaining seats "If you'd sit down, then we can begin."

"May I ask why we're here sir?" Harry asked as he took a seat, unable to think of a specific incident that would necessitate both of the six person units being called in at the same time.

"It's about the upcoming missions." Ozpin nodded to him, "And how we plan to handle it given the situation with you twelve."

"Is it that big of an issue that our teams are made of six people and not four?" Ruby tilted head confused, not seeing what the issue was.

"That's not what he means." Professor Goodwitch stepped forward, smacking her riding crop against her palm as she took charge "You twelve had had several negative incidents between each other, a great deal of bad blood and history. So, we plan to split the teams up for your missions. Three from each unit making two teams to go on these missions in the hopes of getting through your thick skulls."

"Ouch." He heard Russel mutter softly before gulping when the blonde professor gave him a sharp look.

"I thought I was under house arrest." Belladonna gave a displeased glare at the faculty members, her ankle monitor blinking helpfully to accentuate this fact.

"I did mention that you'd be going on mandatory missions." Ozpin gave her a flat stare, "You won't be permitted to take addition missions for pay or extra credit like the rest of your team will but those that are required for your grades you'll still go on. As for the groups, we'll have Mr. Potter, Mr. Arc, and Ms. Rose along with Ms. Schnee, Ms. Nikos, and Mr. Bronzewing. You'll be assigned to and working with Specialist Schnee here." The headmaster gestured to the Atlesian Operative who nodded.

"As for group two. Ms. Xiao-Long, Ms. Valkyrie, Mr. Lie, Mr. Lark, Mr. Thrush, and Ms. Belladonna, you six will be working with Professor Greene." Professor Goodwitch decreed, surprising Harry with the mention of the stealth and security professor.

"What will our missions be Professor?" Harry asked, not as upset as he would have been before his little 'heart to heart' with Weiss the other day. He still wasn't sure about Dove or Pyrrah though, a sentiment he noticed Jaune seemed to share "Or will we get to choose?"

"Mr. Potter, your group will be going on a Grimm Extermination and recon mission." Ozpin informed him, "While the team led by Professor Greene will be aiding the Sherriff of the Village of Sumire. We wished to inform you twelve now so you had time to process the information and wouldn't be caught off guard when the rest of your classmates are selecting their own missions. Now, you're dismissed."

Nodding, Harry got up, pausing when Winter called out "Harry, could you and Weiss hold back. I'd like to speak with you both."

"I'll catch up later." Harry nodded to his team who nodded and loaded into the elevator, Weiss' teammates eventually departing as well so he, Weiss, and Winter would have privacy in their ride down to talk.

"What was it you wanted Winter?" Weiss asked once the door was closed and the professors could no longer hear them.

"First I wanted to inform you that I specifically requested the both of you be on a team that I led for this upcoming mission." Winter told them with a small smile as she leaned against the wall of the elevator.

"Requested?" Harry blinked surprised as he glanced over at Weiss who looked just as confused "Why?"

"To start with Harry, there's still the issues I'm working with you on." Harry nodded to her, glad for her discretion on the details even if Weiss had already figured out that he and Winter were doing something together "So this would give me more time to work with you. And Weiss, without the family funds and access to Dust I'm aware that you need to improve your ability in other fields of combat to better save your Dust for emergencies."

"I thought that would just be you helping me use Myrtenaster more efficiently." Weiss blinked in surprise, Harry guessing that was what she had talked to her sister about the other day.

"I intend to help with that, but I also plan to ensure you have at least the basics of as many areas of our family semblance down as possible within the year, summoning in particular." Winter gave her sister a confident smirk, "From what I've seen you've only been scratching the surface with Glyph, so we'll be changing that. I also requested that the Belladonna girl not be in our group just to help things go smoother for all parties involved."

"Yeah, I can't see any group with myself, Weiss, and Belladonna not resulting in enough arguments to draw every Grimm for a couple miles if we're going outside the Kingdom." Harry winced at the thought, the mental image not being a pretty one.

"Quite." Winter nodded before she smirked, "I was also curious whether or not you two had found yourselves dates for the school dance yet."

"Hah!" Harry let out a sarcastic bark of a laugh, "I can't even dance to begin with so what makes you think I'd be going?" at that statement of his dancing skill he saw the two high society women turn towards him and he felt something cold run down his spine.

"Can't dance you say?" Winter smirked, "Why now, that won't do at all. That will have to be fixed post haste."

"H-hey now, there's no need for that." Harry nervously backed up only to remember that being trapped in an elevator made escape rather difficult.

"But of course, there is." Winter smiled at him dangerously "You can feel free to bring those on your team who still need to learn as well. I'm sure Weiss and myself can make you an excellent dancer in time for the school event." The moment the elevator door opened he tried to bolt only a white Glyph to appear in the air and trap him.

"Run, save yourselves!" Harry called out to his team who had waited for him and looked surprised at his current situation.

"None of that, come along now." Winter stalked down the hallway, her Glyph carrying him along with her while his team followed a very amused Weiss.


"Mount Glenn huh?" Salem's enforcer rubbed his chin as he read the reports Roman had written up that detailed everything he remembered about Cinder's plans. The parts she had told him of at any rate.

"Yeah. Given she had her little minions collect a bunch of books on train maintenance and engine repair from that Bookstore who's owner they killed I'd guess she plans to fix up one of the ones there, load it with the dust she had me steal, and use it as a battering ram to let Grimm flood into the city."

"And she has the gall to call me a barbarian." Hazel shook his head as he set the folder aside, rubbing his temples at Cinder's plan of pure chaos and slaughter, a plan that he was almost surprised wasn't from Tyrian.

"I was originally the one she tasked with overseeing things there once enough Dust was stolen but given theā€¦let's say 'change in leadership', that's no longer the case. Apparently, she recruited some moron who got expelled from Beacon for blackmailing another student."

"A huntsman dropout?" Hazel sounded intrigued at Cinder recruiting a student, or ex-student, before he did "One of the upper years?"

"Nope. Freshman." Roman snickered "According to Neo, Cinder used her 'womanly charms' to convince the dumb brick to work for her."

"I hadn't realized that Neo was spying on Cinder." Hazel glanced at the Ice Cream themed girl who just blew him a kiss, "Nor that Cinder was so desperate as to use her own body as a bargaining chip."

"She doesn't trust Cinder as far as I could throw you." Roman snorted "And it never went that far. This is a particularly dumb teenage boy we're talking about. She just had to wink, give him a pout and a bit of cleavage and this Winchester kid was putty in her hands. Anyway, he's apparently an extreme racist, I'm talking White Fang strawman propaganda come to life levels of racist. He's also not smart enough to keep his opinions to himself so I expect this to end badly and for that to happen soon. Should we intervene or let Cinder's plan blow up on itself?"

Hazel considered before giving his team a dangerous smirk "I believe her failure is a golden opportunity for us. Roman, your task will be to fill in Junior and make sure his Red Axe Gang are ready. Neo," she instantly shattered to appear laying on his desk, resting her chin on laced fingers while her legs kicked in the air "I want you to spy on the Mount Glenn forces Cinder has, and let us know if the White Fang agents she sequestered up there kill this 'Winchester' person. If so, I want to be ready for any possible failure on their plan should they initiate it early. If this happens, I can have Junior's red Axe Gang, Perry, Deery, and yourself to kill any Grimm that enter the city. Only Roman here has a warrant for his arrest while Ozpin knows my face. This would get the three of you and Junior public approval which could very well open several new doors for us."

"You know boss, you really scare me sometimes." Roman was grinning despite his words while Neo was pouting at him.

"I know it'll be boring, but I'll buy you ice cream if you do it without complaining." Hazel sighed, having somehow learned to read her expressions as easily as Roman could. Neo considered his offer, tapping her chin thoughtfully but he knew she was really angling for more "Fine, I'll make sure to talk with you over text whenever you get bored out there. Happy?" at that addition Neo clapped happily before she shattered once again, this time landing on his shoulder.

"She says 'it's time for that ice cream date now'." Roman offered helpfully as Hazel's mind shorted at the word 'date' "Now, you kids have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do."

"Bold words given I've never even seen you talk to another woman." Perry quipped, the two faunus having grown noticeably bolder since working for him. As Roman gasped in exaggerated outrage, and Neo silently laughed while pointing, Hazel wondered how long he'd keep his sanity in this mad house.