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Pairing: Bilbo Baggins/Thranduil, the Elven King of Mirkwood

Bilbo Baggins/Legolas Greenleaf

Rating: MA

The Hobbit belongs to J.R.R Tolkien.

Hobbits were strange creatures, those that were content to love out their lives in the Kindly West for the rest of their lives if need be. Very rarely did one journey out of the Shire, and only the Men of Bree could testify that Hobbits were indeed real. For they lived in symbiotic nature with the halflings but further than Bree Hobbits became the things of legend. They knew it too and used this fact to teach young faunts not to leave the Shire, that they could be content in this little piece of Arda.

This however did not stop some adventurous Tooks from taking their leave of the Shire, and the mother of Bilbo Baggins was one of those Tooks.

As a young child Bilbo was taught by his mother that many people east of the Misty Mountains thought Hobbits were legends. That the elflings of the East would scour the forests looking for hobbits, like he looked for elves in the surrounding woods. He had learned that he was far from the norm to the other races of the world, and that they believed Hobbits weren't real.

She, herself, was thought to be a small dwarrowdam without a wisp of a beard by the Lord Elrond. Belladonna would have let the elf think that if it weren't for that damned meddling wizard! Though the Lord was more than happy to keep the secret of her race once he had his fill of Hobbit Lore. His sons and daughter taking great lengths to show the Hobbit lass around Rivendell as Gandalf laughed at her misery. At least the elves know knew of her dislike of footwear.

Belladonna was one of the few Hobbits that traveled out of the Shire, and as consequence was a mystery to the humans, elves, and dwarrow alike.

Her son was another of the Hobbits that dare to leave the Shire, albeit he may have done so on a whim.

"The elves think us as mysteries, something that is exotic. If they find you, they keep you!" she exclaimed as she tickled Bilbo's stomach.

"M-Mama!" he laughed out.

Once she had let him giggle it out, Belladonna carried him to bed; tucking in her precious child as Bungo watched fondly from the doorway.

"Will they get me Mama?"

"No, they won't. You have no need to fear honey."

"Nighty-night Mama, Papa. Loves you."

"We love you too."

He dimly remembered what his mother had told him about the elves of the East, that they would keep him if he was ever found. That they spent centuries looking in their forests for little hobbits hiding in little holes. He should have taken her stories seriously, but he brushed them off as children's bedtime stories. Never did he think that she would be right.

Bilbo could hardly think of how everything could go so wrong; he had released the entire Company for them to be captured again. Then that Bloody Ring decided that it was too big for his finger and he was spotted by a brown haired elf. His eyes went wide at the sight of the Hobbit and he began to shout out his surprise. He tried to get away from the elf but was grabbed by the arm.

"Periannath! (Hobbit)"

The entire company of dwarves stood in chains as most of the patrol that came across them left to see the 'periannath'. The head of the patrol looked like he wanted to go but stayed behind to make sure the dwarves didn't go anywhere.

"What's going on?"

"I don't know."

"Where's Bilbo?" Bofur whispered to Thorin as he kept looking to all the awestruck elves that were gathered around in a circle. Fili and Kili doing their best to see what the elves were looking at before Fili gasped. Gloin who was closest to the blonde prince whispered to know what they were looking at and grew thunderous when he was told."They what?!" he was quickly shh'ed by Fili as the head patrol man scanned his eyes over the group.

"Quiet nawag (Dwarf)," the blonde elf growled out as he waited patiently for the rest of the guards to finish. A red-head she-elf came up to the head of the group with a small humanoid figure in her arms. The large, hairy feet on the creature alerted the company to where their burglar was; and the burglar in question seems to have fainted before he was wrapped in a large elven cloak. Thorin could see the blood that dripped down his face and the black blood that clung to his skin and hair, and almost immediately the dwarrow began to call for their burglar back.

The she-elf held Bilbo in her arms as if he was made of glass as the other elves only sneered at the group before marching them to the Halls of the Woodland Realm.

"Give us back the halfling!" Nori yelled at the she-elf as she stayed near the head of the group.

The blonde leader only scoffed at the notion, "As if we'd give such a treasure up nawag." His subordinates agreeing and all the Company could do was simmer in anger from kind Ori to the elderly Balin. While they may not have heard of the Shire Folk before the quest, Bilbo Baggins had made his way into everyone's hearts and it would seem that he was there to stay.

The little hobbit was curled into the crook of the she-elf's neck and whimpered slightly whenever she accidentally hurt him by hopping over large logs. A large bump was forming on the side of his head and his cheeks were beginning to show signs of bruising. A thin trail of blood was leaking out of his mouth as his mouth opened slightly and the elves began to speed up their progress.

Majestic was the only way to describe the Halls of Mirkwood, the high arches were made out of tree roots and the entire place was built into several massive natural caves. The throne room presiding over everything and the entire throne itself was magnificent. Atop the wooden throne was the King of the Elves, his regal posture made him seem higher than the others and his crown spoke of his dominance. He looked so much like the head of the patrol that found them and then it clicked in the dwarrows' heads.

They were in the presence of the Prince and King of this realm, chances of escape were growing dimmer and dimmer.

"It has been a long time since Thorin Oakenshield was last seen East of the Misty Mountains. What brings you here? For what purpose does your journey end?" he drawled out as the last of the Company came to stop in front of him. The she-elf stepped forward with the Prince and bowed as best as she could to the King with the Hobbit in her arms.

"My lord, we have found something in the forest," she began and the king's eyebrows rose.

His lithe body basically flowed down the slight spiral staircase on his throne to come to a stop in front of the guard, all while looking at the bloody bundle in her arms. "I see. Tell me Captain Tauriel, where did you find a periannath?" his blue eyes took in the sight of Bilbo.

"He was in the forest, Faenion found him. The periannath is injured and Oakenshield seems to be fond of him."

Thranduil grinned and nodded his head at Tauriel, "Take him to the healers. Make sure he is seen to."

She nodded and bowed again before walking away with Bilbo, the Prince wanting to follow but under the steely gaze of his father he didn't. There he stayed as his father eyed the group of dirty, bloody dwarves with disdain. His keen eyes following every move the dwarves may, "Tell me what were you doing trespassing through my domain?"

"What business is it of yours?"

He stepped close to the younger dwarves and stopped when he heard the animal-like growls from Dwalin as he neared Fili. "What do you want?" Thorin gritted out at Thranduil.

"I wish to know how you came by one of the fabled Hobbits."

"I'd rather rot than tell you," and Thranduil smirked.

"I hoped you would say that," he nodded to his son who began to take the dwarves away, "Stay then and rot. A hundred years or more."

Thorin struggled to stay near his nephews but was forced away by the elven guards, and from the top of his throne the elf called out once more.

"A hundred years is a blink in the life of an elf, I'm patient. I can wait."

As for now he would give Tauriel time to get to the healers and for the hobbit to be healed, later he would have answers to his questions.


She was in awe at the little creature that lay spread on the large bed that made him seem more like an elfling, his injuries were bandaged up and he just looked fragile. The healers were diligent and made sure that the Hobbit was cared for and his body washed of its grime; the healers spent as much time as they could near the Hobbit. They took notes of blood, structure, and characteristics of Bilbo; finding the known knowledge of him valuable from his curly head to his hairy toes.

Venom was coursing through his veins but in an effort to dilute it the healers made him swallow goblets filled with elven blood. The place where he was bit was festering and made the side of his stomach ache terribly. All the elves wanted to do was make sure that the living legend was up and running before long, for many of their childhoods were spent looking for such creatures down rabbit holes and the such.

"Beautiful," Tauriel muttered as she ran her fingers through the silky hair.

"The stories were true," she turned her head to look at king and prince that entered the room. They swooped in and all got up from what they were doing to bow at the royalty. He only waved his hand almost absently as he stood on the other side of the Hobbit's bed. "My father, King Oropher, had once met a periannath. When they were said to be a wandering people, but the problem was that they look like elflings when dressed appropriately. So none believed him, but I did.

"He told me of their uncanny stealth and ridiculously large feet. Over time these became the night stories for young ones and eventually over millennia they passed into legend. Many have scoured the lands East of the Misty Mountains for the little people but we never found one. There hasn't be one seen until... well until now," all were listening to his words. Even ones that were pretending to be working didn't manage to fool themselves, all were engrossed in the story.

One that they knew so well.

"I was told that they were simple beings, ones with a love for food and comfort. Though this one doesn't look like he's had the chance to indulge in that, but when he wakes we can provide that for him. Understand?" there was no question to what he was ordering. Make the Hobbit want to stay and indulge in his every whim and want.

His bruised cheeks were slightly sunken and his eyes held dark circles under them; the Hobbit would need his time to recover. Then what came after would be decided, but as far as the elves were concerned the Hobbit was going to stay. No matter the cost. Thranduil laid a hand on one of those delicate cheeks and stroked the purple skin. Legolas was more interested in his pointed ears and ran fingers on the silken skins, causing the ear to twitch slightly. Both Tauriel and Thranduil turned their heads in sync and Legolas threw his hands in the air.

"I didn't mean for that to happen."

Long lashes fluttered slightly as the Hobbit opened his eyes and groaned low in his throat; his mouth parting and pain filled gulps were heard. Bilbo's honey eyes closed once more and Tauriel gently shook the poor thing, the bright eyes opening again and staying open for the elves. Ragged breaths tore through his body and he reached up for the ceiling.

Thranduil took the smaller hand in his much larger one gently and helped the Hobbit sit up, supporting him with a steady hand on his back. Bilbo clutched onto the King's hand tightly as his confused eyes took in the sight around him. Elves were crowding around him and were talking in low whispers as he got used to his surroundings.

"W-where am I?" his croaky voice came out so harshly that he jumped in surprise.

"Míriel, please get a glass of water," Thranduil said to a healer. She nodded before going to get the glass, and all the while Bilbo was still trying to wrap his head around the situation. An overly large cup was held to Bilbo's lips and he gulped down the clean water; oh how he missed the luxury of clean water! The deep lull of the blonde who was keeping him upright caught his attention, "You are safe. Safe in the Halls of the Woodland Realm, dear periannath."

He groaned in pain and was carefully laid back down again; a hand stroking his curls as he felt his head get cushioned by a soft pillow.

"May we know your name periannath?" Tauriel asked as she stroked his head carefully, her green eyes alight with excitement. The other elves leaned in, desperate to know his name.

"B-Bilbo, son of Belladonna and B-Bungo Baggins," he wheezed out, cautious of the elves, "W-why do you w-want to know?"

The healers whispered into Thranduil's ear and he nodded, "Everyone, let Bilbo rest for now. There will always be another day to learn more about him, understand?"

"Yes, your Majesty," everyone echoed.

"M-Majesty?" Bilbo squeaked out. Thranduil put his hand on Bilbo's shoulder to keep him from getting up, his larger hand was splayed over most of his chest as well. He could feel the bones that jutted out of his skin and frowned, it was obvious that he hadn't been eating like he should have. Though, who knows how long he was in the Mirkwood, a poisonous land was outside his Halls and there would be very little for the Hobbit to eat.

"Sleep," he said simply as he draped the covers over Bilbo's small frame and got up from his seat. He was getting ready to leave when a small hand on his robes stopped him. A, rather bushy in Bilbo's opinion, eyebrow raised in question as the last elf exited the room.

His voice nearly brought the king to his knees with how sad it was, "Stay with me?" Thranduil nodded his head and sat in the chair he had occupied and stroked the curly hair of his hobbit. His hobbit, yes he liked the sound of that very much.

There was no way that this Hobbit was leaving their grip.

He wouldn't allow it.


"Seven meals!"

"Where do you put it?"

"Seven entire courses?!"

"Little One, how can you consume that much a day?"

Bilbo was seriously regretting his choice of telling the elves about his culture, he really was. It had started with the one named Tauriel coming in to check up on the hobbit, who was peacefully eating his lunch. Then she got curious about Hobbits as a race and began spouting off questions faster than he could process it, and her questions had began to draw a small crowd of healers.

Then the subject of food came up and Bilbo was more than happy to enlighten the elves about the wonders of SEVEN meals a day. Starting with his favorite place to start and that was first and second breakfast, but the elves only stared at him incredulously as he explained in great length why it was so important. Though he soon realized they weren't listening to him and were relaying what he said to a lone she-elf who was writing the new knowledge as fast as she could.

The others were shooting at him their own input on the matter, "Dear periannath that is so much food for one little hobbit!

"Its quite normal for Hobbits!" he defended and folded his arms against his chest.

"Really Little One?"

"Yes! First Breakfast and Second Breakfast is the most important ways to start the day! Followed by elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and then supper; all in that respective order of course," he told the group as they gossiped back and forth in Sindarin. The elves questioned him and when they received answers, those same answers were quickly written down. Tauriel, being the perceptive one of the group, had asked Bilbo how many times he ate today. "Well, this is my first meal because I awoke after noon," he said and she nodded to one of the healers.

"Please get some fruit from the cooks," she ignored Bilbo's protests and looked out the open windows. Groaning when she saw that it was indeed after noon and got up from her chair. "Have a nice day Little One," she smiled and patted his head before taking her leave of the hobbit.

Bilbo could only stare at the woman as she left and then at all the healers who were talking among one another as he silently crept out of his large bed.

The Company. Where was the Company?

Using every bit of the fabled stealth that Gandalf had exaggerated about Bilbo made his way to the door that Tauriel exited from, his large feet making no sound on the stone and wood beneath him. The nightgown that he was put in trailed behind him as he tiptoed his way down corridors and walkways, every step he took was a cautious one made. His eyes were alert for any sign of movement and if there happened to be a stray guard or maid near him he would hid in the first alcove he found. Or just behind a large tapestry with a silent prayer that no one would see his feet, and when the footsteps had gone he would get out.

He had know clue where he was going but his main objective was to find the Company and he could only assume they were in the dungeons, wherever that was. He padded along and froze at the sight of the Elven King standing in front of a small pool. Bilbo held his breath and quietly backed into the stairwell he just walked down and nearly died of fright when he heard footsteps behind him. In a panic he looked around and jumped into a small alcove that was completely visible to anyone who happened to look to their side.

"I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?" Bilbo heard the King say and he let out a small breath of relief when he saw Tauriel pass his little hiding spot without him being noticed.

"My Lord, I have an update from the healers. They can't find the Little One," she explained in a hurry. Her green eyes alight in worry while Bilbo's own eyes were wide with fear, he had to leave. He had to leave. They couldn't find him yet, if they did he would never find the Company in the elves' dungeons; hell he'll never find the dungeons at this rate. He slipped out of his hiding place and quickly made him way up the stairs; trying to make as little sound as possible.

The conversation behind him got quieter and quieter as he kept his pace desperately, the once welcoming halls he walked down were now ominous. The long nightgown trailed dirt onto the silk as he began to sprint down the corridors, and he ran as fast as he dared down stairs. His head still hurting and it felt like his blood was burning; though he had to keep going. He had to find Thorin and the others.

Bilbo's pale skin and white nightgown had him stick out like a sore thumb, and he definitely felt like a sore fucking thumb. His entire body ached as he pushed himself forward despite his body screaming for him to stop. Rounding a corner he found himself caught by long arms and was pressed against a tough armor; his smaller body was carefully inspected by the larger one.

Long blonde hair filled his vision as the elf in front of him held onto the hobbit in confusion and shock, "Periannath? What are you doing here? Why aren't you in the healing ward?"

He had to think of something and quick, "I, uh, I wanted to see the Halls of the Woodland Realm. I've spent much of my life reading about how grand the elves made their Halls, so I wanted to see yours. To see if they lived up to the stories." Bilbo had a rushed explanation but he hoped that it sounded sincere; by the look of smugness on his face made him feel extreme relief.

"Why didn't you wait Little One? We would have been happy to show you around when you got healed completely," the blonde ran an exasperated hand through his hair.

"I didn't want to bother any of you," he wasn't telling a lie. He really didn't want to inconvenience the elves healing him, but he also wanted to sneak away to find the Company.

"Don't worry Bilbo, you'll never bother us. We want the best for you," he couldn't help but to feel the guilt course through his veins as he heard the sincerity in his voice. "Come, the healers have been worried sick," the elf said as he gently placed his hand on Bilbo's shoulder to guide him back. The warm hand felt the clammy shoulder and looked to the hobbit in worry. His brown curls were pressed against his head and just saturated in sweat; his cheeks were flushed red with heat.

"Bilbo? Are you okay?"

The hobbit only nodded and tried to hide his ailments by the elf was taking none of it and scooped him into his arms like a child. Bilbo's head rested against the elf's neck as his curly hair wet the green fabric of his undershirt. "You're definitely not okay Little One," he said as he began to sprint in the maze of hallways, trying to get to the healing ward quickly.

Bilbo knew, as he rested his head against the elf's neck, that he wouldn't be able to get away from their attention that easily anymore. It would be much harder to find the Company in such a big place, and he would have the elves breathing down his neck.

Little did he know that they were not going to let the hobbit go without a fight, and a fight they would bring.

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