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Dimaria and Ajeel's invasion would not go unchecked, with Trinity Raven and Shinigami Erigor holding the line in combat, with Ultear observing. While the Fiore natives seemed to hold their own momentarily, a shift in battle was coming, stopped only by the arrival of Natsu. After a brief display of his power, the invading forces were cowed, only for Etherion to have also been used against Alvarez. Brandish would later arrive and take her comrades back to face punishment by Invel, with Natsu taking the time to speak with the dark mages, successfully managing to convince Ikaruga and Fukuro to help him in his search for Zeref. Ultear would request Natsu meet her in Era, while Kagura wanted to lay down some ground rules.

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'Dragon or E.N.D. talking'

"Dragon or E.N.D. thinking"


Chapter 9 – Councilwoman Milkovich

'Master Hades, I would like to run an idea by you.' Said Ultear, speaking to her lacrima orb.

'Go ahead.' Said the orb as it glowed.

'I have the unique opportunity to make my way on to the Council, in light of recent events.' Said Ultear.

'What would be your reasoning for taking a role in such a public facing position?' Asked Hades.

'Would having an inside woman amongst the group most capable of obstructing our efforts not be a massive boon for us?' Questioned Ultear, with a hint of smugness.

'I trust your judgement, Ultear, but do not let your true loyalties be exposed. I will await an update of your efforts at your earliest convenience.' Said Hades, before the orb went dull.

"My true loyalties you say? Even you don't know my true loyalties, Master Hades." Thought Ultear in amusement.

The time mage stood up from the bench she had been seated on and walked through town. Ultear, despite holding magic which allowed her to move an object in a linear path, past or future, had woven herself a path with many branch points. Ultear wondered how different things could have been if she had ever taken those deviations. Any single one could have led her to a very different life. Had she never been taken to the Magic Bureau; she might have ended her journey before it had even gotten started. Had she confronted her mother when younger, she may never have found her way to Grimoire Heart. Had she listened to Hades when he explained that rewinding time was impossibly dangerous, she may have never persisted in her development of her primary magic. Had she stopped in her quest of strengthening her magic, she may have never learnt of Last Ages. Had she not persisted in trying to learn how to bypass the cost of her own life to complete the spell, she may have never dug as deeply into the world of Zeref and E.N.D. as she did. Finally, had Ultear not done this, she would never have learnt the E.N.D.'s power could bypass the power of gods, importantly, that of space and time.

What that blonde upstart had mentioned about her magic being useless against the "no good demon brother" had confirmed the truth that Ultear sought. E.N.D. would be able to give her everything she desired, and while her desires did change over time, the initial goal never did. With that thought in mind, Ultear's path was clear. The path to a true "Ultimate Magic World" as Hades had put it, was by walking side-by-side with Natsu Dragneel.

Ultear smiled at that thought. True, the pink haired man thought of her as a nuisance and a stalker, but Ultear had been called far worse in her time on this plane of existence. Ultear did sense that it wasn't from a place of maliciousness, rather, it seemed to be from a genuine form of confusion. Natsu Dragneel didn't know exactly why Ultear Milkovich was so interested in him, but he knew she was interested for some reason. That was enough for Ultear for now and she would figure out her puzzle eventually, or simply ingrain herself into his mind so deeply that it wouldn't matter what the puzzle was, Natsu would help her either way.

The others around Natsu didn't faze Ultear, but she did find it interesting that he seemed to understand something that no one else did. Ultear wondered if he had a form of precognition or was just perceptive enough to give the illusion of clairvoyance.

It was shortly after this that Ultear found the subject of her thoughts and saw him looking at her through the window of a restaurant, seated with his two companions who had yet to notice her.

"Perceptive indeed." Thought Ultear, waiting for the man to approach her, as she indicated she would sit down on a bench behind her and wait for him, for as long as she needed to.

-line break-

'So Natsu, where do you want to eat?' Asked Kagura as the pair walked around Era.

'Hmm, why don't you pick this time?' Suggested Natsu.

Kagura nodded and led the group to a small noodle shop. Kagura ordered for the group, already knowing what the other two would prefer to eat, before the three sat in a corner table.

'So while we wait for our food, would you mind explaining things to me, Natsu? I think I've shown enough trust in you to hear the whole truth, not just parts of it.' Said Kagura calmly.

'You're right, and I was going to tell you eventually, I did say there were some minor details I had left out.' Chuckled Natsu, causing Kagura to glare at him and cause him to stop laughing.

'Right, not the time for jokes. Well… hmm, I'm not sure where to start… I guess I'll work backwards. Those four we just saw a little while ago, Ultear, Ikaruga, Dimaria and Brandish, I smelt their scents on someone who will become very close to me in the future, so because of that I know they will also become close to me.' Said Natsu.

'Close? How close?' Asked Kagura.

'As close as you and I will become eventually.' Said Natsu, causing Kagura's eyes to narrow as she mulled this over.

'Wives?' Asked Kagura.

'Mates, actually.' Said Natsu, causing Kagura to nod.

'And who is this someone who will become very close to you?' Asked Kagura.

'Ah, you haven't met her yet, she is a mage from Fairy Tail. She accidentally came back in time and that's how I learned about the others even before I had met all of them.' Said Natsu.

'So is this what you meant back then when you said you knew things would go well when you told me the truth? You already knew the future?' Asked Kagura.

'Well, yes and no. I knew that you would become my mate in the future, but I didn't know how you would react to everything I told you, for all I knew, you could have ignored me for a year until you changed your mind. Even without that though, I had a good feeling that you would be okay with it all.' Said Natsu.

'How could you know that?' Asked Kagura.

'Because I was telling it to you. If there is anyone who gets me best, it'd be you.' Said Natsu with a smile.

Kagura didn't have a chance to respond to this as their food arrived and the two in front of her dug in with gusto, despite the fact that Happy had just recently gorged himself on dozens of fish. Kagura ate her own meal as well, eating at a more sedate pace. Once the trio had finished their meals, Natsu turned his head to the side, looking out of a window momentarily, before turning back to Kagura.

'I'm first, agreed?' Asked Kagura.

'First?' Asked Natsu in confusion.

'Yes. I am your first everything. First kiss, first mate, first time, first everything.' Said Kagura, only a trace of blush on her cheeks.

'Of course you are, you are also my first friend after all, so it makes sense, doesn't it?' Retorted Natsu, causing Kagura to smile.

'Good. I'll see to it that the others know as well.' Said Kagura, before walking to the counter and paying for their meals, before walking outside.

Kagura saw the woman who was supposedly about to go on a "date" with Natsu. It seemed Natsu had a bit of a type from what Kagura could see of the woman, but found this didn't seem to bother her too much.

'I am his first everything. Remember that.' Said Kagura, causing the woman to raise an eyebrow in amusement, before walking back into the establishment.

Moments later, the trio exited and Kagura and Happy headed off to the left, while Natsu approached Ultear.

'Your girlfriend seems nice.' Commented Ultear.

'She is.' Said Natsu, causing Ultear to raise an eyebrow again.

'And she's okay with you going on a "date" with me?' Asked Ultear, making parentheses with her fingers when she said the word date.

'Yeah, we have an understanding. She's first.' Said Natsu with a shrug.

'And what would happen if someone else wanted to be first?' Asked Ultear.

'Well, there would be a lot of drama and I'd take her side at the end of it.' Said Natsu, causing Ultear to laugh.

'Well, I think I already took a first anyway. According to you, I'm a stalker, I imagine your first at that.' Said Ultear as she stood up, causing Natsu to furrow his brow in thought for a moment.

'Huh… you're right, but I guess that's expected from a stalker.' Said Natsu.

'So will this cause drama then?' Asked Ultear.

'No, I don't think Kagura will mind you being my first stalker.' Said Natsu.

'Hmm, well, in a reversal of roles, why don't you follow me for a change? Try to keep up, or enjoy the show, either way, don't fall too far behind.' Said Ultear, walking ahead of Natsu.

'Oh she is my favourite already.' Commented E.N.D., hypnotised by the sway of her hips.

"Why am I not surprised?" Asked Natsu, as he followed slightly behind Ultear.

'Because on some level she is your favourite too, they all are in some way. Her though, as someone who can only look and not touch, she is the best for me.' Explained E.N.D., ending with a forlorn sigh at the end.

"Hey, cheer up, we'll be one person soon enough." Thought Natsu.

'Oh yeah and when that time comes… I can't wait.' Said E.N.D. before leaving Natsu with silence, as he went to rest.

Natsu, now done with his internal dialogue, caught up to Ultear and walked beside her.

'Would you prefer for me to call you Natsu, or by another name?' Asked Ultear, seeing Natsu was now focused on her again.

'Natsu is fine.' Said Natsu.

'Well then, Natsu, despite being your first stalker, I would like a somewhat more meaningful relationship than just that.' Started Ultear.

'You know, I never did think about it, but if you and your friends are after Zeref, why are you wasting your time with me, I don't know any more than you do about where he is, and once I do know, I wouldn't waste time to let you and your buddies know.' Said Natsu.

'Who says I am still after Zeref?' Said Ultear, her predatory side glance causing a chill to run down Natsu's spine at the desire in that gaze.

Natsu shook his head from side to side, trying to get over the feeling, before seeing Ultear's expression had returned to a neutral smile.

'If you aren't after Zeref, then what are you after?' Asked Natsu.

'Isn't it obvious?' Asked Ultear in a breathy whisper.

Natsu twitched again, before blinking himself alert.

'No. I can tell you want me to help you with something and you are doing a better job of getting to me than I thought, but I know I am not what you are really after. I'm a means to an end, aren't I?' Asked Natsu.

'Pun intended?' Giggled Ultear, disarming Natsu once again.

'I know you are dangerous. Guess I'm learning just how much today… but if you want me to help you with whatever it is, just ask, I won't refuse you after all.' Said Natsu, causing Ultear to furrow her brow in confusion.

'What do you mean?' Asked Ultear.

'Kagura is first, not the second or third as well.' Said Natsu, surprising Ultear.

'So you were serious about that? How can you be sure that I am one?' Asked Ultear.

'A hunch.' Said Natsu, causing Ultear to purse her lips.

'Not fun being the one played with, is it?' Commented Natsu with a grin.

'Oh it can be fun to be played with, just not so much with words.' Said Ultear.

'So do you want to stop the word play and get to the point then?' Asked Natsu.

'Maybe after we finish up here.' Said Ultear, confusing Natsu.

Natsu looked up and saw they were standing in front of the Magic Council Headquarters.

'Um… aren't you a dark mage?' Asked Natsu in confusion.

'They don't know that.' Said Ultear, before walking up to the entrance and speaking with an amphibious worker, who looked at her sceptically, before heading inside.

A few minutes later, the worker returned and beckoned for Ultear to follow him, only for her to hold her hand up and look to Natsu, before waving him over. Natsu walked up to Ultear in confusion, before the worker led the pair into the structure.

'Before I get into something that might cause me problems in the future, why are we here?' Asked Natsu.

'You told me to become someone important, so I am.' Said Ultear simply.

'It's that easy, is it?' Asked Natsu sceptically.

'It is when you are me.' Said Ultear.

'Hmm, are these the two who wished to meet with the council?' Asked a large heavyset man, with a proportionately large beard.

'Actually, it was I alone who requested this meeting, this man is an associate of mine. The two of us have just returned from repelling the forces of Alvarez.' Said Ultear, causing a rash of muttering to break out amongst the gathered councillors before the large man raised his hand.

'The two of you repelled an entire continent?' Asked the man.

'Oh heavens no, we only sent the vanguard into retreat, it was the efforts of this great council which repelled the continent, is it not?' Questioned Ultear.

'Ah yes, too true, it was a combined effort which protected this great country from war.' Said the large man, stroking his beard thoughtfully.

'Given this, it is only right that such a feat be recognised. I would very much appreciate a chance to be officially recognised as a member of such a great establishment.' Said Ultear with a smile.

'A child? Preposterous!' Exclaimed a wizened cat-like man.

'Quiet down, Michello.' Said the large man.

'Surely you cannot be serious, Chairman? Allowing common riffraff to join such a prestigious establishment.' Said Michello.

'Oh yes, how rude of me, I never did introduce myself. My name is Ultear Milkovich. Perhaps you have heard of my mother, Ur Milkovich who singlehandedly defeated a demon of Zeref, Deliora? Of course, I have surpassed her now, given my part in helping repel the forces of Alvarez.' Said Ultear.

'I see… yes, a member of such skill and pedigree would be a welcome addition to our council, I trust there are no objections?' Asked the chairman, looking at those gathered.

'Very well then, I, Crawford Seam, Chairman of the Magical Council, declare Ultear Milkovich, our newest member.' Said Crawford, before applauding, with the others joining in shortly after.

Natsu also clapped a few times, before staring at Ultear with a curious look.

'I humbly accept the appointment. I would like to discuss as my first official duty, the appointment of the mage beside me as a liaison to the guilds.' Said Ultear.

'What nerve.' Commented another man with a long beard, but was of a more reasonable length.

'We already have Wizard Saints and the Guild Masters, what role would this liaison serve?' Asked Crawford.

'I see, it seems I was misunderstood. During the battle against Alvarez a surprising contingent of dark mages also joined the defense of Ishgar. This man gained the respect of even the Dark Guilds with his sheer power, a feat very few light mages can achieve. Given he is not affiliated with any guild, it would not be contravening the Council's stance on Dark Guilds if he were to interact with them. Perhaps both as a deterrent, but also an example.' Said Ultear.

'A role model? You want to give the Dark Guilds a role model?' Asked a blonde-haired woman in disbelief.

'Not exactly, I simply want this Council to be abreast of all issues, light and dark. If the dark mages should seek to better themselves, then that can only be good for us.' Said Ultear.

'This is an outrage!' Growled the slimer bearded man.

'This is indeed a contentious position, in your first act no less. What of you then, let us hear what the man we are discussing thinks?' Said Crawford.

'It doesn't matter to me, light or dark, everyone serves a purpose. Having me be a go-between isn't a risky idea because then I serve as a link the Council can find easily.' Said Natsu.

'Do we even need a link to the dark mages?' Asked a hooded man.

'Well, if there is another invasion? They might be helpful again.' Said Natsu simply.

'After Etherion, no one would dare invade Ishgar again.' Said Michello.

'For this to work… we would need evidence that both the light and the dark acknowledge you.' Said Crawford.

'You cannot be serious Chairman!' Protested the blonde woman.

'If you can return with both a guild mark of a light and dark guild, we will consider this appointment.' Said Crawford.

'Do I have to keep the marks after I show them to you?' Asked Natsu.

'No.' Said Crawford, after a brief moment of thought.

'Ok, give me a few minutes then.' Said Natsu, turning to walk out of the room.

'We never even got his name.' Commented a short man, with thick eyebrows and a small toothbrush moustache.

'If I may, perhaps a title would be more fitting.' Suggested Ultear.

'Let us see if he accomplishes his task first.' Said Crawford.

'Very well, but I have no doubt he will.' Said Ultear.

-line break-

Natsu touched down in front of the Fairy Tail guild entrance, retracting his wings when his feet landed on solid ground. Natsu entered the guild and noticed everyone turned to face him momentarily, before many turned back to their original business except for a few.

'Natsu, what are you doing here?' Asked Erza, walking up to the independent mage.

'I need to discuss something with Makarov, is he here?' Asked Natsu.

'He is, but he is in a meeting with the other guild masters about an invasion.' Said Erza seriously.

'Oh. That. It's okay, I ended it.' Said Natsu, getting everyone in the guild to stare at him in disbelief.

'What do you mean? You ended it?' Asked Mira, joining her rival's side.

'I scared them off, that's all. I'm guessing he is in his office, I'll let him know.' Said Natsu, walking between the two shellshocked S-Class mages.

'He… scared off an invasion?' Asked Mira in disbelief.

'I… don't believe it, he must… be joking.' Stammered Erza.

'Yeah, like that guy has a sense of humour to make jokes.' Commented a dark-haired boy in disbelief.

'Don't let him hear you say that Gray.' Warned Erza.

'Like he cares what anyone other than you and master think.' Scoffed Gray.

'So you've finally accepted you're a second-tier mage, huh Gray?' Teased Mira.

'Don't give me that, you're in the same boat, he doesn't even see you either.' Said Gray bitterly.

'Shut your mouth Gray, before I wallop you!' Threatened Mira.

'No you won't. You attack me, Erza attacks you, then you two fight and when he comes downstairs again, he will stop you two. It's pointless. I'm going to train.' Said Gray with a sigh, standing up from his bar stool and walking out of the guild.

'What's up his butt?' Asked Mira, slightly confused at the interaction.

'It isn't easy to accept inferiority.' Said Laxus, from his seat upstairs on the second floor.

'I'm not inferior to anyone.' Said Mira, causing Laxus to laugh.

'You might be the newest S-Class mage, but you are not even close to being my equal.' Mocked Laxus, causing Mira to fume.

'Don't let his words get to you Mirajane.' Said Erza, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder.

'Don't treat me like I'm a little kid, I'm just as much of an S-Class as the two of you!' Growled Mira.

'Oh, is that so?' Asked Erza, a vein starting to bulge on her forehead.

'You did what?' Echoed Makarov's voice throughout the guild, the volume actually causing a few members to clutch their ears in pain.

'Wonder what that was about?' Asked a random guild member.

'As if you couldn't guess.' Said another guild member, before the two came to blows.

-line break-

Inside his office, Makarov was steaming. He was just about to reveal one of Fairy Tail's greatest secrets to a collection of Guild Masters, only for Natsu to barge into his office and say something outrageous.

'I scared off Alvarez, no need to worry.' Repeated Natsu, even as Makarov tried to control his breathing.

'Makky, who is that young man behind you?' Asked a bald man wearing lipstick, from within the lacrima.

'I'm Natsu Dragneel. I'm sure all of you will hear more about me after today, but don't worry about any invasion, it's all over, check with the Council if you don't believe me. Sorry though, I need to talk to Makarov now though.' Said Natsu.

'Is he one of yours?' Asked a blond-haired man wearing a spiky conical hat.

'No, but he stresses me out like one. I'll get to the bottom of this everyone.' Said Makarov, before ending the connection to the other Guild Masters.

'What do you mean get to the bottom of it?' Asked Natsu.

'You expect me to believe you scared off an entire continent?' Asked Makarov.

'Yeah, I think the Council also did something to scare them off too.' Said Natsu, causing Makarov to rub his head in frustration.

'By the way, do you have the guild stamp up here?' Asked Natsu.

'It's down behind the bar.' Said Makarov, only to hear Natsu walk out of the room again.

As Natsu made his way down again, he noticed the guild was in the middle of a brawl, with the guild pausing when they saw him. Natsu went behind the bar and searched around for a minute, before finding the stamp and heading back upstairs, the entire guild still watching him.

'You think he's going to join for real this time?' Asked Erza.

'Doubt it.' Said Mira, the pair each holding a fistful of the others top.

Now sitting across from Makarov with the door closed, he placed the stamp in front of him.

'I need to join Fairy Tail again. Temporarily though. Mavis should also hear this.' Said Natsu.

Makarov sighed and stamped Natsu's sword again, before the blonde ghost appeared.

'Zeref is the Emperor of Alvarez.' Said Natsu, causing Makarov to deflate, while Mavis frowned.

'So is he is still leading Alvarez?' Asked Mavis.

'I don't know, that's why I wanted to see if you knew about it.' Shrugged Natsu.

'What do you mean?' Asked Mavis.

'It sounds like he hasn't been there for a long time, but they are sure aware of him. Didn't like me saying I was his brother either.' Said Natsu.

'Why would you tell them that?' Asked Mavis.

'Well it's the truth. I'm not a liar after all.' Said Natsu.

'Well since you are feeling so open and honest, what exactly happened?' Asked Makarov.

'Well I went to Alvarez to search for Zeref, and they thought I was invading. I told them I wasn't, and we left after that, but a bunch of them came after me anyway. After that, some of the Dark Guilds held them back until I arrived and used enough magic to scare them straight.' Said Natsu.

'How much of your magic did you need to use?' Asked Mavis.

'Enough.' Said Natsu calmly.

'And you are certain that they won't be coming back any time soon?' Asked Makarov.

'I think so, Zeref's second in command is probably going to tear them a new one for sneaking over here, so I doubt anyone will try anything ever again, unless Zeref tells them to. I don't think they were after Mavis, if that's what you are wanting to get at, I just hurt the pride of a few of them who didn't take it well.' Said Natsu.

'Pride. Stupid, bloody pride.' Cursed Makarov.

'By the way, how are my interests doing?' Asked Natsu, causing Makarov to look up with a curious expression on his face.

'Interests?' Asked Makarov.

'Yeah, red, yellow and white?' Asked Natsu.

'Why are you interested in Laxus… never mind… he is starting to take after you actually, damn brat.' Grumbled Makarov.

'What about white?' Asked Natsu.

'Why don't you ask her yourself?' Asked Makarov.

'That's not how I do things, people come to me, not the other way around. I'm just asking if you think she is ready.' Said Natsu.

'She is our newest S-Class mage.' Said Makarov.

'Still not the right answer.' Said Natsu.

'What is the real question then?' Asked Makarov.

'Is she ready to learn how to use magic which can kill the demons she can take over, demons created by my brother?' Asked Natsu.

'No. I don't think that she is.' Said Makarov after a minute, causing Natsu to sigh.

'That's a shame. Red?' Asked Natsu.

'Again, you are serving as a bad influence, she keeps pushing herself to match you… which from the sounds of things today, is impossible.' Said Makarov.

'Never say never. Zeref was just a normal guy before he was cursed. Nothing is really impossible. I've actually been giving that some thought too. What about you, Mavis? Do you think we can do it?' Asked Natsu.

'What do you mean?' Asked Mavis.

'Bring you back to life. I've thought about it a lot and I figure if Zeref had you back, he wouldn't be so lonely anymore and wouldn't want to die. I can't do it alone, since with me around, he will keep asking me to kill him, but you can't kill him, and he can't kill you.' Said Natsu.

Mavis didn't know how to respond for a moment, her surprise noticeable to both Natsu and Makarov.

'It isn't possible.' Said Mavis, a hint of uncertainty in her tone.

'Me sitting here shouldn't be possible either, but here we are, give it some thought. I reckon by the next time I join Fairy Tail, I should be able to do it.' Said Natsu.

'The next time?' Asked Makarov.

'Yeah, I won't get rid of it this time right away, I need to have a look in the basement first and I figure you definitely won't let me do that if I'm not even a mage of the guild. I need to sort something out first though and I'm late, I don't want to keep Precht waiting too long.' Said Natsu, causing the two to look at him in shock.

'Precht is alive?' Asked Mavis.

'Yeah, he's got his own guild too, but that's a secret unfortunately and I don't like telling other people's secrets for them.' Said Natsu, before heading back downstairs.

'Well First Master, what do you think?' Asked Makarov.

'It… shouldn't be possible… but Precht's skill with resurrection magic was great.' Said Mavis uncertainly.

Natsu smiled as he heard Mavis' words, before reaching the ground floor again. The brawl was over now and the two girls who held Natsu's interest for different reasons sat near each other surprisingly.

'Getting along now? Don't tell me the two of you becoming friends is how you think you will beat me?' Joked Natsu.

'Shut up, like I would ever be friends with her!' Spluttered Mira.

Natsu seemed to sigh at this in disappointment.

'So your goal is still only Erza. You know, there are stronger people out there than Erza, maybe you should set your sights higher if you ever plan to actually be strong enough to beat me. You might be able to do it with the right magic you know, and no one else here can. Such a waste.' Sighed Natsu.

'What do you mean?' Asked Mira.

'That's for you to figure out, I'm not going to hand you the key to success, go search for it.' Said Natsu.

'Erza, I plan to come back soon, and I want to see your best, make sure you are ready.' Said Natsu, before turning around and walking away.

'What the heck was that all about?' Asked Mira, once Natsu had stepped outside.

'I have no clue.' Said Erza.

Natsu smiled in amusement as the words of Erza and Mira reached his ears, before his wings appeared and he blasted off into the sky. It didn't take long for Natsu to find his goal, having been exposed to Ultear's scent for a good few minutes just recently, picking up her last location was very easy. Deciding not to rip a hole in the aircraft this time, Natsu instead landed on the glass ceiling of the ship and knocked while waving at Hades. The roof opened moments later, allowing Natsu to enter, before closing behind him.

'That's neat.' Commented Natsu.

'Why have you come back?' Asked Hades.

'Didn't your little stalker lady tell you? I need your help so she can get the Magic Council off your back.' Said Natsu.

'This is the first I am hearing of you being involved.' Said Hades.

'Just think of me as your trouble magnet, I'll be the target of all the trouble while you get some peace and quiet.' Said Natsu.

'That sounds like quite an unfair deal.' Said Hades.

'You didn't hear what I get yet.' Said Natsu.

'Well?' Asked Hades.

'The same thing you want. I want you to tell me when you find Zeref, I want to speak with him too.' Said Natsu.

'And what makes you think I would tell you that instead of going to Zeref myself without you?' Asked Hades.

'I mean, you might have been friends, but we are family, if you want him to listen, it makes sense to bring me along.' Said Natsu, only for Hades to snort.

'Oh, I do have a question for you though? Is Mavis actually alive in there, or is her body on ice, or lacrima in this case?' Asked Natsu.

'Mavis is technically alive in there, but no number of resurrection spells were able to revive her.' Said Hades.

'Oh, that's fine, I can fix that. One more thing, I need to join Grimoire Heart temporarily if you don't mind.' Said Natsu.

'I don't think you understand how things work, you can't temporarily join a guild, much less a cornerstone of the Balam Alliance.' Said Hades.

'Sure I can. Besides, I need to so I can get the Council off your back, they aren't going to believe I can speak to Dark Guilds without some proof. So, what do you have, a stamp hidden somewhere I can use?' Asked Natsu.

'No, I use a magical seal.' Said Hades.

'Well come on then, time's a wasting.' Said Natsu, showing his sword to Hades and pointing at the blade.

Hades huffed in annoyance before obliging and the mark of Grimoire Heart appeared on Natsu's sword.

'Great, I can wait to tell Zeref the story of how I got both Fairy Tail and Grimoire Heart to accept me at the same time.' Said Natsu, turning his sword over.

'What?' Shouted Hades in disbelief.

'Oh don't worry, I didn't tell them you're the guild master of Grimoire Heart, but Mavis knows I'm talking to you. She really thinks you have the power to bring her back. Well, see you around.' Said Natsu, walking out of the room and making his way outside to the edge of the ship, before jumping off.

-line break-

'How much longer are we supposed to wait here for?' Asked Michello.

'He did say a few minutes, it has only been ten.' Said the blonde woman.

'Surely you jest, Belno. You aren't expecting him to just waltz back in here a member of a light and dark guild.' Said the slimmer bearded man.

'Why not?' Asked Ultear.

'Because it is preposterous.' Said the man.

'So is repelling an entire country.' Countered Ultear.

'She does have a point there, Org.' Said Belno.

'I'm back.' Said Natsu, kicking in the council chamber doors.

'Such disrespect.' Grumbled Michello.

'So soon? Have you really accomplished your task?' Asked Crawford.

'Yep, see, a guild mark from one of the strongest Light Guilds and one of the strongest Dark Guilds.' Said Natsu, showing his sword to the gathered members and turning it over to show each guild mark.

'We should arrest him, he is affiliated with a Dark Guild.' Said Michello, causing Ultear to sigh.

'Wasn't that precisely the point? To show that he can be a liaison to both the Light and Dark guilds?' Asked Ultear.

'Indeed it was. Michello, settle yourself.' Said Crawford, to which the short man grumbled.

'So, we all good then?' Asked Natsu.

'We are. We hereby appoint you an ambassador of the Light and Dark guilds of Fiore.' Said Crawford.

'Awesome, I'll see you later then.' Said Natsu.

'Wait, we don't even know your name!' Protested Crawford.

'Oh really? I thought I introduced myself already. I'm Natsu Dragneel.' Said Natsu.

'Very well, then we shall appoint you a moniker to go along with your title.' Said Crawford.

'I think I've got it as well.' Said Ultear.

'Oh?' Inquired Crawford.

'The Demonic Dragon.' Said Ultear.

'Works for me I guess.' Said Natsu.

'Would you mind explaining the name?' Asked the short man with the bushy eyebrows.

'Of course, demonic for how terrifying the enemy found him and dragon for his magic.' Said Ultear.

'What kind of magic equates to a dragon?' Asked Org.

'Dragon Slayer magic, obviously.' Said Natsu.

'Where did you get your lacrima from?' Asked the hooded councilmember.

'Lacrima? I don't know what you are talking about.' Answered Natsu.

'How can you use Dragon Slaying magic then?' Asked Crawford.

'Because a dragon taught me how to do it.' Said Natsu simply.

'There are no dragons around, don't lie.' Said Michello contemptuously.

'Sure there are, Acnologia is still around, isn't he?' Questioned Natsu, unnerving the others.

'So you say you were trained by Acnologia?' Asked Org.

'Him? No way, I learnt my magic from Igneel, King of the Fire Dragons.' Said Natsu, getting the entire room to collectively breathe a sigh of relief.

'Very well then, that concludes our business for today.' Said Crawford, dismissing the gathered members.

As the gathered members dispersed, Ultear made her way to Natsu.

'You didn't tell me you were going to get Grimoire Heart involved in this.' Said Ultear.

'It was the best guild that I could join and leave, without causing too much trouble.' Said Natsu.

'And I imagine Master Hades was not pleased.' Said Ultear.

'Well, I kind of threw you under the bus there and said it was your idea.' Said Natsu, causing Ultear to narrow her eyes.

'So you plan to be a troublemaker then?' Asked Ultear.

'No, as fun as it is to mess with you, I've got bigger fish to fry.' Said Natsu.

'So I'm not worth your time anymore?' Asked Ultear in faux sadness.

'No, you are, but first I need to figure out how to bring someone near dead back to life, if I am going to bring someone who is basically dead back to life. I know what you want now after all.' Said Natsu.

'Oh? What is that?' Asked Ultear.

'I know one day you will probably make a good mother, but I think you want yours back in the meantime, so I better get to work.' Said Natsu, before walking away.

'H-How, what makes you think that is what I want?' Asked Ultear hesitantly.

'The only time I've ever seen your true expression was when you said her name in there. There is nothing wrong with loving your family after all. Family is everything to me and we will be family one day, so I plan to make sure my family is happy. Besides, you have a nice expression on your face when you don't have a mask on, it reminds me of my brother, you just want to be happy too. See you next time, stalker lady.' Said Natsu with a smile, before walking off.

Ultear walked away, before finding a shadowed area and held her forehead in her hand.

'How dare you get my hopes up like this Natsu Dragneel… but if you can do it… I guess… time will tell.' Whispered Ultear to herself, before heading off to find a secluded place to call Master Hades.

"At this rate I'll be saying Master Natsu soon." Thought Ultear in amusement.