Emmy closed her eyes as she swung back and forth on the tire-swing. Her feet in the air, her hair in the wind, and her mind floating elsewhere.

"Have you ever killed a monster before?" Macy asked.


Macy snorted. Not in an amused way but in a you're-so-pathetic-kind of way. Emmy never considered Macy a friend, she was just that girl she knew from seeing her from time to time. Macy's father was a friend of John's, they were both hunters, yet they were so different. John never told Emmy about the supernatural or the family business until she was nine, and that was because she found out on her own when she got attacked by a Shtriga. The male Winchesters also never included her in any of their hunts or research. Emmy wasn't even allowed to touch a weapon, let alone use it.

But Macy, Macy had a different upbringing and that's where her father differed from John. Macy knew about monsters and ghosts since the day she was born. Her family never hid anything from her, they even let her participate. Her own parents gave her a Glock for her ninth birthday. A Glock. For her ninth birthday. Ninth. Emmy remembered getting a new phone for her ninth birthday.

"I once decapitated a vampire."

Now it was Emmy's turn to snort. "Yeah, right."

"You don't believe me?" Macy jumped off of her own tire-swing and grabbed the rope holding Emmy's, causing her to stop swinging. "I took my daddy's chainsaw and ripped that bloodsucker's head from his neck. It didn't come off the first time, I had to swing three times before it's head finally rolled on the floor. But still, I killed it."

"Good for you." Emmy had to refrain from rolling her eyes. She started looking around Bobby's yard in search for a black Rottweiler and sighed when she caught Rumsfeld sleeping behind a rusted truck in the shade.

"Have you ever killed a vampire before?"

Without looking at her face, Emmy could practically hear Macy's smug smile. "No, I haven't. And I don't think I even want to. Sounds gruesome."

"You're such a softie," Macy scoffed, throwing her long black hair over her right shoulder. "But that's okay, not everyone's born to be a hunter."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Emmy tried not to sound offended but knew she failed.

"It means it's okay if you don't wanna be a hunter, not everyone's made for this life style. You either have it or you don't. And you Emmy obviously don't have it in you."

"How would you know? You don't know anything about me! I'm a Winchester," Emmy snapped. "Besides, I'm ten, I still have my whole life to decide what 'I have in me'."

Macy shrugged. "So? I'm only one year older than you and I already can't imagine myself doing something other than hunting."

Emmy fake smiled. "Well, I'm happy you already figured out your future."

"You don't have to be snappy just because I told you the truth."

"You don't have to be snappy just because I told you the truth," Emmy repeated with a mocking tone. She didn't even care how childish she sounded, she frigging hated Macy. "Why are you even here? We don't even get along, last time I saw you we had a fight cause you thought it would be fun to ride my bike into the lake."

"That was an accident!" Macy objected but the sneaky glint in her eyes betrayed her. "And trust me, I didn't wanna come over either but my parents are still on the road and so are your brothers, so Bobby figured you'd want some company."

"Well, uncle Bobby was wrong," Emmy mumbled under her breath.

"So how did you end up with a cast around your foot?"

"Long story," Emmy said, pushing the tire with her good foot.

Macy picked up a little rock and threw it against a truck, nearly hitting Rumsfeld. "I got all day."

Emmy let out an aggravated sigh. "A demon."

Macy turned around to face the youngest Winchester. "I thought you said your brothers never let you tag along on their hunts."

"It wasn't a hunt, the demon was possessing a girl I was playing with. She pushed me off the monkey bars and I fell, and yeah that's pretty much it." Emmy didn't want to dwell on the story for too long. She didn't know Macy all that well and she didn't trust her enough to share her secrets with her.

"What did the demon want with you?"

"I don't know."

Macy narrowed her brown eyes. "My dad said you were special."

Emmy's eyes jumped to the girl standing in front of her. "I'm what?"

"Special. Don't know what he means though, I just overheard him once talking with my mom about it."

Emmy couldn't believe that some strangers knew more about her than she did. She thought that her family was the only one who knew about her 'pure soul'. Her brothers weren't really close with Macy's parents so it had to be John who had told them, or Bobby.

"Who told them?"

Macy's lips twitched in a smirk. "So you're not denying it?"

"I just asked why they possibly would think I'm special," Emmy shot back.

"Your Dad once asked for my parents' help with some necklace. I was only six when I heard about it, I didn't think much of it back then." Macy threw another rock, landing right in front of Rumsfeld but the dog just slept through it like the lazy mutt it was. "So why exactly are you special?"

"I'm not," Emmy grumbled, this girl was really getting on her nerves.

"Uhu," Macy didn't sound convinced. "So what are your brothers up to?"

"They're undercover in some jail in Utah."

"Undercover?" Macy quipped.

Emmy shot her a death glare. Who was this girl to judge her brothers. They might not always be the most law abiding citizens but that didn't mean they were bad people that belonged in the slammer. "Yes, undercover."

"Jeez you're cranky today," Macy chuckled. "What are they hunting."

Emmy got back to swinging on her tire-swing. "A spirit who's offing inmates."

"Ah a salt and burn, easy. I once had to deal with a vengeful spirit not too long ago. I was just about to burn the remains of this old lady that wouldn't leave her husband alone, when she grabbed me by the throat and threw me against a tree. She left some bruises and a nasty scar on my side. Wanna see it?" Without waiting for a reply, she lifted up her shirt to show a pink scar running from her ribs to her hip. "My mom was angry at me first, said that if I had been more careful I wouldn't have ended up with the scar. But I think it's pretty cool. Makes me look tougher, don't ya think?"

Emmy swore that if this girl didn't shut her mouth she would wring her neck.

"Hey you should ask your brothers to bring you on a hunt. And leaving you behind in the car doesn't count. You don't really have to do anything, just watch and learn. Reading books and knowing everything about every monster isn't enough. If you don't actually take part than the knowledge is of no good use. And I know you're brothers aren't excited about you tagging along but like you said, you're a Winchester, you're bound to – hey! Where are you going?"

Emmy limped her way back to Rumsfeld. "C'mere, boy." She tapped her thigh, signaling for him to come with her.

Macy caught up with her. "Didn't anyone teach you how rude it is to leave when someone's talking to you?"

"Oh I'm sorry, you were talking to me? I thought you were just having a monologue," was Emmy's sarcastic reply.

"Okay, I know you don't like me, and neither do I –"

"You don't like yourself either?" Emmy huffed in amusement as she started for Bobby's house. "Wow."

Macy rolled her eyes, following her. "You know what I mean! I was just trying to be nice."

Emmy sighed. Macy was right, maybe she was being rude. But it wasn't her fault, the girl just threw her off with her talks about her hunting experience and her supportive family. It's not like Emmy was jealous, she just realized how different they really were and she hadn't yet decided if she liked that or not.

"You're right. I'm sorry."

Macy was slightly surprised about the apology. "I'm sorry, too … about your dad."

Emmy stopped dead in her tracks. Not counting her family and friends, Macy was the first one who paid her condolences to her. Emmy wasn't sure if it was supposed to make her feel better when people said it, because it made her feel horrible and hurt. She knew her father wasn't with her anymore and she thought she'd accepted that fact, but then why did this keep hitting her like a train?

"He was a good man, you know," Macy spoke quietly, unsure about what to say. "I didn't know him very well but I remember him once giving me some candy. He only had strawberry flavored ones cause he said those were the only ones you couldn't eat because of your allergy. He said it was a miracle you hadn't eaten those too cause you were a candy-addict," Macy smiled. "From the way he spoke about you, I could tell that he loved you a lot."

Those were the nicest words Emmy ever heard from Macy. It kind of threw her off guard. Swallowing down the big lump in her throat, she sniffed, trying to compose herself when she wiped away a tear rolling down her cheek.

"T-thanks," she whispered through trembling lips. "Uh, I just wanna be alone now, if that's okay…"

For once Macy didn't shoot back one of her trademark comments. She bit her tongue and nodded. "Sure."

Emmy cleared her throat and left with Rumsfeld on her heels.


"Go fish."

"Uncle Bobby, do you miss Dad?"

The old gruff man looked up from his cards, his eyes meeting a set of two blue orbs looking at him questionably. The look only, the image of someone who shared the same conviction and mindset with his old friend, instantly brought John's face in his thoughts. Truth was he didn't miss John, but he did find himself thinking about him from time to time. But only because a certain someone reminded him of the man all the time.

Bobby put his card down. "Yeah, especially when someone won't listen to me when I tell her no dogs in the bedroom."

Emmy's lips twitched in a small smile.

"Do you miss your daddy?"

The ten year old dropped her gaze to her cards. "I do." Sometimes she thought of the ol' man like a fleeting memory, something she could brush aside effortlessly. Other times she missed him so much it physically hurt. "Do you think he'd want me to become like him?"

Raising an eyebrow as he gulped down his beer, Bobby made a questioning sound.

Emmy played with her cards as she explained herself. "Do you think he'd want me to be part of the family business? Like Sammy and Dean."

"Seeing as he never planned to let you know about the skeletons in your closet," Bobby began gradually, "I think he wanted you out of the family business."

Nodding, the youngest Winchester put her own cards down, leaning back against her chair. "What if that's not what I want."

Bobby chuckled. "I can think of a million other fun things girls of your age would like to do, and getting blood on your hands isn't one of 'em. Now tell me, why would you wanna waste your precious time hunting down monsters?"

Emmy chewed on the inside of her cheek, never once breaking eye contact with her surrogate uncle. "Why are you wasting your precious time buried in books? Why are my brothers wasting their precious time risking their lives for others?"

The amused glint in the old man's eyes diminished. "Look, I shouldn't have invited that Macy girl over. Whatever idea she planted in that little blonde head of yours, you might as well get rid of it."

"This has nothing to do with Macy," she protested. "How is it fair that my family gets to avenge our mother's death and I don't? How is it fair that they were involved in the family business since the beginning and I got left out of it? How is it fair that they're all keeping secrets from me?"

Bobby ran a hand through his hair before readjusting his hat. "You know why, darlin'. They want to protect – "

"Protect me," Emmy scoffed. "Yeah I'm getting used to hearing that," she muttered with her chin tucked against her chest.

Bobby sighed. "Emmy don't take it the wrong way. You've seen the real world, you've seen what's out there and what they're capable of doing. We would be stupid not to protect you from it."

"You're saying that as if this is all just temporarily. As if one day, both Sammy and Dean will quit and go back to their normal lives."

"You don't think that will ever happen?"

Emmy looked down at her cast on her foot. The proof of the fact that there was something more, something they haven't figured out yet, something that has yet to happen. She could feel it in her guts – her mother died for a reason, her father died for a reason, she got this 'pure soul' for a reason, she had an angel guarding her for a reason, she was here for a reason.

"No," she cleared her throat. "Look at Sam, he tried to get away and we all know how that ended. Look at all the people we lost – Pastor Jim, Caleb, Jo's Dad, all these victims, my Mom," Emmy's voice broke, tears welled up, "my Dad."

Bobby reached over to grab her hand, rubbing his thumb over her knuckles. Her soft and unblemished skin contrasted with his scarred and calloused hand. He wanted her to stay soft and unblemished, untouched and innocent. But seeing her fighting to keep the tears and emotions at bay, he realized that it might be too late. She had already seen stuff, been through stuff and did stuff that no girl of her age should endure.

"What is it that you really want?" he asked her gently.

Emmy swallowed hard. "I want you to teach me how to hunt."

His chest lifted with the air he took before letting it leave his lungs. "I'm not sure I'm the one you should be asking, darlin'."

"You mean I should ask my brothers?" Emmy snorted. "They already taught me self-defense, that's about all they'll ever teach me. I don't want you to show me how to fight, uncle Bobby, I wanna learn about what's out there, about the things my brothers deal with."

She didn't choose to be part of the family, she didn't choose to be part of something bigger. No one had the right to exclude her from the 'family business', she was in it as much as her brothers were. Her age, her gender, her history should not be taken as an excuse. They were in it together because if Emmy had to take Gabriel's word for it, then this was all just the beginning of a long journey and no matter what her brothers and uncle wanted, she had every right to be a part of it.

Scratching at his scruff, Bobby was torn between two choices – keeping her in the dark or helping her out of it.

"I'll think about it."


"Emmy! I ain't got all day, sweetheart, get a move on!"

"I'm coming!" Emmy yelled, quickly packing the last items into her backpack. "Sorry, Johnny," she mumbled as she squished the teddy bear in her bag. Her brothers came back a couple of days ago looking like some fugitives on the run – little did Emmy know about the escape – the boys had decided to stay on the down low for a while before getting back on the road again.


Rolling her eyes, she dragged her stuff out of her room to the top of the stairs. Dean was waiting downstairs, itching to get back into action again. Being lazy as she was, Emmy pushed her bags off the stairs, watching as they tumbled until they landed in front of her brother's feet.

Dean was unimpressed, looking up at her with a look that said 'Really?'. Emmy shrugged as she made her way to the bottom.

"I could've just carried those for you," he said as he effortlessly shouldered her bags on one shoulder.

"I just wasn't sure if you were strong enough," she told him with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Are you questioning my strength?" Dean looked offended, he was so easy to mess with.

Emmy started walking down the hallway with a limp due to her cast, her back facing her oldest brother. "I'm just saying I saw you sparring with Sammy this morning and it looked like you were losing your juice."

"Hey, that's not true, I let him win."

"It's okay Dean," Emmy sympathetically patted his shoulder loving how she could tease him, it was just too easy. "I won't tell anyone," she whispered, even shooting him a wink. It took everything in her not to laugh when she caught him clenching his teeth. For someone who had so much self-confidence, he didn't make it hard for anyone to get to him.

"Are you making fun of me?"

"No." Emmy had to bite her bottom lip to contain her laughter, but her eyes were all smiles.

Dean caught on and smiled, amused. "Well if I'm not as strong as you say I am, how come I can do this!"

Emmy squealed when she felt herself being scooped up around her waist. Dean flung her over his free shoulder, carrying her to the Impala where Sam was waiting.

"Is that all?" Sam said as he took the bags from his brother, putting them in the trunk.

"Actually I found this pretty thing in the hallway, you think we should take it with us?"

Hanging upside down, Emmy giggled when Rumsfeld started licking her face. "Dean put me down!"

Sam flashed his dimples as he grinned. "I don't think we got enough space in the trunk. We can always put her in the backseat though."

"Or in the front! Can I please sit in the front? Please, pretty pretty please?"

Dean had to readjust her in his hold as she tried to worm her way out of his arms. She ended up with her face close to his stomach, her knee hooked around his neck and her cast dangerously close to his face. Having no idea how she even managed it, he decided to put her out of her misery and put her back on her feet.

Dean laughed fondly at her messy hair and red, freckled cheeks. "Fine, but put your seat belt on this time, I don't wanna get a fine again."

"Yes!" Emmy's excitement was short lived when she noticed something different about the car. "What's up with the new plate?"

Sam combed his hand through her wild hair, trying to tame the locks. "Go say goodbye to Bobby, he's in the back."

"Go, go, go," Dean patted her bottom, "We're leaving in five, I don't wanna get stuck in traffic."

Not failing to notice how they changed the subject, Emmy dropped the matter and decided to bring it up later. Making her way back to the house, she searched for her uncle with Rumsfeld hot at her heels. "Uncle Bobby?"

"In here," was his muffled response as he wheeled from under a car. "I thought you kids had already left."

"Just wanted to say thanks for putting up with my crap the past week."

Bobby eyed her, she was fidgeting on the balls of her heels, hands behind her back. He knew she was waiting for his decision. If her brothers ever find out that he gave her a helping hand in something they wanted to keep away from her reach forever, they'd have his head on a spike. But looking at her, he was yet again reminded of the man she called Dad, the same man that would never give up reaching his goal. Nothing could get in the way of John, not even death, he would have what he wanted. If Emmy was anything like her father she would find a way to get what she wanted too and Bobby figured it'd be a lot safer if she got it from him.

Emmy's eyes widened as she watched her uncle grab a book from behind a tool box. He handed it to her and she frowned as she stared at the cover. "Grimm's, A Timeless Collection of Fairytales? What am I supposed to do with this?"

Bobby motioned for her to open the book with a tilt of his head.

Doing so, Emmy quickly realized that the cover was just to hide the real cover of the book that said, "The Element Encyclopedia of Supernatural Creatures: The Ultimate A-Z of Fantastic Beings from Myth and Magic."

"Every living and non-living thing that has ever been discovered is in there. You make sure you keep this out of your brothers' reach and I'll promise to keep this between us."

Emmy hugged her uncle around the waist. "Thank you so much, uncle Bobby. I won't let you down."

Bobby smiled, kissing the top of her head.


Sam twisted his neck back and forth as he emerged from the bathroom, his muscles strained from sitting up so long in the car. They were currently making a pit stop at one of the hotels in Joliet, Illinois where they had found a case.

"I didn't know you liked fairytales so much," Sam mentioned as he plopped down on one of the beds next to his baby sister.

"Mhmm," was Emmy's distracted response. She never realized how little she knew about the supernatural world until she started reading the book. The creatures she knew about were nothing compared to the millions of monsters roaming the earth. She would be lying if she said it didn't frighten her knowing that these things were somewhere, luring in the dark, unbeknownst to the majority of the people.

"Which one are you reading?" Sam wanted to know, inching closer to get a better look.

Emmy snapped out of it and closed the book before he could read anything, almost taking his nose.

Sam cocked an eyebrow. "Was that a picture of a werewolf?"

Oh crap. "Uh, no." Quick Emmy, think! "That was a wolf. You know, from The Little Red Riding Hood." Nice save, Emmy.

"Oh, okay," Sam nodded slowly. "You mind if I take a look."

Emmy shoved the book under her pillow. "Actually, yeah I do mind."

"What? Why," Sam laughed softly.

"You won't let me near your books and computer either."

"That's not always true, it depends on what I'm reading," he defended.

"Oh really?" Emmy crossed her arms over her flat chest, ready to challenge him. "So, care to tell me more about this so called Djinn?" She had caught her brother reading about it since they got here. Sam thought it might explain the mysterious disappearances.

"It's a type of demon."

"What does it look like? What's with the victims going awol? What does it do to them? How do you kill it?"

Sam chuckled. "Okay now you're entering forbidden territory, you know we don't discuss our hunts with you, Emmy."

"Fine, have it your way then." She picked up her book again, holding it out of his view. "From now on, this book is also forbidden territory."

Sam was about to argue when he heard a police siren in the distance. Jumping to his feet, he cursed under his breath when the police car pulled up at the parking lot.

"What's wrong?" Emmy asked, watching as her brother peeked through the window. She climbed out of the bed but stopped dead in her tracks when Sam held his hand up.

"Stay there, honey." Sam fiddled with his phone, nervously dialing their brother who was on his way getting some grub.

"Yeah?" Dean answered, Lynyrd Skynyrd playing in the background.

"There's a cop car outside," Sam rushed out.

"You think it's for us?"

"Sammy – "

"Emmy, shh," Sam cut her off, "I don't know."

"I don't see how. I mean we ditched the plates, the credit cards."

"You find anything on the case?"

"Still looking."

Sam wet his lips, concentrated on the cop car. He let out a breathe he didn't even know he was holding when the car started driving away. "They're leaving. False alarm."

"Well, see. Nothing to worry about."

Sam moved away from the curtains, his eyes trailing to his sister who had switched her attention to her book yet again. "Yeah, being fugitives," he whispered, "Frigging dance party."

Dean chuckled. "Hey man, girls dig the danger vibe."

"Not all girls," he said quietly, smiling a bit when Emmy absently scrunched up her button nose as she was reading.

Dean's sigh resulted in a rustic sound through the speaker. "She asking questions?"

"Not yet. We should just tell her, Dean."

"I'm not dragging her down with us, Sam." Dean's final statement was followed by the click sound of him hanging up.

"What was that all about?" Emmy called out, never looking away from a chapter about Djinns. She internally gulped as her eyes scanned the humanoid creature with tattooed skin and electric eyes. These bastards looked scary.

Sam scratched the back of his neck as he tucked his phone back in his pocket. "Uh, nothing for you to worry about."

"You guys never told me how you got out of prison."

Sam stared at the back of her head, trying to think of a quick explanation that wasn't the exact truth. "Well, you see – what happened is that – "

"It's okay, I don't need to know," she interrupted.

"You don't wanna know?"


Emmy wasn't stupid, she knew what she was doing. She was past the point of asking anything to her brothers, she was sick of getting half-truths and lies. The less she questioned them, the less they would question her. It's a win-win.

Sam was baffled. That was a first. "If that's what you want …"

"Yes, now shh, I'm trynna read this."

"…Contemporary lore depicts them as genies and are able to read a person's mind to learn their deepest desires; however, the djinn do not truly grant wishes like the genies of lore. Instead, using their poison, the Djinn causes hallucinations so powerful that the immobilized victim thinks he or she is actually living in the reality the Djinn implanted."

Emmy slowly turned the page, wondering what kinda reality the Djinn would implant in her head. It couldn't be worse than the life she was living now…


That night, the siblings were eating around the small kitchen table while doing some research about some victims disappearing. So far they came up with nothing, there was no connection between the vics. Meanwhile, Emmy pulled a face when she shoved a forkful of salad in her mouth. She swore that the vegetables in it were not what they claimed to be. She took a bite of something that looked like a piece of apple. Apples weren't supposed to taste spicy, right? Oh, no wait, those were not apples.

"What's this?"

Sam looked up from reading their dad's journal. "Radish."

"I don't like it." She put the vegetable back and stabbed something white with her fork. "What's this?"


Looking at it in disgust she put it back. "Yuck, I don't like it either. And what's this?"

Sam but the journal down with a sigh. "Emmy, stop asking questions just eat your salad."

She slumped her shoulders in defeat. "You told me I only had to take a couple bites and I could eat my burger."

"I said ten bites. And how many bites did you take?" he challenged.

"Two," she mumbled, barely audible.

Dean rolled his eyes. "Sam, cut her some slack. Here's your burger cutie pie," he winked at her, ignoring the stink eye he was receiving from his brother. Dean of all people understood his sister's dislike towards anything healthy, he wasn't going to watch her suffer through more.

Sam shook his head, and Emmy guessed he wasn't in the mood to argue because he didn't say anything. She saw he had picked up another book that sparked her interest. Djinn was the title and she made a mental note to read some more about it in Bobby's book.

"So you got anything from this afternoon?" Sam asked.

Dean snorted through a mouthful of fries and it took everything in Emmy not to cringe. "Are you kidding me? How could I? You had me sifting through like fifty square miles of real estate."

"Well, that's where all the victims disappeared."

Dean bunched up his tissues in a ball. "Yeah well, I got diddly-squat." He threw the paper at Emmy's face. The little girl looked up at him with a look that said what are you, five? Turning back his attention to his brother who was still buried deep in his books, Dean cleared his throat. "What about you, did you find anything?"

"Just one thing. I'm pretty sure of it now," he muttered distractedly. Pushing one of the books towards his brother, he pointed at something on the page. "We're hunting a Djinn."

Dean's eyebrows shot up. "A freaking genie?"


"What? You think these suckers can really grant wishes?"

Emmy pondered over Dean's words. A wish? She could think of some wished she'd like to make. Have her Mom and Dad back, a normal life with no monsters, boring friends, a dog, going to school every day, no family business, not having to constantly worry about the people she loved, brothers that acted like brothers instead of your parents, … Emmy could go on and on, the list was endless.

Sam rubbed at his forehead, smoothing down the lines. "I don't know. I guess they're powerful enough. But not exactly like Barbara Eden in harem pants. I mean, Djinn have been feeding off people for centuries. They're all over the Koran."

"My god," Dean was looking up at the ceiling, a dreamy look on his face. "Barbara Eden was hot, wasn't she? Way hotter than that Bewitched chick."

Emmy took the paper ball and threw it back at his face. "You're not paying attention again." Dean being the immature adult he was, pulled a funny face causing Emmy to stick out her tongue.

"It's like dealing with two children," Sam said quietly to himself.

Dean cleared his throat again. "So uh, where do the Djinns lair up?"

"Ruins usually," Sam answered.

Emmy took a sip from her water. "They prefer to live in large places, makes it easier to hide." Earning a look from both her brothers, she took her bottle taking another sip to shut her mouth.

"You know," Dean started, tapping his fingers on the wooden surface of the table, "I think I saw a place a couple miles back. I'm gonna go check it out."

Sam started gathering his stuff. "Alright, just let me get ready first."

"Nah, I'm sure it's nothing. I just wanna take a look around," Dean reassured him.

"Can I go?" Emmy trailed behind her oldest brother as he put on his leather jacket. "Please? I can help."

Dean grabbed her face, squeezing her cheeks together. "It's almost your bedtime, baby."

"No, it's not," was her muffled reply before pushing his hands away. "I got more than an hour left. And you said you'll only take a look, I can help you take a look."

The brothers exchanged a look. It wasn't like they had a lead or anything, they were merely covering all the bases to make sure that this case was something they could work on. So far, they hadn't gotten a clue. Maybe they weren't even looking in the right direction. This hunt might not even involve anything supernatural.

"Fine," Dean sighed. Before Emmy could show her excitement, he grabbed her face again, pulling it close to his. "No wandering off, you stick with me at all times. And you listen to every word I tell you, okiedokie?"

"Okiedokie," she giggled.


"How do you kill it?" Emmy asked as she wandered around through an abandoned office, her fingers playing with an old typewriter.

"Silver knife dipped in lamb's blood," Dean said from the other room.

"I read somewhere that severe brain damage also gets the job done," she casually mentioned, shining her flashlight on the file cabinets.

"Oh yeah?" Dean was distracted by a dripping water sound but he couldn't the detect the origin of it. He made his way back to his sister, his flashlight lighting his way. "Where did you get all this information from anyway?"

Emmy pulled herself up on the desk, her casted foot throbbing from putting too much pressure on it for too long. "Uncle Bobby has the tendency of not cleaning up after himself."

"So you were snuffling around again, huh." Dean playfully flicked her nose. "Well I got bubkis, what do you say we get some ice cream and not share it with Mr. Healthfreak."

Emmy smiled, glad he didn't dwell on the subject. "You know I never turn down ice cream before bed."

Oh she was his sister alright, Dean thought as he let her climb on his back, giving her a piggy back ride to the Impala. Emmy covered her brother's eyes, giving him the directions step by step. It was something they used to play all the time when they were younger.

"Now keep walking straight. Okay stop, watch your feet, there's a little step there. Good, now take another five steps before turning to your left." Emmy laughed when her brother miscalculated his steps causing him to bump his shoulder against the wall.

"Hey don't make fun of disabled people, I'm blind remember?" Dean chastised with a teasing tone. "What's the next step."

"Now you go right ahead and – " Emmy stopped midsentence.

"And what?"

Emmy could've sworn she saw a blue light in the corner of the room. A blue spark that briefly lighted the darkness. "Dean I think I saw something."

Removing her hands from his eyes, hunter mode kicked in. Dean looked around the empty offices as he carefully put his sister down. "What did you see?"

"I don't know, like a blue light or something." Emmy stayed close to her brother and nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard the slam of a door.

Dean's hand automatically went to his gun. He grabbed his car keys with his other hand, pushing them in his sister's hands. "Emmy, sweetheart, get back to the car and lock it. Don't open it until I get back."

"Do you want me to call Sammy?" she asked, her eyes switching between his green eyes and the spot where she saw the blue spark.

"No, not yet. Wait ten minutes. It might be nothing but I need to make sure first."

Emmy was nervously fidgeting, not wanting to leave her brother behind. "You sure?"

"I'm sure." Touched by her concern, Dean cupped the back of her head, dropping a kiss on her brow. "Hurry up now."

With one last look at her brother, Emmy jogged her way back to the Impala. Her casted foot was still throbbing as she got down a flight of stairs. The abandoned building didn't provide any light and her flashlight was for some reason giving up on her. She hit and shook the stupid thing, hoping the batteries wouldn't give out until she made it to the car.

Emmy just arrived at the Impala when the flashlight went out. "Great, frigging great," she muttered. Without any light it was hard to unlock the car. Using her fingertips, she searched for the right spot to stick the key. "Oh come on!" she grumbled. Getting fed up, she fetched her phone from her pocket. Before she had the chance to find the flashlight, Emmy was suddenly bathed in a blue glow. She could suddenly see her own reflection on the car window. Wanting to know where the sudden light came from, she slowly turned around.

Emmy gasped when she came face to face with a pair of cerulean eyes. She tried to look away but the cobalt eyes sucked her right in. She felt herself sinking into the blue ocean, gasping for breath as she drowned in an enormous dark pit. Emmy could barely make out a glowing hand, she thought it was going to help her out but only felt it push her deeper until she could no longer swim her way out of it.

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