Generator 10

I do not own Generator Rex or Ben 10. This will be set at the same time as Heroes Unite but that will not happen and also after Diagon from Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, I will also be adding aliens from Omniverse but this will not follow that story line either enjoy.

The small amount of magic incantations will be completely made up and to understand them just read them backwards or if you can't be bothered go to the bottom of the page to see what it means. I literally have no imagination when it comes to making fancy words for spells.



"Transformations/Aliens Talking"



Chapter 1: Dimension Spells

"Ow, did anyone get the license plate of that spaceship?" A Caucasian teenager asked to no one, he was lying face down in dirt with his eyes closed. He had brown hair and was wearing dark jeans a black t-shirt which was underneath a light green jacket with a white line down one side with a black circle with the number 10 where his heart is. He also had a square green and white watch with a black faceplate, the green made an hourglass design on the black surface.

His eyes opened to reveal confused green eyes due to him not recognising where he was or how he ended up with his face full of dirt.

He turned his face to the side, spitting out some mud as he did to see that he was in a dark forest with tall evergreen trees so dense that they ended up blocking out a majority of the sunlight.

He pushed himself into a sitting position and started to rub the temple of his head with the arm containing the watch looking at the front of his shirt he noticed that it contained a strange browny orange substance that had dried on his shirt.

"Okay Ben" he said out loud "What was the last thing you remember doing" he continued to talk to himself.


Ben was sitting outside of Mr Smoothie enjoying a chocolate and carrot smoothie. It's been two months since he's defeated Diagon and a month since Azmuth gave him the new Omnitrix complete with new aliens which he had yet see even half of them as there was hardly any missions.

The forever Knights had been quiet since the fiasco two months ago as had Vilgax, even Albedo hadn't made an attempt to get the Omnitrix and frankly Ben was bored.

Gwen and Kevin were dating so they were spending less time with him and Julie was going around America on a tennis tournament for two months so not only was he bored but also alone which was a bad combination for the teenage hero.

There was a buzzing from one of Ben's pockets on his jeans and taking his phone out he opened it to see that Gwen had texted him saying "Hey Ben we are nearly at Mr Smoothie we'll only be a few minutes"

Ben nodded to himself even though Gwen couldn't see him and simply replied with "Okay see you soon" before returning the phone back to his pocket and taking another sip of his smoothie.

However, only a couple of seconds later there was a small explosion not far from where Ben was sitting, thankfully no one was sitting on the benches that were previously there but unfortunately for Ben he was so surprised that tipped over the last of his smoothie all over himself.

"Dammit and this shirt was new" he exclaimed forgetting the fact that he had copies of the exact same shirt.

He just sighed to himself before activating the holo-dial on the watch and searching for a good alien, once found he shouted out his ever familiar catchphrase "Its hero time" and then was bathed in an emerald light.

Once the light had died down in place of the human teenager now stood an insect like creature standing at about 7 feet tall and seemed to be draped in a blue and black material that resembled a cloak with a hood. The skull like face contained two bulbous green eyes and his teeth were bared. His hands consisted of four sharp claw like fingers with blue markings going along his arms and also his legs, his feet had two toes on each with a third one on his ankle. He unfurled his cloak to reveal moth like wings with the Omnitrix symbol displayed on his chest.

"Big Chill" he rasped out his voice both literally and figuratively chilling.

He took a deep breath in and blew out cold air on to the still burning pieces of bench, this causing the flames to be put out and for the rest of the charred pieces and surrounding area to be covered on ice.

Once this was completed, Big Chill looked around trying to determine where the cause of the explosion originated from and stopped dead at the person he saw.

Before him was a man with a chalk white face with a skull like design on it. He was wearing a red outfit that contained both a cloak that reached mid-calf and a hood but contained no sleeves and showed part of his chest and abdomen. He wore black material belts without buckles and gold trim on his belly and on both of his arms one just above the elbows and the others on his wrists. He also wore black leggings and boots and also a single black gem on his chest.

He looked exactly how Gwen described to him and Kevin after they helped Charmcaster with Adwaita except there was also a silver college on his neck.

Ben was very confused as to why he was here let alone attacking as he was quite happy to stay in his house the last time Gwen saw him.

"What are you doing here Hex? I thought you were busy reading your magic books and what's with the collar trying out a new look?" the Necrofriggian rapidly asked the questions to the skull faced man wanting the answers quickly.

Hex made no comment towards the question and instead said "lartceps gnieb eb dnuob"(1) after which purple glowing chains sprung up from nowhere and encased Big Chill from head to toe.

The Necrofriggian tried to phase out of the chains but was unsuccessful at the attempt to escape, he couldn't even move his hands to his the Omnitrix dial on his chest.

"Hey what's the big idea, you're usually threatening or at least insulting something by now, is it because Gwen's not here?" He asked still trying to move his body out of the chains to no avail.

Hex just walked a little closer his eyes blank as he summoned one of his many spell books and waving his hands in an intricate manner after which a glowing red circle surrounded the Omnitrix bearer with strange runes inside the circle.

Hex looked directly at him for a moment and something seemed to spark in his eyes "I'm sorry" he apologised before the blank look returned to his eyes and he started to chant "siesgrene gninecsnart emit, ecaps dna noisnemids ekat yht gnieb ssorca eht eerht ot reven eb dnuof"(2)

The runes glowed even brighter washing the area in a red hue with small bursts of lightning dancing across the circle and Ben, it was also causing Ben to hear a buzzing in his head echoing the chant and making him slowly loose conscious, the last thing he heard before falling into the dark abyss of sleep was someone shouting "BEN!" And then nothing.

Flashback ends

"Okay, so what I have so far is that Hex randomly pops out of nowhere, ties me up, doesn't answer any of my questions and before he starts chanting says sorry to me before I blackout and end up eating dirt" Ben was once again speaking out loud.

"Why would Hex go through all that trouble to just teleport me somewhere else, I look to be still on Earth and why would he say sorry for it" he questioned in his mind.

Ben pondered this for a moment but then realised he still had his cell phone and the Omnitrix that could contact Plumbers HQ, fishing out his phone he quickly saw there was no signal.

"Wow the dark creepy forest has no cell reception, who'd have thought it" he joked before putting his cell phone back into his pocket and activating the communication feature on the Omnitrix "Agent Ben Tennyson to Plumber HQ in Bellwood, come in Plumber HQ in Bellwood" but all he got in return was static which added more confusion to the teen's day.

"Plumbers' signals can bounce off of any other Plumber facility until it gets to the right one, even if I was on a different planet it would simply go to the nearest Plumbers' headquarters and redirect it to the one on Earth. This leaves me with two options, either all Plumbers' communications are down which is nearly impossible thanks to Azmuth upgrading them or I'm somewhere where it is impossible to do so and the only time that has happened was… when we went into a different dimension!" Ben exclaimed inside his head.

Although Ben had figured out what has happened it doesn't help him much as he could not use the spell to send him back like Gwen could, so he was stuck here until they came for him.

"Well I'm not going to get much done just standing here all day, so I might as well explore" Ben smiled once he said that and activated the Omnitrix. He needed both flight and speed in case the natives were hostile he could get out without them coming at him.

Once the correct icon had be chosen and the core popped out he slammed his hand down and a green light flashed across the forest and once it died down a red manta-ray like creature with yellow horns and yellow underneath his wings could be seen. He had three claws on both his hands and feet with a tail. He had green eyes and a black v like marking that stopped at his chest where the Omnitrix rested.

"Jetray" he shouted out.

The Aerophibian then shot off from the ground and through one of the larger openings in the trees going at supersonic speeds in matter of seconds to find the nearest place of civilisation.

The Plant

"Holiday there has been an anomaly of unknown energy that's suddenly popped up before disappearing again" Six said to Holiday as he watched the monitor screen. He was wearing his normal attire of a green suit with a black vest over the top with multiple pockets and black combat boots that went halfway up his calf. His eyes were still covered by his ever present green glasses and his two swords were currently resting on his back and he had black gloves on his hands.

"Can you determine where it originated from?" she asked walking over to where the six deadliest man was sitting looking at the data from the monitor herself. The dark brunette scientist looked over his shoulder to see the data flashing across the screen reflecting off of her green eyes her hair pulled up into a bun atop her head. She was wearing a grey blazer styled coat over a high necked orange top with a brown belt over the two with a small pouch on the side, she also wore grey leggings with black boots that like Six's, went halfway up her calf and grey coverings halfway up her arms with her hands concealed behind brown gloves.

Six shook his head "No it was only there for a second before it disappeared, scanners where only able to pick that there was an energy spike but not where or what it was" he relayed the data to her.

Holiday nodded in confirmation before going to her own screen and typing something on it at remarkable speeds "It's going to take a while to pinpoint even the general area let alone a precise one but we should be able to get a reading at the least in 24 hours" she explained.

Six hummed in agreement before noticing the lack of a certain dark haired teen "Have you seen Rex at all today?" he inquired.

"Yeah, he and Bobo have gone to catch up with Noah for a bit, and he has his communicator to contact us if there is any trouble so he'll be fine" she assured him.

The only problem with that statement, although she did not know, was that a certain Omnitrix wielding teen was heading in the exact same direction as the dark haired E.V.O and his friends.

Spectral being be bound (1)

Energies transcending time, space and dimensions take thy being across the three to never be found. (2)

So what do you all think, any questions just ask and I will try to answer as long as there is no major spoilers involved.