The Unexpected Arrival

Chapter 1: A New Life Begins

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that comes from the Harry Potter Series. However, I do own any original characters that I created for this story.

Summary: Audrey fell asleep in her own room only to wake up in a different situation altogether. She woke up in a different city, she was a lot shorter, and she wasn't even herself anymore. What troubled her more than not knowing her family was that she did recognize a few other people around her neighborhood.

-There may be some slight slash pairings, but they won't happen until much later.

-This will most likely be rated T throughout the entire story.

-"This means that Audrey is thinking."

It felt like any other morning to the young woman lying down on her bed. She was curled up underneath her covers and basking in the warmth as she relaxed. "I don't think that I work today. Maybe I'll sleep in for a little while longer." Little did she know that nothing would be the same after she fell asleep once again.

It felt like only a few minutes before a knocking on Audrey's door woke her up. She looked around groggily and vaguely noticed that her body felt off. Suddenly a stranger softly voiced out, "It's time to get up sweetie. Your aunt Tammy is visiting us today." Audrey panicked for a few seconds before a person, who she still didn't recognize, walked up to her and picked her up. A kiss was planted on her forehead before the person spoke again. "You're still half asleep aren't you?" She didn't reply so the stranger lightly laughed.

Audrey shook in fear of the new person until she thought about how this man, that she could finally see, could possibly pick her up with ease. He looked to be in his middle or late twenties with dark brown hair and forest green eyes. A small smile was on his face as he held her. It clicked in a moment that she was smaller than she used to be and that somehow she was a very young child. After that revelation she was lost in thought. "I guess I didn't go back in time since I don't recognize my new father… Did I die? Maybe I was reincarnated?" Thoughts such as those were swirling around in her brain while she was carried. She guessed that it couldn't be that farfetched since she often wondered about what could happen after death. She didn't know that her new father was moving until he carefully set her down onto the floor.

As Audrey looked around she noticed that she was now in a bathroom. Her new dad crouched down to her level and said, "Can you go to the bathroom like a big boy?" Shock coursed through Audrey's brain as she processed what that now meant for her. She, now he, replied with a whispered "yeah" before turning to the potty training toilet that he now noticed. Gulping in nervousness Audrey quickly thought about how he was not even a girl anymore and if he would have to stand to pee this time.

That question was quickly answered once his dad told him to sit on the toilet and turned around so he could have some privacy. Audrey did so in relief that he could take his time at getting used to being a boy. "At least it won't be too suspicious of me if I act different. I'm what…two years old?" Audrey quickly relieved his bladder, wiped, and said, "I'm all done daddy," before pulling his tiny pants on and getting picked up once again. Audrey was held up to the sink and washed his hands before being placed on his father's hip. He was set down in a higher chair so he could reach the table and had a bib placed around his neck before his food was placed in front of him. The room was mostly silent as they both finished off their food.

As his father put away the dishes he started to say, "Okay Adrian. How about we go on a short walk around the neighborhood before Tammy gets here?" He nods at his dad while wondering at how his name still sounds somewhat the same and smiles up at him. Taking that as an affirmative Adrian was ushered outside and began to walk slowly alongside his father. It was around ten minutes in that they turned back around to start the short walk back home.

His father spent the remaining time cleaning little things here and there before she showed up. Aunt Tammy arrived at their front door nearly an hour later. Once she was let in the doorway she engulfed his dad in a hug and exclaimed, "Long time no see little brother!" Adrian's father responded saying, "It has been a while now hasn't it Tania?" Almost a minute later of nonstop hugging did Tammy let go and turn fully to face Adrian. He was surprised at her speed because one second she was at the door and the next he had a face full of fur. A large cat was now nudging its face into Adrian's neck and purring away to its heart's content.

Adrian fell onto his bottom out of sheer shock. As he processed what just happened the cat proceeded to nuzzle its head into his face. He hesitantly brought his hand out to pet the soft fur on the cat's head. Once the cat was done showing its affection it walked a short distance away and its shape grew back into the form of his aunt Tania. Adrian was still shocked at the event that had just occurred and was trying to come to terms with what just happened. Tania only laughed at what must have been a comical expression on Adrian's face before turning back to her brother. He only looked at his sister and shook his head slowly with a large smile on his face. "That look never gets old," she said while chuckling at them both.

Adrian stood up and stared at his aunt for a few moments. He seemed to be analyzing her, but both adults didn't notice the look since they were both caught up in their own conversation. Tania didn't look any different from an average person. She was wearing a black business suit that flattered her figure and made her look professional. She had the same forest green eyes as his dad did, but her hair was a slightly lighter shade of brown than his and pulled into a low ponytail. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary except for her surprising display of magic. It looks like she's a mage, but it wasn't as if she was wearing a pointy hat and cloak and waving a wand or a staff at people and yelling spells at them. "Was that… magic!? That shouldn't be possible, but I can't deny what I saw only a minute ago. My dad didn't seem surprised at all at that display. He almost looked like he was expecting it from his reaction afterwards." His inner thoughts were interrupted by his aunt's arms picking him up and holding him on her hip.

Tania walked with Adrian on her hip and met her brother in the living room. She sat down on their loveseat and put Adrian on her lap. His aunt and father continued their conversation only this time Adrian was listening to them. Tania started off by saying, "I see that Adrian has grown a bit more since I saw him. How has he been doing lately?" Her brother smiled and replied with, "He's been doing fine. I've been taking him on progressively longer walks each morning, and he has been able to understand a lot more words when I speak to him. I think he has gotten toilet training down so that's a relief; but he'll probably still need to use it for a little while longer just to be safe." They chatted for around twenty minutes before his dad told them that he was going to make all of them some food for lunch.

The three of them ate heartily with a small amount of friendly banter between the siblings. After the two adults washed the dishes they walked to the front door. As Adrian followed them into the entryway Tania turned to him and said, "Bye Adrian. I'm off to work now, but don't tell anyone." She laughed at the inside joke along with his dad. Adrian replied with a wave and said, "Bye Tania. I won't." His aunt looked somewhat surprised at his speech and left with a grin on her face. Once his dad finished waving he hugged Adrian and spoke to him saying, "You can pronounce her name now. That's great!" He let go of his son and told him that it was nap time for his little kit.

Adrian went along with it, but was confused at the kit comment. "It could be that my dad can also transform into an animal… Maybe he's a mage as well?" He figured that this new life wasn't a dream since it felt very real; but if it was a dream then he wouldn't mind if he never woke up. He was soon lulled to sleep by the warm blankets he was laying on and the soothing music that came on as soon as his head touched his pillow. Adrian's father left with a smile on his face when his son fell asleep without any trouble. A few tears left his eyes at the thought that maybe his son can move on from their loss. He sat in his recliner with his head in his hands once the memories of his late wife surged through him. He thought to himself that maybe he could use a little rest as well…