Chapter 4: Meeting his family

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Author Note: Adrian wasn't four years old when he first met Harry. He turned six a few days beforehand. Harry is still five, but almost six right now.

Nate drove the three of us back to our house once we left the library. It was about 5:30 in the evening, which is when we usually make it back home. We all walked inside and I took Harry into our kitchen again. We sat at the table after we both nabbed a few more snacks and a drink. "So, what's your plan for today?" Harry looked slightly confused at my statement. I elaborated by saying, "Did you want to hang out with me more today, or are you expected back home by your parents?"

Harry looked as though he was deep in thought. A panicked look crossed his features as he dropped his shoulders in a defeated expression. "I haven't been home all day today because of Marge's dog. I think that my aunt and uncle might get angry with me if I don't check in with them." I nodded in understanding and tried to think up a plan that might help him out. "Did you want me and my Dad to take you back to your house then? If you want to stay longer I can ask if it's okay with him. Then when we reach your house we can explain in person what you wanted to do."

Harry vigorously nodded his agreement before blushing again at his obvious enthusiasm. I laughed at his sudden shyness before telling him that we should go to ask Nate if he could stay longer. I took Harry with me to the room that Nate calls his study and told him that Harry still wanted to play at our house. Nate grinned at us before saying, "You can stay if you want to Harry. Do I have to call your parents to let them know where you are, or would they want to see us so they know who we are first?" He answered saying that his aunt and uncle would want to see us all before letting him stay here.

With that question answered we all traveled to the front door and I asked Harry how far away his house was. "It isn't too far from the park that we were in today." He fidgeted as he thought of why he was in the park in the first place. My dad answered him by saying that we could just walk there since he remembered the way to the park. Then Harry could point out where his house was after that. We all agreed to that, and set off to meet Harry's 'normal' family.

It took us the same amount of time to reach the park, and a short ten minutes later and we were standing in front of his house on Privet Drive. Nate rapped on the door a few times before we heard soft footsteps getting closer to us. I looked at Harry to see that he had a scared expression on his face. I frowned at that and stepped slightly in front of him to try and block anyone's view of him from the doorway. Surprisingly a small boy around our age opened the door rather than one of the adults in the house.

"Who are you guys?" The kid looked confused to see us until he spotted Harry standing slightly behind me. I waved at him and said, "Harry wants to play at my house longer today. Could you go get your parents?" He nodded, left the doorway, and came back with his mom in tow. Petunia looked confused to see us there as well until Dudley told her that Harry was with them.

She spotted him and a slight frown could be seen on her face soon after. "Where were you today Harry? Marge wanted you to help groom her dog after lunch." Harry looked panicked at that statement and became a stuttering mess. Seeing him so shaken up, I linked my arm between his and played the act of a very enthusiastic kid.

I plastered a huge smile on my face and began my story. "He was with me Miss. We met up earlier today and played lots of games!" I hugged Harry after that, which helped him to calm down a bit. "I hope that we can be friends now." Harry had a large smile of his own after I said that.

It didn't look like Petunia knew what to say to that. Nate took over when the silence dragged on for a bit longer than necessary. "So Adrian here wants to have Harry come over to our place and maybe have his first sleepover. You'd like that now, wouldn't you guys?" We both nodded happily at my Dad before turning our hopeful faces towards Harry's aunt.

She hesitated for a moment before giving in. It honestly went over easier than I expected. "I bet that she couldn't come up with a valid excuse to make him stay." She let us come in with a pinched expression on her face, told Harry to go grab some pajamas and a fresh change of clothes, and scurried out of sight. I was left in the entryway with my Dad at my side after she left. We silently stood there until Dudley sneaked his way up to me.

"So I heard you're Harry's friend now?" He peered at me with a look of honest curiosity as he waited for me to speak. "Yeah I met him today and we had a great time." He gained a confused expression before answering. "How did you find him anyways? We didn't see him all day after aunt Marge came to visit." I frowned at the reason for Harry's anxiety for most of the day.

"Well my Dad and I were taking a walk and I found him after I stopped in a park. I talked to him for a bit before we left to go back to my house, and then the library. Thinking back on it, Harry probably shouldn't have just gone away with us that quickly… We should have introduced ourselves to your parents first since we were practically strangers at the time." I rubbed the back of my neck at the admission and looked away from him.

Harry barreled down the stairs with a small backpack on his back before stopping directly in front of me. His abrupt entrance startled both of us, and whatever Dudley was going to say was forgotten in that moment. The three of us left the Dursley household shortly after and started the walk back to my house. "Step one complete. Harry is allowed to come over to my house now. This should make it easier on him in the future." I thought that there were some inconsistencies with his home life, but I figured that I could try to look into it at a later time.