Sunday 28th/06/15

Dear Diary,

I went over to Corey's garage only to find Kin and Kon arguing over . . . guess what, CHEESE!

Ugh! Don't those two have anything better to do than to argue over food? Anyways, I took my bass from the stands and began strumming silently to myself and hummed. While I was busy doing that, Corey just bursts out of nowhere into my face and all I hear is five words escaping from his lips. "I just wrote a song."
"Seriously, Corey." I replied clearly showing that I didn't believe him.
"Since when did you start writing your own lyrics?" Kin asked him.
"Oh, just five minutes ago." Was his answer.

Yeah right. I don't know about his little lyric writings but ever since I can remember he always steals lyrics from Trina's diary (Trina is Corey's mean older sister who is always trying to destroy us, just so you know). But in order to do so we always have to make her feel some kind of emotion and usually the emotions she gets depend on the type of gig we have. Like there was this gig we had about this queen bee pageant where the winner is the sweetest girl among all contestants. We had to perform a song about how wonderful the queen bee was. Problem was . . . in order to get lyrics we had to make sure Trina won the contest. In other words we had to make her happy! Can you believe it? HAPPY! Grrrrrrrr! The pageant was nearly cancelled because all the little girls were scared off (By Trina of course) and Mayor Mellow was about to tell the audience but because we all wanted the gig, I volunteered to take part in the pageant. I had to wear a dress, Diary! How humiliating!

Let's just skip the next part okay?

So yeah, we all couldn't believe that Corey wrote his own song so we all sat down on the couch and looked at his notebook. He had scribbled all over the pages so his lyrics looked something like;

I'm feeling so scared

Locked inside of this place

Is anyone out there? Have I left no trace?

I feel the cold creeping in

Thoughts on terror

Visions of horror (arrrgh)

I'm getting out of here

Yeah, I gotta get out of here

I'm getting out of here

'Cause I gotta get out of here.

That's just the first part of the song, the second verse was messier I couldn't read it well but I knew that song was meant for Halloween.
"Is it good?" Corey asked. His eyes filled with excitement. I wanted to tell him that it sucked big time but I thought not today, maybe tomorrow. The other two idiots however, LOVED IT!
"This is great Corey!" Kon exclaimed.
"Now we won't have to worry about stealing them from Trina's diary." Kin said.
"If you guys really feel that way then maybe we should start practicing." Corey says picking up his guitar. "Say, midnight in the graveyard?"
"Oooh, scary." Kon echoes.
"Sure thing." I answered regrettably.

. . .

At midnight I made my way to the Peaceville cemetery. It was surprisingly big for a small town. I guess most of the headstones there represented the early founders of Peaceville. Among those would be Corey's great grandfather. Moving on, I walked along the half hidden brick path into the other side of the cemetery which was hidden by black rose bushes. To be honest Diary, I was feeling a little terrified but I had to put on the tough girl act when I arrived at the scene of the guys setting up. Corey was testing the microphone, Kon was practicing his drum solo while Kin was busy plugging in the cords to the amps. I stepped on stage with Corey and began playing my bass. Kin and Kon joined in with their instruments and Corey sang his song with ease. I have to admit Diary it sounded pretty awesome. But all the awesomeness soon melted away when we heard a loud groan coming from under our feet.

"Core, what's going on?" I asked with fear. Kin realized I was scared and sniggered to himself. We all stood for a while before suddenly the dirt beneath us was dug up by a long green, mold covered hand. It shot up like a rocket and was soon followed by several others. As it turns out Corey's creepy song had woken up the undead. To make a long story short, we all managed to escape and send the zombies back into their graves but one thing were for certain, this was not going to be the last stupid thing Corey would do. There was still more to come.

Yours truly,

Laney Penn (Bassist)