Monday 29th/06/15

Dear Diary,

Another stupid thing happened today and this time it was Kon who did it. We were all at Corey's garage as usual practicing our latest song and right after that we wanted to do something fun and by 'fun' I meant going to see a movie or something else that doesn't involve Trina. Kin suggested that we go to the park at night. "Why at night?" I looked at him quizzically.
"Because overheard Trina telling Mina that she was going to kiss Nick Mallory under the moonlight, and who wouldn't want to ruin their kiss?" Kin said devilishly. Oh great. Just what I needed another idiotic plan. "How exactly are we going to ruin their kiss?" Corey asked anxiously for he knew very well that he was going to enjoy destroying Trina's date.
"I thought of blasting a couple of small firecrackers in her face and giving her a fright."
There was a stunned silence. Hooray! I thought Corey probably thinks it's too risky, too dangerous. Too bad I was wrong.
"Wicked idea, Kin!"
"Giving Trina a good scare is exactly what we need." Corey said dramatically.
Seriously? I mean I know Trina is pretty mean to us but this was just too much even for me. I didn't think Corey would even go with the idea about scaring Trina with flammables. I'd vote for water balloons but not this.
"Come on Core." I tried reasoning with him. "I'd go with your crazy plans but this is . . ."
"Sssshhhh." He hushed me by placing his finger on my lips. "This is not the time for safety measures Laney."
They never listen to me diary. I don't know why, sometimes it seems as though I'm the only one with common sense. I'll bet their brains are the sizes of peas (You know I don't really mean that). Corey's would be the size of a walnut because if he had a pea brain, he wouldn't be able to predict the next thing I was going to say. Anyways we stuck to Kin's plan about scaring Trina but what I didn't know was that Kin had also brought a huge box of fireworks just for the thrill. Fireworks!

. . .
At around 8:00pm we made our way to the park making sure that we weren't spotted or seen under the street lights. Once we found a perfect hiding spot, Kin brought out his night binoculars and scanned the area for any couples. He spotted Trina cozying up to Nick Mallory under a huge oak tree. "Bingo!" He whispered excitedly. We were several meters away from them so we crept closer until we were hiding in a large bush right behind them. Then Kin and Kon started arguing.
"Firecrackers don't burn." Kon began.
"Of course they do." Kin shot back. "That's why they're called firecrackers."
Honestly Diary, I don't get why they just can't keep their freaking mouths shut for one minute.
"Guys, can we just focus on scaring, Trina?" Corey suggested with a hint of fear in his voice.
They didn't stop. They continued their silent argument for five more minutes. It was really annoying and amusing for they wanted to yell but they couldn't so they had to constantly change their facial expressions so that the other would know what he was talking about. I peered over the bush to see how the couple was doing but they had gone. Damn it! We came out all this way for nothing!
"Hey guys" I began. I wanted to tell them that we were too late but they were busy quarrelling over the stupid facts. Kon wanted to prove his point, so you know what he did? I'll just lay it out in three simple steps;

* He lit the firecracker
* He threw it in his pants
* The firecracker exploded

It was pretty bad Diary. We took his sorry ass to the hospital to get his burns treated and now I'm sitting outside the waiting room writing this down. I just hope he gets better in the morning.

Yours truly,

Laney Penn (Bassist)

P.S. I just found out that Nick dumped Trina in the park.