Saturday 4th/07/15

Dear Diary,

I woke up in the morning, feeling well rested but slightly out of breath because of Kon's LETHAL farts last night. Corey, Kin and Kon were still asleep. I nearly laughed at the mere sight of their sleeping positions. Kin was in a headlock position with Corey whose head was on Kon's buttocks. Kon was also sucking on Kin's thumb and was mumbling something like "cheese puffs". They all lay in one crumpled heap. After taking a photo of them from my camera, I quietly slipped out of my sleeping bag and went to a pile of junk to get a car horn. Returning, I silently stood over the messy human pile and quickly squeezed the trigger. A tremendous sound filled the garage within minutes and the stack of guys all sat up straight startled by the noise. Well . . . actually Kon sat on both Kin and Corey's head. I bet my bass that if Trina took a video it would've gone viral in less than a month.
"What the hell!" Kon shouted.
"Dudes, I'm so sorry." He stammered, quickly standing up. We took a good long look at the duo beneath us. Corey and Kin's face were very red and blotchy and they looked like recent trauma victims. LOL! (I feel weird using internet language in my diary).

. . .

The guys and I went to the electronics store because Kin wanted to check out a couple of spare parts for his latest invention. Corey kept on leaning against a glass case and the shop assistant was getting annoyed because there was a sign printed in bold inside the case that said 'No leaning against the glass'.
"Kid, in case you can't read, it says there no leaning against the glass." He said crossly.
Corey backed away.
"What a sourpuss." He said to me before we exited.

Our next stop was the clothing shop (I didn't drag them there). I was wondering why the guys would want to go in there. I was about to find out.
Corey, Kin and Kon grabbed a handful of clothes from their racks and dove into the dressing rooms before I even had a chance to get a glimpse of what clothes they got. Five minutes later they emerged from their closets.
They were wearing girl's clothing!
Kin was wearing a tight black miniskirt, with an even tighter leopard print top, and purple sunglasses. He had even taped two silver hoops on his ears.
Kon had on a long red, glittery dress with a fake diamond necklace and was wearing red lipstick that matched his dress.
Corey wore skinny jeans and a white top with several bangles hanging off his wrists.
Oh, I wanted to die!
Heaven please, just take me now! Pleeeeeeeeeeease!

"Corey!" I yelled. "What the hell are you guys wearing?"
"It's called fashion, Laney." Kin posed in front of me like a supermodel, while tossing his wig to the back.
"Ugh!" I sounded like Trina.
I left them in the shop and ran out. After getting myself a blue slushy at a snack bar, I headed down to the beach for some alone time. Slurping it lazily I stared at the sea waves breaking against the shore for about an hour before someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked around and saw Corey standing there with a meek expression on his face.
"Hey, Lanes." He spoke quietly.
"Hey, Core." I replied with the same meekness.
"You wanna go for a swim?"
I smiled. Yes!

We messed around in the water for the whole afternoon with Kin and Kon who came five minutes later before we retreated back to our own homes. It was a great day.

Yours truly,

Laney Penn (Bassist)