Alright, so I've decided to take down the earlier story...since after much realization that it was a flawed piece of work from the beginning.

And only after, a long...long break...and finally I'm in college, did I finally get a solid plan to recreate the story properly from scratch.

For those of you who are new to reading this, I'm just gonna apologize for wasting your time. But hear me out, I had this flawed piece of work known as 'Scorched' and I was incredibly unhappy with it after a year of trying to make it a thing in this site.

It was an original story that I ripped off Frozen, with a darker perspective, and a darker theme compared to Frozen itself. But I had plans for it. Big plans. Plans that went...awry as the story progressed.

Planning was spontaneous, ideas roughly made, characters were original and weren't remotely related to the Frozen cast, but under developed, plot was being too long winded in a shallow attempt for attention...

Pretty much what my story was before I decided to hit the DELETE button.

I won't reveal anything important to the plot, but I can say this:-

a) It will be M-Rated. Yes, I'm going to push the boundaries in here. Expect...explicit child abuse, major violence, psychologically inducing themes, moral depravity, alcohol, blood, gore, and some sexual references.

Also, it will not be a musical. Though at some point I'll include the characters singing at certain scenarios...but it won't be a thing in here unless the reviews speak otherwise.

b) The characters in the story are retained. But I decided to deepen their roles in a much more mature setting.

c) The plot line is rewritten completely to include the following mentioned mature elements. I'm not gonna stick with anything related to Frozen for this one. The fresh ideas for this story are inspired from the movie, but they're all twisted and malformed to suit what I'm gonna write later on in here. Trust me, it's not gonna be pretty.

Expect the summary and the prologue of the story...anytime. I can't promise anything, I'm in college now and it's quickly taking on my life like a storm...

But heck, I started this...and I have every intention of finishing it with proper fashion.

I'm Shawn Raven, peace out people. (Holds two fingers up)