Even though Ellia Suneyes was a priestess of light, she deeply hated the Alliance, and all what reminded her of them. Especially humans suffered the blunt of her hate. But during wars old hatred must be cast aside, and here she was fighting together with Alliance members, healing them against the common foe Illidan the Betrayer. Her order said that it was in order to bring her people, the Sin'dorei glory, for her it was something what she had to pull trough teeth gritted.
So here she was, fighting against demons and nagas, healing those in need.

The Master of the Black castle swings his Twin Blades at a Blood elf paladin, killing him instantly with his head falling off, but he didn't retaliate when a barrage of attacks comes crashing down on him both from the Alliance and the Horde party, the axes from the warriors, the holy fire from the paladins, the nature magic from the druid, and especially the barrage of strikes that were coming out from Maiev. The many wounds from the heroes took its toll on Betrayers body, his movements grew weary and he couldn't block nearly as many strikes as before. Before long the sounds of metal clashing with another metal stopped when Illidan falls down to his knees, his twin blades crashing to the floor beside him. His blindfolded eyes facing the floor soaked by his blood. Maiev approached him, her glaives soaked with his blood, she gave him an deathly glare, her eyes never leaving from him.

If there is one thing Ellia can't bear more than humans working with the Alliance, it's Execution, she can never bear to see life taken away at the hands of another, though she can fight, she can never have the will to kill someone. She looks away at the sight of Maiev swinging her glaives at Illidan, the sick sound of head hitting the floor was just making Ellia's stomach churn into a knot. The sick feeling of death in this Light forsaken castle, be it to anyone.

"It is finished." said Maiev as she looks at the warriors comprising both from the faction. "It's time to leave. Demons and Naga's are coming in fast, we will be surrounded before we can escape as a group, pray that you will survive, as from now on, you are on your own." stated Maiev as she used her abilities to blink away.

That was the only thing Maiev said before she blinked away. Ellia quickly tries to escape the castle, running down the stairs as she heard the sound of roar from the demons and the sound of snake like hissing from the nagas as they come crashing on the castle, the sound of metal against metal was being heard again, but this time, there were also the sound of screaming. She ran as fast as she could for the exit but it was futile when almost all of the exit of the castle were guarded with demons and nagas. She prayed to the light for protection in this situation, but to make things worst, a fel stalker notices her and charges for her, she tried to blast it with light magic, but the skin resistance to magic was not harming the demon in anyway. She ran, the sound of battle and metal crashing was stopping little by little, it made her realize that she was the last one, she didn't know if the others made it out or the entire raid party was wiped out, but all she knows now is that she had to hide and survive of this new turn of events.

She made use of the castles harem rooms, noticing that it was all abandoned, she jolted towards its section and hid herself till the fel stalker abandoned the chase and moved away. Now she knew that there is no escape when the sound of hissing and demonic language were now constant, the demons and nagas already claimed the castle again despite their master being dead. She slowly walked towards the harem mothers room, if the nagas and demons no longer have a master, surely the rooms are no longer useful, and she was right when there were no signs of nagas here inside this section of the castle. She opened the room and locked herself in, she hugged herself, hoping for the best that the light will not abandon her.

"You've got to be real lucky that you end up in here like me." said a masculine voice.

By impulse, she blast holy light magic at the direction of the voice, but in a swift motion, the figure reveals itself as it lunges at her, grabbing her and cupping her mouth, revealing itself to be a human.

"You Idiot! Do not use magic in here or else the Fel dogs will detect you!" said the human who's tone was quietly screaming at her.

She screamed as if the human was forcing himself on her, but the human did not let go as he waited for her to calm down and as she didn't calm down for the nextfew moments as she was still fanatically screaming despite being muffled by his gauntlet-ed hand, finally out of breath and energy to scream anymore, she calmed down.

"Good, now make yourself useful and show what supplies you have in your bag." stated the human, standing up as he approaches the chair that was on the corner of the room. The mans behaviour had already left a bad impression on Ellia

"Excuse me?" she questioned, who is this human anyway? Who is he to just suddenly say to make herself useful when she just moments ago was about the killed by her chaser.

"What do you have? Because we are going to be in here for a long time probably a month or so till the demons and nagas abandon the castle." he answered.

She frowned, a month in this room, with this human, ALONE. Well, if there is one good thing about this human, it was that he was atleast positive of their escape. So she decides to let him take the lead until she wanted to get herself killed by her own rash decisions and actions. She throws her bag pouch which was lying beside her towards him.

Of all the races that she could be with in this room, why does it have to be a human? Humans, arrogant, rash, brutal, and savage beings that should be shown their rightful place. Though some of them are noble, like Lord Uther and King Terenas, they are good people. He scoured her bag, taking out her alchemy potions, her book, her health potions, some of her food and some alchemy utensils. He grunted in frustration when the last of her things were finally taken out, he also takes his bag and scoured everything.

"This is bad." he said, as he organize the books, the potions, and the food. "The food and water will last for two weeks, this wont be enough," he stated as he look at Ellia who was in the corner, being quiet. "Do you know how conjure food?" he ask.

"Are you stupid human? Do you think priestesses can conjure food?" replied Ellia, her tone not hiding the venom in her voice.

He grunted, Blood Elves, arrogant as ever. Even a simple question can boil their blood, Arrogant and especially hates criticism. If he knows one thing who this blood elf is, was that he knew her to be a pain in the ass. She better be a useful priestess unlike those who are so fragile, he smiled, well fragile is the most accurate term for them, weak, soft, close minded tree hugging arrogant, though beautiful race.

"Weakling." he muttered, as he stands up.

She stood up. "Excuse me? Well, at least I'm not a brute and savage like you." she stated, walking towards a chair as she glared at the Human.

"How Intelligent of you to start talking in this kind of situation." replied the human, grinning at her. "Your pride does not apply here till we are securely safe enough for us to talk and shout at each other with insults." he added, as he also sat on a chair.

Well at least he made a point though, so she concede. "Fine, I can wait that long. Since you're clearly the one with more experience of these kind of situations, what should we do?"

He gripped his chin, mumbling. "We will wait, for now." he said.

How clever of him. "That's not the answer I was looking for" Ellia said her tone raising by the humans simply statement.

"Do you have a better idea then?"replied back the human."

"We will umm-" she mumbled, looking around trying to come up with something and making the human laugh at her futile attempt.

"You think you're clever don't you? I'm not amused, nor does any blood elf amuse me." he stated, standing up, approaching a stuffed bear

Ellia wanted to answer to his ridiculous insult, by how blood elves were fat better than humans in everything, but decided against it. Only ten minutes in this room with this human had made her hate him. She ignored the human as he typically for any human started to show off his savagery by punching the stuffed bear. She relaxed against the chair and decided that she had earned a little nap.