5 months later...

Celvic woke up with a groan as he sluggishly gets himself out of bed. His eyes were half lidded as if his sleep were restless. He stretched himself on the bed and yawned loudly, the stench of alcohol still fresh on his breath as bottles of whiskey laid next to the bed. Celvic then stood up and looked at himself in the mirror, it had been five months that he was still spreading the word to the officials of his fathers exploits, and he still awaited their word. He wanted his father to be recognized that he had slain a Pitlord along with the highly esteemed Janella Deemspring of the High Elves before being tragically slain at the hands of the Fallen Prince.

He had used his exploits at the Black Temple to gain some leverage, his small bit of fame from the Black Temple made his request of recognition acceptable to them, and he is hopeful that it is enough. Truly his father deserve it along with the High elf ranger. Elf. The word is still fresh on his lips, the constant reminder of what he had lost five months ago. Lost...perhaps that is too arrogant for him to say that he lost her, when the truth is that she was never his to begin with. And the hurt was still fresh in his heart, never to be going away. Even if he finds someone else, someone that he truly loves and to grow old with, he will always look back to just...what if.

Celvic shakes off his thoughts and decided to just try and shake off the thought of her from his mind. Looking back at himself on the mirror, a full set of beard now covering his chin and the circle around his mouth. His mentally took note that he should be shaving it off. He takes off his eyes from the mirror and picked up the white linen shirt that was on his bed and dressed himself adequately and went outside his room.

He had been staying in a dwarven inn for the last five months that he had been here. The owner, being the bartender was a short burly dwarf, like that of most dwarves, with a thick ginger beard covering the circle of his mouth and his chin, cleaning up a mug with water and cloth. And the inn had been empty for the most part, the tables were empty other than the occasional regulars that come and stayed in the corners. And the inn were big in it self, having ten tables across the whole room that accommodates four people each.

He approached the bartender counter and sit on a stool, his head still aching from his restless sleep. He put up his arm and his index finger unto the dwarf and hold up a two fingers, and it was enough for the dwarf to know his request as immediately he had lighten up bowl under the counter with coal, aiming to boil water. "Oi lad, how ye doin? Ya look horrible." The dwarf remarked but Celvic made no effort to talk to him as he was just gazing aimlessly. The last five months haven't been good to him at all. "Oi lad, something just came up, I fergot to tell ya. A Night elf came to mah in yesterday mor'nin! She was tall lad! And her armor was very cool, and she bought some of me strongest ale, but she decided to give it to ma pals and bought bread for herself be for leavin." The dwarf told, but Celvic just hung his head low, not listening to him as he rest his head and his arms on the table, as if falling asleep again.

"Oi lad..." The dwarf poked at his head again and sighs, he got used to the human warrior skulking. "Hays lad...always be skulkin."

Celvic finally groans as he looked up to the dwarf as he pinched the skin between his eyes. "Damn it, Bhuldun...I got no time listening for your stories, alright brother? I just want my coffee." he says to the dwarf and it made the dwarf chuckle as he leans down on the steaming cauldron with a mug on his hand as he scoop some of the liquid and poured some powder before stirring it with a wooden spoon and bringing it over to the human warrior. "I got so many things to do."

Bhuldun shuffles his beard at him and shakes his head with a smile. "I bet my talkin about some elven lass got you worked up with the elven lass in yer head, eh?" Bhuldun says, and to Celvic he just groans, not wanting to hear his opinion. He made a good reputation for himself being part of the Black Temple raid, but those come with the rumors between him and the certain Elf that had come with him. "I see lad, ya missed the lass, that's what elven lasses have always been, eh? Breakin hearts, or any lasses for that matter."

Celvic then takes a sip of his finely made coffee and says. "Would you please stop talking about her? It happened, we can't always have it our way all the time." Celvic says before shutting himself up.

Bhuldun sighs as he picks up an another mug and began cleaning it, dipping a cloth with water before beginning to rub it. "Aye, those rumors about ye havin an affair with an elf is a bit infamous lad, heh. I'm still even wonderin why yer still here in Shattrath while ye family is waitin for you in Stormwind." He states as he places the mug over with the other mugs. And then looks at Celvic with narrowed brows and cross arms.

"Like I said, I'm staying so that they will get the recognition that they deserve. I'll use my...exploits of what happened in Black Temple to convince them." He said as what he have said caused the dwarf to smile at him. "What are you smiling at, exactly?" Celvic noticed before Bhuldun leaned under his table counter and took out a sack and presented it to him.

"Well lad, perhaps ye don't need to worry about that." He says as he give the sack to him along with a piece of mail. "Aye lad, all kinds of guys here come into mah inn earlier this mornin while ye still were sleepin off yer hangover. Aye they be sayin that they'll to give this to ye lad, something about the Horde and the Alliance be recognizing the efforts of Deemspring and Dagren Gander and bringin honor and saving Azeroth, ye know?" He said as Celvic was looking through the ruck sack. And there he finds many things, many medals with a cross sigil, and the sigil of the Horde and the Alliance.

And then deeper into the sack, something heavier as he took it out, a stone marble tablet with the carving of the Horde and Alliance on the top while the letters were carefully etched out. Here, on this day, the Horde and the Alliance officially recognizes the efforts and sacrifices of Ranger Janella Deemspring and her rangers, and Paladin Dagren Gander and his soldiers. Their names will forever be in the hearts of the people. Celvic reads as he shakes his head in disbelief. He could not believe it, that the five months of effort on trying to convince the higher people of their heroism a been finally recognized.

Celvic didn't even notice the tears that starts to escape from his eyes. He would imagine the faces of his family back home when brings these along. Mother would be overjoyed truly.

"Oi lad, I gotta give this to ye." Bhuldun says as he presents an another letter to him. "Aye, I read it already, somethin about wantin to talk to ye lad and giving quite sum of moneh if ye be acceptin it." The dwarf says before adding. "I won't be talkin what kind of work, read it lad." Bhuldun then nods his head and looks at Celvic's room as if mentally telling him to go to the room and read it himself.

Celvic smiled, can finally smile for a bit again knowing his efforts have finally succeeded. The five months have been hard to him, always restless and always thinking about the bad things that is plaguing his mind. That had been the case ever since their departure with Ellia. Ellia. Her name is still so fresh in his mind that its honestly hard to think of something else just to forget her name right now. But he shakes it off and nods at Bhuldun. "Thanks, Bhuldun." Celvic says as he grabs the sack and went to his room. Quickly putting the sack and mail to his bed and began to quickly running his drawer of clothes and began to quickly pack things as if he cannot wait to finally go home.

For the first time in five months, something is finally going for him. He had already paid all their debts with the reward that he had paid, and he already begins to receive a permanent one-hundred gold monthly pension for the rest of his life. And he did all those things as a young soldier. He could not wait once he goes home to Stormwind and finally break the strings that attached him in Outland. But then Celvic turned around for a bit as he remembered the mail that Bhuldun gave it to him, now curiosity tugged at his shorts as he looked at the mail that was resting on the bed and picked it up. Taking out a knife that he always carried with him, he unearth its contents.

Greetings to Celvic Gander of the Alliance.

Hello, Celvic Grander, through your efforts in the Black Temple,
the Horde and the Alliance wishes you good fortune. We know
you have learned a lot from your father, Dagren Gander and
your recent exploits is proof to that.

As we recognize the paladin's contribution to Azeroth and its
people, so we too recognize your efforts and contribution in
the raid Black Temple. So we too honor you.

And in recognizing your efforts Celvic, you are also one of the
few survivors that had lived through the raid. And thus your
knowledge of about navigation of Shadowmoon Valley
and the Black Temple is important. As the Alliance and
the forces of the Horde had seized control of the Black Temple
and made it as an Outpost.

Should you accept this offer in helping the forces of the Horde
and Alliance to navigate the premises of the Black Temple, you
will be rewarded with a hefty sum of a flat of 5000 pieces of

Sincerely, Mathias Shaw.

Celvic bit his lips as he thought about it, such a tempting offer. Five thousand pieces more of gold for him. That fortune could make him buy anything he wants and needs. But yet as still weighs in the cons of accepting the offer. And it means to go back to a dark place that he never wanted to ever go back to. Even indeed that the Alliance and the Horde took control of the temple and it is safe to walk inside, the memories there were still fresh to him and if he accepted the offer, it also means that he'll have to say a little bit longer his family would have to wait, having to have to send a letter that he needs to stay for a bit. He would be hurting his mother again.

He sighs as he tries to decide. Sitting down to rest his mind and to ponder this important choice.


There is a very funny and warm feeling when a girl realized that you are finally engaged to a handsome and noble son. It is the dream of every young girl out there since the moment they were able to think. To fall in love with a charming, handsome man that would sweep you of your feet after the wedding and give the most magical experience he has to offer with the indulgence of kiss and whispers. A flowing white dress with a bouquet of flowers as you walk down the isle with your father beside you as the groom awaited on the altar along with the priest. Sometimes you can't wait and just want to run at the altar and say "I do." For richer or poorer and in sickness and in health, till death do us part. And then the priest gives his blessings and the two wedded couple give each other an innocent peck on the lips when the truth is that their hearts are lusting for one another. Wanting to feel the kisses and to feel their lips unto their own as their passion consumes them till it produces a labor of love. And in the end, smiling next to your lover as you think about how happy you are with the choice you made.

But is that truly what is happening?

Ellia looked down unto her hands, thinking many times over that she chose this that it was her choice to stay. Sitting in the one of the luxurious inns in Far Strider square, to stare at the mirror. Her mother and sister's attempts to making her beautiful on her engagement day seemed futile as her hair remained flat, and wilted, as if reflecting what she felt right now. Her eyes were puffy and sullen as if she had just recently cried. Her sister Celinne was tugging at her hair, trying to form beautiful knots yet its flat and wilted form did not help her. She had natural crimson her that flowed all the way to the small of her back and she bore light green eyes.

When Celinne noticed, she decides to stop as she leans forward to her. "Ellia, why do you look so unhappy? It's your engagement party, many people will come to congratulate you, you should be happy. It's going to be special." She says to her, and she just looked at her with pleading eyes.

"Lucky for you Celinne that you have very good husband that loved you. He was your childhood friend and he was from a noble's house, it was easy for Mother and Father to let the wedding happened because it made them a noble. I'm just sorry that I wasn't there months ago. But yet...I'm stuck with a snob!" Ellia sobs as she tries to suppress the tears that threatened to come out from her eyes.

"He can't be that bad, can he? Ellia from what I've seen from him, he looks nice and is kind. You hooked a kind one to be your wedded husband! I mean, when you were missing all those months ago, Ellia, you have no idea how many elves tried to snag him away from you but he persevered." Ellia rolled her eyes but Celinne notices the distain look on her face. "Oh, I am not joking, Ellia! He just sat there, rejecting all the women that tried to talk to him in an instant as he says that he knows you'll comeback to him."

Ellia tried to roll here eyes again but stopped herself when her mother came into the room young and full of youth likes all elves are, her face resembled like hers but she had red hair that only flowed to her shoulders, straight and full of life. She approached Ellia and made her look at her, watching the traces of her tears that stained the already finished make up. She sighs and looks to a nearby cloth and began to roughly wiping the makeup away before taking a comb from Celinne and also roughly trying to straighten our her hair. "I really do not understand why you are acting like this, Ellia! You act as if this is the worst thing that would ever happen to you! He's a wonderful elf and he chose you out of all the elves out there. You are his perfect match! You'll understand why so many elves chased after him soon enough!"

Her mother then leans down on her. "And I get that you did so much for this family, Ellia. What you did in Outland where you risk your own life and even went missing for four months! Yes, Ellia, it brought honor to our family name, but it was just too much Ellia, you could have died! This is why you should be wedded to him!"

And with that, her mother left the two elves alone and went outside the inn where she is going to meet the parents of who she is to be wedded with. Celorian Highstalker was his name, Celorian had been the son of a wealthy sorceress and a commander who were friends with her parents. They themselves wanted what is the best for their son, who was youthful, studying to be a very powerful mage. Ellia's sister already had a lover, who was also a noble and her childhood friend, it wasn't hard for them to make a decision that he would be married to the younger Ellia.

It had been less than two years ago when Ellia's mother and father broke the news to her that she would be wedded to the young mage. Less than two years ago that she had discovered her choice, a choice that she never made. And then when she heard that, she knew her life and whatever ambitions that she had inside her would be over. And so she pleaded to her mother and father that she'll go on to an adventure, just of her choice for a year, and they allowed it to happen with a condition that when she comes back, she will not object.

Ellia begins to cry and Celine then tries to console her. "Ellia, why are you crying?" She asks.

She shakes off the tears that threatened to burst from her eyes and just casually lies. "It's nothing, just some dust in my eyes or something." She said but her lie was too obvious not to be caught on. "Come on, Ellia. He cannot be that bad. You are going to get married to someone who might truly cares about you. Why are you so unhappy? Ever since you came home, Ellia, you have been so gloomy as if you just made the worst mistake of your life." She said.

And she did made the worst mistake of her life.

"I-I just don't want to marry him..." Ellia begins as she explains further. "I don't like him, it's not my choice. There is no spark between us no matter how I tried, everything is just worthless teasing and of the sort for the sake of talking to each other." She said and Celinne's lips slightly curled to a frown, understanding her plight. "I just wished that this engagement and wedding just never happens. I can't marry him, Celinne, he is such a snobby guy."

Celinne then tries to undermine it. "But I'm sure he is just doing that in public for show, Ellia, showing a bit of personality, right?" She says before adding. "But once you get them alone and especially-"

She didn't even let her sister finish as she held out her hand to her. Ever since she came back, she never told a soul on what happened in those four months, she always give reasons that she had just survived, but she never told anyone what happened in those four months inside the Black Temple. "There is so many things that happened, Celinne." She says as she stood up, her sister was confused herself when she reached unto a drawer and took out a small pouch, and there Ellia took out a very beautiful looking necklace.

"This is one of the things that happened back then, Celinne. This is a warlock summoning necklace that I took in the Black Temple, do you know why I always leave the house late of night, Celinne?" Her sister was wide eyed and shakes her head. "So that I can summon my pet, Marmon, a Fel Ravager, so that I could play with him, he is one the many things that happened in those four months of me missing." She says.

And Celinne just narrowed her brows in shock. "Are you playing with me, Ellia? Please don't joke to me about this."

"I am not..." Ellia says before she sat down once again beside her. "I just can't marry, Celorian, sister." She says as she looked at her in the eyes before saying those precious words. "I'm in love with someone else."

Celinne's focused her wide eyes unto her as she heard. "Really? You are jesting, I'm sure. You should have said something that you already liked someone in Silvermoon or in the Undercity, you could have convinced mother and father-"

"I'm not joking..." Ellia says as she looked right back at the skeptical face of her sister. "He's just...not from the horde." And her reply made Celinne's eyes wide as she stood up in disbelief and a shocked face.

"Ellia, you are my little sister, but you are getting too much with these jokes now. Don't joke like that."

"I'm an not joking, sister." Ellia replies with a blank expression, and her answer made her sister cover her mouth, shocked that she have had an affair with someone that is not of even her faction. "At least please tell me Ellia that he is a High Elf, still of our people."

When she saw the soft and scared expression of Ellia's space, Celinne pressed her back against the wall of the room and exclaims. "Ellia...it- I can't even-"

"We met in the Black Temple at Outland when we raided and killed Illidan. He was part of the Alliance group and I was in the horde, after we killed Illidan, Maiev Shadowsong abandoned us and left us for dead. It just happened so fast." She closed her eyes, remembering the event entirely as if she was reliving it all again as she told her. "I ran and ran, then I snuck up to a room and locked myself in, and then I realize that someone was already in the room, and it was him." She told, her heart beating rapidly as she remembered the days behind that room, small things such as insults, compliments, flirting and especially the moments were they both showed weakness to one another.

"Wait...you just fell in love with a human because he was trapped with you for a long time?"

"It just happened..." The priestess meekly says with pleading eyes.

"My goodness Ellia..." Celinne shook her head furiously as she tries to comprehend what she is hearing from her sister. "It is, forbidden Ellia! You are in love with a person that doesn't share our faction, it is forbidden!" She says. "You went away for a dangerous adventure because you were afraid to get married during that time, and mother and father allowed you! And then you got yourself trapped in the most dangerous place in existence and this human "sweet talked and seduced" you throughout of it all and you just fell in to the trap!" Celinne puts her hands on her hips as she tried to soften her voice, but her disbelief was too strong. "I mean, imagine the talks about you! You! A priestess that defied the odds in the Black Temple, everyone knows your name, Ellia! What happens when they found out that you had an affair with a human!" Celinne shuddered at the thought before she shakes her head at her. "Well, it's not going to happen! I'm sure that it is just the case of you being affectionate with the human, and you'll just be able to get over it once you are married to Celorian!"

Though once Celinne looked at the saddened expression of her face, Celinne softens her stance as she sat next to her and sighs. Caressing her cheeks as the red headed elf made her look up to her. "I'm sorry for the harsh words, Ellia. It's just that...I couldn't believe it. I just can't imagine." She says. "I just wish with that you'll get over him soon."

Ellia frowned at her remark, placing her hand on her shoulder, she looked at her in the eyes. "Celinne, don't you want me to be happy?"

Her sister's expression changed even more as she put both her hands on her cheeks and softly answers. "Of course, sister. I want you to have the best life that you want to have." She replies.

"Can't you see how unhappy I am now? To all of this?" Ellia asks again.

Celinne though still tried to convince her. "Ellia, if you could give Celorian a chance-"

"But I don't want to give an another chance! I gave him a chance, I still haven't felt anything for him! I never wanted this, sister. I never wanted to live a noble's life, to look beautiful for parties as if I am some trophy. I don't want that kind of lifestyle. I already realized what I wanted to have in my life but I let it slip away and now I'm facing the result of my actions." Then Ellia grasp both of Celinne's hands. "Celinne, please, if you love me, you won't deny me from my decisions. It has took me five months, five months to finally realized that I hurt the person that I love, and I want to get back to him. This human being whom I am trapped with during those four months also has trapped my heart to his and I don't want to live if it means that I am not living with him."

"But aren't you afraid sister that he would grow old and die before you? You still have so much time in this world while has already have long passed then." Celinne concerns but it seems like already made up her mind. "I don't care." Ellia told her, then her sister takes a lock of her heir and slides it over her ear. "Oh, Ellia, if you have had loved him this much, why did you leave him then?"

"I was so afraid, Celinne. It was on my mind that I am so afraid on how other people will look at us. That also I have a duty to fulfill with this marriage, but I realized too late that I loved him more than I am afraid of the consequences of loving him. At the last day when we are together, Celinne, he offered that we'll just stay in Shattrath forever and start anew there. But I broke his heart, and now I want to mend it and to be with him and spend my life with him." Ellia answered as now Celinne opens up to her even more as her sister puts her hand on her shoulder and smiled.

She kissed her cheek and then looks at her, now feeling happy for her own. "It seems like there is nothing I could do, Ellia. You can't stop love, and if you truly love this human, sister. Then whatever happens, I'll support you." She says as she gave Ellia a deep embrace, and the priestess happily responded to her gesture. "Oh, look at you, Ellia. I'm just glad that you are finally realizing what you want for yourself." She says before they broke up their embrace. "So, what is he like? What kind of person is he?"

Ellia chuckles to her sister as she remembered what kind of person Celvic is, and she remembered a very rude one who is not afraid to speak what he has in mind. "Well, Celvic is a bit tall, like perhaps shoulders taller than me and quite muscular." She describes as she tries to picture what Celvic looked liked in her mind, especially when they had a moment together whey were both naked. "And he has scars on his body." Ellia says, gesturing to her chest and stomach. "He was a guard back home, and I guess he got some scratches in the work."

"And is he very handsome? Like an elf? I would have to believe that he is handsome, of course my sister wouldn't just fall in love to any kind of human, he has to be handsome himself just like you are beautiful." Celinne says.

And it made the priestess chuckle as she softly shakes her head. "Not really, he's not the most handsome man. He has a what you call...rough face, though he has some soft features and I like his eyes...and oh, he is quite rude actually, he would tell you that you are stupid and quite sarcastic and he's not afraid to be perverted around you if you are giving him a chance-"

Celinne narrows her brow and eyed her. "Wait, so you like that kind of guys?" She asks and Ellia raised her brows in confusion. "What kind of guys?" Celinne laughs out loud and just smiled, happy that Ellia had decided for herself. "It's nothing, I'm just happy for you, that is all sis-"

A knock interrupted the sisters as they both say. "It is unlocked." They both said in unison. And there an inn worker came in and informed them that a Blood elfsoldier came looking for them. At first, Ellia and Celinne were confused to why a soldier would look for them and decided that they would both greet the soldier as they stood up and followed the inn worker and met the soldier themselves.

There they meet a metal clad blood elf, with blonde hair, judging from his attire and the design of his armor he has some rank and wasn't just a measly garrison guard and he carried from each of his hand a sack and an array of paper mails. "Greetings from the Horde and the Kingdom of Quel'thalas" He salutes to them before he starts. "I have heard that Ellia Suneyes resided in this in, for the mean time, can I confirm this information?" He asks.

Ellia comes forward. "Yes, that is me." She says before the guard then presents the mail to her.

"This right here, Ellia Suneyes are from the The Alliance and The Horde themselves, they gladly appreciate the service of your aunt, Janella Deemspring for her sacrifices that she had made for the good of Azeroth and the people." Their eyes widened at the mention of their late aunt. There the guard presented both of the items to them and they both took it. "Thank you, Ms. Suneyes." He salutes before he left them on their own.

Celinne and Ellia looked at each other before they both hurriedly went back to the room as many questions was forming on their heads. They locked the door behind her, not even leaving an explanation to the inn worker as Ellia was rumming through the sack already. "Ellia, what is this?" Her sister asked as Ellia was taking out items from the sack, and there many medals and ribbons were unearthed from the sack, the medals were of gold and there were encrusted with the seal of both the Alliance and the Horde. And one thing that caught the attention of Ellia's sister when Ellia took out a cape, with was decorated with the symbol of Quel'thalas.

Celinne gasps as she held out the cape, watching its designs. "My goodness...Ellia, this is the Mantle of Quel'thalas! The heroes of our people would get to have these!" She exclaims. Ellia did not even listen to her as at the bottom of the sack was a stone tablet, and there on the tablet was the encrusted symbols of both the Alliance and the Horde and the carefully designed and engraved letter that reads.

Here, on this day, the Horde and the Alliance officially recognizes the efforts and sacrifices of Ranger Janella Deemspring and her rangers, and Paladin Dagren Gander and his soldiers. Their names will forever be in the hearts of the people. The recognition of their sacrifices have been long overdue. May these honor her name and her family.

Celinne's eyes were just in shock. "Aunt Janella?" She asked, remembering her late aunt that decided to leave them in order to help the people in the south. and there she decided to look at one of the mails and it it with a knife on the drawer. And when she reads the letter she was in shock, and there the letter details her aunt's exploits in the Third War, detailing the many lives that she had tried to save and the battle that ensued that led to her death. And even detailing about her saving the world from the Legion for slaying the last Pit Lord that remained in Azeroth.

They haven't heard from her aunt since she had left them, it was all too sudden, after leaving she was never heard from again, assumed dead and then her name just went silent and even sometimes forgotten. But now she could imagine her mothers' joy once she reads the truth behind her disappearance on how she is now honored. He still remembered the many nights that her mother cried for her.

"He did it..." Celinne heard Ellia, staring at the tablet with a hand on her mouth as tears streaming from her eyes. "He did it...he did it." Ellia repeats before Celinne approached her. "He fulfilled his promise." She says, he did it still and that means perhaps that they could still be together if the is fast enough, perhaps she could buy out a mage portal to Shattrath and find him there.

"Ellia, why are you crying? You are ruining your make up again!" Celinne exclaims before Ellia stood up.

"He did it, sister..." Ellia says before clarifying. "He did it, sister. He said that he'll make sure that aunt Janella and his father would get the recognition for their heroism and he did it sister!" She exclaims, wiping away the tears as Celinne realized what she meant. Ellia stood up and began hastily emptying up the sack to make room for her own and began taking out some gold coins in the drawer for himself.

Celinne approached her from behind and simply asks. "What are you doing sister?"

"Please do not stop me sister..." Ellia said to her as before gathering clothes from the closet and also putting it on the sack. Ellia then wore the summoning necklace to her neck to make sure that she won't be forgetting it. And Celinne did not stop her as she just her do what she needs to do. Ellia then focuses her attention to he and softly explains why. "I have to see him again...I have to see him again."

The older sister tried to put the puzzles together, her sister mumbling about how "he did it" and how her aunt Janella was suddenly recognized as a hero when no one came forward to make her case. "He did this, Ellia?" Celinne asks and when she nodded towards her, she could understand why her sister wanted to be with him. If someone is willing to spend time making the case of the heroism of a person that doesn't even share their own blood, that is to be commended. And then Celinne then takes out a pocket of gold and silver from her own and put it to Ellia's palms.

"Where do you think he could be now, sister?" Celinne asks.

"He could still be in Shattrath, he told me that he would be staying in Shattrath for six months to make sure that his father and aunt Janella will be recognized." Ellia answered before she felt her sister close her palms with the pockets of gold.

"Then go to the Royal Exchange down lower streets, Ellia." She instructed. "There you can find a powerful mage that would offer a portal to Shattrath in exchange for a hefty price. Talk to the female banker named, Daenice. She is a friend of mine and she is actually a mage, talk to her that Celinne requested this and give her fifteen pieces of gold coins." She says, watching the expression of younger sister's face made her smile also as she caressed her cheeks. "Sister, you know what you need to do to make yourself happy."

Then Ellia looked down, still realizing that she was still on a dress. "But what about this, sister? I would be tripping if I am running down the streets!" Ellia says before her sister suddenly took a knife from the drawer and began to start ripping the dress apart just up to her knees.

"There, it is fixed." She says as she tossed aside the fabric. "I'll guess I'll see you again, Ellia. I'm looking forward to see you with your human lover in the future."

Ellia just suddenly gave a deep embrace to her sister and kissed her cheek. "Thank you very much for helping me, Celinne." She says before pulling away, and then looking at the sprawled items that honored their aunt Janella, their own mother's sister. "Please, Celinne, show this to mother, show her what happened to Aunt Janella so that she has closure..."

"Oh, I will..." Celinne smiles.

"And oh...please tell mother, father and Celorian that I was never going to be a good noble and wife anyway, I would just be ruining their reputation." She says as went out from the inn, Celine standing by the door as Ellia ran to the streets, giving her sister a glance and a wave of goodbye before continuing on.

A few days later...

"Oi, lad, don't need anything else from mah inn?" The dwarf asks as she shuffles through an array of supplies that he could provide to his friend. "I be givin ye a free whiskey fer yer journey of ye be willin to accept." He says as he hands out the whiskey to Celvic, who seemed to be already packed and ready to go, along with a chainmail that protected his neck and chest, also now his beard disappeared from his face as she had shaven it clean. He needs to go light considering that he will be flying on the back of a Gryphon to ride to the dreaded Shadowmoon Valley to an outpost were he is going to meet his superiors for more instruction.

Celvic wakes his hand dismissively. "It is okay, Bhuldun. You did more than enough, I have an array of supplies and water and bread for the journey that you already gave." He says before the dwarf then waves his hand and shrugs.

"Alright lad, whatever you say." He said before he puts both of his hand on the counter and eyed Celvic. He still could not get over the talk that they recently had where Celvic wanted to go and explore the Black Temple again, he contemplated very hard and just come to a decision that he wants to go. "Oi lad, I still can't get over ye havin yer decision to go over there in that dreaded Temple. Lad, ye experienced horrors over there and ye wanted to go back, ye I get it, it be made an outpost as our armies killed what's left inside, but lad, there are still bad memories there." Bhuldun sermons, and his statement made Celvic lower his eyes.

Celvic nods but he looked at the dwarf and tightens his grip of his sack. "I have to do this, at least I'll see that stupid room one last time. Once I see it, again, it will give me closure. There will be no strings that tied me in Outland anymore." Celvic reasoned and his answer made the dwarf sigh. That was his reason to go, so that once he finishes everything, he sees it one more time and remember what happened there, he'll then have closure and he can finally move on. Move on his mind to focus on the more important things such as his family who is waiting there in Stormwind, move on and forget the events that happened here. And finally...perhaps if the Light is merciful to him, move on from Ellia.

"Ai, I understand lad. You do what ye have to do ey? Good luck to you lad." The dwarf gave him an approving smile as he gestured at the door. "Aye lad, they be waitin fer you in the barracks, you'll be ridin a gryphon, remember that." Bhuldun then gives him an approving salute and Celvic smiles and gives him a nod of appreciated before leaving the inn.

Arriving at the barracks just after an hour of long walk, Celvic notices a guard in the corner conversing with an elf of long white hair, milky skin and was wearing a shredded white dress, it was odd to see an Elf in the barracks considering almost all of the blood elf's live at the Scryer's Tier. He could not make out what her face looks like, but she looked familiar from what he could tell. And that was enough to stop the heart beat of the human warrior for a bit as he widened his eyes. No, Celvic. Don't think about that, it is not her. You are just going to be disappointed if you keep on dwelling on it. He told himself, as he decided to continue on to the barracks. "...It is important that I know where the man is." He heard her, but he gained distance already, so he doesn't know if the voice from the elf was real or was just in his head. But what he does know is that the voice that came from her is familiar.

Going deeper into the barracks, a man clad with leather straps and leather armor along with a hood over his head came to greet him. He undone his hood, revealing a man with black hair and dark eyes, judging from his face, he was at the same age as he is in his late twenties, he comes over to Celvic and greets him. "Greetings, Celvic Gander. I'm glad to finally hear from you." He says as he offered his hand for a handshake.

Celvic gladly accepts his gesture. "I'm glad to have met you also." He says before the man gestured to follow him.

"I'm sure you already know what your mission is?" He asks and Celvic nodded in confirmation. "Yes, I am to help navigate the inside of the Black Temple." He answered.

And the man nods. "Yes, though as you know the superiors still doesn't know that you have accepted this mission. They will only know once you have arrived to the Shadowmoon Valley and meet them yourselves. So, Mr. Gander, you still have a chance to decline our offer so should you decide to." He reminds and it seems like his reminder was no longer needed as Celvic shakes his head to him.

"I'll gladly take up the offer. Five-thousand pieces of gold is too much for me to pass up." Celvic says as the man smiles and gives a letter to him with a seal on it. "Give this to the General in Shadowmoon Valley. Should you meet him, tell him of your name and he'll instruct you on the navigation of the Black Temple." The man says as he shakes Celvic's hand once again. "Thank you for taking up this offer, Mr. Gander, your services is greatly appreciated." He formally says before instructing Celvic. "Then go to Nutral, of here to Northwest of the Terrace of Light, he's a draenei Gryphon master, show him the letter seal and he will follow through." The man says before he turns his back to Celvic and waves, leaving him.

Celvic then begins his walk to the Northwest of Terrace of Light, thinking to himself on why he chose this. Just to have the closure that he needs to sever the ties that binds him in Outland. Though there is talk of closure, it still hurts him very much. Why did you go, Ellia? He tried to ask himself that. He was willing to do anything for her, and yet she chose to leave. He was sure that he was going to be a better lover than the one she is to be married with, a better friend husband if it comes to that, giving her all things that she wanted. Or perhaps he was just delusional to think that, she may have loved him back but her duty for her family is stronger than her love for him.

He was stupid to think that an elf like her would stay with him. Though her mother was an elf and married a human lover, the circumstances were different. Elves and humans were Allies back then, friends. But now, that wouldn't be the case anymore. Celvic tries to rationalize everything why she had left her as long as it doesn't say the most obvious answer. That she didn't love him that much. It was just him and his delusions.

Celvic was so deep in this thoughts that he didn't realize that he time already passed so much, that for three hours he walked from Aldor Rise to the northwest of Terrace Light where the draenei Nutral was just at the distance. Celvic shakes off the lingering thoughts about the priestess and focused himself to the draenei who had noticed him. "Ah, you must be Celvic Gander." The draenei greeted, he was half a head taller than Celvic, with light blue skin as he accepted the seal that Celvic showed to him. "Yes, you wanted a Gryphon for Shadowmoon Valley, I've heard from Nicholai, the rouge that gave you that letter." He says before he presented a Golden Gryphon, gesturing and caressing her feathery neck. "Her name is Lithuania, she's a gentle beast, she's capable of flying overnight, she'll fly you down to Shadowmoon Valley within six hours, I estimate. Just leave her a kilo of meat and water and she'll sleep then be on her way back to me." He said as he prepared the straps for the gryphon while giving the seal back to Celvic.

"She is beautiful." Celvic commented as Nutral was finishing strapping the gryphon. The gryphon even flapped her wings as if testing the waters before folding it back to her back with a satisfied expression.

"That she is..." Nutral agreed as he gestured Celvic to ride the gryphon. And Celvic climbed over. "Good luck on your journey, Celvic." The draenei says.

"Thank you."

"Oh wait...Celvic-"

Shattrath, Aldor Rise.

Ellia went inside the barracks. She had thought that there were only a few barracks in between Aldor's rise but there are many of them. She remembered that Celvic should be here, probably talking to other superiors in the many barracks that she had looked for but all she could receive is a shrug from them with narrow eyes of contempt that an elf is looking for a human warrior. She had already a few days in Shattrath, having to look for Celvic during her entire waking hours other than eating and drinking water. Walking into the Alliance dominated area always makes her eerie, the perverse stare on some of the human men made her skin crawl.

There, finally entering one of the many barracks that she had to look for, Ellia put her eyes to the test, searching the faces that matched Celvic. Tall, auburn hare with hazel eyes, and broad shoulders. Perhaps there could be a chance that Celvic is going to be here, in the barracks. And even if he isn't here, she's determined to find him, even if it takes weeks or months. It's a price that she'll gladly pay for leaving him.

Climbing up the stares, her shredded dress were sometimes bringing attention to her, the perverse whistles from some human soldiers were common and she just ignored it, knowing better to harm an elven priestess in Shattrath. A man with leathered straps and armor walked by her, his face was slightly hidden by the hood over his head, she tries to put her hand up to him in order to have his attention and perhaps pry information about the whereabouts of Celvic, but she recoiled her hand at the last second when she notices the somewhat sinister looking eyes of his.

She sighs to herself, having fought demons, and survived the Black Temple for over four months and yet she is still afraid of men that looked sinister. "Why are you doing this, Ellia. You need all the information you could find about Celvic. And yet here you are, afraid of talking to people because they look scary." She says to herself, shaking her head. Looking down at herself, her once white dress were now starting to discolor with the dirt and grime, she was just glad that she always takes a bath and bathe herself with her cooling potions that she brewed to protect her from her own sweat and the heat of the sun for the sake of her hygiene.

A guard in the corner was just standing there, the features of his face look innocent, as if he is younger than a teenage boy. She approached the guard and waves at him as she walked at him. "Hello there, soldier." Ellia greets as she went up to him.

"Hello there, ma'am." He answered back, his voice was deep as Ellia predicted, smiling to herself that she was right about the guard being very young. "What can I do for you?" He asks.

"I would like to know if you have known a man named, Celvic Gander." She asks, watching the expression of the young guard. "The Black Temple raider?" The young guard asks, and Ellia nods, realizing that indeed that their exploits in the Black Temple had given them a little bit of reputation.

The young guard hungs his head in disappointment as he says. "I'm sorry, priestess. I don't know the man personally, but I know someone who might perhaps know about the person you seek." He said to her and Ellia immediately widened her eyes, someone finally gracious enough to help a poor and heart struck elf that is actually looking for her lover. "Down isle an hour walk, there is a dwarven inn. And once you enter, a dwarf named Bhuldun is on the counter, the owner of the inn. He knows everyone in Aldor Rise, perhaps he knows where the man you are looking for is." He says politely. "It is an hour walk from here."

Ellia smiles as, her hand reaching to her pocket and picked up two pieces of gold coin and offered it to him. "Here young soldier, for you. A gesture of appreciation." Her offer made the young soldier's eyes wide as he was all of a sudden given two pieces of gold to his palms.

Before Ellia could leave, the soldier had to ask her about why she had given him this amount. "I have been looking for him for days, and you were the first that actually helped me...I would just say my reason that..." Ellia sighs before saying. "...It is important that I know where the man is." She says before she left the soldier as she began running to where he said the dwarven inn is. "An hour walk." She says to herself, but immediately that problem was immediately solved when a draenei riding atop an Elekk walked past her. It seems like he was gives rides to people for a sum of money.

"Hello! Please, I need ride to a dwarven inn down the isle, an inn that is named by a dwarf named, Bhuldun." She says and it seems like the draenei knows what she had meant and gestured to climb over the Elekk. Holding out his hand, and using his strength to help the priestess up to the back of the Elekk. And what is suppoed to be an hour walk to reach the inn was cut down to half by the service Elekk.

"Here..." The draenei says as Ellia climbs down from the Elekk. Giving out a pieces of silver to him, he was about to leave when Ellia suddenly stopped him. "Please, I need you to stay for a bit, while I talk to the dwarf inside. I would give you many pieces of gold if I must, it is very important." She says and the draenei just simply nodds to her, though offering many pieces of gold, he would decline such generosity and keep his business honest.

Ellia entered the inn, finding it slightly crowded with the audience occupying hald of the entire tables. Immediately she set her eyes on the dwarf, walking over to the counter, the dwarf oblivious to the approaching elf as she just absent mindedly kept on rubbing the insides of a mug with a wet cloth. "Excuse me, are you Bhuldun, the owner of this inn?" Ellia asks as the dwarf finally realized that a white haired elf with shredded dress came to his inn.

"Ye? What is it to ye, knife ears. Seem kinda odd to see yer kind in mah parts." He says, his tone wasn't very inviting to the elven priestess.

Ellia sighs hoping that finally perhaps there is an answer. "A guard here says that you know who Celvic Gander is?" She asks.

The dwarf narrowed his brow. "Ye? I know the lad, what is it to ye? Ain't goin to be givin away ma friends whereabouts to some knife ears that came to mah inn." Bhuldun chuckles as before adding. "I don't know ye elf, so don't bother me with that scrap." He said.

Ellia's heart rapidly beats, indeed what the guard said is true that the dwarf indeed knows about Celvic. "Please, I need to know about him, I am desperate to find him. I just need to know where he went, I'll even offer many pieces of gold just for it!" She offered but the dwarf shakes his head immediately, not even interested to hear bribes from her.

"Ay lass, I ain't talkin-" Bhuldun then finally takes a good look at the Elven priestess, he was so preoccupied on cleaning his own mug that he didn't even put two and two together, a white haired elven woman coming into his inn, looking for Celvic Gander. The dwarf tilts his head at her as he realized and narrowed his brow in conclusion. "So...this is the lass that had me friend fried to his head." He concluded, putting a hand on his beared he imagine how happy Celvic would be that he would be able to reunite with her. And then h ewas on a mission to be going away to Shadowmoon Valley. "Oi lass, ye got to go find a draenei named, Nutral, he be a gryphon handler northwest on the terrace, the lad just disappeared from mah in a couple of hours ago, if ye be fast, ye might to reach the draenei before he be able to fly off. The lad is goin on a mission to go to the Black Temple to be them navigator or somethin." Bhuldun informs and ELlia immediately gives a long sigh of joy as she hurriedly picked up a few pieces of gold form her pocket.

She was burning her gold fast, but she did not care, not as long as it means to be finding the warrior again. "Thank you, thank you very much." She says before turning around and rushing for the door.

"And hey!" The dwarf made Ellia turn to him. Though the dwarf at first had a happy excpression, it quickly changed to a narrowed brow of anger. "Fok ye fer breakin the lad's heart! Yer gold is not a compensation but I'll be keepin it for him!" The dwarf yells and instead of feeling any anger for his insult, Ellia smiles to him and says casually. "Thank you, I needed someone to tell me that." She says before she rushed outside and climbed on top of the Elekk again.

Telling the draenei about the gryphon handler, Nutral. The draenei commanded his Elekk to make haste towards the gryphon handler. Ellia was just thinking about it through, wondering again why Celvic would decide to go to the Black Temple once again, a place where nightmares were formed. Those those four months with him inside were memorable, she never thought to warrant herself to ever go back there, even just for the sake of nostalgia. She wondered why, Celvic from what she have known of him, isn not a materialistic man, but yet perhaps he chose to go back to the Black Temple not for money.

Why are you going again, Celvic?

She asks herself, but then realized that she is going to perhaps meet again and that question is going to be married. She is not going to be asking him about why he would go back there, but rather she wants to spend many days with him making love under the moonlight and compensate for the time lost. She wanted to say the many apologies that she already wants to say to him. I'm sorry, Celvic. Please forgive me. When she was sleeping under their luxurious house in Silvermoon, she replayed the last time they had talked to each other many times over. Whenever she closed her eyes, Celvic's question to her always came up in her dreams.

Had we met together in a different place and a different time Ellia...could there have been us?

It doesn't have to be a different place and a different time, Celvic. That was supposed to be her answer to him, where she had stayed with him and just damn the consequences of their love. They'll stay in the lower ring of Shattrath and live their lives how they fit.

Ellia didn't even realize that the draenei was touching her shoulder informing him that they have arrived. And that the gryphon handler was just infront of him. Climbing down from the Elekk, Ellia took out two pieces of gold and offered it to the draenei, but he declined, wanting to be honest of his business saying that ten pieces of silver is enough and Ellia gladly provided him that. There, Ellia immediately rushed to the Gryphon handler, she hand spent all day looking for Celvic without even drinking any water for herself, and it started to take toll on her.

"Hello, please, my name is Ellia Suneyes, has a man named, Celvic Gander rode atop of the gryphon?" She asks, her heart rapidly beating as she awaited his answer.

"No. In fact, I am awaiting for him right now." He says and his reply made Ellia tear up. The tears just came pouring from her eyes when she had heard the news. "Oh, thank you, thank, you thank you." Ellia just suddenly jumped at the draenei, not even caring how she looked right now before pulling away, and rubbing the tears away from her eyes. "I'm sorry for my display of indeceny, handler. It is just very important." She said to her, and the draenei nods in understanding.

"If I could...perhaps may I stay here for a bit. I must wait here to meet him. I'm sure that he'll gladly talk to me, handler." She Ellia says with half lidded eyes, her body starting to take its toll on her exhaustion.

The draenei nods. "It seems like you are tired young one. Please, rest up, I have already been informed that it could be still some time before he arrives. Lay down on the stables for a bit." He offered and Ellia declined, trying to stay awake, but her body was saying something else. "I need to stay awake to meet him."

"And you will. I'm sure he's important to you that you came here with a shredded dress and unkept hair." He said as he guided her to the corner of an empty stable.

"Oh wait...Celvic-" Nutral suddenly walked past Celvic and went to the corner one of his stables. "This Elven woman says that she knows you." He said as he woke her up. Celvic climb off the gryphon as he saw Nutral kneeling, waking someone up. And when Nutral moved away to reveal who he had awoken, Celvic's eyes immediately shed tears, his breath was rapid as his heart was rapidly beating. His mouth hung agape as he watched her, looking at her soft milky skin, her beautiful white locks and her green eyes. And when she finally rested her eyes to his, tears immediately bursts from her. Celvic tries to shake his head, trying to mentally pinch himself that this is a dream, that it is a cruel illusion that was planted inside his mind.

But his mental gymnastics did not work, even to the point that he had to rub both of his eyes. "Celvic..." He hears her voice, her beautiful and melodic voice that he desperately wanted to hear again. Rapidly blinking the tears away, he held out his hands towards her, with the draenei beside them now confused at their gesture to one another. "Ellia..." he breathes as the priestess lunges herself at him.

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