In the Air

Chapter 1: The Troy Girls

Helena Troy was driving down the backroads of Nevada. "What do we have, Lex?" she asked.

"Four bodies in four weeks, all mutilated with missing hearts," her sister, Alexandra, replied.

"Sounds like wolfy business to me," Helena commented.

They drove towards Colorado, Helena let out a gasp as her car almost collided into another one. "Are you fucking serious?!" she snapped. She got out of her car and went to check it. "A 1965 Mustang and you almost smashed the hell out of it you asshole!" she spat.

"Me?! 1965 Chevy Impala, works better than your little Barbie car," the guy answered.

Alexandra recognized both brothers. "Well, Sam and Dean Winchester," she commented. Helena glared at Dean as he glared right back.

"Well, would like to say this is a pleasure," Helena commented.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Dean asked.

"Doing what we do best, Dean. Hunting a werewolf," Helena replied.

Sam stared at them. "You're the Troy girls," he commented.

"Guilty," Helena answered with a slight smirk.

Dean just smirked back at her. "Heard a lot about you, sweetheart," he commented.

"Yeah? Well thank you," she answered as she straightened the jean jacket she was wearing.

Alexandra smiled at Sam, rubbing the back of her neck. "What are you boys doing this far into the mountains? Werewolves are our specialty," Helena commented.

"Dad sent us coordinates this way, we were just following them," Sam answered.

"Thanks, but no thanks boys, we have this under control," Helena told them as she flicked her auburn hair over her shoulder.

She gave him a slight smirk, pulling her hair back in a ponytail. She knew Dean was checking her out as she went to the back of her car, opening the trunk. She pulled out her gun and loaded it with silver bullets. "We know how to do this," she added.

"Sounds like a bad one," Sam commented.

"They're all bad," Helena answered.

"Terrible, really," Alexandra added.

Helena smiled at Dean as she walked over to the driver's side of the car. "Lex, let's go," she called out.

"Coming," she smiled at the brothers, her green-blue eyes sparkling.

She got into the car and both girls sped away. "Well, now what?" Sam asked.

"What do you think? We're going after them," Dean replied.

(Boulder, Colorado)

Helena got out of her car, smiling at her sister. "Well, let's go to the crime scene," she told Lex, "I'm Agent Granger and you're Agent Potter."

"Sounds good," Lex replied, grinning.

They entered the crime scene and Helena looked around. "Well, no breaking and entry that's a new one," she told her sister, "What do we know about the victim?"

"53 year old male," Alexandra answered. "Not married and no children."

"Going for the loners, same MO. Which means we're possibly looking for a woman, what do you think?" Helena asked as she crouched down beside the taped up area.

"Sounds about right, smell his shirt?" Alexandra asked quietly. "He wreaks of expensive perfume, Chanel No. 5 I believe."

Helena took a sniff and her nose wrinkled. "Oh yeah, whoever she is, she likes the expensive stuff," she commented, "So we're looking for a girl in higher middle class possibly, it's a small town so we should be able to pinpoint her."

"Sounds like a plan," Alexandra said quietly.

They heard someone coming and Helena grabbed her gun. Holding it up, she let out a frustrated sigh. "Dammit, Dean, what the hell are you doing here?" she demanded.

"We're on the case," Dean replied.

"We don't need your help,' she said with a slight glare.

Sam walked over to Alexandra. "So, what do you know?" he asked.

"The werewolf's MO is single men with no families. She wears expensive perfume, Chanel No. 5 and I think she's seducing them, getting them to a vulnerable state and then ripping out their hearts. Literally," Alexandra answered.

Sam looked over at the dead body. "So we're looking for a chick with expensive tastes, how many of those can live around here?" Dean asked.

"Plenty enough hot stuff," Helena replied as she walked out of the house.

"Well, this is going to be fun," Sam commented, "My brother and your sister."

"You have no idea," Alexandra answered, biting her lower lip.

"I thought you were in college? Berkeley?" he asked as they left the house.

"I finished my degree early," she answered, resting her hands on her hips.

"Impressive," he commented.

"I heard about your father…I'm sorry," she murmured.

Sam let out a deep breath as he stuffed his hands in his pockets while Dean and Helena were bickering. "You'd think they've been married for about thirty years," he quipped.

"I doubt they'd noticed if we stripped down and had crazy sex right here," she quipped, smirking at Sam.

She saw him blush. "Are you blushing?" she asked.

"No," he replied putting on his tough guy physique.

"Uh, huh," she smirked and moved closer, pressing her body close to his.

Sam cleared his throat. "We need to find a hotel," he told her as he went to catch up with Dean.

"You and Sammy Winchester, how cute," Helena quipped.

"What? He looks like he'd be a rock star in bed," Alexandra said, winking at her sister.

"You always go for the softies," Helena said with a smirk.

"There is nothing soft about that boy," Alexandra told her sister, smirking right back at her.

Sam walked by his brother. "She's always been a pain in my ass," Dean muttered. Sam smirked.

"Why? Because she gives it right back?" he asked.

"No because she's a hardheaded smartass," Dean replied.

Helena sighed as she and Alexandra sat at the bar. "You always had a thing for Sammy, if he hadn't run off to college think you two would've run off together and bought a big ol' house with a white picket fence and a dog," Helena commented as she ordered a beer.

Alexandra shrugged. "Maybe, or maybe we weren't mean to be together at that time," she murmured.

"You better snatch him up," Helena answered, "A man like Sam doesn't stay single forever."

"I know," Alexandra replied, smiling.

"Then go get 'em tiger…whoops tigress," Helena quipped.

Alexandra laughed and got up. "What do you think?" she asked, unbuttoning her shirt a little to show off some cleavage.

"Go for it," Helena said with a grin.

Sam was at the bar going through some research about the case. He smelt Alexandra before he saw her and felt his cheeks redden when she came up beside him. The bartender looked about nine inches south of her face and smirked. "Hey babe, what can I get you?" he asked.

"Cosmo please," she answered, sitting next to Sam.

She looked over at Sam with a smile. "Researching some more huh?" she asked.

"Yeah, just trying to take a look of the people in the town," Sam replied.

"How about we relax, for just one night," she told him, facing him.

Sam looked at her when she pushed the lid of his laptop down. His cheeks went a little redder when he saw her cleavage. "You act like a virgin," she teased.

"Sorry, it's just been awhile since I've been around a woman more than twenty minutes," he answered.

Alexandra smirked and leaned forward, her lips brushing his ear. "What do you say we get out of here for a while? Get…reacquainted," she whispered. Sam smirked, feeling a familiar chill that he had when they were teenagers the last time he saw her. She smirked back and sipped her drink.

They ended up leaving the bar together, heading back toward the hotel. "I had the biggest crush on you when we were kids," he commented as he stuffed his hands in his jacket pockets.

"Really?" she asked, "I had the biggest crush on you as well."

"Really?" he said sounding surprised.

"Well yeah, our parents hung out all the time," she answered.

"Most of those visits Dean and Helena fought the whole time," he pointed out.

"True," she replied, nodding. "They fight like an old married couple."

They started laughing, smiling at each other. "Can I try something?" he asked.

"Um…sure," she replied.

Sam rested his hand on the side of her neck as he leaned forward and kissed her. She kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck.

They ended up back at the hotel, Sam was leaning back on the bed and Alexandra was on top of him straddling his sides. Sam moved his hands down her sides and up her shirt. She tilted her head back, her blond hair falling in waves down her back. He moved his lips down her neck and then across her throat. He undid the buttons on her shirt revealing the light purple, laced bra she had on underneath. He moved his lips along her chest as his hands moved towards her hips. "Sam," she moaned, grinding her hips against his. Sam sat up as he moved his lips along her jaw before kissing her lips again as he moved his hips with hers with a soft groan. She bit her lower lip and reached behind her to undo her bra. Sam pulled her bra off her.

"You're beautiful," he said huskily.

"And you're handsome," she answered softly.

He kissed the valley between her breasts as he cupped her breasts. "Oh god…" she breathed softly. He moved so she was underneath him and started kissing lower on her body, undoing her pants while she reached down and gripped his shoulders, trying to pull his shirt off. Sam sat up, pulling his shirt off. Her hands moved up his torso and traced around the tattoo on by his collarbone. She stood up and let him slide her jeans down her wide hips and down her shapely legs.

Soon their clothes were nothing but a pile on the floor. Sam's hands moved along her body, tracing every inch and every scar. His lips moved along a scar that's right above her heart while he held onto her hips, pulling them closer to him. She bit her lower lip and kissed his neck, nipping at his skin. He groaned softly as he moved his fingers along her thighs. She reached between them and stroked his erection, making him groan. "Lexie," he groaned huskily as he thrust against her hand. Alexandra moved back and then leaned over, taking him in her warm, moist mouth. He groaned loudly in pleasure as he gripped the sheets underneath him. He suddenly grasped her gasped her arms, pulling her up and kissed her deeply. Alexandra kissed him back with a soft moan as he moved between her legs. She let out a gasp, gripping his back as he thrust into her. "Sam!" she gasped, tilting her head back with a moan.

"Lexie," he groaned.

His arms moved around her as they were moving together. The room was filled with their moans and sighs. "Sam…oh God…" she whimpered.

"Stay with me," He groaned as they thrust harder and faster together.

She gripped his shoulders tightly, crying out softly. After a few more thrusts. They came undone in each other's arms, moaning each other's names. Sam held her close, kissing her neck and shoulder.

They were lying in the bed, her head resting on his shoulder while her hand rested on his chest. He had one arm wrapped around her while his hand rested over hers that was on his chest. "What happens now?" she asked. Sam moved his fingers up and down her spine. "We can't exactly just quit this all of a sudden," she commented.

"I don't know, we can't exactly all go hunting together, not exactly safe," he answered.

"Everything we do isn't safe," she pointed out as she sat up, smirking down at him.

"You're not wrong about that," he agreed with a slight smirk.

She traced the tattoo near his collarbone as he stared up at her. "I don't think we can separate then reconnect every few years, it'll get old after a while," she quipped, making him chuckle.

"I'm not like my brother who likes to hit it then leave," he answered, "I like to be a little more serious."

"Same here," she agreed softly.

"We can't have that normal life though, we can't have the big house, the white picket fence, kids, and a dog. It's just never been in our cards," he answered.

"I think we've accepted that a long time ago, with the fact we hunt monsters for a living," she stated.

"Not exactly the kind of life to raise kids," he answered.

"I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about leaving this life," she commented.

"I tried," he said with a sigh.

"Then Jessica?" she asked.

She saw him frown and sigh, rubbing his forehead. "You know, I know that pain too. Why do you think I'm back in this field?" she asked. Sam looked back up at her. "I had a boyfriend, Tyler, we started dating when I was a Freshman. Two years in…vampire got him, I had no choice but to come back into the field either to find the thing that killed him," she explained. She let out a deep breath. "You and I have more in common than we like to think, it's not just a random connection to the fact we had known each other since we were kids. The fact our parents did this crap for a living and we were raised to do just that. You and I tried to start our own lives, but we were brought back into it," she explained, "Don't you think that this could be fate?"

"And where does it leave us?" he asked.

"With the fact there is good in this world and we can experience that together," she replied.

She leaned forward and kissed him deeply. Sam kissed her back, his arms moving around her as he moved her back onto the bed and moved on top of her.

The next morning, Sam walked down the stairs to find his brother leaning against the car. "Where were you?" Sam asked.

"Sleeping in what would've been Lexie's bed, but our room was occupado," Dean replied, looking at his brother.

Sam cleared his throat. "Hungry? I'm starving," he commented.

"You and the Troy girl, kinda saw that coming," Dean answered.

"Shut up," Sam told him.

"No seriously, nice to see you going out and getting the girl," Dean answered.

"Unlike you this isn't a onetime deal," Sam stated.

Dean looked at his brother. "What the hell are you talking about?" he asked.

"This thing with Lexie, it's not a onetime thing," Sam answered.

"Do you think it's crazy to get in a real relationship?" Dean asked.

"No, I don't," he answered, "We're hunters, we're not dead."

Dean watched as his brother walked over to Alexandra, who was standing by the diner waiting. "Hey," she said smiling.

"Hey," he answered before kissing her.

Alexandra kissed him back, her arms going around his neck. "Okay, let's go eat before I get sick," Dean stated before going into the diner. Sam just ignored his brother as he kissed her again as her hands slid down his chest and then moved around his waist.

When they walked in, they saw Dean flirting with the waitress while Alexandra noticed that her sister was watching with jealousy in her eyes before sipping on her coffee. "You think they'll finally see that they should be together?" Alexandra asked.

"If they would stop fighting for like five minutes," Sam replied.

Alexandra smiled as he leaned forward and kissed her briefly before they sat down. "You okay, Lena?" Alexandra asked.

"Yep, great, just want to find this werewolf then go to the next town," Helena replied.

"Actually, Lena, I have a thought," Alexandra stated.

"Oh? What is that?" Helena asked.

"Maybe we should team up with the Winchesters?" Alexandra suggested.

"You're nuts," her sister insisted.

Helena paid her bill and left the diner and Alexandra went after her. "Why? Why is it crazy?" Alexandra demanded.

"I can't stand to be in a room with Dean for five minutes let alone work with him consistently," Helena answered.

"If you would just talk instead of argue every time we met up we'd make a great team," Alexandra told her.

Sam watched as Dean continued to flirt with the woman but then she finally had to walk away and she walked by Sam. What he caught made him turn his head. Chanel 5 was all over her. "Smell what I smelt?" Dean asked.

"Yep," Sam replied.

They walked out of the diner to see the girls arguing. "Hey, hate to break up this little lovefest but we found our werewolf," Dean told them.

"What?" Helena asked.

"That waitress, smells like Chanel 5," Sam replied.

"Well then, we have a werewolf to kill tonight," Helena said with a smirk.

That night, they were getting ready to hunt the werewolf. They snuck into the woman's apartment and right away Dean's eyes grew wide. "HELENA!" he shouted, shoving her to the floor when the werewolf tried to lunge at her. Sam fired a bullet at the werewolf but she swung a claw out and nearly hit him in the stomach.

"Sam!" Alexandra exclaimed.

The werewolf jumped on Alexandra's back. "No!" Sam called out, firing a shot. The werewolf screamed in pain, running towards the window.

"Don't let her escape!" Helena exclaimed as she ran out of the house.

"You're welcome," Dean muttered.

They ran down the stairs after the werewolf when Dean saw the werewolf pinning Helena to the ground. "HELENA!" Alexandra screamed. Dean held up his gun up and fired a shot. The werewolf screamed in pain while going after Dean. Alexandra aimed her gun at the beast and fired several shots. The wolf dropped dead and Helena sat up. "Are you okay?" she asked her sister. She helped Helena up and hugged her.

"I'm super," Helena replied.

When they got back to the hotel, Sam was sitting on the bed as Alexandra was checking his stomach. "Only bruising," she commented.

"That's a relief," he answered.

She lowered her head. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"Helena wants to pull out tomorrow morning, she wants to head to Minnesota," she replied.

"What do you want to do?" he asked.

Tears filled her eyes. "I want to be with you," she answered. "but I can't abandon my sister either." She covered her face with one hand. "I don't know what to do." Sam looked at her.

"Come here," he murmured, holding his arms out to her.

She went into his arms and sat in his lap, hugging him tight. Sam held her close, kissing her shoulder. What they didn't know was Helena was watching with sadness in her eyes. She was hurting her sister as she sat in the arms of the man she always loved more than her life, heartbroken.

When Alexandra came back, she saw that her clothes were unpacked again. "We're staying," Helena told her sister.

"What? Why the sudden change of heart?" she asked, wide eyed.

"You love him," Helena replied, "You haven't smiled like that in ten years."

"Lena," she murmured, looking at her sister. "What about Minnesota?" she asked.

"We talk to the Winchester boys, then we go hunt that Shapeshifter together," Helena replied, "But you and Sam have put your happiness on the back burner."

Alexandra stared at her sister for a total of ten seconds before she flew into her sister's arms, hugging her tight. "You two go be happy for a bit okay?" Helena asked, "I told ya, you guys will have that awesome life."

"Thanks Lena," Alexandra said softly.

Helena smiled at her sister as she went back into Sam and Dean's room.

Sam was packing his stuff when Alexandra walked in. "Hey, what…" he started to say when Alexandra kissed him deeply. Sam kissed her back, holding her in his arms.

"Uh…guys, there's someone else in the room," Dean commented.

It was quite obvious that it wasn't going to stop. "Okay then," he muttered before leaving.

"We're staying with you guys," Alexandra told Sam, her eyes sparkling, when she broke the kiss.

"I thought your sister wanted to go to Minnesota?" he asked.

"She still does, she wants you guys to come with us," she replied.

Sam held onto her with a smile, he couldn't remember a time when he was truly happy. She smiled and bit her lower lip. "When we're hunting, we'll have to put this," she gestured to themselves, "on the back burner. Don't want anyone getting hurt because we're too focused on each other."

"Right, keep business and pleasure apart," He answered, stroking her cheek.

Exactly," she answered, smiling.

"Well, until then, you're mine," he stated before kissing her again.

"Feeling possessive are we?" she asked, grinning against his lips.

"Just a bit, been wasting a lot of time just caring about others instead of myself," he answered.

"Well then, let me help you with that," she murmured, jumping a little and wrapping her legs around his hips.

Sam held onto her and moved her over to the bed, placing her on top of it then he was leaning over her.

The next morning, Dean was packing up his car when Sam walked out of the hotel with his duffel back in hand. "You know, if you're going to have some fun, can I get a little more head's up so I'm not sleeping in my underwear in Helena's room?" he asked as he closed the trunk.

"Sorry," Sam replied, unable to help the smile that crossed his face when Alexandra's naked, writhing body entered his mind.

He looked over to see the girls packing up a mustang.

Helena looked over at her sister as she was putting her gun back into her car. "You know, I'm glad you're happy but next time let Dean get some clothes of his own before he sleeps in our room in his boxer briefs," Helena told her.

"Sorry," Alexandra answered, "but you cannot tell me you didn't like looking at Dean," she teased.

"He's an arrogant pain in my ass and you're lucky I love you enough to team up with them just so you can be with Sam," Helena answered.

Alexandra laughed and hugged her sister. Helena hugged her back. "Glad you're happy, now let's go get a Shapeshifter," she told her sister as they got into the car. Alexandra looked over at Sam who smiled at her before they got into their cars and drove of.