Blaze's Castle

Blaze was walking down the corridors, looking for her room. She looked on the walls, where there was paintings of the past ruler, including her father and mother. She stopped walking and looked at the painting of the first ruler of the Sol Dimension, 4000 years ago! It was said that he created a portal to Mobius and befriended the echidnas there. He also created a portal to another Dimension, who weren't so kind! They started a war against, both the Sol Dimension and Mobius. The echidnas were wiped out by a water creature so they left the Sol Dimension to battle this other Dimension. The Sol Dimension lost and was rid of what technology they had at the time. When Mobius got back on their feet, 2000 years later, the other Dimension attacked again! The Mobians won without the help of the Sol Dimension and broke the connection between the Mobius and their enemies Dimension, meaning they couldn't return. Some warriors from that Dimension were stuck on Mobius and their descendants became Mobians! The Sol Dimension broke their connection with this unknown Dimension, to avoid another war!

Blaze sighed as she turned to the painting of her mother and father. They died years ago but Blaze was still a princess. Gardon had said that, by Sol Law, she could only become a queen if she was married! It was also noticed that the law states you can marry once you reached 13. She thought it was a stupid law and agreed with the laws back on Mobius but she wasn't allowed to change anything until she was queen. She then thought who she should marry. Someone she could trust… So Sonic was crossed off the list.

"He wouldn't take the job seriously…" Blaze thought to herself. Gardon walked up to her.

"Princess, there you are!" Gardon said. "Someone is here to see you. He is waiting in the Main Hall for you."

"Do you know who he is?" Blaze questioned.

"No, but he said that you two have met before," Gardon answered.

Main Hall

Blaze walked in, wondering who the guest was. All of her friends (beside Marine) lived on Mobius. She looked around and saw Silver sitting on one of the many chairs. He was soaking wet.

"Silver?" Blaze said, walking up to him. "What are you doing here? I haven't seen you since Sonic's birthday."

"Well… I was heading back to my time… but ran into a glitch with my Chaos Emerald…" Silver said. "And it teleported me here, in the pouring rain."

"I wonder why it glitched," Blaze said. "Can you get back?"

"No, I'm stuck here, so I decide to see what you thought." Silver replied.

"I know what's it like to be stuck in another Dimension…" Blaze said. "You can stay here as long as you like, Silver. I'll show you around." Blaze felt her heart beat faster but she didn't know why. It first happened back at Sweet Mountain when she first met Silver and again at Sonic's party when she was talking to Silver.

Blaze gave Silver the tour of the castle. There was two dining rooms; one for formal meeting and meals and one casual one which Blaze usually goes to. Silver was amazed by everything. Blaze couldn't help but smile. Their final stop was the guest room, which was next to Blaze's room.

"This is where you'll be staying," Blaze said. "If you need me, I'll be next door. When you awaken in the morning, just go down to the casual dining room for breakfast."

"Ok then. Thanks for the tour Blaze," Silver said, smiling and then walking into his room.

The Next Morning, The Casual Dining Room

Blaze was already wake, eating her breakfast. She was watching the live news on the TV in the Casual Dining Room. Silver walked in. His food was already made and on the table for him.

"Anything interesting on the news?" he asked.

"No, not really…" Blaze said.

"We now go to our top story…" The newsman said. The screen when to a huge black battleship in the sky with green neon lights. Surrounding the ship were smaller battle ships.

"This appeared in the sky last night. We believe that it belongs to Dr. Eggman Nega!"

"Eggman Nega?" Silver said.

"Yeah, he has tried to take over my kingdom and steal the Sol Emeralds many times before." Blaze said.

"You're not the only one who's battle him!" Silver said.

"You've fought Nega?" Blaze asked. Silver nodded.

"It appears hovering over the Princess' castle, as well as Sol Town, the town near the castle. The military has gone to defend the city!" the newsman said.

"We should help them," Blaze said.

Sol Town

As soon as Silver and Blaze reached the town, it was too late. The ship had released tons of robot with gun and chainsaws. Their colour matched that of the ship's. Some Mobians wearing bulletproof vests and helmets, both matching the ship and robots, parachuted down with guns firing. Also coming out of the ship, were tank that could float above the ground. The military were no match for this unknown army. Silver and Blaze were able to take out some of the robots while they destroyed the town, killing innocence people. As the two were fighting, a giant mech dropped from the sky, in front of them. The mech had 4 legs, a round body with a seat above it and two arms on each side. Sitting in the seat was a cobra, wearing armor and a mask simpler to Midna's from Twilight Princess. His scales were green in colour and he had a scar on his uncovered eye.

"If it isn't Silver and Blaze!" the cobra said. "Here would be the last place I thought I would see you two!"

"Who are you and how do you know us?" Blaze demanded.

"You don't remember me, Elec, most trusted admin of Nacttoir? Well, ruler of Nacttoir, nowadays! I suppose you could be their descendants named after them."

"Could you explain more, please?" Silver asked.

"Back on Mobius, 2000 years ago, my plans were going perfectly to win the war, but your ancestors defeated me, making Nacttoir lose the war!" Elec said, as his machine grabbed Silver and Blaze. "I won't let that happen again. I had to sleep for almost 2000 years, waiting for someone to wake me from my slumber inside my temple… I then had to search for Nacttoirian descendants to join me… then I had to search and awaken the Nacttoirian robots…" Elec's machine walked towards one of the tanks. "I had to find the Nacttoir Warehouse Temple to find these tanks and ships… and how long did that all take? 15 years! But the wait will be worth it… Get the tank ready, Johnson!"

The person who was driving the tank aimed the opposite direction of the castle. Elec put Silver in the cannon of the tank.

"Silver!" Blaze yelled. Elec laughed.

"When you're ready, Johnson…" Elec said. Silver was shot out of the tank, and sent far away. Elec then put Blaze in there.

"You won't get away with this…" Blaze yelled.

"But I will! I'll be the one laughing while the world throws money at my face!" Elec said. "A little to the left, Johnson. And FIRE!"

Blaze was shot out of the cannon, disappeared along the horizon.

"Why didn't you just kill them?" Johnson asked.

"I like to give my enemies a fair chance…" Elec said. "Not like they'll win anyways!"