Akane groaned as the sun came in through the window. She stretched and yawned, sitting up...Then she noticed the tiny weight clutching at her and remembered where she was. Oh...the hospital...and the kid... She groaned and looked down to see the boy clutching to her breasts like a baby. If anyone else had been doing it she'd have punched them. But since it was just a cute little kid, she instead grinned. "Hey, sport, c'mon, up and at 'em." She urged, nudging him gently.

He stirred and clutched tighter to her bust. "Sle...epy..." He cooed. Akane smirked.

"Hey, you asked for it, midget." She said, grinning evilly. Then, she began to tickle the little boy all over his body.

They boy jerked and moved around. He let out a loud giggle, then an audible laugh. "N-No! Stop!"

"Heheheh..." Akane snickered. She picked him up under his armpits and grinned broadly. "THAT got you up, didn't it?"

"Y-Yea.." He whispered, breathing in and giggling. Akane laughed and set him back down.

"Soooo, squirt...How're we feelin' today?" She asked, cleaning out her ear with her finger.

"A-A lil better..." He replied, sitting there. Akane flicked the wax away and smirked.

"Good, good..." She inspected him thoroughly. "Still feeling sick at all? Your stomach hurt or anything? Any more blood?"

His stomach growled and he nodded. "I-I'm hungry..." He said, oddly cute. Akane smirked

"Hungry, eh? Yeah, I feel ya...I could use some grub." She replied.

They heard walking, and the nurse from before, Jennifer, entered the room. "Morning you two."

"S'up." Akane replied, giving Harry a playful noogie. The nurse smiled.

"Glad to see you're having fun. Now, would the kid like breakfast?" She asked them.

"Yeah, he'll take some." Akane replied with a nod. Then her stomach growled loudly and she chuckled sheepishly. "Guess I'll take some too..."

"Menu's right here." Jennifer said, handing it to the duo, who took it and looked it over. They gave her a quick glance and she shrugged. "We're going against stereotype and having decent food."

"Man this stuff's cheap...That's good for me, 'cause I can afford it." Akane said, relieved.

"I guess so. Ready, or should I wait?" Jennifer asked. Akane held up a hand.

"Give us a minute."

Jennifer blinked and tilted her head. "May I ask why?" She inquired.

"I wanna pick it all out!" Akane replied. "And this squirt doesn't look like he knows a thing about dining."

"Oh, well then... All right." Jennifer replied, leaving the room with a small giggle.

"Now...what do you want Harry?" She asked him.

"I...I...I can't read..." He sighed.

Akane gave him a smirk and a pat on the head. "Eh, you're just a little guy, you'll learn!" She assured, confidently.

"H-How do I know what I want..?" Harry asked her. She began to point out everything in the menu for him.

"Okay, so we've got some eggs here... Ooh, bacon, I'm totally having that... And sausages too, gotta get protein into my diet..." She gained a better thought, "How about we order the same thing? I promise it'll taste good."

Harry tilted his head, then nodded. "O...Okay..." He said softly with a nod.

"There's a kid!" She laughed, hitting the buzzer to call Jennifer in. The nurse approached, eyes full of curiosity.

"So, have you two decided what to have for breakfast?" She asked politely, ready to take their order. Akane nodded with a grin.

Akane nodded, "Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, and the pancakes. Two orders of those. Oh, and two coffees."

The nurse raised a brow. "The kid's gonna have coffee?" She asked with a blink.

Akane nodded. "We all have to start somewhere! And this kid needs it!" She declared.

"Okay, but I doubt he'll like it." The nurse replied with a shrug.

"Ah, he'll like it..." Akane mumbled. Jennifer went off and Akane resumed holding Harry in her lap. He was quiet...very quiet. She gave him a light tickle. He let out a small giggle, but nothing more. It was enough to satisfy Akane. She smirked and messed up his hair. Well...more than she could. His hair was a mess! It was an endearing mop however. It was kinda like her hair, actually. A total mess, but she liked it. It made her grin broadly. "Hey, your hair looks like mine!" She laughed, ruffling it more. Harry blushed and covered his eyes.

"Okay..." He squeaked out. Akane laughed. "Wow you're a shy little runt." He let out an eep and covered his face in the blanket. Akane laughed, "Why so shy?"

"B-Because you're nice to me...I...I'm not used to people being so nice to me..." He squeaked out softly.

Akane sighed and gave him a hug. "People shouldn't have been mean to you at all... It's bad."

Harry blinked and tilted his head. "But they HAVE to be mean to me. I'm a freak."

Akane gave him a gentle noogie. "No, kid. You're just a lost little kid."


"Just a lost little kid." Akane insisted calmly. He nodded and tried to wrap the blanket around himself. Akane helped him out and laughed. "There you go..."

He smiled softly, looking like the world's cutest little cocoon. "Thank you, Miss..." He spoke softly.

"Just call me Akane." She said, looking to the door to see if she could get her food. She was hungry! 'C'mooooon, get here quicker! I wanna eat already!' She groaned internally. Soon enough, Jennifer pushed a cart into the room, two trays of food adorning it. Akane and Harry drooled and reached for it. Harry took his tray, then hesitated. He wasn't entirely sure what to do with it. He...ate it, but was that really okay? Meanwhile Akane was chewing down, loudly and brutally, savoringly every bite. "Hurry kid!"


"Eat!" Harry blinked, then took a bite of his bacon. He almost cried. It was just...so...yummy... He began to dig in, biting down and ripping into his food like a bear. It was so good...so yummy... He almost cried, but he refrained from doing so. It was stupid to cry over food. He was gonna be tough. Soon, his entire plate was gone, and he was leaning against Akane, who was only halfway through her plates. "D-Damn kid! That was fast..."

Harry blushed intensely and covered his eyes, letting out another squeak. "I'm sorry..." He said softly.

"No no! Just didn't think you were that hungry." She replied.

Harry blushed again and looked down. "Okay, um... Is it bad to be that hungry?"

Akane shook her head and patted his. "Hey, you eat as much as you want. No one's stopping you."

Harry nodded obediently. "Thank you..." He said softly, giving her a quick hug before continuing his meal.

She had to order him another plate...and soon enough, he was full, holding his belly, and leaning against Akane. She laughed and patted his head. "Full?"

Harry opened his mouth to respond, but instead let out a small belch. He blushed as Akane laughed. "Better out than in, I guess!" Harry hid inside her stomach area and Akane giggled. "Hey kid! That tickles!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Harry apologized, moving away. "I didn't mean to tickle you!"

Akane groaned and patted his head. "Kid! Don't be so...apologizey..."

"So-" Harry covered his mouth when he realized what he was about to say. "I'm so-" Then he groaned softly when he realized he was about to say it AGAIN.

Akane laughed. "Aww...you just like being nice to people don't you? That's admirable." Harry blushed and covered his eyes shyly, squeaking softly. Akane just chuckled and pulled him in with a single arm. "'C'mere, runt." She gave him a gentle noogie, and returned to hugging him tight. He tensed and relaxed. Hugging was like being in a blanket... And he wanted more and more and more...It was just too nice... So he stayed snuggled up to her, resting in the kind ladies warmth. Akane leaned back in the bed and sighed. "Man these beds are comfy..." She chuckled mirthfully. "Who'dve thought a hospital would have a decent bed?" She pulled the covers up closer, burying Harry in the heavy white sheets. He eeped, and tried to escape, searching around. Akane laughed again. "Ah, c'mere, runt." She said before snatching him up, cradling him like a baby. She chuckled at his tiny face peeking out at her from the cocoon of blankets he was in. He had really intense emerald eyes, and his shaggy hair was all in his face. He had a rant smile, revealing teeth that didn't look like they'd been cleaned in a while, and a chipped front tooth. She'd have to fix that. Buuut that could wait a bit. When COULD she get the runt out of here, anyway? He must be bored out of his skull! "Hey! Hey Jennifer!" she called, hitting the buzz button.

The Nurse, an annoyed look on her face, came back in. "Yes?"

"When can I take the kid outta here? Is he almost good to go? I wanna get him home!"

Jennifer replied with, "Well...he DOES need some time to recuperate. He's still very frail, but he's healing at an unnatural rate."

Akane sighed and cleaned out her ear. "Sooo...how long?" She asked, frowning.

Jennifer's eyes narrowed. "I understand your attachment to him...but do you really think you can just take him legally?"

Akane frowned. "Why shouldn't I be able to? Give me a good reason why I can't have him!"

Jennifer crossed her arms, "Because unless you're his legal guardian, it's kidnapping!"

Akane frowned. "Well, that's why I'm gonna adopt him first! Duuuh!"

Harry gasped and Jennifer looked taken aback. "You're very calm about this..." She said. "A-Adopt..."

"Yeah, that's right. I'm gonna adopt him. Got a problem with that, Jen?"

Jennifer shook her head, "No. I think you'll do fine. But please...get all the legality out if the way first."

"A-Adopt..." Harry mumbled.

"That's right, kiddo." Akane said with a nod. "That means I can get ya living with me." He had tears in his eyes, and looked about ready to burst. She froze up, realising what was coming next. "Kid-" And then he burst into tears, throwing herself into her chest. Now she felt VERY awkward. How did she deal with THIS? She put a hand on the back of the kids head. "Hey kid...cmon...it's ok." He just cried harder. Oh God...This was so off... "Kid it's...it's okay..." It clicked. Harry was an orphan...he didn't have anyone to take care of him...but now he was getting one. Akane sighed and smirked slightly. 'Guess I'll just have to be the best damn mom I can be, huh?' She thought. She stopped trying to be tough and wrapped two arms around him and pulled him in. She let him cry it out. Akane swore mentally to help him. She had to...