Okay, i was using google images and some famous names when i thought of grace kelly. After staring at her picture for a moment i thought of this. This, like pretty much all of my fanfictions includes my character Abby/ Ivy and her friends Alice (Valkyries little sister all grown up aka thirteen-fourteen) They are mainly starred in my first fanfic the battle has just begun. i had to put them in here because they are super trouble makers and it's fun to frustrate Skulduggery. :) (Btw i may not have mentioned this in my original fan fic yet bu Ivy's full name would be ivory cain. i will bring it up eventually.)

After a long, long boring meeting at the sanctuary Skulduggery returned to his home in his precious Bentley and adjusted the angle of his precious hat. he locked the car and walked inside. He checked the girls' rooms and found no one was here. He entered his room, (pretty much a private lounge) and froze. He was wrong, the girls had obviouly been here. All across the four walls small and large pictures of Grace kelly covered every inch. It was obviously something all three would do together but he knew quite accurately who had planned this. He turned, entered the main lounge and looked around a moment. "IVORY CAIN I WILL FIND YOU!" he shouted. he heard a muffeled scream upstairs followed by screaming from the whole trio. He headed swiftly up the stairs and entered Valkyrie's room. The window was open and he caught a glance of valkyrie slipping out last. He followed her as she ran, entering the forest nearby. he quickly lost her and returned to the house realizing he had not seen the other girls. As he was about to enter the house he heard laughing above him. He stepped back and saw the young girls on his rooftop. Their laughter at not being noticed quickly turned to more screaming and he entered the house and climbed out one of the top floor windows. Of course they were gone. He walked over to the other side of the roof and saw the window close. Soon after that he heard the window he had climbed out of close and the latch was put in place.

He cursed himself quietly and got off the roof in time to see valkyrie entering the front door and then she locked it from the inside. he checked every door and window to find them all locked, oven the connecting garage. He sighed and sat on the doorstep. He had better things to do than break down his own door. They had to come out sometime. He mentally smiled as he thought about his currently empty cupboard.