Ivy had an idea. Whenever this happened, it was usually the kind of idea she had that ends in Skulduggery trying to kill them and the trio just escaping. For some reason however, her friends kept agreeing. Until now. Ivy had to bring in Fletcher, ready to teleport them to safety for them to argree. But, like always, the plan failed as skulduggery returned home early. Fletcher left and the trio could do nothing but hope for the best and prepare for the worst

Ten minutes earlier

"Ivy this is really not safe." "So?" Alice scowled. "Valkyrie, tell her she is risking our lives for nothing." Valkyrie nodded and turned to Ivy. "Ivy you are risking our lives for the funniest thing in the world." Alice scowled again and Ivy grinned. "But we are still going to die." Ivy sighed But fletcher seemed very amused. "Fine, Alice you can tell him you tried to stop me but failed and he may not kill you." Alice glared at her friend. "Thanks" she muttered sarcasticly. "Just get it over with then so we can get to safety." Ivy grinned picking up the can of pink spray paint. She shook the bottle and approached the Bentley menacingly. She began to spray and The girls behind her gasped. Ivy turned. "What?" Valkyrie gaped at her. "I- I didn't think you were actually going to- going to do it." "Your dead" Alice shook her head. "Literally this time." Ivy laughed. "Like he's going to kill me. " Alice sighed. "Just because you help with his cases doesn't mean he won't think he can do them himself. He is going to kill us all." The garage door began to open and fletcher left immediantly. Ivy haistily picked up the black spray can and painted over the pink. She threw the cans away and the girls bolted into the house.

Skulduggery looked around and after deciding that the trio had not harmed his car while he was gone, he headed into the house, locking the garage door behind him. He found Ivy and Alice watching Supernatural in the lounge and Valkyrie reading one of her uncles books in the corner. Ivy was lying upside down hanging off the couch, usually a sign that she had been there a while. Skulduggery walked over to Valkyrie and tilted his head. "Good book?" she nodded, not looking up. "Whats happening?' Valkyrie shrugged. "People dyeing, you know, gordon stuff." Skulduggery nodded. "Cool. well you must be a great reader, being able to read an upside down book like that." Valkyrie Suddenly realised she had been holding the book upside down and flipped it right way up. "Just wanted to see if i could." She laughed unconvincingly. Skulduggery nodded and turned to the other girls.

"You like this show don't you?" They nodded. "What season are you watching?" "Season four" Skulduggery picked up a cover off the coffee table and opened it. "Intresting. Because this is actually season two." Ivy looked up at the cover in his hands and at Alice. "I told you to put on season four!" "No you didn't! you just said put it on!" "And that means put on something two seasons back?" "Well i couldn't find season four! It wasn't in the DVD cupboard!" "It was on top of the DVD cupboard! We watched it yesterday!" Alice froze "Really?" "Yes" Everyone fell silent and Ivy paused the TV.

"So, anything intresting happen while i was gone?" "No" three said immediantly. He nodded and left. They sighed. "Any chance he saw any wet paint?" Valkyrie asked. Ivy shook her head. "We would be dead."

the next day

The girls followed Skulduggery to the bentley and hoped nothing would happen. Skulduggery went to open his door and black paint flaked off. He tilted his head and rubbed his hand over the door. The black paint Fell revealing the flaking pink layer beneath. Skulduggery realised what had happened. He turned to the empty garage. "IVORY CAIN I WILL FIND YOU!"