Chapter 1

Lightus: hi all I have been watching SAO lately and got an idea to use Nova from my digimon story in SAO so here it is and I own nothing but Nova and some other things.

Nova: oh and this will be a Sword Art Online and Digimon crossover

Nova POV

It has been some years since I helped save the human and digi world and having to say good bye to Impmon but not Duskmon seeing how we are one but he hardly talks now. Anyway, I got the new game Sword Art Online or SAO and the Nervegear today so let's try it. I gave my guy shoulder long blonde hair and red eyes because I wanted to look a bit like Duskmon again, I picked the name Dusk and picked to use a long sword for now. "Link start!"

(I will be calling Nova, Dusk from now on)

Dusk POV (SAO)

I looked round and saw loads of people so I ran to the gate to leave to get used to fighting here.


When I get to the fields, I see some boars so I pull my long sword from my side wishing it was the Dusk katana I used as one of Duskmon's forms. I don't know how long I was there for but when I stopped I saw to guys one with black hair and one with red hair watching me so I go over to them.

"Are you a Bata?" Red head asks.

"Nope not a Bata." I tell them

"You looked like you were seeing how you was fighting." Black head says.

"I'm Dusk and I'm no Bata." I tell them.

"I'm Kirito and I'm a Bata." Black head says.

"And I'm Klein." Red head tells me.

"Ok nice to meet you two what you guys doing out here?" I ask.

"I'm helping Klein."



"It's getting late I better log out or my dad will go nuts." I tell them (1)

"Right I'm logging out to get my pizza." Klein tells us.

I go to log out but it's not there. "Damn it the logout button isn't there!" I yell.

Time skip to the starting place

Ok this sucks the guy who made this game can't remember his name told us he has made it so that if we die in game we die in real life and will only leave if we win the bloody game. he then sent I item to our bags that somehow made everyone to look like their real life self's but somehow I look the same as before. How I don't know well not till I hear Duskmon in my head saying that he made it not work. I then run out of town to level up and win this game but I will need help and new weapons.

Lightus: I know it's not long and most likely not written so well but oh well.

Nova: ok can I ask why me?

Lightus: Lazy.

Nova: oh and for the point Lightus put this is taken place after I found my dad again and forgave him.

Lightus: yup now don't forget to R&R!